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Unreasonably demanding something from others and threatening with consequences is the central aspect of various forms of shitty things people do.
Seriously – mankinds destiny is creating AI. At an ultimate level, nihilism prevails. If you are thinking about making it better for mankind – it has got to be in a
society with universal basic income. If you are not working towards either AI or UBI – you just need to chill the fuck up coz you are not really doing anything that is too
critical. I know what some of you idiots are thinking – what about food n energy?- well, israel said that it alone can feed the whole world and we’ve got plenty of sun, so most people in this world are just competing and their jobs are sooo easily disposable in a better society. Like so many other sensible people has said, life is not that important and for some reason or the other a lot of people choose to live.
What a decent human being can do is not keep expecting shit from other people too much. So dont be a jerk in any form – the spouse, the parent,the relatives, the boss,the friends, the government, the moral police….just be chill.
Some people call universal basic income as immoral – you go fuck yourself.

Especially feminist cunt wives of today– you all deserve to suffer miserably. Because you expect too much out of your husbands. Since guys try to woo girls before marriage and are extra nice to them prior to marriage – they expect the same behavior to continue after marriage but even more nicer. Pre-sales and post-sales attitude are always different people. Women act like they are the only ones offering stuff in a relationship. In most relationships today girls offer 10% or less and guys do 90% of the things for women.

Even if you are pregnant, we undergo more by taking up the family burden and by giving importance to the dumb things on your mind. so you women need to get a perspective and stop bothering men you entitled cunts.

Women arent more kind or big-hearted. They just are more emotional and guys are more logical. Dumb, young people are more emotional too – its just the lack of logical thinking bringin many concepts into the thought that makes you dwell on a particular thought alone and in turn become more emotional. So being emotional is an inferior trait you bitches and you dont need to be rewarded for that. You can keep yapping about a hundread different things, but still your thinking is not logical. And all those theories about how women always win the argument and men need to fear women – you win the argument not coz your a genius mastermind who know exactly how to bother people, its just being a bitch. Men always want to find a resolution to things – thats their objective in anything. But the weaklings always just wanna stir up problems( either females or minorities in some societies playing the victim) – and its easy to stir up problems. Especially in a relationship one cannot be happy if the other doesnt, so you just wont stop creating problems until we concede. Thats not really a victory with talent – its victory with bitchy lowest form of behavior. I have been an adamant trouble makes when i was a child, so I know. Especially when someone else organises such a good play, i always get jealous and try to play the role of a trouble makes to undermine what the other has created and try to seek attention. We men know this and you yourselves do, so dont think of yourselves as a clever beings – you are just nagging bitches. Even psychos are of this category – its not that they dont feel remorse or anything. they just want to make an impact – if they do0nt have the talend to make a positive impact, they go about causing shit for others. The really aggressive ones turn to be the serial killers and stuff – this is the psychology of serial killers – not what they show in mind hunters. So all you dumb fuck low life weak women and aggressive but no potential to make a positive impact people – you are not something special. You are the lowest of the low. This applies for atleast 70% of the women today. We need to identify and reward the remaining 30% of women and make them the majority.

Most people and generally simple-minded women claim to be the loving ones in a relationship and blame their partner for not reciprocating. Such women are just like nerds who chase hot women and expect them to love them in return. They dont exactly offer what the other wants/enjoys, but just because they want the other to do exciting things for them they think that they love the other truley and expect the other to love them back. Wanting others to enjoy being your company without you doing anything to amuse them is not love. Thatt is just your expectation. You are not a well-wisher of them.  Only wishing well for the other, genuinley empathising with the other, giving importance to the their ideas and stuff constitues as true love. Many psycho wives keep telling that their husbands dont love them enough and do enough for them. These are just the “expectation psychos”  and they dont have genuine affection for their spouses. Most wives are of this category now. They only genuinely like their children – to them husbands are there to fulfill their needs and expectations and they just offer csome chores in return and not genuine well wishing affection. If you are a well wisher, you will give them space and you wont even have any expectation from them. I mean most people dont really have genuine well-wishing feeling towards anyone else at the begining. Its just attraction and its really just the expectation and you do your best to offer attractive/appealing stuff themselves. But if you wanna get deep in a relationship you need to have this well -wishing feeling. I also think that the x genes dont have the instinct of proper co-operation, and hence altruism ans they havent done that properly in most societies for ages. Women just sat at home and became emotional.


Now for the erectile dysfuncions — not the physical but psychological and porn induced.

Marriage is just a commitment that you wont go spending your energy n resources with other people other than your spouse. But we cant shut ourselves from the media and information. So thats the thing right, we live in the porn age and we are exposed to hundreads of appealing girls per hour on TV and while browsing. This has an effect on us and things can never go back to the way it was 50 years back where married couples have sex a lot of times during the week. Despite all this, if we have a very hot partner, we can have sex as many times a day as the women want. Because the hot spouse will always be confident about her sexuality and what she offers. Even if the novelty factor wears out, she is always confident of what she can offer and this confident makes guys feel like they are getting a good thing there.  But if you are not quite up there, and you are just average – you only have to rely upon the novelty factor to give you confidence in the inital phase and after the novelty wear out, you are insecure and not really confident on what you are offering or bringing to the table. If a guy senses that he is not going to be turned on. Thats it. Psychological ED never occurs with a hot partner. But if it happens, it the womans fault for not bringing enough confidence and appeal to the table. If your parnter has psychological ED or sex life isnt that great, its your fault. I mean even if your a 8 or 8.5 after a 100 or 200 times of sex, things are gonna dull down rite. Only really hot people can bring the appeal even after a 100 times. I man you watch sunny leone’s video – all 100 times she is bringing that appeal in that video and so you are turned on. Its really the reduction in the confidence and appeal you offer thats causing this ladies.






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