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Highly scientific practices from a continual civilisation for over 10000 years has given South asians good physical and intellectual traits.

The use of many spices and herbs in food which are especially rich in vitamins c and E has given them a great skin and other benefits

The indian culture is inherent with a lot of feminity and neoteny because of a very good existence comparitively since neolithic times.
This makes Desis are more intelligent, enaging, sensual and stimulating with attractive facial features.
The euopean mannerisms and behaviour are primitive and are either aggressive or too disciplined
The indian arts and dances are more natural whereas the european ones are more of an intensive drill with sleaze.

Europeans have white skin and firmer/intact muscles and organs from a colder climate.
These features are currencies of neoteny through which they have enjoyed a perception of beauty and associated positive traits.

But Cold climate also makes skin dry and muscles stiffer and even the latin ones are just plastic and less sensual.
Most of the indian sub-continent has got hot and cold seasons and the variety is great for a healthy,shiny skin and muscles.

The intellectual abilities of europeans are not as deep as that of South Asians. Since they have barbarically invaded and dominate world affairs, they enjoy a positive perception through propaganda and everyone else is trying to imitate them for success.

The ass kissers amongst desis are just useful idiots in the propogation of South Asian genes world wide. The top class indians know they are better than ohers and do not kiss upto the others.

Every one else is realising that South Asians are the most hottest and intelligent group of people ..especially the ones who have been brough up in good conditions and are confident and sophisticated.
Only at times of war do barbarians and aggressors have an advantage.As more regions of the world become globalised, the south asian genes are going to prove to be the most successful ones and expand


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