Indians vs Europeans, Indians Vs Arabs, South Indians Vs North Indians

Indians Vs Europeans

North Indian girls with sophistication and Impact potential ( entails being in the west – an impactful place and being an important person with an important job or popularity of sophistication there) definitely win this. Whites have better bone structure with Vitamin D flatter face, and proteing, but indians have better skin and sensuality and sophisticated Indians are more intllectually appealing than whites. Same points for arabs below, but doesnt mean there is no difference between arbas and europeans


South asians vs arabs

Arabs are neotenous, more vitamin d, protein/collagen,bigger n flatter heads, thicker skin, better physique
Indians r sensual, better skin and intelelctually superior, arabs r simple minded. So indinas win. Arabs are simple minded – they cannot be devious like some whites/jews and so certain intellectually sophisticated indians appear more appealing than arabs


North Indian girls Vs South Indian Girls

talked a thousand differences in other blogs. heres some more videos I made on this


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