Things on my mind – pending points to be included into other blog posts somehow

nihilists are carefree and hence more happier – another point for u when u compare urself with people in addition to robotics, universe , practical science n this nihilistic mindset gives u more happiness(maybe even a lot of pleasure)
than relationships – considering a long time.

For now, just try to put up this face when u see high potential people and bring the thought how ur thoughts n philosophy gets
u a better happiness and maybe even as good pleasure potential.

You gotta – in any crowd/situation u gotta start to believe that you are the  best person in there – whether u naturally feel that way or if you wanna put some effort, change ur demeanour to come to that mind set.

What all this strategy is eventually coming to is that there is no faking it. By having these thoughts, you become a stronger personality & eventually genuinely feel superior and things will come naturally in future.

Cool and intelligent people:
Many are just high happines potential based on their crowd.
Its a light headed north indianish way of thinking. No matter how eloquent n exposed to cool things they are,
they lack the breadth and creativity on their own of bringing a lot of practical things – the humility n disappointment that
teaches them whats correct and right – they dont have that perspective. Without this, they cannot be a great well rounded thinker
who understands all aspects correctly. their stuff maybe high in content area but lacks tha all round perspective. These people however maintain an attitude at all times and thus it comes naturally to them at all times.
Most people and almost all people in their thing r beneath u so just say this the next time to urself in whatever situation.U dont have to try to be anything
no ranbir kapoor demeanor etc – being relaxed n urself is the best.But being more aggressive talker not humble.
The cycle guy – you cudve given the natural -‘disgusted by you’ look saying ‘chi’ or u shudve been relaxed and given him that look that tells him u r better – even if initally he thought he was better.  If u cud really pull of that disgusted/’chi’ look naturally thats okay, but if not you can go for that calm – pacino look. The first one hurts more.
SO gotta be relaxed with al pacino look next time. Whatever it is u make sure u give him that look thats gonna rattle him. Just dont get carried away/bothered that he thinks he is better than you.

For you worrying about how to deal with em, – simply just keep thinking you are better than everyone at all times and gradually u will get that attitude/demeanor naturally too. You dont have to remember the different situations you have written down – every thing comes down to this – you should know you are better than everyone and the rest will follow. Even in confident/good looking/elite people, this conditioning happens through re-inforcement from their environment by which they carry the natural elegance when dealing with people. For you, the conditioning has to happen through self-help. But you have your reasons too and this is not self-help by lying yourself or fooling yourself with no base.

ACtually i think there is a strategy that can be adopted – for the kinda look you can give when you go past someone attractive.   Tyrying to put up a conifdent face – best strategy is to think of the situation where you have made a girl feel nervous – that feeling,that demeanour , that confidence you had in that moment you can try to have that in your face. By thinking about that – you can bring the right demeanour with confidence in your face instead of coming across like a pathetic stare.

In the case of fight – try to think of a naive fool belonging to the other’s particular group that you can think of ( even though this guy in front of you may be sophisticated) and have a demeanor in which you can give the confident look/stare at this guy.

Coming to other nihilists –

I certainly have more thoughts than em and they r certainly not at a higher point in philosophy coz we both are nihilists.
So at a high point all nihilists are the same – its the other thought, practical happiness and impact potential that seperates us
and tells who is better. Who lives best practically and happier is the question.
The happier person is the better person among nihilists. and thasts why all u rother thoughts matter.




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