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Happiness is in knowing you are capable or have achieved what you want.. anything ranging from being the most intelligent,richest,powerful,strongest, good looking, healthier,popular,powerful, righteous or anything you seek to enhance survival of your and related genes.
Although India currently ranks 125 in the human development index and has got a spate of problems associated with lack of wealth and resources, here are some points which should put you in a frame of mind of constant happiness and true pride.
India’s most glorious days were in the B.C’s stretching far beyond the tentative dates of 2500 bc of the origins of Vedas. Indians were living in civilized societies generating advanced thoughts and principles.
According to stephen oppenheimer, the Indus valley is the most probable region for the origin of Caucasoid genes and features.
Even in our days of moderate prosperity ie in AD’s, india was referred to as the golden bird by the Greeks and romans. India’s GDP from the 1st century AD to the 17th century AD constituted roughly about 30% of the worlds GDP while it was less than 1% in the 1940’s when british left india(Angus Maddison).
Even in the most civilized part of the west(Rome) – the average life span of men was just 28(steven pinker). In 1700 s 85% of children < 5 yrs died in london because of poverty(Ayn Rand). Europe was very war prone throughout history with weird kings who’d dig out the dead bodies of their grandpa’s to hang them in public for their past crime( A brief History of England). Cold climate is a biological cause of depression and the lack of resources was a recepie for constant warring and survival of only the very toughest.
This in contrast with Indus people who had common origins in the indus saraswathi basin and we were a number of diverse kingdoms with one unifying set of morals,culture and a way of life with comparatively less aggression between . The climate is is better here and living is easier, not just because of resources, but also because of the attitudes of people and the architects of the society and the culture(caste system need to be understood more and it existed everywhere else too. But its much better than slavery).
Thence there was not much necessity (mother of invention) for invention here compared to europe where the harshness of geography demanded better ways of generating and harnessing energy.
Fact – The renaissance was transfer of knowledge from the orient to the occident. There is a connection with india about the knowledge in the orient(be it Buddhism, nalanda university, kalri,other forms of martial arts propagated by the chola conquerors of S.E. asia, etc etc).
The Europeans came to india with the vasco d agama discover and they studied the Indian peole and way of life for centuries to device a way to exploit. Fact – Industrial revolution was started and fuelled only by the money sent from the East India Company. This is what has eventually led to the west becoming technologically advanced now. But Indian science and philosophy still has a lot to offer the world currently and is on par with the findings in west.
Thought is subvocal speech – Watson.
Implication are that to construct logic – you need to be able to construct sentences fluently in your mind. Now if the whole educational system , and standard of research are set in your own language it is much easier for you. We Indians not only have studied concepts in another language(which is a huge disadvantage for being innovative and creative) but have also outshined technologists from the world in some areas .
I know that 1/3 rd of Indians **** on the roads but, who says equality is a law of nature?
Maybe in a tougher geography, the species are less in number but most are physically fitter. And may be in a easier tropical and resourceful environment, there are bound to be differences in what the nature and consumption of individual specimen . Colder climate also produces fairer, stronger specimen compared to the tropics, and that’s bad luck for us coz we love fair skin – no denying it as it is in human biology to prefer light skin and stronger physique. Even if only the top 3% of indans matter(intelligent, powerful, healthy, richer and getting laid) there are more Indians in this category per unit area compared to the rest of the nations/ethnicities.
So , look up the facts and try to put everything in perspective. If life is a game of poker and if survival and average resource stack size are the criteria, Indians are the best players. Our culture, tradition has survived long enough because it was a better system. And we have had a peaceful and resourceful..lets say at least 10000 years except for the last 1000 years.
Now life like poker is a game of skill and LUCK. Meaning its not always fair. Barbarians who are hungry and depressed will cause trouble and will try to plunder the moral and civilized ones. To rephrase will Durant, we have been plundered by more than one group of barbarians, and now we find ourselves in this situation.
So its okay if Indians are working for, kissing upto the other races, its okay if Indian culture and language are not getting enough respect even in our own cities, we have already had a very good existence and everything is bound to come to an end. Be cool about it.But its important for you to know this and also help the future generations be cool by spreading these points.
Imagine 200 years from now, the future generations of Indians read in their history books about how english has replaced their language and culture with the course of 500 yrs, owing to the achievements of the brits in terms of military, technological and cultural superiority. That is similar to what many of are reading today and which destroys our pride.
There are other ways of still competing with the rest of the newly formed cultural empires. You are not helping the cause by sitting back home, consuming western products and shipping Indian money abroad which makes them suck our resources which we need ourselves. Also don’t be looking upto the western idols be it in art, music(rock music lyrics are so stupid), culture, religion, intellect, unless they genuinely are something that we should look to……but most of us wudnt know what we truly need.
So you need to emigrate, compete with them in their country for jobs, and REMIT the money so that the money supply in india increases. Those days soldiers came here sacrificing their lives to take back the wealth… we have to do the same. The other thing also is to settle there, but instead of adopting a new culture , do more to help promote yours that way you don’t become a pawn of the opposite side.


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