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Everything that life forms do(move, eat, reproduce), they do for survival.

For humans, we are not just trying to preserve our genes( which are prone to 1000 molecular leisons per second per cell)
but also other things that are ours like our language in which we think, the set of morals, traits and the system of life we have developed in other words culture.

When Globalisation Starts and people start mixing,, the competitive game of who has had a better existence stops ..and the ones who have had the better existence so far wins. SO dont worry about changes in you culture and life anymore….this is a new phase and we have won the previous one.

Success of a group ( genetic) = number of years of survival * average number of people beloging to that group * percentage of genetic make up of the specimen(1 for pure and .5, .25 and so on for mixed races) quality of life/resource accessible

Success of a trait ( language/culture/religion etc) = number of years of survival * average number of people having that trait * percentage of how much the trait contributes to the individual character * quality of life/resource accessible (+ a fraction of success of a child trait – for example if a new language came from your language)

Now us tamils/southies, have lived well for thousands of years with producing great minds and people, compared to the Northern Kingdoms which were constantly war prone because of confrontation from outside as well between each other.

But we are now having to deal with a lot of issues and questions in this day and age where the world is becoming a global village.

Living in a hot climate has only given us dark, dry, thick, sagging skin and muscle tissues which are not neotenous or attractive.

However, we are good thinkers, cultured, considerate, less aggressive and a Good group of people in general.
And for this reason, our Language, culture and attitude must survive and we must strive to propogate it.

Emigrating to other places and increasing our population is how you expand. Take the communist state examples of kerala and bengal.
the states are not developed but emphasises and preserves its culture better and its people emigrate and are becoming affluent and a stronger community in other places.

If our state develops, it attracts leeches like marwari’s who dominate the retail industry in our city shops , who instead of trying to integrate with the local community dominate us with their fair skin and maintain exclusive Hindi circles amonst them.

Instead we have to start our businesses and use our skills to dominate the industries in the North.
Its okay if north becomes more developed, but our communities should flourished there and expand gradually and permanently with a long term plan. and it would also prevent the leeches from coming down south.

We should focus or energy on creating skilled emigrators and leaders who can engineer a stronger community for us in north and else where.
We need to set up good Social Sciences institutes and Social groups to analyse and plan our existence and propogation. And political philosophy and parties being able to implement these agenda.

Arent we excited when we hear that Tamils winning nobel prizes or being in high paying silicon valley jobs other positive stats about us? So  Tamils should atleast try to become affluent and significant in number in other places so that we can get happiness in knowing how successful we have been in expanding

All Indians are our brothers and sisters from the Indus Valey Civilisation, But within India, the southies are culturally more closer with each other.
I belong to a originaly tulu speaking community.I am a tuluva vellalar..once a tulu speaking community who came into CHola territory, helped him and became Mudaliyars and adopted Tamil a 1000 years ago.  To be precise we are referred to as arcot mudaliars/tuluva vellala/agamudayar. It is said that before coming to arcot, we were part of the veera ballala(hoysala) king. However agamudayar also refers to the Thevars(mukkulathor) of south tamil nadu with surnames such as Rayar. Krishna thevar raya was also a tulu king and statred the tuluva dynasty. So my immediate association would be to that of tuluva vellalars and Agamudayars/thevars. I also realise that ever since aishwariya rais and the anushka shetty’s became famous, people wanna get associated with the bunts.  So the hegdes,nairs,naidus,nayaks,Gounders,gowda,mudaliars,pillais were all part of the very ancient group called velir/vellalars, who assumed different clans and titles under different region and kingdom. I mean I guess apart from the southern tamil empires, the satvahanas,chalukyas,kakatyas and their chieftans also had common ancestry with the vellalars who came down from the north and who were called yadavas,rajputs or gujjars or whatever. This can be seen from the common surname shared by some velirs like bal,koli etc. So All in all its good that most people of south India share a recent common ancestry by the vellalar and other corresponding group in other kingdoms(like chalukya,rashtrakuta,satvahana etc).Some vellalar chieftans became stronger and big enough ti be called chera/chola/pandiya pallava or hoysala or chalukya or rashtrakuta.  Regarding the other castes like mallar or pallalars…I wud still say they are the same  group pf people coming from north to south and clearing the forests, but they were rather labourers than chieftans. ( I know that it could get very casty here, but the important thing to establish here is our common ancestry.  With so much politics involved, the history is very muddy, but overall we have to now that we came from the same original group even though later we kinda fought quarrelled amongst ourselves – until we were united by the vijaynagaram empire to fight the muslims and later the british as indians. Like I said my immediate association is with the agamudayars and tuluva vellalars, but a lot of us spoke different language at different times and assumed different titles. Im guessing before tulu, we spoke some other language – really old tamil or telugu- btw I think that since archealogical evidence of telugu existed before tamil- like telugu inscriptions were found dated 5th century BC in the satvahana empire, and group of people/chieftans who came and cleared the forests here had to first settle down in andhra/karnataka before coming down south, i wud say that tamil might have come from telugu speakers.

Now these are times of globalisation and migration and in 200 years time Indians are gonna get mixed up with no saying who is from where.

So analysing out existence so far,Indians have lived well for around 5000 years compared to europe which was very war prone with the average lifetime of men in rome( the most civilised period of their existnce ) being only 28. The europeans are more of an aggressive mixed up, bastards than anyone else. For eg..they have 3 different groups to begin with, that come under the category white 1) indo-aryans,2)finno-Urgic, 3) Turkish/mongol. Even amongst the Indo-aryans..there are different groups like slavic,nordic,germanic,goths,v isu-goths,angles,saxons,celtic etc. These groups are do not necessarily have a cultural continuity, but these are supposed aryan tribes that came into europe through different routes at different times and who were constantly warring . For eg, the minoans and myceaneans are both indo-aryan tribes of greece. but there is no continuity, the mycaeneans came and replaced the minnoans . In other words,if we compare the first of europeans with the contemporary indians/south asians, the south-asians were more successful in spreading out their genes,having access t resources,increasing in number, and living a relatively peaceful,less war prone or competitive existence than the first of europeans – whose gene pool have been diluted in their own lands by other tribes entering their land and fighting with them.

Similarly within India, The south indian have not face much external aggression that the north indians faced it lodis, or mughals, or greeks or scythians or any one else from the other side.
Bengalis – have been invaded and raped from Both magadhas and Cholas from the south. No maurya or mughal came down to TN and Kerala.

Even if you go by the aryan invasion – where you say many north indians are a combination of aryan(europeans- who themselves have lived miserably and war prone all the time) and dravidians, the dravidians living in the norther region alone suffered defeat and were subjugated by the aryans. Not like after defeating , they sent them in trains to south.I know you wud claim this to be the case and offer no logical expanation why the aryans didnt come down south as well.
So even according to your aryan invasion theory The ones in south did not suffer much, maybe only 2% brahmins came and promoted the religion. But brahmins were only cooks n priests, never a land owning first citizens like mudaliars or business men like chettiars(p.chidambaram ur chettiar example).

All of Indian suffered over the last 200 you say northies suffered the most by fighting a lot. bengalis and punjabis have suffered a lot during the respective partitions and for the tamils who suffered in srilanka – 150 thousand casualities, around 900 thousand have settled in places like autralia, canada,swiss,france, uS, Uk, finland etc.Atleast those indentured labours worked and are now living comfrtably in malaysia..whereas There were so many famines in bengal duing briths raj and millions perished. The gujjus n punjus sent to africa also got kiked out by idi amin, and also suffered bad fate in fiji.

So considering all these, the south indians have lived well in any scenario, thats why were are not aggressive and pretty conservative. SO far we are the winners – considering 5000 years of living well.
In another 200 yeasr we will be mixed up and there aint gonna be any winners…cox no one would know what proportion of genes they have in them, atleast within India.
And for the next 200 years people from south india are poised to live a very industrial,comfortable life with the IT,automobile and medical tourism thing. And even if the delhi-mumbai corridor improves, more of us will get to go there and expand – because we are more Intelligent and our skills will help us with the expansion wherever there is opportunity. If you want to know how I have established that tamils are more intelligent read through the other posts of mine that deal with out past achievements and highlights how we are more intelligent and to get a complete picture on things. So get the confidence and be happy. the only thing we lack is the fun aspect in our culture – which is less neotenous and conservative compared to others. If south indians become more flirty or playul like lets say bengalis, because we are more intellectual, we will be more engaging and fun.

If you are a person that feels bad that southies dont have the look/fun factor, your offsprings are probably gonna feel the same. Thats why its important for us to expand to other cities and try to give a chance to our offsprings to be part of a fun circle.otherwise even they will continue to feel poor/hopeless in aspects of being fun and attractive. Unfortunately not many can just relocate to other places leaving behind their family,friends and job. But if they can get an easy/comfortable job, other things can follow like making new friends and finding other members of community and keep life interesting despite living out of Tamil nadu. So  capitalists/business owners all should set up funds and businesses oriented towards helping fellow community members expand to other places..this is just like how the gujarati/marwari communities do business, primarily helping out members of their own community. If you cant get into retail, if you are into I.T. you can very well set up offices and help people relocate and expand.But expanding is very important.I mean before calling me a sectarian, you should look at what the TATA sons is doing for parsi community and how marwaris or certain sections of muslims and other sects do their business.

So the only thing we have to do is plan to expand and  no matter how much life sucks for you rite now, know that its gonna work out fine in the future. becoz 1) we are intelligent , and intelligence will help us get the wealth or plan our existence well to get us where we need to be to become successful/resourceful/healthy and thereby attractive in the future. Plus intelligence in itself plays a role in being more stimulating and attractive. 2) Studies say that human societies tend/evolve to become more neotenous, and therefore all we have to do is just be liberal and we will also get to where northies are regarding the confidence,playfulness and fun factor. Just have to stop the hypocritical and idiotic attitude of people like in the video below


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