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Tamils and South indians are jealous of North Indians. Because North Indians are very good looking. Infact the better section ofNorth indians and Pakistanis are the hottest specimens in the world, maybe a bit of competitons from some arabs,iranians. The simple minded frigid white lepers with Ape skin( if u shave an ape it has white skin) may have the meat and primitive aggressiveness but not the physical and intellectual sensuality and flavour.   look at some samples and think about it Amisha-Patel-Hot-Photo-Gallery-6  The reason why south indians are not very attractive is there in thisw blog   The gist of it…heat fucks the skin,muscles,collagen and bones and reduces physical neoteny, and consequently intellectual neoteny required for the Attractiveness/ hotness   So we are just unlucky and I have made a case as to how being more Intelligent can make one to be intellectually more stimulating and we are intellgent and sensual as well so there is hope, if we migrate to cooler regions, consume well n have a good lifestyle or consume enouh collagen pills.   But for now, should we worry too much about how unlucky we are? and feel jealous and have a complex in front of others? Well yes anyone would worry about it, but I wanna tell you 2 points that should make you happy about who you are

1) South Indians are more Intelligent and Intelligence is a higher trait for living things than attraction This explains why Intelligence is a bigger thing to be proud of and this tells you why south Indians are more Intelligent

2) South Indians have had a better life that anyone else so far. Watch this video In brief, it is all about how well a group of people(or a group of genes) have expanded in numbers , consumed resources and Lived well in comparison with another group, since the time they seperated from their common ancestors. So we are better than africans or chinkies as they are below us in the darwinian scale. They also did not enjoy as good a life/success compared to caucasians. Cos its like this, A group of africans came out of africa(from 1000 original africans may be 10 to 20), and went to occupy asia,australia, andaman etc. Some Indian adivasi tribes are part of this group.   The second group came out of africa and went up north to europe through central asia/anatolia/phoenician route and became the cro-magnons, the first caucasians. The cro-magnon theory which states that Caucasians features might have originated/come from europe(sometime during 45000 bc – you have cave paintings in france or something.  Even going by this theory, a small number of these cro-magnon/caucasians came down to central asia and were successful in getting to 2 billion. So lets assume there were around 100 cro-magon caucasians in europe. Out of which 5 to 10 came down to central and south Asia(us) ,,,, or they came to levant first – developed neolithic revoultion in 10500 BC, and a few from levant moved to iran at 8000 BC and a few from iran moved to Indus valley in 7000 BC . The 90 % in europe had to keep fightig amongst themsleves and were able to expand only to 1 billion in strength(that too only recently, for a loong time europe was having a very low population). But the 5 to 10 people travelled to south  asia became very successful in having access to resource , expanding to a high number and having a good quality of life for thousands of years. We are actually more than 20 times successful than europeans coz we are atleast more than 20 times more succesful to iranians and the number is still higher compared to middle easterners and a lot more compared to europeans. Now there is a a lot of uncertainity with exact origins but carleton coon says Caucasoid features Highly Likely originated in Europe. Cuz, Homo sapiens had co-existed with neanderthals back from 45000 bc in both Europe and West asia. However, the kebaran culture in levant had a dis-contibuity with the previous antelian culture in west asia indicating the new arrivals in the region from europe at 20,000 bc. These people were the ancestors of the neolithic/caucasoid populations of levant/west asia starting from 10000 bc Haplogroup   Though the haplogroups cannot be 100 % about population continuity – it gives an idea, and this points to a few population fro europe be it R1a or L or H entering india from europe( haplogroups are not 100% coz 1)mutation rates and genetic drift are as significant factors as ancestry when determining the haplogroup percentages and 2) The direction of migration cannot be established for sure with percentages). Another indication of this is how varied/diverse europeans are in terms of hair,eye,skin colors,facial colors,language families and tribal origins wise. And even if caucasoid origins seems to be not in europe but in west asia, the fact of the matter is  europeans are a mixture of 3 distinct group 1) cro-magnons ( who constitute a very significant part esp with the leperish pink skinned ones ) 2) neolithic farmers – the greeksn phoenician type and 3 )Indo-europeans who entered through russia. If a single group had expanded into 900 million – thats success, but 3 groups had battled out to get to 900. So in essence the cro-magnon part is like the aboriginal part which lost territory to new invading groups.  Imagine a population of 1000 which splits into 2 groups A-900 and B-100.Now B migrates to another newer region with more resources and less competition and Expands into 1000. Now This group B splits into B1-900 and B2-100 Imagine B2 seperates and expands into 1000 and consequently 10 times more successful than B1. But if B2 mixes with A, the now available groups are B1 – 900 and B2A – 1900. So from initial population of 1000, 90 became 900( 10 times) in B1 and remaining 910 became 1900( only 2 times). So aboriginal groups are very less successful and the group that mixed with the aboriginal group is the least successful. This is why people try portraying Indians as  aboriginal mixed. But we are not. As far as the europeans are concerned they are mixed with cro-magnon part being the aboriginal part like africans, australian aboriginees or native americans who lost territory to invading groups.Either way the caucasian population that Entered India from Iran was very successful in expanding So from iran, the last ones to enter into India through the passes n hills were the Indians who form all of todays population with the exception of mogoloid tribals who form less than 10% of population and who are still distinct ).The minute you mix with an aboriginal/less successful group you become a less successful person like the group B2A. These latest Indian cuacasians were living in Ganges/indus valleys and living well. So from may be a thousand north indians may be 5(or even less)  came down to south India and the cauvery valley civilisation started and from this 5 we expanded into the huge population we have in south india today. It is said that the Sage Agasthiyar brought down a small group of people from north, cleared the forests for agriculture, replaced adivaiss, creatd The languages and Arts(such as kalari etc). So this group consisted of vellalar chieftans, brahmins such as agasthiyar too. So all of south indinas, be it thevar,goundar, moovendar bunts, nairs, etc all came from these chieftans and they expanded to different places spoke different south indians languages assumed different titles…But the common ancestry is there from the cauvery basin civilisation. But both Tamil and Pali have the same vowels and consonants and the person who perfected the tamil grammer was a brahmin. Tamil may have exited longer than tholkappiyam, kumai kandam etc for much longer like 1000 years even before agastiyar, but the thing is we are very mcuh closely related to north indians and were part of the same group for a long time before we branched out.Its like Indians brnched out from europeans some 35000 years back and the relative seperation between north and south Indans is samll. Besides the velir/vellalar and may be brahmin population share more recent ancestry with the north indians. But some brahmins like to associate them selves with north indians and call them as aryans. For them who consider themselves later arrivals, i tell you – the later arrival into south india are not as successful as the first ones to enter here. Coz the first ones that entered here will ahve faced less competition and expanded in number easily. And I say because south Indinas are the most recent migrators, they are atleast 5 times more successful than collective north indians from whom they seperated -by applying the logic that i have been applying throughout right from europe. So if brahmins and others claim that they are recent migrants to south, it means they are less successful than other south indians.

Lets say there were originally 100x northies, out of which 5x seperated and became south indians. Now south indians increase in number to 100x and north indians expand to 400x. AT this point SI are 5 times more successful than NI. If brahmins are a second wave of migration from North and they consitute only around 3x now, only 0.6 x should have migrated to equal the 5 times more success of original south indians. So it means only 0.6/4 = 0.15 % started off from north the second time – which means we are giving them a lineancy for them of over 30 times by saying that 5% started of the first time. But this is not the case so the original South indians are certainly more successful

But lets get back to South Indinas vs Europeans – the first caucasians

The most important facts to consider are the Timeline of neolithic revolutions happening. According to the Paleolithic continuity theory, the european caucasians are a continuity of the Cro-magnon/modern human mix that happened in Europe who left cave painting dating back to some 35000/42000 bc. After the ice -age, a few-lets say 25% of these european ones with the caucasoid features came down and formed neolithic revolution in north of arab(Levant). You can see that some arabians still look like sudanese africans with sharp features and white skin – from the shape of their eyes and the ridges on their face. And these guys were more successful than the hunter gatherers that stayed back in europe in terms of having good quality of life and expanding in numbers. The start of neloithic revolution in levant is at 10500 bc. From some of these levant, some 10 % migrated east into iran and started the neolithic practices there in 8000 bc. So these 10 % who migrated and explored new land were more succesful in having acces to new resource and expanding compared to the ones who stagnated in levant. And from the ones in iran a 10% migrated eastwards into the most resourceful India ( had a historic world’s share of GDP between 35-40 % for thousands and thousands of years, which reduced to 30% in 1000 Ad and reduced to 1% in 1940s). I’d assume not more than 5-10% would migrate away from well settled neolithic colonies in  search of uncertainity. And this 10% now has expanded into the 2 billion plus in indo-pakistan,banglades, srilanka,maldives and a bunch of other places. So Indians have been a lot more succesful than iranians. And the first signs of neolithic practices in India starts in 7000 BC. Again from north india, a handful of them came down to south india and formed neolithic civilisation in the south (about 2000 BC in Tamil nadu/cauvery area). Look up all those facts about neolithic dates if you want. So Southies are the lastest and the more succesful ones. We southies have also spread bak to north india via the rashtrakuta dynasty and Chola conquest of bengal, and we also went and got mixed in many places in SE asia – cambodi,other srivijaya empires etc. Compared to this, the europeans have had a cold, war-prone and frugal existence so far. Just a bonus video here So south Indians  have common ancestors and  genetic success wise – from our immediate ancestors to our really long back ancestors have always had it good and successful in expanding their genes. Comparing south Indians vs north indians – south Indians have becoam more successful in expanding. And Indians compared to iran, or rest of the world were also very successful in expanding. Only in the last 500-600 years we have the Turcic-Mongoloid Islamic invaders such as Mughals, sultanate,Lodis, etc contributing a small percent to our gene pool   SO its okay if north indians come down to our cities and become more richer businessmen and make us feel jealouss with their looks. Maybe from now on south indians will reduce in poupulation but still our offsprings irrespective of how they get mixed up in the future, we can right now say that the population has entered south india(baring the adivasis) have had the best success in expansion/existence so far despite the possibility of us reducing in number slighly in the future.  Even the whites in americas and australia who came from the few in europe..are not made of genes of a single succesful group but a mixture of sevral groups who were ones losers. We can take pride that we have existed so well so far, our genes have come from a small and succesful group who came down south from north india – so maybe we do not have the diversity leading to not so great looks, but we are what we are now and we have to be really happy of the success of this group. We can be happy about it, not be jealous of others hence and just try to be the best we can…Dont be anxious, even if you are having to stare and feel jealous about good looking people from other places. Just be proud, confident and happy about who you are and have a good life. Do read some of the other blogs here to find out more about our interesting accomplishments and the impact we have had. Since we are better specimen with potential to develop good looks if we live in a cooler place with healthy lifestyle, we should act like we are the superior ones when we are in the midst of others. We currently act like we are below others, but this perception should change and realise why truely we are the superior ones. And we must also change out behavior – we shouldnt be simple,humble, mature,down to earth and nice.

The takeaway for tamils/south indians should be …wherever you go, constantly believe that you have been the most successful group, and that you are the most intelligent group or that you as an individual are more intelligent and therefore more superior. But have this confidence/pride arrogance at the back of you head and with this you can give the subtle – holier than thou look to anyone you meet and look through their phony act. But dont be a snob. In order to have a nicer/neotenous face one must be playful and forth coming. When you walk into clubs or nicer establishments, the thing that matters the most initally is looks. And realise that more intelligent people can be more engaging and attractive ( if you are not disadvantaged with your physical features). So you gotta maintain an attitude – thats a combination of a belief in your superiority at the same time being fun.


some bonus videos. These are very important points the ones you must re-read again and again to absolutely comprehend everything, then the way you see things will drastically change. Why people are happy to have been there and done that? Experiences give out many things that make people happy about it. Whether it gives them pure pleasure, or a sense of accomplishment or some memories of it which makes them relive that pleasure in their mind, or some experiences just give you a lot of knowledge and improves yourself. But lets try to figure out why exactly these things are good.

Fundamental purpose of Life :When a single celled amoeba consumes a piece of organic material around, and gets bigger in size and then reproduces/splits into two – the end result of the whole process a piece of organic thing being converted into the form of an amoeba. So the life force present in the original amoeba, has impacted surrounding matter. I mean you could argue that amoeba splits for reproduction and so that as 2 units,, it has more chances of survival/self preservation. But think about this scenario where an amoeba with X amount of plasma(at this point call it X amoeba) consumes a piece of organic material with Y amount of plasma and becomes XY amoeba. And now the amoeba divides into 2, and hypotetically the original X stays one 1 offspring and the original Y forms the other offspring. So what exactly has the original XAmoeba self-preserved(self preservation being the reason for reproduction/life)? It has not preserved the X plasma or increased the chance of Xplasma. The set of genes developed in Yamoeba is also developed from the protein/plasma that originally belongs to the organic material Y, so only the genetic code is preserved. So is only purpose of animals to preserve genetic code? iff thats the case you would fuck your sister instead of fucking someone from a different exotic ethnicity. Also if you are a skinny dark guy with a longer nose, you would also wish your child be a skinny dark guy with long nose and not like hrithik or salman or watever. And organisms would never go for sexual reproduction in the first place which introduces diversity. Orgnisms are neither looking to self-preserve their original matter that makes up or their genetic code – via all the things they do. I mean the purpose of reproduction in a specific context is self preservation, but in a larger context living things are not there to just self preserve. They are there to make an impact on surrounding matter. here the AmoebaX has made an impact on organic-matterY and converted that into and AmoebaY of a different shape and orientation/fucntionality. So thats the only objective behind every life/matter and the force that makes make an impact someway on the medium around(it wud be a good thing to refer to my ‘The medium’ post). The only bad thing for a force is not make its impact on anything…or do something that ultimately leads to ceasing of its existence as an organism/ unit and its impact on anything . When organic/living things turn to dust,the stationary forces within the matter of dust doesnt get to make a lot of impact on surrounding objects, only living things do in comparison. Thus the existence of force as an alive organism is better than being trapped in a dead/lifeless object – i mean you gotta imagine this from the level of a basic force not from the point of an advanced being. Why we seek what we seek: The motivations behind people wanting to acquire things, climb up the social ladder and wanting to be with hot/rich/powerful people is that when you are with them, you have both made an impact on them. Thats why its good. All those people at the top – rich,powerful,hot are all the ones that are making more of an impact in this world. people with power,money,creativity,kindness ..,whether you can accept and imagine it or not, will be able to make more of an impact. The same goes to hot people. Coz hot people somehow make heads turn, tend to get to preferred and get to the top and influence the other impactful people. Maybe you can appreciate someone who can feed a 100 poor for a day or a month, but the CEO of a large corp defintley makes a bigger impact in this world overall by influencing many people as possible. And thats why you are trying to maximise your impact by trying to being with those at the top and impacting them who inturn impact alot of others.With a hot partner , you think you can have a hot kid – your creation who will be more impactful. So I guess now you’ll be able to understand the totality of wanting to be with hot/successful/impactful people. Now the human/animal brain is not perfect..We are supposed to feel pleasure for the things that increases our survival and the above objective and feel pain for things that decreases our objective. However, take the case of drug addicts or people who eat too much food..or just the act of jacking off, people feel pleasure doing these but it does not necessarily mean that they have made a big impact or positively contributed to their objective through that particular act. The same pleasure is felt by someone who actually impregnates a partner,brings a kid into this world and makes a big impact that way, compared to someone who is just doing it wearing a condom or just wacking off to porno.Also consider leaders like Gandhi or MLK or any president important person, men of such calibre/ideals would have probably worried about a lot of things throughout their life to become what they are and eventually make an impact and only for that few years feel the pleasure from their accomplishment.  So more pleasurable existence doesnt mean a more impactful existence. Although good looking people (or rather people higher in component 1b below) will make heads turn and have more chance of influencing people, really intelligent people have a chance of affecting a lot of people/lives in a big way by means of inventing something or becoming a leader/ public intellectual etc – and thus people with higher score in component 1c has a higher chance of making a really big impact on the world. In order to make an impact , it doesnt mean one has to mingle and keep socialising all the time with all the people. People also are selective in choosing their friends and circle coz they dont wanna waste their effort on someone who is easily impressed – coz with those people the impact you made on them will be short lived. Or if some one was to hang out with dumb or classless people, what they are and their confidence level decreases and has a negative impact on themselves. So people do exercise discretion, but sub-consciously its all about maximising your objective function – which is to make an impact. Who has had the better life? and who should be more happy? So whose more awesome brad pitt type or eisnstein type or a world record setting mountaineer type? The factors by which you can evalutate yourself against other people follows…. I had already talked about(in other blogs) about why experiences pertaining to sex are more exciting than experiences pertaining to intellectual and other kinda achievements. say for eg a feat like climbing mt everest…its a hard one and not everyone can do it. But that doesnt make you better than many others becoz you dont really get to impact/influence other lives and get something out of it – to eventually make yours better and contribute to your agenda for survival in some way.  For example if you are able to impress a hot girls, it means you have the skills to influence/have influenced people to serve your agenda of procreating with healthy,good looking children. If you are the president, you have influence over many people, but that influence is not gonna have a high gradient of direct consequences towards your personal survival. I mean being a president/PM is still much greater accomplishment becoz although you touch lives with a smaller gradient, you are touching millions of lives so it multiplies and thats a greater accomplishment than scoring just a hot chick. the same goes with being a scientist and creating technology that touches lives. But lets now try and classify this properly 1) inherent potential – The mountaineer has worked hard trained hard put in a lot of work to build up this skill level. But this mountain climbing skill doesnt necessarily help him impact/influence people/society at large compared to a guy who devlops a little swag/class and impresses a lot of people. There are 3 aspects to ones Inherent potential ( who is greater/better than who) a) Pure potential level:  Based on the sheer effort (including all kinds of efforts taken historcally over generations , from the perspective of groups) required to achieve this. I mean Its not just you doing stuff to be physically/mentally healthy/fit in this lifetime, but also how the efforts of your ancestors got transferred to you – adds up by a gradient to the inherent potential stored up in you. The luck factor also comes into play as people from coldr/mountainous regions tend to have nicer physical features rather than a group of people who are  cooked in the sun for thousands of years A world record mountaineer/skill :  70(his personal effort 60 and 10 fro historic) brad pitt/appearance : 90 ( considering the fact that looks,class,confidence,background, the reputation of a group as a whole, etc takes generations to build up..and this also from a group perspective and not just a personal thing)( personal effort/luck 20 and 60 historic luck/effort) Einstein/intellect : 100 ( personal effort 80 and 20 historic) President/significance : 90 (personal effort 75 and historic 15) So the reason why Einstein’s potential is higher, or Intelligence being a higher potential skill according to me is as follows. Consider the amount of  evolutionary effort needed to get from a primitive simean to a einstein’s level of intellect , consider the amount of evolution required for the physical evolution between an ape and the physicality of a modern man like brad pitt. Somehow the intellectual evolution seems to be a greater effort/change. Also there is also an intellectual aspect for beauty/attraction and somehow the more intellectual races look more beautiful as well. Although the nerds lose their appeal because of their boring thought process, I believe that a more intelligent specimen can be more engaging/stimulating, if they channel their thought process in being more engaging and stimulating in a swaggy/attractive way. But intellect, depends more on the training an individual gets in his life time while also depending a bit on a healthy brain structure passed on genetically. Whereas, physical looks depend mostly on genetics and only a smaller extend on a personal effort…i mean if ur born with a not so attractive face, its kinda really hard becoming attractive, but a dumb guy can be educated. If you take the average white child, it it easy to make it into a personality/body like brad pitt rather than the mind of Einstein, same goes with an Indian child. But if you take an african child, it is easier to make it into a einsteins brain rather than the physicality of Brad pitt. This is because the physical changes  like skin color is based a lot on time and genetics. people  living in cooler climatic regions are lucky to have been living there for thousands of years where the sun doesnt damage and make you skin/muscles thick,saggy,with less collagen, not so fleshy etc , and with unnaturally high levels of melanin which is gonna reduce vitamin D synthesis, youth hormone synthesis and doesnt help with a proper bone structure and all that.   Its just that physical appearence(and the efforts taken in this) is passed on more from generations but the intellectual effort is not so much passed on, genetically.But despite this, the potential(luck/effort) that goes into physical appearence is lesser than the effort/potential that goes into becoming intelligent. I guess everyone has different levels in the different components. Einsteing probably scored 25 points from his looks component and 75 from intelligence. brad pitt may be had 40 points from his intelligence and 50 from his physicality, that makes his overall potential 90. Its just that different components have different gradients of passability and acquirability of the efforts/potential thats stored in that component. The above was just how much effort goes into getting a potential. The below is  how these potentials are gonna be useful. b) Ability to seek pleasure out of the skill: potential to get as many pleasurable moments in the future with their skills(and passon for their offsprings) Mountaineer : 30 Scientist : 40 President: 60 Brad pitt : 100 c) ability to influence and make an impact(in future) Mountaineer : 10 Einstein/Technology people : 100 President : 90 Brad pitt : 50 2a) Experienced positive moments – It is the actual positive moments one experiences. generally guys with the swag factor tend to have more positive moments in life. In the above factor 1b we say brad pitt has more chances of having a pleasurable life, but what if he is locked up somewhere? and it doesnt happen 2b) Future positive moments (projected through your fitness for Life) – This takes into combination all of a persons’ skill level/inherent potential multiplied by a factor of pleasure gradient. When one sees another person, we also think about how well this guys is gonna live it up or not in the future. its the same as Factor 1b 3a) Actual Impact made : the impact made by the life force that makes up your cells, on the other living/non-living things in this world and shapes future events and things. This is the ultimate purpose of the life force within you . I mean the higher scores in 2a, probably higher here as well but not always the case like explained above. even an average guy can get to save the lives of a lot of people and be impactful and a hero/villain in this world. 3b) Projected Impact Made : Its the same as 1c So some people might be very skillfull/talented. Some people might have a very pleasurable/positive life. But the main purpose of life is to be an impactful person. Just because you see  someone surrounded with good looking people and looks like he is having a pleasurable life, it doesnt mean that the person has had the better life. Maximising the impact rather than pleasure is the ultimate objective of life. pleasure is just a proxy objective.  Me personally and obviously would categorise myself as the intellectual type rather than from a attractive/fun background/circle. But thats okay..i get around 10-15 visitors to my blog a day, 1 or 2 i guess read em and ponder over what i write seriously. Atleast once a week people search ‘jayanpsk blog’ and things like that to come back and read abt various things i say here and my youtube videos(thousands of view in a week) and this is pretty good for me considering the profound nature of subjects i deal with(though not many people would concede any appreciable abstraction). So I consider myself making more of an impact that those  english speaking-wannabe coconuts and supposedly living it up , hi-fi crowd from bangalore or bombay or delhi or wherever.  In my other blogs I have dealt with how South Indians/Tamils are Intelligent but unlucky wrt looks. They do not have neotenous physical features and consequently their culture has evolved into some thing less neotenous/fun and more mature/conservtive and lacking playful/aggressive qualities. But to re-iterate, Intelligence can actually lead to the group being more engaging/stimulating and so if we are able to live in cooler/better climatic regions for sometime with liberal/neotenous lifestyle, we too can develop the neotenous physical/intellectual features. On Average South Indians have more inherent potential (1a factor) even and with the looks factor and 1c. Anxiety makes people ugly and relaxed people are good looking. Read my blog on why tamils are the most intelligent group, be proud of yourself and relax So what gives us happiness, peace of mind is when we are able to feel happy about our potential or pleasures we enjoy or the impact that we make. Although i have told you that impact is the ultimate purpose of an organisms life, it is also a matter of luck and because it is a matter of luck, so is the pleasure you enjoy despite your potential or even the potential you get to acquire has an element of luck/fate. And because all 3 – skill,pleasure and impact of a person depends on luck( as well as the effort you put in to acquire all 3 – majorly), you shouldnt stress/ be anxious about acquiring these 3. So you shouldnt be too worried or jealous of someone who scores better than you in an aspect you care about too much because although someone else may have put in a lot more effort, luck also comes into play. Its like playing a poker game – its 70 % about skill, but typically someone who as played poker in casinos for a period of 2 years – will have a skill level greater than 45%(out of the 70%). So even if you are the most skillful poker player with 70%, if on this day you have 0% luck and the other person has full (remaining 30%) luck you are gonna lose to him. So life is not like chess where if someone beats you- he is better for good, its like poker, you shouldnt feel too jealous of someone who has more in each of the components. Think about that and reduce the anxiety, pressure to perform/succeed and you life will be zen. I mean all of us are already like that – i mean no one is jealous of obama or modi because they are making more of an impact, but we are jealous of people whom we know of and meet and who we think is interfering in our space. if you are not the president or anything, the biggest impact you can make is bring another living thing in this world and any impact that child(including having children of its own) is partially credited to you. Thats why people care so much about lineage. I mean you are not the only one making an impact on your kids life, everyone from teacher, relation all make an impact. But you are the one with the biggest impact. And the significance of your impact reduces down the generations – like son > grandson> great grandson. But your impact per se stops when you die or when the inheritance/memories you give your son/grandsons depletes.I mean apart your offsprings, you have also made ur impact on other people who are gonna have ofsprings as well, so we cant really argue that everything that any of their offspring s does in the future is attributed to you – and with that argument our ancestor apes would have made more of an impact than us when end of homo sapiens come – simply by virtue of being our ancestors and taking credit for things we have done. So we just ave to consider in your lifetime alone – if you have acquired enough wealth, power, genetic positive traits that you are gonna pass on and the offsprings that you have. A questions comes here, would it make sense to bring kids into this world BUT give your money to other kids who have more of a chance of doing something big with your money? in some cases people do – hand over their legacy/institutions to someone who is not their offspring(like we ‘ve seen in some kung fu movies), But your kid is significantly more of your part/creation/impact than someone else’s kid and hence giving your wealth to your kid amplifies your own part/creation/impact. Dont let the foreign media brainwashing you into believing all you need to do is have a fun life and having kids is old fashioned thinking. If you dont have kids, you would have missed out on making a big impact…coz its gonna go on for as long as they keep having kids. Hopefully i have kids someday. But like i said, its not all over for people without kids. They would have made an impact of little significance in other peoples lifes who are gonna have kids and so on, and in this generation they can make an effort to touch and impact many peoples lives Intelligence, just like the genetic code/information is also a form of impact – not with physical dimensions but which can have consequnce on physical things. So if technology was to evolve and become more sophisticated and machines start to incorporate life into them, even that is an acceptable thing process where a force can manifest itself and become something that will make an impact. So there is nothing unnatural/ungodly about androids and thinking robots and AI – everything is a manifestation of force aimed at making an impact. So we all need to impact stuff, but for what impacts do you claim responsibility in your everyday life? i mean a boss tells a mason to construct a bridge, pays him, supervises/instructs him. So who gets the credit for the impact of ‘making the bridge’ . Or it could be a business analyst asking a developer to come up with piece of code that performs some function. Or think of it this way, you drive a car – you are making a large/impressive piece of stuff move – and thats a pretty cool impact that you are making, and thats why it feels pretty cool to drive a cool car. But you are not actually putting the physical effort yourself in making the car move, engine and petrol does. yours is mostly an intellectual effort. If its the intellectual effort that matters, is everything built/developed always attributed to the bosses and not the workers? well, yeah. But, the whole impact of things developed is not just attributed to the guy who asked for it to be done, but also the guy who has applied his own thinking in creating that. for example the developer used his knowledge of coding/logic to create the program, that particular way. So even he can claim a lil bit of credit for the impact that is the program. The work of a blue collared guy has less of his thoughts but it he is a skilled craftsmen making his own desings, he claims a lot of credit for it. If he is just a brick layer, still a bit of his decsicion/time management etc comes into picture in making that wall or whatever. So this is how for every day work stuff – the credit for the impact is shared by both the boss and the worker – its mostly got to do with what sort of intellectual effort each puts in and it is not at all about the physical work. But this does not mean that the workers are being used. they get currency in return with which they can buy and make impact on things and claim the credit fully. So with regards to what we should be focusing on – to make an impact , to develop skills or to have pleasure. I know i mentioned before that deriving worldy pleasures out of things like socialising, romance , snubbing someone, being wicked etc are only a proxy for impact right. But for us as humans – only thing that matters is happiness and sadness. I mean if yo are dumb, skillless and make no impact at all there will be bad consequences . like you might not make enough money, things needed  and this could affect your offsprings. If many individuals among your community/shared are dumb, the associated people are gonna feel bad. I mean it is not such a great thing to forget about your community, lineage,related groups etc and being very individualistic. If you are individualistic, you will only get pleasure about your own accomplishments and thats not much. But if you are a proud member of a community you will also be able to find pleasure/happiness with the accomplishments of your community. Thats why its better to be patriotic, nationalistic or whatever, however you might also end up thinking about more issues. But it certainly is better than being individualistic. So people often say how the innocent ones are ore happy, light headed ones are more happy etc. I say they will eventually pay for not putting in the effort. But coming back to the main point that is it happiness or impact? it is happiness coz thats the only thing that matters at a human level. We try to make an impact so that we feel happy at the end of the day. This Doesnt mean having pleasure is more important than having skills or making an impact. Ofcourse pleasure directly adds to happiness moments, but People with High skills and people who have made an impact need to Reflect on their skills, impact – whether at times of comparison or in just normal moments and derive happiness and feel good moments from those.

To give another example of why Reflection is important. Like I said the purpose of the life-force is to make an impact, but from the level of Human Mind, what matters is having peace of mind and happiness/feel good. Like from a higher level of why universe/the whole existence came into existence and above that, none of this impact  matters if you wanna explore more on that topic. But for us at the level of human societies and everyday life thinking – what matters is having a positive mind frame. Consider Ascetics / Monks who given upworldly things and seek only peace of mind – These guys are not making much impact at all. Not making money or babies  making any sort of impact on society via business or any job etc. They Just want peace of mind and dont care about the impact they make.  If they can have a peace of mind, we the people who are actually making an impact and a significant difference by doing the above things need to have happiness(on top of peace of mind) in knowing that we have done more. So in order for you to have more positive moments in your mind, you have to constantly think about how you are a better person than a ascetic who does nothing. I mean people need to reflect on their achievements and realise that if someone who does nothing can have peace of mind, we should have peace of mind and more(which is the pleasure/happiness from making an impact). So dont be too anxious about things, but reflect more on your accomplishments. Only comparing yourself against others puts you in a negative frame of mind and you dont need that coz from a human level , even if you have/done nothing you should be able to have a peace of mind.

It is tough in real life to have a zen state of mind all the time as there are a lot of expectations, comparisons to be made. So in real life you might wanna improve yourself on those 3 components (inherent potential, pleasure and Impact) to get more feel good moments. But also know that by realising a higher philosphy such as the content of this blog😉 which not many people would have realised/pondered you would be knowing important stuff thats gonna put you in a positive frame of mind that the others may not have despite being rich/popular etc. The realisation that you have to have is that there is no negative. The ascetic who makes no impact has a calm mind. Anyone else who is doing anything else and making an impact is definelty in the positive compared to the ascetic, and hence his frame of mind should also be positive. no point comparing yourself with a higher achiever and going into a negative mind set – coz the achievements of the high achiever doesnt matter ultimately. The Brain just realises extra pleasure/positivity when someone makes an impact. So Its okay if you have to take orders from an asshole 40 hours a week and work to make his vision/impact come about. It doesnt matter ultimately. But you can just reflect on what you have realised and  be in a better frame of mind than people who havent introspected. But be prepared for the inevitable times when life/people may put you down in everyday reality by scoring well in those 3 components.

Actually this realisation can only keep you happy for a small time. Let me break down some of the things that could bother me / make me feel good at this point.

10 pts – philosophical reflection – the things I explained above. dont think people can feel depressed when they think about stuff thats not abt them. So this is only positive.

Comparison with others – (+/-) 60 points

(+/-)20 pts – Comparison of inherent potential , (+/-)20 pts – Comparison of Impact, (+/-) 20 pts – comparison of Pleasure experienced in real life situations ( both past and thinking abt future)

The above is both individually and group wise. Jay -z might score full 20 points wrt pleasure but when he thinks about african slave history he is gonna feel depressed. Different people might earn score more pts in each component than 20 or they can be less. 20 is pts simply the amount that I think about regrading this particular component. Its not exactly amount of time, but just amount of thought.that will have an impact on mood – either feeling good o bad abt it. I can feel good about indian history or be happy about my knowledge and stuff and score high in those components, but when I imagine myself in a club – how pathetic i would be, i score negative in that component ( also applicable for many desi fobs).

Thinking about real world stuff (+/-) 30 pts – thinking abt career, relationships , friends, family, local stuff, everyday stuff etc.

But Like I said the above is just a very rough score attributed to various aspects and depending on ones age, life situations etc these points could vary. The abve score was just to give a sense of currently what stuff i think about.

In those days there were no courts with a constitution that would divide the wealth equally between sons and daughters. The way the wealth was divided was to give it in the form of gold and women oriented things to the daughter when she got married and to give the land to the sons who can manage it…guess what this was called?.  The bargaining/expectation bit was to ensure that the sharing was appropriate so that the parents wudnt keep most of their wealth for their sons and that they wud give sufficient amount to the daughters atleast for fear of shame. It is also superficial to prentend that life is easy for everyone and it is not manly for the guy do expect a little head start from the girls’s side.

For over thousands of years the men have looked to prevent this from happening to women

If you hadnt wached the above video fully it and get some perspective on things.Competition,Conflict and struggle for gathering resources was the responsibility of men. In return for protecting from hardships, the fathers prevented their daughters from going out and face the wrath of greedy aggressive people outside. It is simply unrealistic even today and even more so back in the days to ask a number men stand guard for the protection of a females that feel the need to to go out in the night.

Females who go out in unsafe places  in untime are bound to be attacked the same way a weak male is bound to be attacked/ robbed.

( I bet no white worshipping coconuts saw the above as an issue)

India being a not so rich country has limited resources for law enforcement. But the UN statistics in which India was ranked 131 in HDI revealed the number of rapes per 100000 in India as 1.9 while it was 90 in US and around 75 to 80 in countries like Australia, UK even wil an 85% of the cases unreported in these countries. If you were a women and were born in ancient greece/rome(the most civilised part of ancient west)there was a good chance you became a prostitute or a maid. Not a lot of emphasis on marriage or family there compared to the east.

Only in certain parts in India we have Matriarchy and the smritis begin with the premise that Women are to be protected and treated with respect and hence having to follow a number of norms.Those werent perfect, sometimes went over board in bein restrictive and they certainly donk make sense these days, but originally it was intended for the good and not a patriarchal plot to dominate women. Also, polyandry(women having many husbands ) was prevalent only in india whereas polygamy in middle east and in europe meant only males can have multiple wives.

Yet today we all know how bad and immoral Indian men are and how mightly and righteous the westerners are.

Women drool over guys like brad pitt and ryan gosling…the aggressive natured european type who had been war-mongerers and who raped and pillaged a lot of native population of the  world at a cancerous rate.

Generally speaking males can procreate more times than females (because unfortunately only the female has to bear the child), and the instituion of marriage is slightly not so favourable for the male nature. yet indian men have respected the institution of marriage more and longer than western civilisations. Indian culture is inherently feminine and it can be observed from the non-aggressive nature  of indian men. But in the name of feminism, free-thinking etc a lot amongst indians like to bash indians ness and indian culture. There are two kinds of people in these groups…one white worshipping coconuts who look upto all things white, evaluate India through the western lens, and try to gain popularity, and feel important by putting down everything indian/native and trying to imitate the west. And then theres the other kind who despite not having any bad intentions, are drawn towards these politically correct righteous concepts since they are not really that intelligent and lack critical thinking. Dowry, slavery, feudalism existed throughout the world and atleast in india literal slavery didnt exist for a long time and caste system was just a way of avoiding the concentration of power,wealth within one group. However these so called thinkers always attribute the evils to indian culture/way of thinking. Either way these people are short-sighted and are a huge burden to India as a whole.

Religion was very much needed in earlier / primitive times. You know when people cudnt make sense of most things, and the tendency for idiocy to be believed by the masses wudve been even more back then. Many people cudnt really see the benefits behind altruism or dovish behaviour. Even as recently as the Great roman empire( the most civilised part of europe in the begining of AD) the average life time of men was only 28..people just fought ,raped and killed each other as they pleased. Also some of the philosophies and scientific practices which helped people with their health and well being all got embedded within the umbrella of religion. People also had plenty of time in their hands,  and just like how its good for the mass of today to see a Rajinikanth movie than have a devils workshop in their minds, religion also kept them occupied.Someone said that people dont really need freedom, but want to be told what to do by a good leader. Having to exercise their thought and discretion without any norms on manu issues  kinda causes an extended anxiety. This would be even more true back then. So Religion was definitely good in earlier times.

Even now science hasnt explained how existence came into existence, but neither does religion, coz who created god? u know…but everything else can be given a scientific explanation. Maybe the really intelligent ones in ancient times just personified concepts to explain it to the masses..i dont know. Like theres always double triple meaning in ancient siddhar poems and rituals right…you know when these siddhas wrote poems praising god, and talked about offering him milk,leaves and beetle nut..the milk actually represented ones pure heart(I mean when u mix water with milk, the milk does not rat out/betray the water in it..that kind of a no vengence, no betrayal heart), and the beelte nut and the vetrilai leaf also represented other things. The elephant shape of Ganesh is a symbol of the complex orientation of a particular force which they call as ganesh…that sorta symbolism were used in these rituals and spiritual works.

Maybe I should develop the Ether theory from explanation given by the guy below…im just kidding

So all that was sorta cool, but now , we should just insist people to be nice and abolish these rituals and religion which these people dont really understand the purpose behind. So today religion is not actually needed that much..only heavy investment in law enforcement is, to prevent people from being bad.


I hate all religions but I hate foreign religion even more.  This has got something to do with what I call-  ‘preserving oneself also means preserving ones creation/formulation’. If you are einstein you wud want STR to be popular and if ur Tesla u want Ether theory to be popular(i know he didnt propose ether, but he advocated and actively contributed to this theory). Its like if European and indians comapre themsleves or if Arabs and Indians compare themselves, The arabs are gonna say..the principles of Islam, formulated by an arab has the superior logic,righteousness, philosophy or watever and so The Arabs are better than Indians going by the adoption/success of islam even amongst India(though there mite be other reasons for succes, they will claim this from an overall standpoint). Similarly the christians will claim their intellectual superiority by claiming the bible to be right and the Hindu scriptures to be wrong/inferior….even though they did not create it, they will claim major responsibility for its propogation and hence they will fell good about themselves for controlling and contributing to its propogation in a major way, I mean this will be the case even if whole of europe turn atheists and still see the spread of christianity around other parts of the world as being thanks to them .  If I try to break it down a bit further, it will be just like rewriting my earlier blogs, so the point to be noted is that Religious supremacy is a proxy for racial superiority of the group associated with the religion.

This being the case Why would indian chistians and Muslims die defending something that elevated some other race/nationality in comparison to themselves(their ancestors being hindus)? The reasons will follow, but a lil something about the ancestry of muslims. Most would agree that even urudu speaking muslims only have majorly Indian genes. Kamal hassan once said ‘ why are we calling it a muslim Invasion and a british rule as the muslims mixed with the locals and governed India, while british plundered and took away all the wealth and didnt really mix with us’. People after this got excited and started praising him for being such a neutral tolerant person…this happened way before the vishwaroopam thing. But they failed to read between the lines which is ‘muslims mixed with the locals’. If you take his exact wording s it implied that all muslims are 50% Indian to begin with as the Mughals(who were chink/mongol invaders) did not bring their women, but married the locals here. And they further kept marrying into Indians and diluting their genetic percentage generations down the line. Plus they also converted a lot of Indians to Islam and mixed with 100% Indian gene Muslim..further diluting the Mongoloid genes in the muslim population. This is what many muslim intellectuals are trying to find an alternate to. I mean many muslims, especially in pakistan claim they have J2 haplogroup(renowned anthropologists rubbish this sorta haplogroup theories for cultural/ethnic continuity) and somehow the Lodis and ghoris gave them arab genes. Brothers who try to find seperate identity and difference amongst them ,tend to have the worst fights. Be it India vs pakistan or The 4 nations came from yugoslavia or the austro-hungarian seperation..etc The pakistanis are desperately trying to be arabs, and the arabs are taking advantage of them in a big way.

Similarly in the North Vs south divide has its roots in the Southies trying to find different identity viz a viz the Aryan-dravidian theory. This one is a courtesy of  the christian missionary and the guy call bishop mother fucking caldwell.

As part of the divide n rule thing..they formulated this and south indians according to this were a inferior primitve people who didnt have much culture/science or knowledge until the invading aryan gave vedas ,hindusim and all sorts of classical arts, medicine etc to them and ruled over them.  I mean the rest of the world hears this version where the Aryans were superior, but in south india..the dravidian nationlaists claim that aryans were barbarians and that south indians were the nice people. People readily accepted this theory becoz…the Britsh were the ruling class and it favoured to be associated with them. So the first people to accept this was the Tambrahmins and north indians(esp higher caste coz they say rest of northies are a mix of aryan and dravidian- half inferior) . So if you are a fair skinned caste you can associate urself with the ruling british and feel good about urself. This was also accepted a lot in bengal where the Half-mongoloids also readily accepted the half-aryan tag which was above the so called dravidians. Seeing the brahmins kiss upto the britsh , getting favoured and cocky, caused resntment amongst the rest and they started to say fuck brahmins. And again the british favoured people of the nationalistic movement who became hindu bashers and who were ready to favour cxtianity.  And now southies are having to live with an eternal inferiority complex that we are of a different/inferior stock who didt create much earlier and who were subjugated. And we still say this in our movies like vicky donor – punjabi punjabi, you belong to a pure aryan/greek race and so your stock and sperm are a superior one in India. No wonder the punjus are so confident/outgoing/aggressive in real life and the confidence level plummets as we move down south.


While some have this inferiority complex, cognitive dissonance has kicked in for many and they start claiming things like Dravidians are the superior ones, black is beautiful, saggy and mature features are more good looking than neotenous ones, etc. This cognitive dissonance is not just seperate dravidian identity but also behind religious radicalisation .

So back to the question of why cxtians and muslims are patronising and conceding the arab or white superiority. I mean Indians feel good about how we gave Buddhism, martial arts(bodhidharman) to the chinks and we feel that what we created is flourishing over there rite?

If you ask a muslim or a christian as to why their ancestors converted, what answer do you think they will give u?

a) They converted to escape persecution – also implying they were scared and a lil cowardly?

b) to avoid jizya or keep getting favours from the ruling class – meaning they were the ass-kissers who had little pride in themselves and willing to do anything to get to the top cunningly?

c) concede that they were backward varnas in the hindu set up..not attributing the backwardness of their varna to change in technology where their professions were not profitable anymore, but blaming it only on the religion?

Or will they just say that Hindus religion is backward and stupid and it had caste problems and islam or christianity is actually saying a lot of scientific , better things like..if someone slaps you – you show other cheek or something like that? Most efforts of religious heads today are in putting down the other religion.

This is one of the reasons why despite conceding a foreign superiority, muslims and christians patronise these religions to avoid any shame for themselves while dealing amongst indians — and which is the only thing that happens for most of them ( dealing with indians as opposed to foreigners)

other reason for their adherences would be like or from the motivation and reward given by forces aimed at Breaking India like the Joshu project or the afro-dalit movement or the mujahadeen etc. in some occassions it is also the case of emulating and trying to associate with the Successful, to get a positive perception. The same way people think it makes you higher in status to talk in english with a westernish accent, they think the name David is more high in class than dinakar or wearing a suit at your wedding is better than wearning a dhoti. Also, christians feel like they have more of a right/excuse to talk in english and act in a western way. A name like feroz also has more of a aggressive,playboy connotation to it as the muslims have been a dominating, ruling class for most of the recent millennium.

I hope that we can somehow communicate to the abrahams that the rest of india is not going to be judgemental about them choosing the foreign religion , and also the need to abolish all religions within india. Ridding religion will save a lot of time,resources and friction.

I mean I am a tamil guy and i can say that Tamils love their language more than how muslims love their religion or how europeans love their ‘race ‘(which is a fallacy because they are a fusion of so many different groups historically-refer other logs).  But if you read my other blogs related to cultural/linguistic imperialism…I mean they are quite lengthy blogs/vlogs..and in them I have made a case as to why we should accept the change – I have made the case because I have come to believe(It may also because ive realise that we were tuluva vellalars meaning we were originally tulu speakers who came down and settled in arcot sometime ago) that Your language is a very very minor part of who you are/your identity and what makes you you. I think religion is even less minor than your linguistic identity..after all every religion says be nice to your fellow with few variations which dont really affect the majority(please do not associate the caste/class system into religion to side track argument). Religion is even lower on the identity scale compared to ones upbringing/background/region as they shape you a lot more intellectually. The biggest part of your identity are your genes and lineage, and ancestry.when you have a child…it is purely your creation. The child might be affected intellectually by what it learns, but physically the organism is of your creation and in most cases nurturing.Like I said, i have established the why so in other lengthy blogs. So you can afford to be a bit loose with religion. i mean if your son of daughter marries someone of another/no faith i think you still havent lost much at all. Or if someone insults your religion or its history, just let go…do not take personal offence to it as it is not a big part of who you are. When some one insults islam, that someone is insulting the arabs who created it more than you or when they insult christianity they are insulting the europeans who believed and spread it, or when they insult hinduism – well they are insulting the Indian idiots of the past who created those illogical things and to a very very  mild extent the followers of it. Hopefully everyone can become atheists and scientific one day. Arguing with other groups over religion is as petty as the coconuts here in India quarrelling over ManU vs Arsenal…They think it makes them cool, but its very petty and does not form a big impact/part of their actual life at all. However the original people are able to generate revenue/popularity for themselves becoz of the patronisation by us here. So please dont care too much about ur religion and try to let go if possible. If you want just pray to god

The above points are with regards to radicalised religious people – and people who take sides. If you are a typical person who believes in god, i guess them you should be able to accept all the concepts of god and not discriminate from which religious text it is from, however still going to whichever place of worship you feel comfortable with. And with you the innocent secular believer, i can have a seperate argument about the concept of god.

I mean Im not just against patronising the foreign religion. I have also blogged about the need to safeguard ones own language, despite having to learn english.  I am totally against rock  music and many other western components which i think are absurd. I believe that many west aping coconuts do these things coz they believe acting like them would somehow make them better and get a higher status (like the great gatsby), and not because they genuinely appreciate it. I say this coz I was also a coconut for a long time and I tried to get into rock to make myself cool.

I mean rock fans think that the above way of acting is so cool.I think its stupid and I also understand your need to freak out with someting defying logic/surreal and just have fun. I can give you a number of there examples like judas priest or white snake or def lepard or anything..If you translate that into your own language u’ll know what im talking about – especially those sitcoms like friends or how i met ur mother which the coconuts here adore. Hope someone dubs them in hindi and tamil to makes these people realise. And coincidentally the people who consume these rock shit more are those groups whove kissed upto the british and try to find a more westernised identity to them like the badraloks or the syrian christians..and now many of the upper class urban crowds across the country as well. I mean Im not against every form of western art. I prefer rap to tamil movie songs anyday.  But if I feel like Indians are trying to consume some shit coz they have other reasons to patrnoise it, I will try to bring those things down. None of these western guys cared about India in their peak. but when just the one member of Pink floyd came down to India when he was like 60 or 70 or something, there was such a euphoria about it and it was so disgusting. Not just roger waters, Maradona came to india when no one anywhere else cared about him and most of calcutta didnt go to work but were on the streets to see him and paid him. This level of ass-kissing undermines us all and disgusts most of the others.

But In this day of Globalisation, I see the ass-kissers and foreign patronisers as useful idiots in immigration to other countries and the success of Indian genes worldwide. I just wanna see more instances of Indians who act like they are too cool for the westerners(which I believe truely that weare better than them -intelligence of hotness wise)to counter the ass-kissing and make the foreigners  realise that only idiots amongst indians are ass-kissers and the truly classy people are too good for them. what i want is to see a number of clubs or shops across india where indians can truely feel like they are better than the rest of the world and can show attitude to foreigners and basically make them jealous you know.

used to think that robotics was the coolest thing in engineering


Research Idea 

A conditioned learning algorithm that is able to classify its inputs as either punishment or reward based on the effect of the input on the objective function


In the domain of autonomous robotic navigation, the primary objective is to make the robots learn to avoid obstacles. In experiments, bumping into obstacles has already been defined as punishment and the robots are programmed to turn around /change direction once they hit the obstacles. The robots only learn to avoid bumping into the obstacles in the future from the visual inputs they get. When the punishments and rewards have to be defined as a pre-requisite for learning, the functionality of the robots also become restricted as it can only learn from inputs which are defined as either a punishment or a reward.

However, the robot becomes more autonomous if its learning algorithm can determine its own punishments and rewards and determine its own course of action corresponding to various situations. A punishment can be an input which hinders the objective function of the robot (which is to move) – like an obstacle and a reward is an input which would enhance the objective function- like an empty stretch of space. Such ability could help the system learn and evolve into a more sophisticated system.


Investigation has to be carried out into understanding how primitive organisms classify their environmental inputs as either punishment (pain) or reward (pleasure). There are also works in computational neuroscience that are studying the neural sequences for pleasure and pain. Identifying and emulating those processes into and artificial neural network by using simple Hebbian learning and conditioned learning algorithms can help create an algorithm that can be implemented with the robotic system.

Extending the algorithm to include not just single but also multiple objectives. Research can also be carried out into creating derived objectives which is going to help the higher objective and creating a hierarchy of objectives to be implemented with practical or simulated robotic systems. For example in living organisms, the higher objective being survival, the derived objectives can be moving away from harmful conditions, to find food, and assimilating etc.


Hebbian rule and Conditioned Learning:

watson ‘ the human mind is a set of conditioned responses’

I believe that thought is just continual changing combination of excitations(firing) in the neurons in the different screen areas of the brain,and logical thought was brought about by conditional learning and firing, where one thing or event is associated with another thing and the neural connections had the strength combinations to bring about the thoughts – well logically.

most people wud know what a reflex action is – the dog and bell experiment,how the bell becomes associated with food.

My idea was to create a neural netwrok using the simple hebbian learning, but that would achieve this association of events and conditioning  via a time based collateral association between pathways.

hebbian learning work this way..the strength of association between 2 neural pathways increases while there is activation on both sides. When a pathway achieves excitation, the excitation stays within that node/pathway for sometime and gradually decays.  Although bell might excite a sound area of the brain and the food excites smell or visual part of brain, In the region of the conscience, both activity  gets associated by virtue of being succesful events in time. That is within the conscience part before the activation of bell completely decays off, the activation of other event comes in and thus forming a connection between the neural pathways of bell hearing and food seeing based on the Hebbian principle. Now this association is also reflected and ‘learnt’ in the memory part of the brain, thus forming the association between the bell and the food

So this was the conditional learning algorithm and the functional objective I had in mind for the neural network.

In my research proposal, I also talked about the learning objectives of the Neural network, where one doesnt have to keep telling the machine what to think, but the machine doing its own thinking based on an objective. I mean the objective for Living things is to preserve itself nd survive…all those function( first biological, which later became neural) such as  seeking food,shelter and mate ..and further derived objectives such  as moving,seeing , grooming etc are advances based on the same core objectives.

The first section was my proposal for which I got slected , but only half  Research grant  from UTS , UNSW and some other uni’s in aus..this was some 5 years ago, so I cudnt pursue It. May be when I become rich, I will get back to my real passion such as this one and physics, and away from this dumb area of Business Intelligence. Unfortunately so far, this blog is the only thing that has come out of my dear idea

maxresdefault So Tesla is considered by many to be the best so far, who didnt get the recognition coz he didnt get along with the others in the scientific community. Tesla n einstein would exchange insults more than how people do in forums such as Topix. Anyhu, this is about the Theory of everything(TOE) in physics, something about what I believe – Im inclined towards ether theory and somethings that come to mind on these issues. First – the lastest version of TOE is called string theory 5.0 or somethign where they say that the Matter are strings vibrating in 11 dimensions. The 11 dimension thing is purely mathematical – to make their pointless equations fit, whereas according to their logic – theoretically there could be millions of dimensions. But lets focus on the Major part – Strings Now with the string theory – we are assuming a lot more than the ether theory and we still havent unified matter and energy yet. For example consider the has a string there are waves within the string which is the energy component which makes it vibrate. When they say light moves at velocity ‘c’ is it the velocity of string travelling through space? if so what does the velocity of the waves with the string account for? What exactly is the nature of the strings..I mean when they combine with other strings like a chappathi dough, how exactly is the bonding taking place. More importantly – the fundamental energy – is it acting within the string and making it vibrate or is it responsible for making the string travel in space? Now Matter( a substance that occupies space) they say can be converted to energy. Force( and energy thats the consequence of force or a potential of force) is something that can cause a push or a pull (on a medium/substance). How can we visualise A formless push being converted into a Form occupying a space??? Ever heard of thing like photon pair to electron-positron annihilation , or even Nuclear reactions..these are all mass(not matter) getting converted to energy and vice versa. What the ether theory says is this.. Imagine a rope wave .. the wave is the energy and it travels in a medium of the rope. The particles of the rope are not displaced permanently from their relative positions to their neighbouring particles unless the rope breaks. Ether theory says the same that the fundamental particles are nothing but the waves of energy vibrating in the medium called ether. When scientists say fundamental particles, they havent exactly touched it and confirm that they occupy space, They have only detected it by making its impact felt on other matter. The Force has different orientations,directions,intensity the different combinations denoting different particles. just like how in an orbital motion there are 2 components – centrifugal and centripetal forces, just like how there are different components in a toroidal vertex or just like how harbhajans bowling has spin,elevation and line, each particle has different component forces..and these forces manipluate into different quantum properties such as spin, charge, mass…which are really just different orientations of force. I mean a charge could be a force/counter force oriented in Y axis and mass could be something oriented in the Z axis and a spin is something oriented in the x-axis. Many of you may ask so if you turn a magnet 90 degrees will you get electrocuted?? I dont mean it that way…With respect to a fundamental particle, its mass may be a force oriented in one dimension and a charge in another dimension…after all  charge,mass and spin all exert a force onto other things around them. And with so many possible directions and orientations..we have infinite fundamental particles..which is exactly what the people at CERN are discovering everyday..I mean they are trying to make a pointless classifications and define the property of each of the stable/ unstable particles..but the underlying concept is that they are different manifestations/orientation of Force. A photon(plain energy) getting converted into charge and mass ( photon annihilation), and conversion of matter to energy can all be explained by this phenomenon. So A particle is basicallly a bundled up, stable energy in a position( imagine a hurricane/cyclone, or multi-harmonic static wave). But the point here is it is only a push or a pull and its effect has to be on a medium that fills space( i mean there could be space without this medium, but no EM wave would be able to travel in it). Previously people rejected that Ether exist because to light to travel so fast it shud be highly dense and 0 viscous. This is like saying an iron bar/or any dense fluid medium has to be zero viscous since sound travels through it pretty fast. They dont understand ether doesnt have to be zero viscous coz its not just the medium of light, but the medium of all of us and all things. …The point is Every form that we see, is just energy which is shifting its position in ether – I mean to say that every second the ether space next to you is getting converted into you, and the ether space you presently occupy is getting converted into the person standing next to you ( or rather is getting occupied by the stable/stationary force waves that make up the form of the person next to you). Are you able to picture that? So when some particles( packed up combination of forces) become unstable by virtue of extra force coming into/getting lost  in one dimension/component, the entire particle collapses by releasing this energy/force which travel to other position and impact or form other particles. lets look at the theories of mainstream people who rejected ether. Michelson, who was supposed to be a great guy who found out the light speed and did the cornerstone experiment on which all modern theories thereafter was based on, was not even smart enough to correclty identify the distance traveled by the light in his experiment( i mean this is basic 10 th std math stuff if you see the diagram in above link). No one knows if that experiments were credible and becoz of this that the light speed is constant in all inertial reference frames is under question. One can play ping-pong inside a moving train because,the ball gains and loses velocity in the corresponding directions to make up for the relative motion of the people inside the train(as compared to someone in the ground). It could be that the light/photons also gains or loses speed( this is another way of accounting for the stationary ether wind via earth’s gravity) case ur surprised, what do you think refraction in water/prism effect is? speed of light is slowed in lenses,water etc. If one were to go with special theory of relativity – imagine the following thought experiment. In space lets consider a garage and  car which is like 90% the lenght of  garage. The car has some wings attached half-way through so that the wings will stop the car before it can enter the garage completely(only 45% of the garage will be occupied when the wings stop the car).  Lets say the car is moving at 95% speed of light.. Now the person sitting in the car wud imagine that the garage is moving towards him and so the garage should shrink by 70% (or watever the formula mandates) and hence the car bumper will touch the end wall of garage before the wings could stop his car from entering completely. The person leaning on garage wall would think that since car is moving so fast, the car will shrink and the wings will stop the car from hitting the garage wall. So which will happen?? If you think you can answer that cartoonishly imagining expansion and contraction after collision..i can extend the scenario with piezo-electricity of the garage and point out an anomality where one person sees red and another person sees green. So I think STR is bullshit and so is einsteins space getting bent theory GTR – as i prefer the gravitational and other forces bending light rather than space getting bent. I mean everyone can see light bending in water, prism and around sharp edges due to interaction with forces within the Water/prism medium etc. Why would einstein think of space getting bent?? and time getting bent and going back in time to give your grandma a watch, which she gave you when you were a kid, which she got from the future you and so no one knows when the watch was actually manufactured n shit. The properties of ether are the one yet to be deciphered correctly and thats what Tesla wanted the scientific community to investigate on. So this is what i believe..All particles and their quantum properties are only different manifestation(direction,orientation like circular or linear or spin) of these Fundamental force waves  in the medium known as ether.  EM  wave-particles may or may not travel at variable speeds – within the medium of ether( depends on the final version of the morley experiment – i mean i can give a link which has totally different results from the first MM experiment) Ether Have to try and figure out whats the point of the medium ether. The point would be most basic unit of a medium which moves in just one direction upon the impact of many forces[INSTANTANEOUSLY]. I mean in any fraction of a time two different part of a point cannot have different directions of movement, no matter how many ever forces are acting upon them. So ether.. 1)Could be a continuous medium(no sub particles, so with just 1 point across the whole universe)..there is never displacement of any ethereal substance , like how the sections of a rope may be displaced when a mechaical wave travels through it. But the question would be – just like how a mechanical wave changes the position of the medium in space, what does the fundamental force waves change on the ether medium? does it change nothing, but just simply and instantaneously transfers force onto the next section of ether space?..this is unlikely as any force by definition has to have some effect/change on a medium. Also for EM radiation to be atleast 10000 times slower than information, there cannot be instantaneous transfer of force between ether sub-particles and there must be a degree of freedom to vibrate. or 2) Does ether have sub particles(points) binded by another force – which make them very elastic to change positions temporarily but never tear or re-arragne existing connections like how particles in fluids do. and thus act like a very solid and elastic medium for the EM waves.This binding has only a force of attraction component and there is no replusion component like in intermolecular forces. The lattice remain intact becoz one ethereal substance cannot really collapse into the space of another substance..this just like the every day bservable phenomenon. But the force waves present in this medium are able to temporarily disturb the sub-ether elements’ position which are quickly restored by the attraction force between them. But the drawback of this model would be finding out about the force thats binding them and how that comes into play. or 3) Its a very fluid medium with a millions of points(sub ethereal particles) and no inter-point bonding between them. Higher fluidity can account for the complex orientation of forces within these matter. But the lack of binding forces can mean that there is nothing that holds them together and that they can expand and become less dense in some areas and that could in-turn affect the properties of the quanta. I mean we are lucky that right now these points are at enough density to form those fundamental particles, just like how a hurricane is formed by dense air/water. But maybe in some billions of years they will spread out and the properties of our existing fundamental – This effect is very analogous to what they call the Higgs field density, and how elementary particles would collapse if the field becomes slightly less dense – i think this is the final explanation The real things to find out are why is the speed of light 225 K km/h or what is the actual speed of force itself n pure ether(vaccum)- is it the same as c ?..i think it is c only coz..the far electric field is what is called an EM radiation wave — that is signal for your radio and TV. With the discovery of faster-than light phenomenon(more like more than 10000 times faster than c) the medium has to be a complex one….where the conduction like phenomenon of the ether sub-particles making the light slower(c) than the actual speed of information travel within the medium. So INFORMATION is the new speed limit and not light, and people are trying to put together what this information that travels between 2 entangled photon is The copenhagen interpretation holds that quantum mechanics does not yield a description of an objective reality but deals only with probabilities of observing, or measuring, various aspects of energy quanta, entities that fit neither the classical idea of particles nor the classical idea of waves. The act of measurement causes the set of probabilities to immediately and randomly assume only one of the possible values. What the above means is the that diagram represented in the first image of the previous link..may not be the accurate picture of  photon/electron/quantum propogation..and that it might actually have a much complex Higher harmonic standing wave proprties//like that of a double toroidal vertex or something like that..Look below what is a single toroidal vertex now the rings are rotating in opposite directions in the two extremes of the diameter of the vertex. If some one were to change the spin in one end, the spin in the other end must also reverse correspondingly right? This may be the case with the change of spin in quantum entanglemet too..only thing is we have to imagine a more complex structure for these quantum objects. When we think of visible objects..all the way upto elemtary particle interacting with each other, we just have to imagine all of the matter(from visible objects to elemetary particles like quark and leptons) as a Higher harmonic stationary waves- when they are stationary, or higher harmonic travelling waves when they are travelling. The interaction between these particles/waves has to be pictured as a transfer of components of force/velocity from one wave to another. Although they all have energy within them to bring about a change in the position of the ether sub-particles, the energy transfers around and just ends up being like those toroidal vertexes in the medium of water. Only difference is in the is convection(as in the molecules of water keep swirling/moving and change their relative position to each other, but in ether it is like conduction like a sound wave..where the relative position of their sub-particles dont change but nevertheless energy is transferred and becomes either a stationary or a travelling wave.  The reason for the speed of information being much higher than photon is this. the photon will be like a ripple in is displacing the water molecules and travelling by virtue of the medium of water, however it will be very slow compared to the inter-molecular forces of attraction in the water. For example in the toroidal vetex – the circle expanding in diameter is analogous to photon speed, however if the direction of spin is influenced at one point, the influence is felt all around the ring more instantaneously. In other words..the speed of light depends upon the elasticity and the degree of vibration of the ether sub-particles, but information is just instantaneous and at a more fundamental level. So to picture this..the medium is ether with its sub-ether elements. and the force waves manifest themselves differently to give different elementary particles observed so far – thus accounting for the mass-energy conversion. The propogation of EM waves is the conduction of these forces waves in the ethereal lattice. When sound waves counduct thru a medium, the atomic latices are changed temporarily and restored( taking a bit of time for this)..this is what causes sound waves[note that the restoring forces are those inter-molecular/atomic/fundamental forces].  The same way for EMR/energy propogation, there has to be temporary changes in space position of the ethereal-sub elements. The quintessential question here then is….what is the restoring force of the ether lattice? It has to be some sort of gluing/attraction force between the ether sub-particles  or is there no gluing needed and the 3 point above holds regarding the property of ether where its just a dense enough collection of points at this time without any binding force(like air) yet fluid enough to create complex waves/particles. A comparison between Ether theory and String Theory Both the theories stipulate that the different particles are different orientation of Energy – only difference is in the medium. Ether theory says that whole of space(which facilitate Energy Propogation) has got the medium called ether in which waves are present, whereas the string theory says that the medium is tiny bits of string in which waves are present. However string theory has a lot more assumption..

  • they say that strings can attach and detach – not explaining how attachment and detachment is possible(are there other forces/particles coming into play for this?).
  • It does not say anything about the property of the string ie to which extent the string can stretch(as it allows waves in it) and what are the factors behind the tension in the string and what is the string made of?
  • It does not specify if the waves within the string contribute the EM energy waves or if the Movement of the string as a whole constitutes the EM energy propogation. ( i meaning the rope wave – are they saying that the wave movement as energy propogation or are they claiming the whole rope movement as travel of photons and EM carriers?)
  • Assuming the wave nature of EM wave propogation( assume that the EM waves travelling like ripples in the pond) are they saying that a single string  stretches in circumference as the wave propogates???? or miraculously a number strings  of differente photons combine in perfect coordination and in phase while the EM waves propogate?
  • Regarding an EM is a contiuous field in space..if only interactions of strings are responsible of energy propogation, no field can ever exist in empty space and all energy propogation will be like conduction or convection of these strings and the concept of radiation is not possible.

While the ether theory has only one ambiguity which i have already mentioned and which is the same as the second point of string draw back – which is that we do not know for sure the properties of the medium. Like tesla said, the only place we are stuck up is the medium of the EM waves. The medium no doubt has to have substance in space upon which energy can act .  when we investigate into why the speed of light is ‘c’  we will have more answers i guess. The problem rite now is..neither the ether theory or the String theory is testable and the underlying medium be detectable. Recollecting the copenhagen interpretation…I think that the the experiments conducted and the thories built so far by the Physics society is far from being a perfect or a accurate desription of a lot of things in physics. Not saying this coz im not from the west. Im sorry this is all the facts i could get from high schools physics, which I had taken physics fro my UG or PG so that I could have wondered more technically n intelligently in these matters. But dont worry, a blog also coming up on something that had something to do with my Masters too. To Conclude, I think the scenario is infinite space and some regions filled with ethereal subparticles with a density( which may be the higgs field density) and there is the force which disturbs these higgs particles, without the need of a restoring force unlike in the objects we observe. The different orientations of force gives rise to different manifestations of movement(waves) gives rise to different fundamental particles – every thing from quarks to leptons. Maybe the etheral sub-particles are made of other stuff too on a smaller scale, but that is not the discussion here. All the known fundamental particles are different manifestations of the force of the same ethereal medium.

The density of sub-ethereal particles is so high, but it doesnt necessarily have to maintain the density. The variation in sub-ethereal density is what makes up the dynamicity of things at the quantum level ( or rather not such a continuous flow of things at that level). Watch the simulation below to know what im talking about

To the question of where space and matter exists, – the answer is the question why shouldnt it exist? Why should there be nothingness as default? Time goes on forever. Space is also infinite. Its just that matter and force happen to exist in certain regions of space. Can there be anything else other than matter and force or space ? – i dont know, will put it here if i think of something else that can exist . Just dont let these current generation of physicists fool you with their BS about big bang and things coming out of nothing and time and space has start and end and the existence of 100 or infinite dimension, parallel universe etc…i’d sooner believe that god exist than their BS.

Jim Holt in the above video says that our existence is one of many possible existence. But I say that Ours is the most likely possible existence. Let me explain. According to this above theory, the only things that exist are sub-ethereal particles and the force/energy that makes them move. Time and space are just scales and they are infinite. Now the ‘nothing should exist’ is a possibility that has a very small percentage probability as opposed to ‘something exists’ . Coz theres no reason for nothingness to be default state and ‘something exists’ as a default state requires no reason. So in this ‘something exists’ – we have the simplest something which is the sub-ethereal particles and the force that displaces its position. I mean if these particles move – it only means there is energy. There is no reason for these ethereal particles not to be able to move.  So we have the most probable, simplest existence – atleast the sub-ethereal theory brings it down to this. This notion will be challenged only if we discover that the ether filler space is bounded by something else. We(right to the fermions and leptons) are like vertices in a sea, we cannot exist outside of the sea, so if something else bounds the ether sea, we may not be able to gauge those.

Now with any existence, there is automatically a concept/logic/purpose built into it. ie if you have an existence , you cannot say there is no purpose behind the constituents of the existence. Here I have made a case as to why the purpose of life force or the purpose of any force is to make an impact. If you say there is no purpose to existence leptons n quarks – you are incorrect coz without them the current existence would not be. Since our ‘most likely existence’ exists rather than nothing, There is a puropse for existence of leptons n quarks, and if leptons and quarks have a purpose so do our lives – which is simply to make an impact – and this purpose of our life matters.  In other words, from an ultimate level you cannot say that there is purpose to everything thats happening or none of it matters. It all matters at your everyday practical level as well as from an ultimate existential perspective. I mean what im trying to do is refute the kinda things anti-natal people say – they say we should just stop breeding and stop existing.  if we should stop existing – so should the animals – and so should every life form – and so do every atom  or quarks or leptons – and so should ether/energy. And if it does, our existence will cease to be. But it shouldnt n cant go away coz this is the most likely of all possible existence.As existence exist, every constituent has its purpose at different levels of abstraction and so at an Ultimate level there is a purpose to existence of everything. You cannot say there is no point to this existence, coz existence is the point of the existence at the highest level of reality/existence and from this ultimate purpose derives all other purposes . But I guess from another higher  perspective you can say that existence doesnt matter and none of it matters.

Another controversial post

Bengalis are mainly mongoloid tribes(the first to enter india or called ASI) who got mixed with Caucasians(all other caucasians including south indians called ANI) from magadha. Even bengali brahmins(mamta baneerjee) looks that way.

But some 1000 years ago a south indian chola King called Rajendra chola conquered Bengal and the chola army men passed on their genes to the local bengalis.


This guy cud be Kumble’s brother


Thats why many bengalis look like South Indians and think kinda like south indians to an extent. All those varman(barman) kings of bengal may be descendants of the Chola subjects…many chola and pallava kings are also named varman very often.


The cholas did not build temples or make coins there but went out further east to subordinate regions all the way till singapore.

Some instances
1) The khmer empire with rulers like Jaya varman, surya varman and queen jaya chudamani were all offshoots of the chola conquerers. they were the builders of angkor wat ..the names are very tamil, but the origin of khmer empire is not established
2)There are 1000 year old Tamil temples in China & indonesia, and CHolas were the ones who brought Hinduism to indonesia(subramanium swamy)

3) The chinese martial arts were also brought to china from a person in india called Bodhidharman (real name simha varman) a pallava king from kancheepuram
4) there was a siddhar called bogar, who travelled to china to be known as lao-tzu

The chinkyphile british did favours to bengalis by making it the capital and transferring all the funds from the country to build calcutta. They created many Universities and academic institutions with an agenda and to promote theories such as aryan invasion(which has been disproved in academic circles some time back with indepth research in genetic anthropology) etc. They also created a lot of bengali academics and rewarded those who’d buy into their agenda. Thus promoting the bardolok or watever they r called. The funds from the university went in promoting both english and bengali literature, and thus the bengali poets got a recognition like no other regional language. Also bengal with the ganges flowing thru it was a very fertile and resourceful region.
All these factors clearly indicate that bengalis got a huge headstart ahead of others in India in matters of academics and other essential skills. They were also good in kissing upto the british and they even created a surname/title to the best ass-kissers known as biswas. They were excited about the semi-aryan identity that the british gave them which elevated these half-mongoloids in comparison to the south indians. And the rage in this post stems from the fact that it is this particular crowd amongst bengalis( who form a lage academic/media nexus) that is defending the aryan invasion theory full on. This is also aided by the Muslim mafia from bangladesh and pakistan using this theory to serve their agenda as well. But no matter how much they try, we can all see the mongoloid features in them..and the explanation is either that they are half-mongoloid primitve population of India, or east india may be the likely place of origin of caucasian traits

People from some states have to slog it out to generate external revenue( i mean bring money from outside the country through skilled work, rather than selling/exporting indian resources to foreigners and claiming to bring revenue), whereas that (tax)revenue is taken away and handed out to bludgers in certain regions, and motivating them to selfishly replicate themselves without contributing productively to the nation and growing at the expense of others. This wouldnt be too much of a problem in a homogenous nation, but India is anything but a homogenous country and this translates a one group taking advantage of other. I cursed bill gates for trying to reduce the population in certain regions of the country, but now im thankful he is planning to sterlise people in certain regions.
Why not a more fair taxation system, where the state govt gets majority of the corporate and income taxes…thereby transferring funds,power and accountability locally..which is also much more easy to manage rather than a centralised control, which is the biggest problem with the current system – the fate and power to influence people in the hands of an unrelated very few in the centre. If the taxes/revenu is shared well…people will be motivated to make things better as the control/funds lies locally.

BTW the above is only 32 % of total revenue(states share), god knows how the rest is being appropriated by the people in Delhi.

Why cant there be limited governance, especially at the centre. Why cant states and the local municipalities be given enough control and power over the development. Why cant they properly privatize essential services rather than the govt having to reluctantly take up all the services. Even if I pay more for private companies, I will have a peace of mind in knowing that the idiots in centre are not mis-appropriating my revenue contribution and acting like they are the masters of me. Seriously the govt giving handouts to poor areas will work only if the country is culturally and demographically homogenous. Otherwise, it will not only appear like one group is taking advantage of the other but many people will actually try to secure more for their own community and take advantage of the others.  First fix the problem of national identity.we all came from Indus valley civilisation? good..but does everyone agree to that and can we expect no bias based on this – i dont think so. Will happily contribute to center handling defence, judiciary and interstate matters. But a centralised planning commission for the whole nations which decides most of who gets what is ridiculous for a non-homogenous country.

I read somewhere that the majority of the suicide attacks so far were carried out by the Tamil Tigers

The purpose of our existence doesnt just stop with our lives alone…but also the people related to us. For example, how does one explain their affinity for their siblings(not just humans but even animals)? Mostly, we have to share things with them right? like the wealth, time & affection of our parents. I would also imagine that you would want to kill another man who’d share the affection of your wife. The reason we are okay with siblings sharing our resources is a way they are us, i mean the purpose of their existence is the same as that of ours.

Its because they, just like you, are an effort of your parents(also extends to ancestors) preserve,survive,pass on their genes,ideas,intellect(and all the things that define them) . refer to other blogs of mine for a more detailed explanation of the purpose of our life etc. Just like siblings, you extend the existential connection with relatives, members of your community,city,state,nation, ethinicity, people with similar idealogy(if you consider your idealogy is an important part of what you are) etc etc..In an order of priority. This is why we take pride in not just our own accomplishments, but also the accomplishments of our community or our country men.

People like Rajiv mahotra, Gurumurthy, Subramanium swamy..thats why are hell bent on bringing out the fact that All Indians(even pakistanis,bangladeshis) have common ancestors among the indus valley..with only very minor influx of mongol(mughal) genes mixed up with a millions of indigenous Indian genes. If we share a lot of common ancestry/genetics..thats a greater cause for bonding more than any phenotypical variations or language or attitude.( i have dealt with the reasons in my other blogs as well).
So if some one were to say,for example the invading britsh/europeans, that a Billion and a half Desis are not just a certain group of people from indus valley but a mix of various people that have invaded them repeatedly over the years. This undermines the fitness//superiority(physical and intellectual)..(and btw im gonna use politically incorrect words like superior, bastards etc) of the original inhabitants . The british say that non-brahmin souh indians are pure dravidians, whereas the north indians and pakistanis are a mix of dravidian and aryan. This first of all imples that the dravidians are a group that has lost territory to,adopted the culture/ideas of the Aryan europeans. So indigenous indians are inferior to eurpeans, and even the half-aryan,half-dravidian north indians are inferior to british as the europeans are full aryan.

everyone came out of africa..that doesnt mean africans are the most superior people. When 2 groups evaluate themselves against each other, they evaluate from the time they seperated as two groups(despite having common ancestors- and one of the group still following the same culture and residing in the same area as their common ancestors)

Now although biologically speaking a mix of genes and interbreeding is gonna give out a healthy species, to call a group of people mixed/bastards undermines their existence from a historical stand point – from the explanation given above.So dont misunderstand these politically correct perversions that say having kids is selfish and that one should get mixed up( this depends on the situation). Btw they were all designed for the whites by the desis shouldnt buy into that. be more discerning than to blindly accept what hollywood tells you.
Comapring yourself against others have 2 opponents to it

1) Who has had a better existence so far

2) who is inherently more better than the other – in terms of having better attributes and likely to have a better existence in the future

For example one can argue that the samoans or even the Jarwa has had a better existence so far comapred to europeans as europe was war prone throughout history and has had tougher living conditions.The europeans are more of a mixed up, bastards than anyone else. For eg..they have 3 different groups to begin with, that cme under the category white 1) indo-aryans,2)finno-Urgic, 3) Turkish/mongol. Even amongst the Ind-aryans..there are different groups like slavic,nordic,germanic,goths,visu-goths,angles,saxons,celtic etc. These groups are do not necessarily have a cultural continuity, but these are supposed aryan tribes that came into europe through different routes at different times and who were constantly warring . For eg, the minoans and myceaneans are both indo-aryan tribes of greece. but there is no coontinuity, the mycaeneans came and replaced the minnoans . In other words,if we compare the first of europeans with the contemporary indians/south asians, the south-asians were more successful in spreading out their genes,having access t resources,increasing in number, and living a relatively peaceful,less war prone or competitive existence than the  first of europeans – whose gene pool have been diluted in their own lands by other tribes entering their land and fighting with them.

But when everyone comes to gether, the modernised,intelligent or stronger group would easily win in any competition to the primitive counterparts. so the europeans may beat and replace jarwa if they had access to their land. With respect too indian, it depends on who is inherently better today and also who occupies a better position. This is why its important to improve our nation and ourselves, and expand globally to prove that we have a lot of inherent potnetial..such as Intelligence and good physical attributes ourselves..required to be considered a fitter ethnic group.

So as far as theories go, theories like the aryan invasion, undermines us and will disappoint us. but theories that say that a group of people that came from wherever, were able to have acces to a lot of resources and grow into a large/strong community and lived peacefully and well will be very re-assuring and will make us really proud of what we are. So its not even like we need to have the origin of caucasian features within india, its okay even if the caucasians were a group of people who came from outside, but the few who came successfully expanded into what we are now and that we are not some bastards who kept losing invaders and ended up sharing resources and competing with them throughout our existence within our land. So if north indians like to hear that they are a mixed race, it means that they had a lot of competition between the different groups and that their existence was more confrontational compared to the homogenous population of elsewhere in the sub-continent, who havent been invaded by outsiders.

But claiming the origin of caucasian features in India also has its advantages. It implies that India is the place where intelligence,complexity of facial features and civilisation had developed. I was also inclined towards bengal being the place of origin of caucasian features and that they are the group transitioning between mongoloi and caucasoid features. If thats not the case with the mongoloid features of bengal, it would mean that they are a mix of different peoplw ho have colonised them over time, like the chola armies of the south, the local mongolid tribes of the east and some of the north indians

We sure like to hear that Indians are successfully expanding across the globe with good jobs and feats.

Similarly the news that europeans genes (are preferred and) are expanding within India will be music to the ears of the europeans. It is a kind of success for the europeans, just like how we feel happy about Indians successfully expanding in the US.Conversely, the expansion/preference of european genes within our land implies that the our own genes are inferior and kinda undermines our potential.
If ones own son/daughter go abroad and become successful, the parents and relatives can directly feel proud, But if orphans or IVF genes are adopted in a foreign land, only people who come to know about it can feel proud about it. SO the TOI could have done Indians good by not bringing out this news which has the above implications and upsetting us.

An effort must be made to constantly bring out happy stats about the success of Indians abroad, the greatness of our history etc. Because the whole point of going out and achieving is to feel good about it.

This is why i don not mind people watching mindless entertainment all the time as it gives them pleasure and its good to fell good rather than angry and miserable all the time. So one can keep thinking that their city is the best, the club scene in their city is the best, their movie industry is the best, but when they wake up to reality and get exposed/compare ourselves to the others, they shouldnt feel like they have fallen back too much.

A greater Breadth and Depth of thought with respect to impactful things is what makes something high in intellectual value. Explained below are what is length and what is breadth and neurally whats needed for length and breadth.

Treat this as a fair/latest draft and the below as a rough draft. some points may be contradicting
How thought works and what makes somethin a deep/great intellectual thought?

yesterday my mom started off a rant with ‘people seem to be taking pleasure in
others misery’. I dont know which partcular instance (or who in particular did
what) gave this thought to her but i heard her start that way.

Then almost immediately – she went on to say ‘ such bad people seem to be growing

The other day i was driving a car back from down south to chennai, and I thought to
myself, we should make a tamil version of the movie ‘locke’ . Then i asked myself
which car?the guy in the movie was driving a bmw. may be honda city, the one that
I was driving. Then, I started thinking about how embarrasing this would be if
someone from UK watched the movie with honda civic. Coz honda city is not exactly
a ‘cool’ car there.
I have been exposed to a bit of hebbian association and conditioned learning,
neural nets and so I try to explain why/how my mom inferred the second part and why
I thought about what foreigners would think about the car used in my imaginary
tamil movie.


Watson said ‘thought is sub-vocal speech’, i go on to add + images,sounds and other
So during thinking, in your conscience(also mean the area in your brain which
constitutes it), several of these images n sounds have to appear by that i mean the
neurons(we’ll call them thought area) representing these stuff gets activated . The
reason why thought is logical and not random is when one area gets excited, the
activation moves to another region which is closely associated with that area. lets
not worry about how these associations are formed, but just know that they are
formed – if you wanna know more, read a bit about pavlov’s dog and bone experient.
When my mom was talking about a type bad people doing stuff on whatsapp – this
piece of thought had several images,concepts constituting it. One such concept was
the concept of ‘people’. And another concept that is associated with the concept of
‘people’ is that ‘people grow in number’ – maybe not today in that particular street,
but in stories and history of things one has read or learnt before. So now in my
moms conscience/thought , there are still those bad people and now they appear to
be growing(maybe she thought about someone or two thats been mean to her personally, but they appearing to be growing in number is a concept deducted from above). So now she has made a new association between the concept of ‘bad
people’ and the concept of ‘people growing’ and now created a new concept that ‘bad
people are growing’ . Ofcourse many people will once again think about what they
are saying before they make a statement by thinking empirically or thinking about
other stuff and double check whether the new concept/logic sits well with other

This thought flow actually goes back and forth, coz if it is only one way, no one
would remember what problem they are trying to solve like in memento. So from ‘bad
people growing’ you go back to ‘bad people’, and may be think of ‘other bad things’
and claim that these ‘bad people’ also do those ‘other bad stuff’ and the rant goes
on. Sometimes you go more than one thought step in a direction and after ‘bad
people are growing’ concept is formed, you might form another concept ‘ at this
rate there will be more destruction and world will end soon’ without coming back to the ‘other bad things’.
So this is how new concepts are associated and the number of thought steps taken
right from the starting point is what is the collective new thought. Now what happens with back and forth activation is that a weightage increases between thougth area 1 and thought area 3 so that the next time you thin of 1, 3 could get activated without having to activate 2 first to get to 3.  If there is little back n forth activation, 1 might not get strongly associated with 3  and chances are next time 1 gets activated, 2 gets activaed and something else 4 gets activated forgetting about 3.  Light headed people – and people who just do useless blabbering keep on moving from one thought area to other, without making the connection. And in the end they havent really concocted all concepts into a theory coz they have not associated new things together in other words not learnt anything there.


So we go to the different components of this process – if you read my rough draft,
i might have explained a bit more in detail about the ‘thought cone’ which might
also tell you more of what i had in mind
1) Depth/length of thought – the number of thought steps in a single direction. for
example from ‘bad people’ to ‘bad people growing’ to ‘end of world’. now this doesnt mean that the thought area of final step is physically at a greater distance from first thought area…these neurons between points 1 and 3 could be closer than 1 and 2 for instance
2) Breadth of thought – All the things brought to be evaluated. for example, bad
people growing, other bad things etc etc.
3) correctess of logic – This is just a case of verifiying if the ‘new concept’ you
created sits well with many other things that you know. This again requires the
ability to bring in a greater amount of things to process, or rather going to great
depths and breadth of thought to imagine the implications the ability to see that
implications of new concepts might contradict established concepts. So the
correctness of logic is again a derived component of the lengh and breadth of
thought. a new thought might be incorrect if it contradicts an old well established logic otherwise if the new thought sits well with other stuff, the old logic is what is incorrect.

This is why no theory is complete if it is just deep. It has to bring in a breadth
of different concepts and have the ability to associate a wide range of things. Infact breadth is a more important aspect and only if there are a breath of different things brought it, one can actually achieve depth…..think abt this carefully.

In the RD section, I have gone on to classify the Length and breadth in various
ways – in more detail but lets just restrict the whole thing to length and breadth
in this section.

You are able to go back and forth quickly( like a million times a sec) coz when you
move from one thought to the associated thought(A to B) the association between the
two (A and B) is the strongest than with (B to someother concept C) coz the
activation is fresh and according to hebbian rule weightage of connection between
these 2 is very high and weightage only gradually decreases/decays with lack of
activation. But gradually things move from either B to C or from A to D etc.

The ability to bring in a lot of concepts ( breadth) depends on prior learning/associating and neural
stucture. Young people know few stuff thats why they are unidemnsional in their
thought. Mature people bring in a lot of factors to evaluate about a single thing.
Neurally, your nerve connectivity should be good across several areas of your brain
so that many different thoughts get associated with one another.

Neurally there are the following criteria that affects your brains processing

1) Neuronal density. ( by genetics as well as health/nurture)
2) Number of healthy connections and connectivity to neighbouring neurons.( like
regions pertaining to algebra being strong, regions pertaining to music being
good). This includes lower activation thresholds in those regions. – determined by
age/healthy eating. Regional strength is determined by genetics
3) Activation potential – spicy food makes more ions in the cerebro-spinal fluid
enabling more activation/electricity in your nervous system
4) Better connectivity in the larger contour , Not just connectivity to neighbouring neurons, but several regions well connected of the pre-frontal cortex or wherever the conscience is. This is also influenced/determined by genetics

The above 4 factors are heavily influenced by genetics mostly and second by

Spicy food makes one more bright and bland food – not so much invigorating
intellectually.So like I said, for breadth( and for the ability to go back and forth) one needs healthy connectivity between different thought areas (4).For attention to detail and memorising one would need  (1). For greater depth of thought one needs knowledge and
healthy connectivity( local mostly). Think about this — the activation is there in an area and it keeps moving back and forth and gradualy across to neighboouring neurons. If the ACtivation stagnates in one area and is concentrated too much, it means it is not able to move to another area – this is enitrely an issue of not so good connectivity across different areas. If theres is good connectivity/connection weightage between the nerve endings, the activation would split and go across different directions and consitiute bringing in different thought and constituting a higher breadth of thought. Otherwise the activation just stagnates among neurons very heavily associated. i mean associated also means well connected, but this well connectedness arises out of hebbian association from learning rather than naturaly healthy/strongly connected neurons – based on healthy connection fibers and low activation threshold.

Young ones move from one thought area to another
easily and get a bigger depth of thought, but this cant called be depth as the depth
is broken as there are no associations made from the starting thought point to the
latest — they simply just drift away in thought, they are not exactly constructing
a deep thougth. Whereas mature ones and even ones with higher breadth ability tend
to be static at times thinking about the same thing for a long time, and not really
moving on, connecting a greater depth of things ( an example is given in the RD
section). I can actually go on explaining drunkenness, and subconscious ease at driving while thinking about other stuff — with the same above concept. Drunkeness is again losing connectivity/breadth of thought under influence and having a uni-dimensional, broken thought(similar to childlike state). Sub-conscious driving/reflexes are just strong association from hebbian learning that occurs during practice – even without focusing(and larger activation), these areas get enough activation coz of the strong connection strength.

Knowledge plays an important role in the direction/depth of thought. For
exaple I thought about how embarrassing it would be if a westerner sees my
imaginary movie, coz im always comparing western and indian standards having lived
in west for 4 + years and thinking a lot about how the western world views us. Same
way people who are more focused on politics tend to gradually link many things to
politics — ones tastes and knowledge influences the direction of their thought
via the conditioned association process.

The conscience is the last region in the brain, the different regions receive the
inputs and finally all the sights sounds etc comes together and gets associated
with each other in the conscience part – this is either conscience or the pre-
frontal cortex — which is the exchange region. So in this region

So people with high neuronal density will be able to memorise a lot of details. But
if in the region of conscience, if there is good connectivity/fluidity across – it
is good for the breadth component – bringing in several aspects pertaining to one
thing. Bookworm nerds/specialitsts – have a narrow way of forming thought and all
the activation is focused greatly in just one path.this is kinda how young people
think but with more details.
So the only difference between thought stagnating in one region/unidimensional vs
being a well rounded thought is healthy connectivity. more neuronal density = more
memory, but good connectivity(healthy nerve endings) = more fluidity across all
directions. i mean if you look into it – the same amount of electricity of
activation can activate either few nerve cells or more cells depending upon
activation threshold AND connection weightage. So connection weightage between
neurons have to be good for well rounded thinking and bringing in different
aspects. For people who only memorise things — genetically the connection
weightage will have been less across many regions and consequently overall less
weightage connectivity in the brain. If you do not often different things into your thought, connecting strengths/fluidity across areas of thought decreases and this not so well connected structure is also passed on genetically.
So being a mindless memoriser might give you high neuronal density, but it is
damaging for the connections in the long run. And only with good connectivity can
on bring different aspects/dimension to a thought and have a comprehensive n
creative thoughts.

local healthy neuronal density – more concepts in a specific focus – depth of thought, easy for memorising

Connectivity across different areas of thought – Breadth of thought

Knowledge – breadth and depth of thought

3)Activation potential – bright mind vs bland/dull mind


One last thing is, people who think about high impact stuff may seem more
intelligent.someone who talks about agro stuff is not seen as an intellectual
compared to someone who can talk politics or the market, although the depth and
breadth of the concepts maybe higher in what the farmer says. Physicists are regarded
high coz their knowledge explains most things-forces around us and therefore an
understading of that seems empower us more. same with someone geo-politics, money
matters etc commpared to some village stuff or whatever.


Rough Draft

Southies and Tamils in general like to claim that they are more Intelligent. This is an attempt to say how. I realise this might annoy many out there..but to those people I wouldnt complain about me saying that north indians are more attractive – which i have in my other blogs. I believe that indians are the most intelligent people in the world. tks 1)Amount of thoughts one evaluates/processes simultaneously & balance of thought : Certain people(also neotenous people), at a given time have less things on their mind…they evaluate lesser amount of things (other thoughts or brain activities) while formulating their thought. This can also be termed as brain activity in terms of number of activations and flow of different thoughts in the brain. A child who wants chocolate thinks only about the chocolate( only one thought) But a parent is evaluating a number of things such as good/badness, the cost, the effort, the right thing to do for the child etc etc. This ability to consider all aspects,side of things leads to maturity, ability to judge better and a balanced behaviour. I mean, its also not exactly thinking about it different thoughts simultaneously or inparallel…..but somehow they think about every associated aspect/factor pertaining to  something by means of well rounded thinking every moment of their consciousness. This ability of well-roundedness is in the neural structure of your brain(genetic and conditioning/nurture), where strong and connections are made between associated things and so that one thinks about a particular thing,all associated relevant things also comes into mind(refer’my idea for a robot post). Actually even for the below factors/way of thinking too, its about how well two things get associated in the brain and thought flows, but I guess the difference is in the orientation of the flow of activation/thought which i will explain.So this comprehensive association /taking into consideration and bringing in all associated aspects  pertaining to something is  important and people who do not posses this ability but go on to construct deeper logic become quite those Phd cookoos who get possessed by an illogical construct or in another type of issue sometimes fail to focus on all aspects of their life. People with the ability to consider all aspects of an issue are generally not self-centred and are able to put themselves in others shoes. Their tone of voice is also more humble and mature as they are considering how they sound to the others  and dont wanna come across as boorish or self-righteous. While dealing with any issue/concept..they always recall and evaluate all things associated with it and based on that – form a reasoning or inference. Maturity basically means acting appropriately..the more factors you consider, the more appropriate your actions will be(I mean considering more factors also leads to a deeper logic 3A and thus help in a appropriate action). It can be made out from their uninhibited and confident tone of talking that north indians process lesser number of things while articulating, and the whites are considering even lesser things than indians. I suspect that people who have been insulted,punished,reprimanded or let down in anyway more often while growing tend to consider a lot more things before they speak as they are a bit more mindful/aware of not getting a desired response from the others. Hence people who are not as attractive/admired consider/evaluate a lot more factors.  In the case of south indians factor 6 below also comes into play where everone in the society is preconditioned to a deep and mature thought and way of carrying themselves such as being very calm, speaking softly and being less aggressive, forthcoming or childish and more inhibitive/curbing of their enthusiasm n stuff. But apart from the impact of society/environment, the natural ability to consider different factors also comes inherently/genetically. These are generalised scores.Some individuals of a group may exceed the avg value mentioned. 20 doesnt mean no room for improvemet. When I mention a group, its not about if they are urban or rural dwellers, its just the picture that comes to my mind abt tat group. for example whn i say tamils – i mostly think about ones from chennai and asian may refer to a mix of FOBs and second gens living in west that i ve come across. Africans – a combo of african africans and afro-american in combination. Africans – 9 Chinese – 12 White Europeans – 11 Jewish- 13 Arab – 13.5 NI – 15,16 BE – 17 TA – 20 MA – 18 TE – 18 KA – 18 2)Correctness of complex logic/direction: its that ability to rightly associate things or  investigate/think about it thoroughly before associating things to form a logic. It also means understanding/interpreting what one reads/sees/hears in the right way. having a good vocabulary( remembering is another aspect of having a vocabulary, but this is about the application aspect. Also i do not consider remembering ability to be an major aspect of intelligence) and eloquent writing are also the effects of having the correctness of learning the rules and applying those rules. People with a lot of pre-conceived notions,closed minded people and biased people in denial all get this wrong – despite thinking a lot. No saying if one group gets it correct than the other on average. This is becoz people who only have simple things on mind will get it right most of the time, and people who have many things on their mind or have deep thought all the time are prone to have logical fallacies. But To evaluate correctly one must also first consider all factors behind it and apply your logic correctly although the higher the number of factors to consider..the complex the logic gets and more prone to logical fallacies. I mean, maybe if one were to analyse the IQ scores of shape association there might be some insights there. But being able to consider a lot of things in mind- despite making someone prone to errors, that ability i guess would also make some one process/evaluate a lot of things and make a right association. So the above scores are also applicable this section. I mean lets consider a basic – getting it right scenario. Lets say going for option 1 helps 20 people and going for option 2 helps 100 people in the same amount. There it is easy to determine option 2 as the right option. So for every single option/point/logic/factor the brain associates and amount of goodness/sense/appropriate consequence etc. The amount is not always a number but just a cloud. So when you consider many different factors, this sense/consequence cloud gets more weightage towards a particular decision/thought/point towards which your thought further flows. So this is why the correctness ability also depends on bringing in/associating a lot of thought and consequently bringing in/associating the corresponding logical/consequence amount-cloud with it. 3) Depth and breadth of thought : depends on how one has learnt/constructed a deeper logic using their ability. Breadth of thought is how many different concepts one is able to bring into a thought, whereas the depth signifies the level of each of those concepts – there are some concepts which are quite basic, whereas some are more advanced.Within this, constructing  deeper thought is more tougher than concocting a number of things into a theory.  Even people who have lesser brain activity might have focused a lot and constructed a deeper/broader  logic. For example the theories of someone like rajiv malhotra are more profound than that of lets say gurumurthy.  Examples of the breadth of thought is- drawing analogies, bringing in a lot of facts on a related thing – for example when one talks about neoteny – its features, how its applicable amongst animals, and all those observations regarding that particular concept.  Whereas when one talks about Depth, its will be like talking about how neoteny is thought to have became embedded with social structure and impacting the geo-political and the everyday scenarios today and those implications(Where one drives the thought towards a new inference and thus comes up with a logic/concept in doing so) . The breadth only means different simpler concepts which are quite apparent. The difference between 1 and the breadth in 3(B) is that in 1 you are considering all the factors that impact your decision on a particular thing. But in 3, its only different concepts, which do not necessarily bear an impact on each other, but those which are just associated in whatever way to each other and can just be concocted to form an essay or something.  In short 1 vs 3B is Factors vs related facts/things. Another example to differentiate depth3 A from 1 – When rajiv malhotra talks about how ancient knowledge from india is being passed on to foreigners who take it abroad, repackage it and sell it back to indians, he talks about a deeper process of how this U turn happens and leads to indianness being digested/lost in the western international framework . An example for 1 would be how judges work by taking into account everything or how the planning commission works or the budget is made considering all the factors and perspectives of the society. well assessing the need and allocating of funds is 1, but an elaorate plan to create/build something to address things will be 3A. Another example is when someone talks about the religion 1 is taking into consideration all known facts/points/aspects about what it is and the factors that impact it. For example thinking about/taking into consideration  how religion came out of man’s lack of better explanation for forces, and that it reduced violence and barbaricness and the fact that a lot of philosphy and scientific/healthy practices got embedded into it.  whereas  a 3A would be about inferring or implying something less obvious like how it impacts other things like politics,human behaviour in current day situation. So basically 3A is the new inference/insight/depth one formulates in his mind, which can be used in the future as 1(factor) driving other thought. So to any thought you construct,there is the base of factors accounted, length and breadth of logic. It can be imagined like a cone whose base is 1 and its height  denoting the depth mentioned in 3 A(breadth of 3b is just a collection of other smaller cones/thoughts that occur adjacent to the main thought). Each of the factors themselves may have sub factors and represent a certain depth of thought(like 2,8 in the below diagram). The diagram and the connections is not accurate to whats being explained but try to picture this – When one starts his thought with the point 4, the factors(1) that a mature person brings to the picture and evaluates are 5,6,7 and possibly 3 as well(the connection is not obvious). An immature person may not be able to think about all the relevant factors(points 5,6,7,3). So by considering the comprehensive factors, they might arrive at a new thought point 2 and it goes higher/deeper into 1 this way. So thats the depth 3A. Regarding 3b imagine someone in point 4, and assume that point 10 is another thing associated with it something like thinking about cricket, to australia to dil chatah hai movie or something – a bunch of things associated with one another. Young, light headed people keep jumping across different associated points(3B) without dwelving deep into one thought area like mature ones do. And consequently are more fun for the others coz they can keep talking about a lot of stuff and be fun or interesting. But in the end, they stay in the same thought level, dont realise a greater depth of logic or something new, by traversing along the same thought points that they are already aware of – unless somewhere they stumble/drift into the logical depth component as well in that process. math_t13 It is also important that they are able to have correctness of logic(in the above case would be like relating to logical/thought points correctly). other wise they are just constructing a deep bullshit or irrelevant points to the issue you are discussing.Considering a lot of factors (1) is important, but also rightly evaluating the factors to consider (2) to construct the theory or address(or ignoring inappropriate points) an issue is also important. Any theory will have to account for a number of factors and also associate several concepts/train of thought to achieve a depth. This is the primary recognition of intellect such as  nobel prize winners/inventors and other intellectual achievers have all constructed a great depth(3A) of thought for which they are recognised as such. Also understanding a complex theory/a bigger picture is also based on this ability, however constructing a new complex logic is much harder and higher than understanding existing complex logic. Actually when i say considering/evaluating different things regarding something, there are not parallel thought processes that happen. Thought is always linear, its just curled up like a spring to cover different areas to sorta give rise to the thought cone described above. to give you a better picture, consider the below images Thought When we start to think of something,it starts with the apex of 1st image. And the same linear thought process covers up a whole length(3) and spectrum(1) of things. Generally speaking the thought process has the orientation of image 2. We start from a thing(at the apex) and in our brain, there are connections and weightages associated between related things to the original thing, and in a spiral-linear fashion we think about all those things and bring them to-gether to evaluate. So we start with point D and bring to-gether the factors associated A,B and C. So A,B & C are factors directly associated with D with higher connection weightage(as created by the hebbian rule). So bringing in all these facotrs into a thought process is skill 1. Now depth is again spiraling down and reaching the depth – point E which is associated with C but not originally or directly related to original point D. The difference between 3A depth and 3B breadth is that, 3A is the process of getting to point E, whereas 3B is the process of getting to some other point associated with C lets assum X(not in picture) which has no bearing on the direction D-C-E. Thats is X is just in the level of the line ABC and related to C (or maybe even D and A,B) but DOES NOT CONTRIBUTE toward the path of getting to thought E. The factor 5 is something Y  in a totally different thought cone that may very remotely be related to C but not at all related to any of the thought points in contentions -A,B,D and hence also has no bearing on getting to the depth E. I mean 5 is a jump to a completely different thougth area/domain for example talking about the cricket match in australia to world war 2 all of a sudden. So 3A is the only component where thought/logic is constructed keeping the original thoughts in mind, or rather STICKING TO THE POINT.  So at the end of this thought process, the person has learnt something and has acquired a logical depth associating point D with E. If this person had high component of 1, the next time he thinks about D, he will also bring in E along with all the other factors(A,B,C) while evaluating things, otherwise if he is an immature,childish person..will be quite narrow minded and only bring in point C when thinking about D the next time.  Actually one doesnt always have to strictly follow a linear path to make the association between D and E. Some people always try to relate things to certain topic. For example, for a patriotic person any immigration,legislation, culture or anything at all(which would be D), he will somehow try to keep in mind the national interest (E) and try to relate that concept D with national interest (E) and focus his thought in that Direction. This happens becoz even though the hebbian weightage is low between D and E initially, the person is a patriot and the area E generally gets more activation time and hence he frequently brings E into the things he thinks about and thought frequently spiral towards E (using the hebbian way).  People who bring in a lot of factors (1) will also be positioned to drive a deeper thought, as considering a lot of thought will help get to the depth. So the 2 things that drive Intellectual depth 3a are 1) a persons interest in high funda stuff(like philosophy/national interests) and 2) Ability to hold and process as many thoughts(which is also the requirement for factor 1) )that helps them drive a deeper association/logic while also staying to the point. Probably a larger/more folded neo-cortex or the appropriate weightage/neural connections/activation potential to do this processing in neo-coretex(or the appropriate area)….which is determined by genetics as well as nurture/conditioning from the up-bringing environment/background. Just to reiterate in a different way…1)Amount of thought..considering all associated factors covering a larger area/spectrum of thought….also includes deeper/higher logic in each spectrum.3) Deeper thought involves not stagnating in one thought area but healthy enough to keep constructing/associating with things related/known/comes to mind or to think of a logic that is quite deep. People with higher component in 1 are able to pay attention/consider a lot of things like everything that is said, the speakers tone,demeanor,and things to consider like etiquette,morality, etc etc. People who are deep thinkers may become quite inconsiderate/absent minded regarding some of the above things.because there is a trade off between the components, when there is more activation focused on one section the activation is less in the other section of the brain. This is probably why a group like telugus who have a higher component in 1 do not necessarily go on to construct deeper logic with respect to a subject..they make good I.T. people but not good inventors or creators of ideas. However, whites due to their knowledge can go on to construct new concepts, and bengalis due to their inherent potential and neotenous mind can go on to construct deeper/new logic. Since Im biased towards tamils, im gonna say tamils have high potential and the brains structure to have higher processing ability along both components 1 and 3A. Both depend on ability to associate things and construct a larger thought. The difference is 1 involves processing every thing that comes to mind wrt an issue and make a comprehensive assesment whereas 3 involves having a direction/objective and construct thoughts to formulate a plan/solution. 1 is simply recalling things we have thought about before and already associated. 3 is making a new association between 2 things in your head. 3 is obviously the new thought you are generating and the most rewarding brain activity. Obviously to imagine and associate things, you gotta have knowledge,education,exposure and those nurture factors  mentioned in 4. Person who has 1 but not 3 is a good developer/engineer. So please dont say chinese should score high on 1 now coz chinese are just hard-working and not so high inherent potential. Writers usually have a lot of 3B component in their work whereas scientists and thesis contains a igh 3A comonent. And europeans and jews may look like they are onto deeper stuff, but its only becoz of war,wealth,knowledge,exposure and being in a modern developed societies with a lot of things going the orientation/society(4) factor helps then – not that they are inherently capable of generating more thought than indians. person who has good 3 but not 1 is a philosoper or in some cases artists…and then there are inventors and geniuses who are strong in both components. For these things again you need a lot of thinking potential/brain activity to drive deeper thought(so people who consume spicy, healthy,fishy things have more activity on general). not only thinking potential but also correctness of logic and evaluate a lot of factors while constructing the logic. And also a good brain structure through your genetics to be able to construct deeper thoughts. This also depends on the background in which you grew up/learnt ….conditioning from the way people around you construct logic and behave also influences your ability to construct logic. Trying to pen down all the things required in the brain, 1) A lot of activation(or thought current/voltage) : The more ions i the elecrolytic solution in the brain..the more activation potential you have. after all the activation is the thought. These Na, K ions  are present a lot in salt/spicy food. There is also a saying in tamil ‘dont you add salt in your food?’ meaning ‘dont you have any shame/realisation in you’?. So more activation potential you have in your brain your gonna have more excitiation/feelings/thoughts. People with less activation are ofcourse quite go eat spicy food. The other factors influence the orienatation of thought. I mean with just a high potential in your brain, if the potential is just concentrated on one area alone..thats just all your thought concetrated on a simple area…like for example kids, when then are eating chocolate..they enjoy the chocolate a lot more than adults do but are thinking only about the chocolate . If someone wants to come up with a theory of everything, he needs not just the activation, but the activation oriented into different thoughts..for which the below brain structure comes into play. 2)  Activation threshold of neurons : If the neuronas are healthy, they have a lower activation threshold…so even with limited activation thought flows in that neuronal path. This property may also be inherited genetically. if a lot of areas of brain have healthy neurons with low threshold thought flows into them . people with healthy omega 3 fatty acids consumption can have such healthy neurons and so more thoughts flow in their mind..potentially leading to a higher component of 3A, 3B

3) easier Association between neuronal connections: Neuronal connections have weightages associated to them. If the neurons are healthy, the connection weightages is also high. The connection weightages between neurons /neuronal pathways/different areas also increase according the hebbian rule (via learning ), and this weightages property is also passed through genetics. In other words, the neural connections/pathways have to be strong in the brain – inherited from genetics.This drives the Higher component 3b of tamils/south indians – their genetics and culture/mannerisms/way of thinking.

4) Number/Density of neurons : More neuronal density in certain sections of the brain(gotten from genetics mainly, and nurtured by effort and learning) allows the people to be able to process a lot of thought in that area(be it musical or artistic or scientific), or if in general they have higher density in the neo-cortex, they have higher thought processing ability overall. So this affects 1 and 2. I guess southies have a high neuronal density which enables them to bring in a lot of thought and be heavy headed instead of light headedness.

Features 3 and 4 (the number of neurons and higher associative connections between them) passed on through genetics is what increases their maturity level and ability to bring in a lot of thought amongst south indians. For non-south indians since they dont have too high neuronal density/deeper pathways, their activation is not wasted/diluted in several neuronal connections in one particular thought area and neither does it go too deep in any  their mind wanders,jumps to different thought areas easily and over a period of time, their mind is trained to traverse different thought areas hence they are able to generate a bit of deep thought. So when learning or thinking about things, South Indians look at the totality of things whereas north indians just think about the main point alone.  But for non-tamil south indians, they have  factor 1 and 2, but since their activation is diluted in these areas, they are not able to drive deeper thought, instead they dwell on a thought area but thinking about it comprehensively compared to northies. However, tamils are able to drive deeper thought as they have higher neuronal density(4) and even higher connection strength(3) as a result of which thought is able to flow out to other regions instead of stagnating and consequently able to think deeper.  Apart from the above factors, if you are exposed to a lot of concepts-scientific/hi funda, knowing a lot(factor 4 mentioned below) will also enable one to construct deeper logic. thats why people in developed countries with good education,information and knowledge are able to thing about deeper things and come up with a lot of ideas and concepts.  But apart from the impact of society/environment, the natural ability to consider different factors also comes inherently/genetically.

neuronal density helps in factor1

connectivity between areas affect factor 3b
knowledge helps factor 3b

activation, threshold(health of neurons) help in activeness, fluidity

These are generalised scores.Some individuals of a group may exceed the avg value mentioned. 20 doesnt mean no room for improvemet. Africans – 13 Chinese/Asians – 12 White Europeans – 16 Jewish- 17 Arab – 15 NI: 17,18 BE: 19 TA: 20 MA: 19 TE: 18 kA: 18 To recap.. The above 3 are natural/inherent abilities determined mainly by genetics , how one has conditioned their mind to think(reflection of the background) and also healthy brain activity by means of healthy consumption.To tackle a complex concept..many abilities need to come together – the depth, the correctness, and considering all factors . A concept/thought that has depth and is correct in logic  is not necessarily a comprehensive one if it doesnt take into account the third dimension. For eg.rajiv malhotra may have the depth and correctness, but just by the way they speak one can feel that someone like gurumurthy considering  a greater breadth of things in his mind while putting forth a point. Also there is a difference between amount of thought/factors considered simultaneously(1) and the amount of thought. Amount of thought is simply just pondering a lot about superficial stuff without a great depth of logic,correctness of logic or processing a lot of factors simultaneously. This amount of thought is particularly high for young/neotenous minds..u know they say they have a lot of imagination and fancy things on their mind(which is similar to 3b – breadth of thought or 5)kinda thing….. they dont really dwell on a particular thought area but think about different things associated and ponder a greater breadth(3b/5) of things in their mind.To differentiate the process in young vs old peoples brain, In old peoples brain many thoughts(the neural pathways representing them) have really strong associations with each other and with certain other thoughts. This means people get to these thought areas very easily and stay in these thought zones/areas for a long time as they have stronger weightage in that section of brain. In young peoples mind, no thougth area/zone has relatively high neural connection/association weightage and hence they move to different thought areas easily. As people grow up, they should develp the ability to create this neural connection/association weightage(learning is the process of creating neuralconnection weightages) in such a way to create deeper/wider logic thought flow and memory properly. people in whose brains these connection weightages are creatd well become good thinking people and the ones in whose brain, these connection weightages are not formed well either because of genes or nurture or conditioning become not so bright people.People who consume a lot of spicy food/fishy food/heahlthy brain cells development also have higher activity in the brain..which depends on these age and health factor mostly..nevertheless there is also a gradient based on the different groups..i mean Tamils or bengalis generally may have a higher brain activity compared to lets say a punjabi or a kannada, but it also depends on age and health its difficult to come up with scores for these. This along with the memory factor depends on age and health and so not making a generalised scored for these and not considering these as primary intelligent quotients In the end, components 1,2 and 3a,b are all thoughts/neuronal activation in different orientation.Which means anyone who puts an effort can exceed in those components.and their brain structure(genetic) and conditioning/nurture from background helps too. The below are aspects depending on the society where they live and access to inputs/information(nurture). 4) Number of things they know(knowledge):So people receiving good eductaion/inputs from being part of a knowledgeble circle/city with exposure will know all the important/sophisticated hi-fi things and whether your city has good education,knowledge and ideas floating around(whereby you get the knowledge-building blocks to form new ideas). this also helps them in formulating complex/sophisticated/hi-funda thoughts. one indicator of this ability is the amount of time and effort people spend in browsing/acquiring new information across any field. These are generalised scores.Some individuals of a group may exceed the avg value mentioned. 21 doesnt mean no room for improvemet. Africans(in africa) – 11 Chinese – 14 White Europeans – 20 Jewish- 21 Arab – 13 NI: 18 BE: 19 TA: 20 (engineering,nobel laureates, and education level of chennaiites) MA: 19 TE: 17 kA: 16 5)Number of new things they think about/amount of brain activty: Sometimes..even people with higher activity potential,deeper & correct logical thinking not necessarily think about many different things, for reasons such as they might be very conservative and are not very keen or inquisitive about other things. They are just happy thinking about the same things again and again..or rather forced to be that way becoz of work/society(..imagine a I.T. developer vs a bohemian artist), and appear as if they arent generating different/a variety of thought. For example monks living simple life and having simple thoughts. Neotenous/childish people do not curb their thinking and generate thought about different things and there fore may be one up compared to a conservative person based on variety of their thinking. People having fun and exploring new areas score high in this.respect to a particular thing/thought, whereas here its about keeping an free mind and observing/wondering about a lot of things they come across. The pattern of this thought is similar to 3b, the small difference is in 3b its about associating different things with the particular concept/thought in contention, whereas this is about making an conscious effort to explore different things.  This is reflected in the importance to art/novelty/culture/celebrations given in the society also considering the economic constraints. These are generalised scores.Some individuals of a group may exceed the avg value mentioned. 20 doesnt mean no room for improvemet. Africans – 11 Chinese – 12 White Europeans – 19 Jewish- 20 Arab – 13 NI: 17,18 BE: 19 TA: 17 MA: 18 TE: 17 kA: 15,16 The developed, rich and multicultural countries obviously have a lot of interesting stuff going on.Closer scoes doesnt mean that certain indians’ thought is similar to western thought – they think of drastically different things/issues in the west and here. But things are also a bit eventful and a lot going on here in India. 6)Prior Exposure and conditioning with Deeper thoughts/philosophy : South indians’ thoughts are predisposed and skewed towards  maturity..They are conditioned(by society) to feel right about being less aggressive..less aggressiveness being associated with maturity. So exposure to high funda logic from their society..will steer their thoughts in the right way..and will help them in achieving a superior logical position.for eg. how people and everyone in certain societies are influenced by religious or other philosophical teachings followed by that society. So some south indians truely understand why its good to be mature, however a vast majority(who do not exercise much thought) are just mature because sub-consciously it feels right and appropriate in that society and sub-consciously get to that higher logical position. This is not the same as the impact of ones background in the way they generate/construct logic or thought mentioned in 3 These are generalised scores.Some individuals of a group may exceed the avg value mentioned. 20 doesnt mean no room for improvemet. Africans – 10 Chinese – 18 White Europeans – 11 Jewish- 15 Arab – 16 NI: 16 BE: 17 TA: 20 MA: 19 TE: 19 kA: 19 May be a lot of SE asian communities exposed to South Indian rulers have a maturity level of 18 a reason for the southies to occupy the moral higher ground is the aggressive and self-centred nature of northies. It is well know that southies are more mature/passive whereas are northies are more aggressive and forth-coming. In a north indian circle,a few of the good looking centre of attractions dont really care about how they make the others around them feel. When they are the centre of attraction, the other have to resort to being the not -so preferred/invisible losers and have to pretend to have fun by being an extra/ a side-kick to those aggressive ones, despite feeling bad inside…for eg the girl wearing the green shirt in 00.22-00.23 – look at how superficially she is shaking her head and made to look like a fool north and south Indians are culturally and genetically closest to each other compared to any other ethnic group like say persians or arabs… The differences in intellect are primarily are brought about from the physical differences and only to a small extent based on history..for eg. the guptas  or magadhas  or mauryas before covered all of what people consider the northern part( i mean the marathis and  orissa up to kashmir,indus in the north-west front) ..and so that belt was sorta were culturally similar. Even in the hottest places of the northern belt, they had a mix of both hot and cold in if it was hotter for 9 months, at least for 3 months they had cold season. The cold weather makes muscles stronger and firmer and also gives rise to firm/sharp and neotenous features. This mix of climate is very good biologically speaking in contrast to an monotonous climate. And in the south, the climate was mainly hot with the exception of hilly regions and it does not get as cold and chilly as it gets up north. This makes skin,musles dry and saggy or slightly puffy features – however you would describe it. These skin n muscles never get a chance to firm up as there are no cold seasons in the year. And so the physical features of south indians are less neotenous(youthful is the simple translation) non-flatter face, bigger eyes, lesser distance between eyes, nose and mouth compared to the rest of the facial area, dark dry and thick skin etc. One cannot claim that physical neoteny will not have any effect on the intellectual neoteny of people. A society,  of group of people where its people have a lot of neotenous features will feel and act more neotenous and thereby making the culture of the group more neotenous, and the neotenous culture(with more singing,dancing, liberal attitude, forth coming and aggressiveness) will also shape and re-inforce neoteny in the physical looks and the faces of its people. So even a smaller percentage of physical  differences can sometime lead to a lot of differences..for example a society where there are 60% physically neotenous people-their culture is mainly going to be neotenous. Whereas a society where 60% of its people have mature physical traits and 40% noetenous the culture of the society will tend to be more mature. And if the culture is mature, the later generations will be more mature and if the culture is neotenous, the later generations will be more neotenous. the community of deepika padukone..gowd saraswat brahmins..even though they have nice and fair features, they are quite mature because of the cultural closeness of konkani with kanada and south, and hence deepika comes across as distinctly mature as comapred to someone from maharashtra- closer to karnataka border. The only north indian actress who strikes me as a mature(not naturally neotenous in behaviour) person is madhuri dixit. I cannot think of any south indian actress who is not mature(vineetha thottumkal maybe). Some other examples of how the culture you are in affects your look. When i try to look for mudaliar brides in Bharath matrimony, I can notice how some of them born and brought up in the north, with not too strict of parenting look more cuter and look just like north indians. If you browse saurashtran profiles( who supposedly settled in TN some 300 years back), they look very similar to south indians despite having fair skin. And take the examples of Madhavan and swara bhaskar or meghna naidu, they look and act more of north indian than typical south indian faces. Like I said before , it is all thought oriented in different ways/directions. Two people having the same amount of activation potential in the brain might focus and direct their potential in different ways (1,2,3a,3b or 5) leading to different personalities(although it also depends on the structure of neurons in the brain which determine the ease in which direction the thought might flow) and so any group, if they can focus enough achieve a high score in any of the above factors.  In other blogs ive discussed about nice guys finishing last and why people who think too much/geeks/nerds are not really that fun. To explain this with the above components, intelligent/nice/mature guys have higher scores/orientation components in 1 and  6. 6 is especially a fun killing component as it deals with the code to conduct oneself in the  society ,discipline, maturity and stuff. 6 kinda kills the spontaneous thinking that comes about with the 5th component and 1 is a drag on 3b. 5 and 3b are the components of neoteny,being spontanious, interesting and fun thoughts, whereas 1 makes a person dwell/stagnate in a particular component and think about it thoroughly like nerds. This is why south indians are doing well in technical/I.T. / law etc .3a(depth) is also good, if the thought is a fun thought – like some nice poets and writers have good scores in this component and they are comparitively fun/romantic people too. However if 3a(depth) is in a mature/nerdy thought, that works the opposite way – like it does for tamils – not in their wit(mean to say they have good sense of humour) but in their philosophical(like conservatism,tradition,patriotism) part.and 3a works in a good way for bengali girls and make them very engaging and fun. The areas and the scores may be updated as i get to think about it more.


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