Intelligent and Arsehole

I believe that selfishness forms the basis of altruism(dove-hawk theory) and so people are not either good or bad, but either Intelligent or dumb fuck pain in the ass.

Now good/nice/intelligent people are usually less aggressive because they have the brains to understand that too much aggressive behavior from all directions is overall a bad thing in any eco-system. Aggressive( either via their actions or through their opinions and thought) dumb fucks dont – but they are somehow appealing to the opposite sex because their personality satisfies the expectation that the opposite sex have in terms of being impactful in the fun/pleasure related areas. Simple minded people appear easy to get our with and appear as if they dont have other things in their personality including insecurities and boring thoughts that dilute or get in the way of  the fun that could be had.

Very few men who are intelligent are able to balance the aggressiveness vs humbleness aspects of their personality and most dicks dont. Below are the examples.


Amir Khan

Farhan Akhtar, his dad

Divyendu Sharma

Russell crowe

Rahul Gandhi

Karan Johar

Rahul Bose

Sashi tharoor

Arnab goswami

Naseerudin Shah

Abhay Deol

Ranvir Shorey

Rajdeep Sardesai

Vir Singhvi

Robert Downey junior

Denzel Washington

Brad pitt..oh yeah brad pitt

this is how other guys see it

Tom Cruise

Tom hanks

Vince Vaugh

David Blake (tennis layer)

Harrison Ford

Liam neeson

Bruce Willis

Mel Gibson

Sean Penn

Maroon 5

Paul mccartney

Roger Waters

David Bowie

Robert Pattinson

Matthew McConaughy


I just feel that when these guys open their mouths, there is never a hint of humility or an indication that they are truely willing to consider the perspective of others. Always talk with a self-righteous, over confident or a condescending tone. These guys have an undeserving sense of accomplishment and too much attitude to go with it.

I know that they appear as just confident to the girls. but trust me these guys are confident and stimulating to you, the same way kashmira shah and Malaika sherawat appear confident and stimulating to guys


Shahrukh Khan

Ranbir kapoor

Saif Ali Khan

ben Stiller

Dave Chapelle


Zach Braff

Mark Whalberg

David Spade

Daniel Craig

Ricky gervais

Sam Rockwell 

Here’s who shouldve been the hero in Iron Man

…To be Updated


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