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Guys understand this – WE ARE BEHIND ENEMY LINES. That is why we are facing so many hardships in any country that we go to -oz,europe or US.

 We are negatively stereotyped, made to work hard jobs, dead-end shifts, lack of opportunity, lack of social acceptance,ridiculed and just exploited for our I.T. skills.

There is not much of a conceptual difference between what I.T. guys in the west are doing compared to what the construction workers in the middle east are going through. They are not  welcoming us to live in their country but using us for our skills and labour.

why is this happening to us? becoz we go there

why do we go there?  becoz india is comparitively poorer. some people dont entirely accept this and they just buy into this notion that western countries are culturally or morally just better. They like to complaint about india to every person they meet.

But the fact is any country that is poor, does not have enough funds to enforce a proper system or law, education and everything that are being complained about. so we cant blame india too much, if it is corruption prone and full of slums.

The thing is we didnt always live like this. our glory days were in BC. but even from 1st cntury AD to 15th century AD india’s GDP was around 35%(we were the richest-wiki ‘list of regions by past GDP’) of the worlds GDP compared to less than 2% in 1940s. even today american GDP constitues only about 23%.

In the 1770s 85% of children below 5yrs of age died becoz of poverty in London- read Ayn Rand “Capitalism”. 300 yrs ago the britsh came to india-they were “behind enemy lines”. They were ready to die fighting . for what?- to plunder the resources from india to take it back to their country. they did.

one needs more investigation on these topics”aryan Invasion theory” to see how they divided us and” cultural imperialism” – to understand how they made indians feel like english, and whites were superior to them.

so now we are the ones who are behind enemy lines as our country is poorer, just like the english 300 yrs ago. SO what do we have to do????

well the strategy of arabs is to have as many children as possible and change the population demographics of western nations to be predominatly arab race in the coming decades.Thats one way of ‘invasion’ – to change the demographics and spread your culture thereby. If we try to do the same, we will be competing with chinese,arabs, etc and who knows they might even close the doors in the future and this might not be possible – we inturn end up adopting and enriching the european culture.already the history books are teaching that the white man conquered and civilised the world – underming our achievements but thats a bigger topic to explore. so multi-culturalismand acceptance  might not be such a great idea.

  lebanon is is just a port – no natural resources and

been plagued with war for decades. but its still comparitively richer(per capita GDP) why?? – becoz 20 % of lebanese GDP comes from remittance by members living overseas.

every dolar that you guys send back counts- its simply like taking the money out that was supposed to be circulating in australia, and placing in the indian economy. this strenghtens the indian economy so much.  dont pay an australian waitress 25 dollars an hour for just carriying the food to your table with an attitude.  Stop spending your money there and send it home, buy a land, invest it – buy anything in india – even if you are planning to raise you family there, send a significanr amount back to your relatives here and invest here. inject it into the indian economy and take it out of their system. When we become rich/powerful – the whole world will look to us and we can kick their asses then.  SO whatever difficulty you are going through,you can find redemption for it by REMTTING MONEY.

because you will know that you are cerainly making an impact on the things to come when you do that

some guys dont think this way, just becoz a white person talks to them every now and then they feel happy, feel like they are special. but overall- you are regarded as someone who is weak,insignificant and someone who is from a third world country. Now please post this message to people you know, in forums and blogs. INFORMATION PROPGATION matters, it guides people do the things you feel strongly about. if u pass it on it will be read and it will make an impact.



  1. ‘Be the change you want to see in the world!’ Gandhiji

    Yes, it starts from you. me and each one of us. That is why I am

  2. Jayan, I meant – to REALLY see the change you want to see – you have it be part of it – Like I sacrificed my career in the short run and $$$ – for the sake of my dignity and pride – for being an Indian. Please check out my blog for details. Thanks.

    • I am an australian permanent resident. and i do remit money 2 or 3 times a year. so do my housemate friends. get the feeling itsmore than worth it.

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