The best society we can hope for..acc to me

Universal basic income. People should basically be nihilists. So that no one takes anything too seriously and theres no need to panic, live under the pressure of competition for resource/survival. Also, from the perspective of finding a purpose, something to do – we should realise that mankinds destiny is to create AI. I ve already mentioned this in my earlier blog – apes have fulfilled their destiny by creating something more impactful. Robots can conquer time & space far beyond any of our human offsprings can. And robots – just like our children will be a creation of ours and our progeny. Obviously not everyone can create robots – but we should atleast live to consume to patronise technology companies who can eventually get there.

On a humanitarian level –

Work hours should not be more than 4 hours a day – in any profession. This way we can find work for more people and less stress for everyone relating to their job performance and job safety. Currently we work for 8 hours a day for what? a huge percent of this collective work/effort just goes in competition. people are just competing, not creating. fuck competition – its stressful. Giving extra time for humans may help them create good things on their own – if you re worried about crimes with too much time in ones hand – we’ll surely handle that – putting more effort in security, better law enforcement. No fucking religion, Marriage – should only be done with a complete understanding of what both parties want from it in the long term and in different aspects, and not because its the norm.So in many cases it can be avoided. Even if one wants to raise children there should be different engagement option. Something can also be figured out for companionship etc while remaining very open and not tying each other up with too many expectations. In nature females dont need protection or resources from males, but still mating occurs and males contribute a lil toward upbringing of kids. But with our intelligence, and biological differences between females & males in human society it is a bit more riskier for women to be alone. So we need to create Govt jobs reserved for single/divorced women above 30. and we should need areas/housing for women where there is everything and theres a lot of security – any time of the night. So their safety n opportunity to earn more are also taken care. We need cameras in a lot of places, in our devices which are capable of recording audio/video at any instant – so that we have proof of what actually went down. But this has to be regulated for certain obvious private stuff. Everything should be allowed drinking,gambling, prostitution. People should be free to do whatever they want and we dont need any moral policing or rigid defining of societal norms. Minimal governance on products, people regulation but a socialist one to implement the universal basic income and privileges for women as discussed above. And thats it, we can all live free and create whatever we want to. But there might be assholes trying to create businesses that try to mess with peoples basic needs and create a monopoly – those things should be takne care of by the govt by identifying and subsidising basic needs. And hopefully before we vaporise each other with weapons – we can create true AI.

But I think there wont be any marriage and religion in 50 years and there wont be humans but only intelligent machines in another 200 years. So this blog doesnt even matter



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  1. Bullshit all the way from the first word this author used.

    the true Ass-Kissing was this article. Religion was something god (higher beings) taught to us human beings, the primitive people who wrote this (ignorant, dumb) article was a superstition believer of Science (superstition cult), there are INFINITE + INFINITE things science not understand, but already explained in religion (higher sicence) LONG already. the people who need science (primitive in spiritual growth), worshiped science can’t escape death, and miserable, but those primitives still believed it, why? because it is a superstition cult religion, science created a dilution of all-knowing of our world, science popes controlled(brainwashing) people to believe they know 99% of our world but in fact it merely understand 00000000000000.1 of our world, but they still brainwashing people it’s kindergarten stuffs,On the other hands, Religion (from thousands years ago) can led people to a morality-base world, Religion can brought people true happiness, which was a life led by morality and humbleness not self-arrogant /desire, and point out the way to heaven (higher realms, Science cannot led people go in the nearest other dimension.)

    Science (evil cult) = Science of material, alien/inhuman, destroyed human hearts/ environment, science were led by human desire (unlimited) which will only create destruction eventually.

    Religion (Higher science) = Science of Spiritual. keep human beings’ morality to a standard, and avoid the destruction from evil desire thousand years ago– something Science can NEVER achieved and NEVER understand. that’s why this stupid post was here on earth today.

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