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I read somewhere that the majority of the suicide attacks so far were carried out by the Tamil Tigers

The purpose of our existence doesnt just stop with our lives alone…but also the people related to us. For example, how does one explain their affinity for their siblings(not just humans but even animals)? Mostly, we have to share things with them right? like the wealth, time & affection of our parents. I would also imagine that you would want to kill another man who’d share the affection of your wife. The reason we are okay with siblings sharing our resources is a way they are us, i mean the purpose of their existence is the same as that of ours.

Its because they, just like you, are an effort of your parents(also extends to ancestors) preserve,survive,pass on their genes,ideas,intellect(and all the things that define them) . refer to other blogs of mine for a more detailed explanation of the purpose of our life etc. Just like siblings, you extend the existential connection with relatives, members of your community,city,state,nation, ethinicity, people with similar idealogy(if you consider your idealogy is an important part of what you are) etc etc..In an order of priority. This is why we take pride in not just our own accomplishments, but also the accomplishments of our community or our country men.

People like Rajiv mahotra, Gurumurthy, Subramanium swamy..thats why are hell bent on bringing out the fact that All Indians(even pakistanis,bangladeshis) have common ancestors among the indus valley..with only very minor influx of mongol(mughal) genes mixed up with a millions of indigenous Indian genes. If we share a lot of common ancestry/genetics..thats a greater cause for bonding more than any phenotypical variations or language or attitude.( i have dealt with the reasons in my other blogs as well).
So if some one were to say,for example the invading britsh/europeans, that a Billion and a half Desis are not just a certain group of people from indus valley but a mix of various people that have invaded them repeatedly over the years. This undermines the fitness//superiority(physical and intellectual)..(and btw im gonna use politically incorrect words like superior, bastards etc) of the original inhabitants . The british say that non-brahmin souh indians are pure dravidians, whereas the north indians and pakistanis are a mix of dravidian and aryan. This first of all imples that the dravidians are a group that has lost territory to,adopted the culture/ideas of the Aryan europeans. So indigenous indians are inferior to eurpeans, and even the half-aryan,half-dravidian north indians are inferior to british as the europeans are full aryan.

everyone came out of africa..that doesnt mean africans are the most superior people. When 2 groups evaluate themselves against each other, they evaluate from the time they seperated as two groups(despite having common ancestors- and one of the group still following the same culture and residing in the same area as their common ancestors)

Now although biologically speaking a mix of genes and interbreeding is gonna give out a healthy species, to call a group of people mixed/bastards undermines their existence from a historical stand point – from the explanation given above.So dont misunderstand these politically correct perversions that say having kids is selfish and that one should get mixed up( this depends on the situation). Btw they were all designed for the whites by the desis shouldnt buy into that. be more discerning than to blindly accept what hollywood tells you.
Comapring yourself against others have 2 opponents to it

1) Who has had a better existence so far

2) who is inherently more better than the other – in terms of having better attributes and likely to have a better existence in the future

For example one can argue that the samoans or even the Jarwa has had a better existence so far comapred to europeans as europe was war prone throughout history and has had tougher living conditions.The europeans are more of a mixed up, bastards than anyone else. For eg..they have 3 different groups to begin with, that cme under the category white 1) indo-aryans,2)finno-Urgic, 3) Turkish/mongol. Even amongst the Ind-aryans..there are different groups like slavic,nordic,germanic,goths,visu-goths,angles,saxons,celtic etc. These groups are do not necessarily have a cultural continuity, but these are supposed aryan tribes that came into europe through different routes at different times and who were constantly warring . For eg, the minoans and myceaneans are both indo-aryan tribes of greece. but there is no coontinuity, the mycaeneans came and replaced the minnoans . In other words,if we compare the first of europeans with the contemporary indians/south asians, the south-asians were more successful in spreading out their genes,having access t resources,increasing in number, and living a relatively peaceful,less war prone or competitive existence than the  first of europeans – whose gene pool have been diluted in their own lands by other tribes entering their land and fighting with them.

But when everyone comes to gether, the modernised,intelligent or stronger group would easily win in any competition to the primitive counterparts. so the europeans may beat and replace jarwa if they had access to their land. With respect too indian, it depends on who is inherently better today and also who occupies a better position. This is why its important to improve our nation and ourselves, and expand globally to prove that we have a lot of inherent potnetial..such as Intelligence and good physical attributes ourselves..required to be considered a fitter ethnic group.

So as far as theories go, theories like the aryan invasion, undermines us and will disappoint us. but theories that say that a group of people that came from wherever, were able to have acces to a lot of resources and grow into a large/strong community and lived peacefully and well will be very re-assuring and will make us really proud of what we are. So its not even like we need to have the origin of caucasian features within india, its okay even if the caucasians were a group of people who came from outside, but the few who came successfully expanded into what we are now and that we are not some bastards who kept losing invaders and ended up sharing resources and competing with them throughout our existence within our land. So if north indians like to hear that they are a mixed race, it means that they had a lot of competition between the different groups and that their existence was more confrontational compared to the homogenous population of elsewhere in the sub-continent, who havent been invaded by outsiders.

But claiming the origin of caucasian features in India also has its advantages. It implies that India is the place where intelligence,complexity of facial features and civilisation had developed. I was also inclined towards bengal being the place of origin of caucasian features and that they are the group transitioning between mongoloi and caucasoid features. If thats not the case with the mongoloid features of bengal, it would mean that they are a mix of different peoplw ho have colonised them over time, like the chola armies of the south, the local mongolid tribes of the east and some of the north indians

We sure like to hear that Indians are successfully expanding across the globe with good jobs and feats.

Similarly the news that europeans genes (are preferred and) are expanding within India will be music to the ears of the europeans. It is a kind of success for the europeans, just like how we feel happy about Indians successfully expanding in the US.Conversely, the expansion/preference of european genes within our land implies that the our own genes are inferior and kinda undermines our potential.
If ones own son/daughter go abroad and become successful, the parents and relatives can directly feel proud, But if orphans or IVF genes are adopted in a foreign land, only people who come to know about it can feel proud about it. SO the TOI could have done Indians good by not bringing out this news which has the above implications and upsetting us.

An effort must be made to constantly bring out happy stats about the success of Indians abroad, the greatness of our history etc. Because the whole point of going out and achieving is to feel good about it.

This is why i don not mind people watching mindless entertainment all the time as it gives them pleasure and its good to fell good rather than angry and miserable all the time. So one can keep thinking that their city is the best, the club scene in their city is the best, their movie industry is the best, but when they wake up to reality and get exposed/compare ourselves to the others, they shouldnt feel like they have fallen back too much.


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