Can south Indians show attitude to Northies

South indians are more intelligent and hence have a better impact potential. But north indians are better looking and have more pleasure potential. The group with the most happiness potential is the best IMO and ideally Intelligent people will also be happier – I have established how in other blogs. But the problem is most south indians dont realise this and hence they dont have a higher happiness potential compared to northies or others.  Actually there are other reasons for southies to be happy – wrt population expansion and existential success. But most of them dont knwo about this as well. If only all southies read all my blogs. Throughout the world there is a racial hierarchy and every group subconsciously feels like they are above or beneath to some other group to some extent. Even among south indians between the various groups, there is this hierarchy. And the usually better looking group feels like they are better overall – must say something about how pleasure potential is much more significant for happiness rather than impact. Only exception is whites – where even ugly whites feel like they are better than some really hot people of other groups. But here in India an uneducated bihari will be more confident dealing with any south idnan of any caliber/social status.

What to do about this? well most people in our group needs to read my blogs, or atleast realise the points i talk about somehow and understand that they are better than northies or arabs etc and act correspondingly. If more of us can look past the looks and do this, this will start coming naturally for others. I mean even now, an upper/middle class southie can talk confidently to a average, not so sophisticated northie, but if the northie is from an educated background – the equation changes – even a middle class northie will feel confident in fornt of a upper class southie. What has to happen is even a middle class southie has to feel confident in front of a upper class and even hot n sophistciated northie. For this one has to deeply believe that North indians are less intelligent and below southies – in impact potential and overall. Once you deeply believe this, you will automatically feel confident in front of any northie and you can deal with them in any situation with class and get the better out of the situation. Whether ur fighting with em or looking at them in public comparing class or any kind of confrontation – you should naturally come across as the better person.

But there is also something you can change about urselves – be a bit more aggressive n confident in talk . No matter if they are powerful or stronger or eloquent or sophisticated, you have give out a calmer demeanour  that indicates that you think you are better than them. Try to think of a naive fool belonging to the other’s particular group that you can think of ( even though this guy in front of you may be sophisticated) and have a demeanor in which you can give the confident look/stare at this guy.


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