Older, totally obsolete drafts of what i had written

On Interracial mixing of Indians abroad

I am certainly not against inter-racial relationships. every one says diversity and mixing is good- but to whom? it is good for the country which is the recepient of the benefits of mixing.

I wouldnt mind if the best minds come to india mix with the locals and have their child prodigies raised in india and adopt the indian culture and ways. But if the best and brightest of india leave us and end up marrying the whites and enrich the western culture – we obviously wud be loosing in that. I mean, so many forums discuss interracial dating and the stares of one race if their hot men/women are dating another race. It feels like they have lost one of them to a rival. Im just highlighting that feeling here again.

So all the valuable NRIs and second genrations, try to give a bit more preference to your own kind or may be you can even send back you mixed race kids to india( propbably unlikely – i know). On the other hand i also know of people, that have become more patriotic, with their experieces and exposure in the western world. They show more interest in their roots and identity than the one sitting back in inda without much exposure to these things.

On Linguistic n cultural imperialism

imagine 200 years from now, the future generations of indians read in their history books about how english has replaced their language and culture with the course of 500 yrs, owing to the achievements of the brits in terms of military, technological and cultural superiority.

this is quite possible as english is the language of international trade, technology and the media. Today english is essential for survival and to maintain a status within our own society. tomorrow we are just going to feel like why at all do we need our native languages. Assuming that people arent going to be bi/multi lingual for 100s of years, english might soon become the naive tongue of future indians.

but this would imply to the future generation that their ancestors(us include) were a bunch of losers who have accomplished nothing. winners writing history, will make sure that indian achievemens disappear from the books of history and there will be not much of indianness left for the futre generations to be proud of at the exact opposite for the europeans and the british. (dont care too much abt rest of european languages getting replaced as well).

If this situation would make you upset, what do you think you can do about it?
even if india becomes the only super power in the future, replacing english as the language of technology is quite unlikely. at no point i see hindi replacing english as the language of techology. this is because, hindi does not even dominate the whole of india. i dont know hindi.i see speakers of other languages as closely related group of people but i would never give up my own language.
But getting back to the point- hindi can never compete with english and other world languages to be the dominant language of the future. so how do you think we can wipe of the smile from the face of those english imperialists who did not even have a proper gramatical structure for their language until the time of shakespere and are still cultural-midgets.

two things – we first establish the theory that european languages came from india- the indo-european hypothesis quite frimly. This theory already exists – we just have to make it well known so that people know about it and we can be proud of that.We should also hope o change the demographics of native-english countries(NA,britain,ANZ) to be multi-ethnic so that by the time, britain replaces most other languages, the brits themselves would be confused about their identity.

Reading history books that glorifies you past is the greates happiness one can get- this is the core of your pride, to know that you had achieved the most in the past in terms of intellectual advancement. so try to work on it that way.
i mean there are other posts on immigration and changing the history books here in this blog and you can see that the two tasks that i have mentioned are not hard to achieve- work is already in progress. we just need more patriotic indians to realise that and work towards this common goal before something else comes up.


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