why so serious?


For the intended readers of this blog, who belong to the same idealogical persuasion as mine, we mostly try to analyse the problems/issues our country is facing. I also subscribe to and participate ina nmber of other blogs, where people have a very good knowledge in the subject matter they are discussing and are more eloquent. Im just younger and more of a general spitting of whatever in my mind.These are serious subjects and most often leave us in a inspiring/angry/sober state. After all we have been persecuted and plundered for the last 1000 years or so and as of now we rank number 125 in human development index- which is very bad. And reading our history books- all we read is how we were defeted by the mughals and the british and huge chapters dedicated explaining how great our alien conquerers(lord a, Lord B, Mughal A , mughal B) were – putting us in a defeatist frame of mind.

we are insecure, lack pride becoz we feel like we are not better than or as good as some of the other – well races are although we are not the only ones who feel this way.

let me give a bit of pker theory here. In poker, there are good players(intelligent) and bad players. The intelligent players feel quite confident when playing the game becoz they know that they are right, highly likely to be successful and win a lot of chips,feel good about their understanding about the theory of the game.
How ever, luck is a part of this game – and sometimes the game is not fair as in – the good players are loosing chips.
when one becomes short stacked, his confidence is definitely shaken, and starts to doubt his abilities. If this is a tournament situation, the best player is not necessarily the winner most of the time, although his chances are high. But we play the game anyway – and the most important thing is to enjoy it especially if you understand that you are a good player and that you might not necessarily be the winner.

So we indians are good players, better players than others in the game of life- which is also abot survival just like a poker tournament. An we have to understand that we are the best and be proud of ourselves. and this is he aim of this blog.

Intellectually – do you have any idea how advanced our science, literature, philosophies were. I mean the vedas, kalri martial arts, classical music – carnatic, our food – we had a concept of food is medicine.
Actually im gonna stop here with all the cliche’s. You should do your own research on these.point is we were really very advanced and enjoyed a wonderful lifestyle.
we had not imposed imperialsm on any other nation thoughout significant part of our recorded history. – the reason we had what we wanted and we were happy people.
I’ll tell you what europe is the worst place to live in. Human body is not meant to live in such colder climate – and as a consequence, colder climate makes you feel so depressed all the time. even today with all their wealth and might, europeans suffer the highest rate of depression becoz of their climate and their lifestyle and social structure.
May be italy was a bi sunny but – if you think romans were great, you are mistaken. They had little morality, had a lot of barbaric and cruelty in their society. Infact the Average life span of the citizen of rome was 28 according to a couple of sources – think steven pinker mentioned that in his lecture as well. – It means they were getting into conflicts, getting killed quite often thats not good is it?
And england is even worse- ive already told you this but 85% of kids lbelow 5 died in lindon becoz of poverty in 1770. and check the book- ayn rand capitalism.

Europes history was war prone, the crusades are an example(big fight euros vs arabs). greeks – u know sparta-fighter.

I mean these guys hae been living well(referring to just being rich, not necessarily illuminated or happier)only for the past 200 yrs.

And like i said, IVC vedas and our gloy days were in BC, though we were the richest even from 1st centuy to 15th century AD. im just quoting facts again form m previous posts. you can also find links to these info in the blogroll.

idiots say caste system is very evil.- there is also a correct interpretation of caste system from a number of indian authors – find them.

We are poor at this point, and technologically not as advanced . but that really does not mean that they are smarter than us. Tak a hollywood movie and translate it- u will see how dumb/simple/unwitty they conversations and jokes are. we just have this fascination with people who speak in engilsh becoz of the macaulay education and english rule. but we’ll get over that hangover pretty soon.
Our literary work,vedas, philosophies are incomparable and they set us a level apart- although you think im just saying this – if u learn and understand these indians stuff u will also come to think this way.

The only thing is, europeans are physically stronger-more atheletic n stuff. like they have a better muscle tone, fair skin- and all the good things associated with living ina colder climate.- but they had suffered for that by living in this cold/harsh condition.

about fair skin.- cultures all across the world, eben ones with no exposure to european colonialism show a bias for fair skin. becoz, fair skin is associated with youth and less hardship in ths sun- all races feel this way. more over, fair skin means less melanin production- melanin – inhibits the production of oestrogen(in females) and other vital hormones required for healthy growth. and hence fair skin is associated with attractiveness. but ifyou ask me – eurpean pink, rough, juicelss skin isnt that great anyway.

so what else is there that makes to feel good about being a indian.

the mongols all of em have been worshipping ou for thousands of yrs- gautama buddha. europe was in the dark ages, enlightenment- renaissance was by defiition’ transfer of knowledge fron east to west’ and that was just a few hundread of years ago.

so we are better than them in all counts. just a temporary blot in our existence.
I mean the winners write history, and so when you read this history book it makes you feel sad and insecure, when other facts come out you will truely feel more happier and prouder.

My concern is just this one thing, if english and western culture takes over, 300 yrs from now all our languages/culture will be lost, people living in india then(may be lot of interacial mixing) will study that all the inventions of the world and the greatness is attributed to europeans, and that indians were static.It will also say how english is the best language( it did not have aproper grammatical structure untill shakespeare) these future indians will be having an inferiotiy complex becoz of what the history book tells them and hence becoz of this cultural imperialsm – they will be exploited as all the appreciation goes to the west and people look up to the west as the trend setters and arts and cultural leaders. – OH wait, this is whats happening today as well. we better come out of it – work ina direction to get out if this situation by appreciating our arts/culture/history /stuff . so think in the right direction.- but know that we are the best- the point i had tried to make so inarticulately. be proud of oyuself and dont kiss the foreigh guys ass(also includs over enthusiatically talking to a janitor-or a common man just becoz he is white) whenever you stumble across one whether here or abroad.


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