I can explain everything, without God

I thought god debate was over a thousand years back, apparently not, shit load of god people around me. They throw back one very big question back at atheists and think they win coz we dont have a good enough answer. Ima try to answer that.

Who created everything? – universe, existence, matter etc

  1. If you say god, who created god? ur answers to that are not so strong compared to my answer which i will give below. Your answers would probably be..god created himself and then everything else. That is 100 % ur assumption, no way proven or true. It could very well be someother god created this god and disappeared, whereas this god exists and controls everything. You could even say a second some other god created that first some other god and disappeared. All these have the same credibility as me saying there are a lot of invisible and dumb goats running around the sky. This sort of reasoning has absolutely no useful outcome.
  2. My answer : Why do you say nothing should be the default state of existence? Whose rule is it that nothing should exist? Whose rule is it that nothing should exist unless someone creates it? There can be a million possible existences eg1. Nothing exists, eg2. 1 thing exists, eg3. 2 things exist, eg 4 10 things exist, eg 5, a billion things exist. I think that maybe we are in the most simplest and probable existence. Nothing exists – is just 1 possibility. Something exists is 99.999999% possibility. Now even when nothing exists, time & space will exist by default and they are infinite dimensions. I dont buy into that relativity subversion. Im with tesla. Only thing that exists according to me is ether(consisting of sub-ethereal particles ( i have explained this in a bit more detail in an other blog but i will mention something briefly here). If ether exists in a certain region in space, for it to get to that position (any position) there must be an energy causing it to be displaced. And assuming that ether with ethereal particles exist like air/atmosphere in our earth – the foundation of all particles – leptons,quarks, baryons etc are all different manifestation/orientation of that energy/force leading to a host of particles and waves formed in the atmosphere of ether – just like how a whirlpool or wind  or drift etc is formed in air. Again. I have explained this in detail in some other blog.  Now most of the energy is locked up within the medium/atmosphere of ether as static energy – the minute one of these static energy wave points is released some sort of a radiation of these energy waves occur which travels and lead in the creation of a new particle elsewhere.So end of problem – just ether exists with energy and all these particles, atoms, trees, cars u see are higher up manifestations of the same. We are all just waves in the medium of ether ( or strings if u go with string theory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGxPGgPdTVw but im with ether theory). every particle is a static wave of a complex orientation. Dark energy is the energy thats in a grid lock between seevral sub-ethereal particle that can be released when some other disturbance breaks this grid lock. A lot of physicists disagree on a lot of things, fundamental things. I am much more confident of my explanation than that of relativity, sme quantum theory implicatins, string theory implications etc.
  3. Recap Impact theory : Just like how the objective of a force/energy is to cause a disturbance/push or pull and increase entropy in a given region rather than being tied in a single point as stationary/static wave/energy, the inherent objective of every thing – plants, animals, he ones with brains and without brains are also to cause an impact – change in entropy, physical impact, emotional impact etc. And that is out purpose in life – to make an impact. Every other object is a derived objective of making an impact such as self-preservation, pro-creation, other unexplained motivations, getting mate, getting rich, getting strong, getting popular etc etc. evfen economy is all about generating activity.
  4. Now Ultimately nothing matters – whether earth exist, universe exists, whether existence exists….it doesnt matter. So it doesnt ultimately matter if you exist or if ur lineage exists or if ur race exists. This being the case the only thing that makes sense is to chill the fuck up. you can be happy and relaxed for no reason if you realise this.
  5. But practical situations, people come into your life and fuck things up. So if you foresee mostly shitty practical situations for you, you should just end ur life. Killing yourself is a very tragic thought thats gonna cause you sadness till you kill youself, thats why its a thought to be avoided. But if you have shitty practical life, you shud just end it.
  6. The future : no ones gonna believe in god or marriage in 50 years. Man’s destiny is to create AI which will be more impactful than us, just like how we were more impactful than monkeys. So help my AI initiative.

All the above points are explained in depth in various blogs so one should read them too for an indepth understanding



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