Force ,Ether and purpose of everything


I think ether with sub-ethereal particles with no forces of attraction between them is what fills up the space that matters to us. And all the fundamental particles are different higher order harmonical complex manifestations of force acting in the medium of ether. I think this ether explanation has advantages over strings.  On relativity i think the fact that we see red shift means that the relative velocity of light reduces n hence the MME results could be wrongly interpreted – to begin with, we have interference and this .4 fringe difference maybe an over-simplified expectation. Its obvious that despite difference in distance travelled between the 2 orientations, the frequency remains the same – and a further rotation of the inferometer should not cause a fringe drift as the waves are continuing to be in the same frequency in both the arms – no matter which direction they are turned(since the source n target mirrors are still at same seperation), and if there is no change in frequency, there should be no fringe drift. Below is an earlier draft – migth contain some incorrect  points n references as the experiment of the german guy etc. But still overall not buying mass increase or length contraction.

——-older draft——

So Tesla is considered by many to be the best so far, who didnt get the recognition coz he didnt get along with the others in the scientific community. Tesla n einstein would exchange insults more than how people do in forums such as Topix. Anyhu, this is about the Theory of everything(TOE) in physics, something about what I believe – Im inclined towards ether theory and somethings that come to mind on these issues. First – the lastest version of TOE is called string theory 5.0 or somethign where they say that the Matter are strings vibrating in 11 dimensions. The 11 dimension thing is purely mathematical – to make their pointless equations fit, whereas according to their logic – theoretically there could be millions of dimensions. But lets focus on the Major part – Strings Now with the string theory – we are assuming a lot more than the ether theory and we still havent unified matter and energy yet. For example consider the has a string there are waves within the string which is the energy component which makes it vibrate. When they say light moves at velocity ‘c’ is it the velocity of string travelling through space? if so what does the velocity of the waves with the string account for? What exactly is the nature of the strings..I mean when they combine with other strings like a chappathi dough, how exactly is the bonding taking place. More importantly – the fundamental energy – is it acting within the string and making it vibrate or is it responsible for making the string travel in space? Now Matter( a substance that occupies space) they say can be converted to energy. Force( and energy thats the consequence of force or a potential of force) is something that can cause a push or a pull (on a medium/substance). How can we visualise A formless push being converted into a Form occupying a space??? Ever heard of thing like photon pair to electron-positron annihilation , or even Nuclear reactions..these are all mass(not matter) getting converted to energy and vice versa. What the ether theory says is this.. Imagine a rope wave .. the wave is the energy and it travels in a medium of the rope. The particles of the rope are not displaced permanently from their relative positions to their neighbouring particles unless the rope breaks. Ether theory says the same that the fundamental particles are nothing but the waves of energy vibrating in the medium called ether. When scientists say fundamental particles, they havent exactly touched it and confirm that they occupy space, They have only detected it by making its impact felt on other matter. The Force has different orientations,directions,intensity the different combinations denoting different particles. just like how in an orbital motion there are 2 components – centrifugal and centripetal forces, just like how there are different components in a toroidal vertex or just like how harbhajans bowling has spin,elevation and line, each particle has different component forces..and these forces manipluate into different quantum properties such as spin, charge, mass…which are really just different orientations of force. I mean a charge could be a force/counter force oriented in Y axis and mass could be something oriented in the Z axis and a spin is something oriented in the x-axis. Many of you may ask so if you turn a magnet 90 degrees will you get electrocuted?? I dont mean it that way…With respect to a fundamental particle, its mass may be a force oriented in one dimension and a charge in another dimension…after all  charge,mass and spin all exert a force onto other things around them. And with so many possible directions and orientations..we have infinite fundamental particles..which is exactly what the people at CERN are discovering everyday..I mean they are trying to make a pointless classifications and define the property of each of the stable/ unstable particles..but the underlying concept is that they are different manifestations/orientation of Force. A photon(plain energy) getting converted into charge and mass ( photon annihilation), and conversion of matter to energy can all be explained by this phenomenon. So A particle is basicallly a bundled up, stable energy in a position( imagine a hurricane/cyclone, or multi-harmonic static wave). But the point here is it is only a push or a pull and its effect has to be on a medium that fills space( i mean there could be space without this medium, but no EM wave would be able to travel in it). Previously people rejected that Ether exist because to light to travel so fast it shud be highly dense and 0 viscous. This is like saying an iron bar/or any dense fluid medium has to be zero viscous since sound travels through it pretty fast. They dont understand ether doesnt have to be zero viscous coz its not just the medium of light, but the medium of all of us and all things. …The point is Every form that we see, is just energy which is shifting its position in ether – I mean to say that every second the ether space next to you is getting converted into you, and the ether space you presently occupy is getting converted into the person standing next to you ( or rather is getting occupied by the stable/stationary force waves that make up the form of the person next to you). Are you able to picture that? So when some particles( packed up combination of forces) become unstable by virtue of extra force coming into/getting lost  in one dimension/component, the entire particle collapses by releasing this energy/force which travel to other position and impact or form other particles. lets look at the theories of mainstream people who rejected ether. Michelson, who was supposed to be a great guy who found out the light speed and did the cornerstone experiment on which all modern theories thereafter was based on, was not even smart enough to correclty identify the distance traveled by the light in his experiment( i mean this is basic 10 th std math stuff if you see the diagram in above link). No one knows if that experiments were credible and becoz of this that the light speed is constant in all inertial reference frames is under question. One can play ping-pong inside a moving train because,the ball gains and loses velocity in the corresponding directions to make up for the relative motion of the people inside the train(as compared to someone in the ground). It could be that the light/photons also gains or loses speed( this is another way of accounting for the stationary ether wind via earth’s gravity) case ur surprised, what do you think refraction in water/prism effect is? speed of light is slowed in lenses,water etc. If one were to go with special theory of relativity – imagine the following thought experiment. In space lets consider a garage and  car which is like 90% the lenght of  garage. The car has some wings attached half-way through so that the wings will stop the car before it can enter the garage completely(only 45% of the garage will be occupied when the wings stop the car).  Lets say the car is moving at 95% speed of light.. Now the person sitting in the car wud imagine that the garage is moving towards him and so the garage should shrink by 70% (or watever the formula mandates) and hence the car bumper will touch the end wall of garage before the wings could stop his car from entering completely. The person leaning on garage wall would think that since car is moving so fast, the car will shrink and the wings will stop the car from hitting the garage wall. So which will happen?? If you think you can answer that cartoonishly imagining expansion and contraction after collision..i can extend the scenario with piezo-electricity of the garage and point out an anomality where one person sees red and another person sees green. So I think STR is bullshit and so is einsteins space getting bent theory GTR – as i prefer the gravitational and other forces bending light rather than space getting bent. I mean everyone can see light bending in water, prism and around sharp edges due to interaction with forces within the Water/prism medium etc. Why would einstein think of space getting bent?? and time getting bent and going back in time to give your grandma a watch, which she gave you when you were a kid, which she got from the future you and so no one knows when the watch was actually manufactured n shit. The properties of ether are the one yet to be deciphered correctly and thats what Tesla wanted the scientific community to investigate on. So this is what i believe..All particles and their quantum properties are only different manifestation(direction,orientation like circular or linear or spin) of these Fundamental force waves  in the medium known as ether.  EM  wave-particles may or may not travel at variable speeds – within the medium of ether( depends on the final version of the morley experiment – i mean i can give a link which has totally different results from the first MM experiment)

Ether Have to try and figure out whats the point of the medium ether. The point would be most basic unit of a medium which moves in just one direction upon the impact of many forces[INSTANTANEOUSLY]. I mean in any fraction of a time two different part of a point cannot have different directions of movement, no matter how many ever forces are acting upon them. So ether.. 1)Could be a continuous medium(no sub particles, so with just 1 point across the whole universe)..there is never displacement of any ethereal substance , like how the sections of a rope may be displaced when a mechaical wave travels through it. But the question would be – just like how a mechanical wave changes the position of the medium in space, what does the fundamental force waves change on the ether medium? does it change nothing, but just simply and instantaneously transfers force onto the next section of ether space?..this is unlikely as any force by definition has to have some effect/change on a medium. Also for EM radiation to be atleast 10000 times slower than information, there cannot be instantaneous transfer of force between ether sub-particles and there must be a degree of freedom to vibrate. or 2) Does ether have sub particles(points) binded by another force – which make them very elastic to change positions temporarily but never tear or re-arragne existing connections like how particles in fluids do. and thus act like a very solid and elastic medium for the EM waves.This binding has only a force of attraction component and there is no replusion component like in intermolecular forces. The lattice remain intact becoz one ethereal substance cannot really collapse into the space of another substance..this just like the every day bservable phenomenon. But the force waves present in this medium are able to temporarily disturb the sub-ether elements’ position which are quickly restored by the attraction force between them. But the drawback of this model would be finding out about the force thats binding them and how that comes into play. or 3) Its a very fluid medium with a millions of points(sub ethereal particles) and no inter-point bonding between them. Higher fluidity can account for the complex orientation of forces within these matter. But the lack of binding forces can mean that there is nothing that holds them together and that they can expand and become less dense in some areas and that could in-turn affect the properties of the quanta. I mean we are lucky that right now these points are at enough density to form those fundamental particles, just like how a hurricane is formed by dense air/water. But maybe in some billions of years they will spread out and the properties of our existing fundamental – This effect is very analogous to what they call the Higgs field density, and how elementary particles would collapse if the field becomes slightly less dense – i think this is the final explanation The real things to find out are why is the speed of light 225 K km/h or what is the actual speed of force itself n pure ether(vaccum)- is it the same as c ?..i think it is c only coz..the far electric field is what is called an EM radiation wave — that is signal for your radio and TV. With the discovery of faster-than light phenomenon(more like more than 10000 times faster than c) the medium has to be a complex one….where the conduction like phenomenon of the ether sub-particles making the light slower(c) than the actual speed of information travel within the medium. So INFORMATION is the new speed limit and not light, and people are trying to put together what this information that travels between 2 entangled photon is The copenhagen interpretation holds that quantum mechanics does not yield a description of an objective reality but deals only with probabilities of observing, or measuring, various aspects of energy quanta, entities that fit neither the classical idea of particles nor the classical idea of waves. The act of measurement causes the set of probabilities to immediately and randomly assume only one of the possible values. What the above means is the that diagram represented in the first image of the previous link..may not be the accurate picture of  photon/electron/quantum propogation..and that it might actually have a much complex Higher harmonic standing wave proprties//like that of a double toroidal vertex or something like that..Look below what is a single toroidal vertex
now the rings are rotating in opposite directions in the two extremes of the diameter of the vertex. If some one were to change the spin in one end, the spin in the other end must also reverse correspondingly right? This may be the case with the change of spin in quantum entanglemet too..only thing is we have to imagine a more complex structure for these quantum objects. When we think of visible objects..all the way upto elemtary particle interacting with each other, we just have to imagine all of the matter(from visible objects to elemetary particles like quark and leptons) as a Higher harmonic stationary waves- when they are stationary, or higher harmonic travelling waves when they are travelling. The interaction between these particles/waves has to be pictured as a transfer of components of force/velocity from one wave to another. Although they all have energy within them to bring about a change in the position of the ether sub-particles, the energy transfers around and just ends up being like those toroidal vertexes in the medium of water. Only difference is in the is convection(as in the molecules of water keep swirling/moving and change their relative position to each other, but in ether it is like conduction like a sound wave..where the relative position of their sub-particles dont change but nevertheless energy is transferred and becomes either a stationary or a travelling wave.  The reason for the speed of information being much higher than photon is this. the photon will be like a ripple in is displacing the water molecules and travelling by virtue of the medium of water, however it will be very slow compared to the inter-molecular forces of attraction in the water. For example in the toroidal vetex – the circle expanding in diameter is analogous to photon speed, however if the direction of spin is influenced at one point, the influence is felt all around the ring more instantaneously. In other words..the speed of light depends upon the elasticity and the degree of vibration of the ether sub-particles, but information is just instantaneous and at a more fundamental level. So to picture this..the medium is ether with its sub-ether elements. and the force waves manifest themselves differently to give different elementary particles observed so far – thus accounting for the mass-energy conversion. The propogation of EM waves is the conduction of these forces waves in the ethereal lattice. When sound waves counduct thru a medium, the atomic latices are changed temporarily and restored( taking a bit of time for this)..this is what causes sound waves[note that the restoring forces are those inter-molecular/atomic/fundamental forces].  The same way for EMR/energy propogation, there has to be temporary changes in space position of the ethereal-sub elements. The quintessential question here then is….what is the restoring force of the ether lattice? It has to be some sort of gluing/attraction force between the ether sub-particles  or is there no gluing needed and the 3 point above holds regarding the property of ether where its just a dense enough collection of points at this time without any binding force(like air) yet fluid enough to create complex waves/particles. A comparison between Ether theory and String Theory Both the theories stipulate that the different particles are different orientation of Energy – only difference is in the medium. Ether theory says that whole of space(which facilitate Energy Propogation) has got the medium called ether in which waves are present, whereas the string theory says that the medium is tiny bits of string in which waves are present. However string theory has a lot more assumption..

  • they say that strings can attach and detach – not explaining how attachment and detachment is possible(are there other forces/particles coming into play for this?).
  • It does not say anything about the property of the string ie to which extent the string can stretch(as it allows waves in it) and what are the factors behind the tension in the string and what is the string made of?
  • It does not specify if the waves within the string contribute the EM energy waves or if the Movement of the string as a whole constitutes the EM energy propogation. ( i meaning the rope wave – are they saying that the wave movement as energy propogation or are they claiming the whole rope movement as travel of photons and EM carriers?)
  • Assuming the wave nature of EM wave propogation( assume that the EM waves travelling like ripples in the pond) are they saying that a single string  stretches in circumference as the wave propogates???? or miraculously a number strings  of differente photons combine in perfect coordination and in phase while the EM waves propogate?
  • Regarding an EM is a contiuous field in space..if only interactions of strings are responsible of energy propogation, no field can ever exist in empty space and all energy propogation will be like conduction or convection of these strings and the concept of radiation is not possible.

While the ether theory has only one ambiguity which i have already mentioned and which is the same as the second point of string draw back – which is that we do not know for sure the properties of the medium. Like tesla said, the only place we are stuck up is the medium of the EM waves. The medium no doubt has to have substance in space upon which energy can act .  when we investigate into why the speed of light is ‘c’  we will have more answers i guess. The problem rite now is..neither the ether theory or the String theory is testable and the underlying medium be detectable. Recollecting the copenhagen interpretation…I think that the the experiments conducted and the thories built so far by the Physics society is far from being a perfect or a accurate desription of a lot of things in physics. Not saying this coz im not from the west. Im sorry this is all the facts i could get from high schools physics, which I had taken physics fro my UG or PG so that I could have wondered more technically n intelligently in these matters. But dont worry, a blog also coming up on something that had something to do with my Masters too. To Conclude, I think the scenario is infinite space and some regions filled with ethereal subparticles with a density( which may be the higgs field density) and there is the force which disturbs these higgs particles, without the need of a restoring force unlike in the objects we observe. The different orientations of force gives rise to different manifestations of movement(waves) gives rise to different fundamental particles – every thing from quarks to leptons. Maybe the etheral sub-particles are made of other stuff too on a smaller scale, but that is not the discussion here. All the known fundamental particles are different manifestations of the force of the same ethereal medium.

The density of sub-ethereal particles is so high, but it doesnt necessarily have to maintain the density. The variation in sub-ethereal density is what makes up the dynamicity of things at the quantum level ( or rather not such a continuous flow of things at that level). Watch the simulation below to know what im talking about

To the question of where space and matter exists, – the answer is the question why shouldnt it exist? Why should there be nothingness as default? Time goes on forever. Space is also infinite. Its just that matter and force happen to exist in certain regions of space. Can there be anything else other than matter and force or space ? – i dont know, will put it here if i think of something else that can exist . Just dont let these current generation of physicists fool you with their BS about big bang and things coming out of nothing and time and space has start and end and the existence of 100 or infinite dimension, parallel universe etc…i’d sooner believe that god exist than their BS.

Jim Holt in the above video says that our existence is one of many possible existence. But I say that Ours is the most likely possible existence. Let me explain. According to this above theory, the only things that exist are sub-ethereal particles and the force/energy that makes them move. Time and space are just scales and they are infinite. Now the ‘nothing should exist’ is a possibility that has a very small percentage probability as opposed to ‘something exists’ . Coz theres no reason for nothingness to be default state and ‘something exists’ as a default state requires no reason. So in this ‘something exists’ – we have the simplest something which is the sub-ethereal particles and the force that displaces its position. I mean if these particles move – it only means there is energy. There is no reason for these ethereal particles not to be able to move.  So we have the most probable, simplest existence – atleast the sub-ethereal theory brings it down to this. This notion will be challenged only if we discover that the ether filler space is bounded by something else. We(right to the fermions and leptons) are like vertices in a sea, we cannot exist outside of the sea, so if something else bounds the ether sea, we may not be able to gauge those.

Now with any existence, there is automatically a concept/logic/purpose built into it. ie if you have an existence , you cannot say there is no purpose behind the constituents of the existence. Here I have made a case as to why the purpose of life force or the purpose of any force is to make an impact. If you say there is no purpose to existence leptons n quarks – you are incorrect coz without them the current existence would not be. Since our ‘most likely existence’ exists rather than nothing, There is a puropse for existence of leptons n quarks, and if leptons and quarks have a purpose so do our lives – which is simply to make an impact – and this purpose of our life matters.  In other words, from an ultimate level you cannot say that there is purpose to everything thats happening or none of it matters. It all matters at your everyday practical level as well as from an ultimate existential perspective. I mean what im trying to do is refute the kinda things anti-natal people say – they say we should just stop breeding and stop existing.  if we should stop existing – so should the animals – and so should every life form – and so do every atom  or quarks or leptons – and so should ether/energy. And if it does, our existence will cease to be. But it shouldnt n cant go away coz this is the most likely of all possible existence.As existence exist, every constituent has its purpose at different levels of abstraction and so at an Ultimate level there is a purpose to existence of everything. You cannot say there is no point to this existence, coz existence is the point of the existence at the highest level of reality/existence and from this ultimate purpose derives all other purposes . But I guess from another higher  perspective you can say that existence doesnt matter and none of it matters.


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      1. its not an intelligent blogge’rs fault .. if foolish readers like me end up visiting his blog 😀
        I am so scared of the word called Physics.. anywhere in a sentence if the word is mentioned I suddenly feel I need to read the lines time and again to understand the sentence 😦

  1. Brother, there is a lot more to String theory than you have mentioned here. If dug deep enough String theory unifies every known events in the universe, including General/ Special relativity and quantum mechanic behaviour! Trust me it makes a lot more sense in a more fundamental way, Its really astounding!

    1. so how does it unify everything and what exactly are the properties of the substance that makes up these strings? any explanations/ interesting links that u can share wrt this regard? any refutations of the points made here, or what it is exactly the major part thats a miss/incorrect here ? i mean the gist of it.

      ” If you cant explain it simply, you dont understand it well enough” – einstein

      1. I dont have links other than wikipedia cuz i read this from a book. There are 2 fundamental particle types. They are the fermions and bosons. Both are the same but are perceived differently. Fermion type particles ex., quarks electrons. Bosons are force carriers ex gluons photons and higgs. Everything in the universe happens because of these particles interacting.
        For example y does some paryicles have mass? Its partially because of the higgs boson. The higgs field can be thought analogous to a swimming pool. And the particles that try to swim through it will feel sort of like a viscous interaction with the higgs giving it inertia. But the higgs is not just a field, just like water is made of water molecules the highs field constitutes higgs bosons. This is what they verified in the LHC Geneva experiment. Similarly composite atoms exist by other interactions like electron-proton interaction through photon exchange.(Ps. this also can be used to explain why mass can’t go faster than light)

      2. The quantum mechanics level abstraction seemed too complicated to be the basic principles of the universe which is why ppl went on to create string theory. The string denotion is often taken literally but no… its unimaginable. Because we have no experience of something that exists even in 5 dimensions leave alone 11. But mathematics says that it exists. And from the way mathematics has always been correct in the past we can pretty much say that’s the way it is.

      3. Sriram,
        I know that they have complex maths which work out and which represents the nature of those fundamental particles and their interactions and all that.
        But theoretically speaking – what exactly are the properties of these strings that make up everything in the world?
        How on earth are they breaking up and re-attaching like a chappathi dough. With the fundamental particles there is a relation between their speed and frequency rite? (wavelenght = h/mass *vlocity^2 or something)…which velocity are they talking about? there are 2 velocites wrt the string 1) the speed at which the string moves in free space, 2) the velcoty in which the vibrations occur within the string- which is what has the frequency associated to it. – can you see what im refering to?

        The core issue here in this unification theory is to find out the property of the medium which makes up the different particles/substances . And what I (and many others across other forums do as well) have presented is the advantage of an ether medium rather than strings medium, although if you had understood my blog, the sub-ethereal particles are more or less similar to strings but which needs less further explaining. irrespective of how many dimesnions they have to exist in to fit the math, if one cant provide a theoretical expalanation on the nature of the medium, we might as well say god created it.

        All these string theorists are saying is that there is a fundamental medium which is being twist n turned by force to create newer particles. But this was the stance some 150 yrs ago with the ether theory as well. The only thing that matters here is how this fundamental medium is defined and how the particles n interactions are modelled(mathematically) based on the interaction of force on this medium. Oh and because there are more n more fundamental particles getting discovered at cern, the number of dimensions may also need to grow up…to me this classification of the quantum particles is pointless because of the so many different orientations force can have leading to infinite number of possible particles

    2. Ill try to explain string theory from whatever I was able to comprehend…

      This string is just a metaphor of the source of everything. Everything that exists is the energy associated with vibrations of this string. It would help more if you thought of it as a singularity than a string. We know that the string of a violin vibrates in 1D (up / down). Now Imagine a string vibrating in 3 dimensions (would be a spherical vibration), That would be a particle in 3d.

      Just like the first three dimensions this particle also vibrates through the 4th Dimension (time) it would travel back and forth in time. Similarly we can go up many more such dimensions from describing all possible outcomes of an event to an entirely different universe with different physical laws (meaning we live in a multiverse), but lets keep things simple and talk only till 4d (since thats all we experience).

      Since the fundamental particles are a composite effect of this string (or singularity as I like to call it), they share the properties of the string. They can go back and forth through time and space. As per string theory time and space become illusions of the mind. The vibrations generated by this string needs to go back and forth through 11 dimensions to create different particles in different space-time to create our view of reality.

      In essence String theory proposes that the entire existence was and always is no more than a singularity, but its our subjective experience of it that makes all the difference. This again leads us back to “What am I then?”.

      This was briefly explained when the Saptha Rishis asked Shiva “how big is the universe?”, for which he replied “Its as big as the size of a sand grain”.

      1. yep, ive seen some videos mentioning these facts too…
        but like I said, one needs to not just stop by saying everything is made of strings vibrating – this was thew exact position a 150 years ago where people said everything is made up of ether vibrating differently.

        I repeat, what needs to be explained properly is the property of the medium – whether ether or string and evaluate the pros and cons of each hypothesis

  2. First to know why we need string theory we need to understand certain aspects of quantum mechanics. In the end I have given a video link showing the quantum weirdness and how our perspective of reality changes everything. There are many properties of fundamental particles that are just plain unexplainable, for instance..

    1. Why does an electron (or any fundamental particle for that matter) exhibit properties of a particle when observed and properties of a wave when not observed? Does the observer play an active role in creating reality (ref to Copenhagen interpretation of QM)?

    2. How can a single particle be present in two different places at the same time? (also seen in double slit experiment) Does this mean all the particles in the universe could be just one particle?

    3. Why should something as bizarre as quantum tunneling exist? It makes a bizarre possibility that if we run into a wall a billion times we can literally get through the wall once without breaking the wall or ourselves.

    4. How does Photons manage to achieve constant speed in all frames of references? They even bend space-time and increase the mass of the observer to achieve this.

    5. Why should something as strange as quantum entanglement be even possible? Since every particle in the universe came from a common origin in big bang does it mean everything that exists is entangled?

    6. Why does mass bend space-time?

    See this video, Its sort of a bit childish but totally true and thought provoking..

    1. There is an important (bizarrely obviously) point here to note is that the very world that we live in is the same world where these things happen. This posts a serious problem on our perception of reality. Our obscure perception of the world or the ideas/concepts about it that makes sense to us are to be seriously doubted. Anything can make sense but it need not be reality, I mean Newtonian mechanics once made sense is that absolute reality? So we are stuck in a box with no way of finding what’s outside…. There are only two methods.

      1. Become a better being like the transformation of the flatlander to a 3d pacman. That should allow us to see more of reality.
      2. Form a theory that accounts for every possible realities that could or even could not exist.

      Being Tamilan we know what the first method is, the second method is what has produced string theory.

    2. I actually have a problem with many of the theories that exits…the STR and time getting bent and possibillity of time travel and all that….I have also mentioned those things on the blog…one with grandmas watch and the other with car and garage anamolies.
      As for the double split experiment, like I mentioned, I think its got something to do with the copenhagen accord…in other words, the scientists are assuming a unidimensional wave nature tot the quanta, whereas it could be a multi-harmonic complex wave like a double-toroidal vertex or something even more complex than that.

      The physics community has pulled in a lot of theories and assumptions over the last century that many people do not agree with. Thats why i dont bother to investigate and believe their interpretations/theories of partial their observations like big bang, infinite dimensions and all that. I saw what their explanation of a curled up dimension is and what they mean is if you are going up a spiral stair case, these scientists will argue that you have travelled in the 5th dimension – i think you are still moving around in only 3d, I dont think any matter exist in 2d or 1 d, everything is in 3 D only. Like many i think too much focus is there on things that does not help out with the grand unification theory – and this is possible only with Ether.

  3. Those were just my thoughts 🙂 And one more thing, Your blog is awesome (Your interests exactly seems to match mine), I saw about the Michelson-Morley interferometer and it helped a lot with visualising things, thank you!

    1. The point here is that, Strings are just force waves of complex orientation and they are NOT THE MEDIUM /ultimate matter.There has to be a medium on which these force waves exist. The medium is ether ( with sub-ethereal particles) which is like a Giant cloud/hurricane/conglomerate of sub-ethereal particles in place of air molecules – not necessarily with forces of attraction between them. The density of these sub-ethereal particles is what is understood as Higgs Field density i suspect. Somehow someway, the Ether Cloud has managed to form and exist temporarily, but eventually it will lose its density and our fundamental particles will also collapse with them.

      1. Yes String theory does deal with this medium… Its the bosons as I said in my first post!!

        First, Space is not considered empty in the standard model interpretation. There is something called Zero point energy. It is the default energy level of space. There is a constant Gluon field fluctuation in empty space that accounts for this Zero point energy. It actually requires quite a bit of effort to create empty space, It takes energy. Contrary to popular belief about the Higgs, this gluon field is where we get 99.9% of our mass from. This is just one part of the story with the bosons, it can be extended even to Mesons, a lot of work is going into this these days…

        So essentially what we are doing here is Splitting the Cosmic space into multiple, overlapped, Bosonic force fields (much like what you refer to as ether) which sum up to this zero point energy.

      2. No, I only see bosons, fermions, and higgs bosons as Force waves and not a medium. Higgs field is a field and not the medium. There could be infinite force waves that are observed as particles and they may be present every where – but they are not a substance/matter like the Ether im referring to.
        Quantum theorists say particles will collapse if higgs field density is lower, and i was just saying it could be that particles will collapse if the ether cloud density becomes lower.

      3. But it is., These force fields are something very similar to what you refer to as the medium. Each Bosonic field interacts with some types of Fermions which observed as mass, electric charge, Gravity and the strong nuclear forces…. In a more fundamental level, its all simply Energy. What you refer to as matter and its medium are both energy. Standard Model classifies these vibrational quanta of energy as the fundamental particles. This concept is extremely fundamental and mindbogglingly beautiful because the math fits in perfectly while explaining almost every known phenomena in the observable universe…

      4. Force/ Energy and Substance cannot be the same thing.
        Energy cannot exist without substance coz displacement of substance is what is referred to as energy.
        People who claim that a substance is the same as a push/force should get their brains checked.
        or You can even say that a fruit is the same as a thesis..or call anything anything else.

        Oh and btw , the math will also fit in beautifully with the ether theory. Because even in ether theory the strings/higgs bosons can exist as waves/fields in the medium of ether and their interactions with other filds/waves gives to other kindsa particles n waves. They just cant be stand alone

      5. Einstein’s Mass-Energy equivalence says that mass is nothing but energy in a different state. There’s no questioning this fact. Its how nuclear reactors which power all our homes functions and its also how every single star in the universe functions. It is also possible to create mass from energy and vice versa in a laboratory. Given if you pump sufficiently large amount of energy into empty space you can create particle pairs with mass, this is a well established observation.

      6. Wow, see you have missed the point. I have absolutely no qualms about mass, energy conversion or photons( Massless energy) becoming electrons.
        There is a difference between mass and substance. I dont think we are debating on the same level

      7. For literal meaning look up a dictionary.
        something that a force displaces. i know ur gonna say fundamental particles get displaced by force but the particles themselves are packets of force. But that is like ripples displacing other ripples in water whereas in actuality riples are jsut the force and the water is the medium that is getting displaced . Please dont say higgs field is the medium. higgs field is a energy/force field. Just like there is magnetic field around a magnetic substance. You dont say magnetic substance exist around a magnet do you

      8. Dictionary definition of Substance : That which has mass and occupies space ; matter

        This is exactly what I was referring to. What you refer to as substance is just one dimension of a far greater reality. That’s why I put up that video.

        What we think as particles at a quantum level behave like waves until a measurement is made. This wave is not just a probability wave, but literal wave. Only when a measurement is made they occupy a concrete location in space. This location is so far known to be purely random. Its called Wave-Particle Duality. This measurement problem is the very reason we have such a bizarre theory as the String theory in the first place. How does the ether theory explain this phenomenon?

      9. Dictionary definition of substance is something some thing physical that occupies a definite space and is tangible. How is force/energy tangible?

        Like I sad we are debating on 2 different levels and you havent caught up from the post n comments – how it addresses the wave particle duality and the mathematics of string theory and so on

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