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Poker is not just about luck- there are good and bad players based upon their decision making capabilities. Some people can think things through and have an edge over other owing to their intelligence. Whereas some people are just “hyper-aggressive”. So often in casinos, these people play very random and aggressive poker WHEN THEY ARE SHORT STACKED. In turn these people affect the overall game in that – the more players at the table/game becomes more aggressive and now its more about luck than skill – the game becomes unfair becoz of the the actio of these aggressive players. Now of the 6 aggressive players in a table, 4 of them loose their chips and 2 of the remaining aggressive players become big stacked.When they become big stacked, they are no longer frustated and start playing normal with an big stack advantage.Meanwhile the skillfull players do not gain much in a chaotic and luck dependednt game. this is almost always the case at the casinos. This phenomenon is copmparable to the world history where the europeans wth their bloody history would be the aggressive players.

But the game is not over yet and there are still players left and chips to be won.The tournament goes on till there is one last man standing. So imagine if the idiot aggressive guy who became the big stack by luck says, we can stop competing now and call myself the winner now as i have the most chips. – thats non-sense right?, the good players have been chip leaders in the past at which point the frustrated idiots messed the game up. Now that they had become the chipleaders- they want to stop the game and call themselvs the winners.

Multi-culturalism in my view is something like that now. Now that the western countires are powerful, they want peace and stability in the world. History books are filled with chapters that say how these great white men conquered the world and invented every thing owing to their superiority. They want people to be content with the current situation where the english speaking white population is advantaged in most aspects of life. Now being the leaders in technology,arts,politics and culture, they can easily push their language ,culture and life-style to others. very one starts kissing their ass and becomes a coconut so that they could exploit them even more.

So this is what multi-culturalism means to me, end of competing and accepting the western culture as the winner. and that is why i would be against.

My cousins in sydney do not give a damn about the Indian identity. Infact many second genration indians ive spoken to are embarrased by the FOBs . They think that their own kind is naive, backward and they simply want to embrace all things western and integrate completely into the western society.

So if you are a NRI or a second-gen and if at all you get my point on this multi-cultural situation, advocate REVERSE-INTEGRATION. Do more to promote your your own culture and identity. reserach your history more and care about the future of your culture. understand how the indian history, attitudes and society are mis-interpreted and try to change that rather than blindly accepting the western interpretations and idealogies. ive seen second gens in sydney who are in a even more sorry state than fobs – just coz fobs are not confused abt their identity and agenda. so maintain more ties with your own culture and people. In my previous post, i have explained why i think why ones culture(way of thinking,language ,attitudes) is an important thing that represents the individual and why one has to try to preserve it.

I am certainly not against inter-racial relationships. every one says diversity and mixing is good- but to whom? it is good for the country which is the recepient of the benefits of mixing.

I wouldnt mind if the best minds come to india mix with the locals and have their child prodigies raised in india and adopt the indian culture and ways. But if the best and brightest of india leave us and end up marrying the whites and enrich the western culture – we obviously wud be loosing in that. I mean, so many forums discuss interracial dating and the stares of one race if their hot men/women are dating another race. It feels like they have lost one of them to a rival. Im just highlighting that feeling here again.

So all the valuable NRIs and second genrations, try to give a bit more preference to your own kind or may be you can even send back you mixed race kids to india( propbably unlikely – i know). On the other hand i also know of people, that have become more patriotic, with their experieces and exposure in the western world. They show more interest in their roots and identity than the one sitting back in inda without much exposure to these things.


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