Being Married vs Unmarried

Lets say 0 points is when u have nothing
100 points – the maximum fun you can

pleasure/companionship in a happy marriage/relationship (without kids)provides on average 40
The pain of marriage in a happy marriage (without kids)= – 25
this is attributed to when ur romance reduces a bit and ur want to be with others increases and you think u do not have enough free time or space and when women make all sorts of demand.

Total = + 15

with being unmarried/no relationship
Because of freedom i can get quite a bit of fun.pleasure in most societies which amounts to = 20 points
Boredom n feeling of loneliness = -10 . ( I changed from -20 to -10 coz i had some new thoughs and i have mentioned in somewhere else why being lonely is not such a bad thing)

Total = 10

But if you are a philosophically sound person and feel like u are better than others – like ur a leader, a big shot , a popular guy or ur a proud intellectual – you can have a lot more positive moments and therefore you can have more positive moments than the average guy with a hot wife in a good marriage. So for people wondering whether to get married or not – the above may provide some perspective. You just think about whether you can find that extra bit of fun/positive moments when u are single by some means. I would say the average married guy with a hot/ideal companion holds a 5 point lead over the average unmarried guy. So you gotta make up for it somehow.

Having kids is another story. Many people have to have kids. Its their procreation which brings so much joy despite having to be burdened by it. Now bringing and raising another person into this world is a big impact/accomplishment. But since they have the ability to procreate – people assume that your impact is gonna go on for an extended period of time. My father keeps using the word my Vamsam(lineage) so go on and so you must have kids. So trying to figure out if your lineage lasts for 1000 years should you claim credit for all thousand years??- Now children/people are not just Genetic material, most of their potential is not in having a strong or beatutiful physical body, but in their brains. Of course, genes influence brains a bit but people’s intellect is influenced majorly by ideas they come across on TV, internet – from society and not just from their father. If it was a competition between which is more impactful – a man whose genes have survived for a 1000 years with an average of 3 person per generation( around 150 people), versus a man whose ideas/deeds have influenced a few thousand people in what they do for even just 10 years – the impact of the later man is more. So if you dont have kids, its not the end of purpose of your existence. Ultimatley logic leads to nihilism and nothing matters. But even in a level below nihilism, its not the end of ur usefulness if you dont have kids. – Just whatever you can. Contribute AI research and that will create machines which are gonna conquer space and time a million times over. Anyway – im running a matrimonial site, non-marital contractual childbearing site and the money from these 2 im putting it into AI research – those things you can find in some of the other blogs here.  I will also be opening up a cafe the profits from which will be contributed towards creating AI.

Also, in todays unfair feminist society with special privileges for certain groups – if you are a person that tries to pro-create in this society without trying to change it first, you are low. The person who tries to change things in an unfair society(i know unfairness always exist) has had more of an impact on existence than someone who tries to pro-create in such a society. So you can choose to not pro-create to express your disaproval of the society – so being MGTOW is better than being a normal family man in today’s society.

So the takeaway is that you can still have a more positive,happier life despite not being married or in a relationship and not even having kids.  If you are willing find me and contribute to my businesses 😉 and if not me to other people who are making strides in doing impactful things.


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