Born and bred Chennai. All the things i blog about are out of a direct consequence of my background and experiences hailing from this part of the world.  I have to say though, that i do not consider myself a typical middle class tamil chennaiite and I’d like to think that my perspectives and outlook are  a bit unique.

I dont really get too specific or factual, and neither are my blogs written very eloquently – eloquence is just finding the appropriate & appealing words to express something, its not the same as constructing a deep logic by associating concepts. Hoping that it wouldnt undermine the points made and that atleast a few of the readers can relate to it.

Love to get into politics , just have no idea how


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  1. I’m from Chennai…and I recognize where you’re coming from when you write this blog. There’s a lot of anti-Tamil, anti-Chennai hate in our country. I suppose that might have given you a few negative experiences. I disagree with a lot of your content, but respectfully so. This is because I understand your hurt and empathize with it.

    However, it’s honestly hard to genetically group South Indians as one. We are genetically diverse. It’s been so many years since the “alleged” Aryan invasion theory or human civilization, mobility and movement – to suggest that we are still homogenous in any way. There are many fair south Indians, many fair non-brahmins, dark brahmins and all that.

    The reason light skin is favored in general, is Colonialism. We were taught that light skin is superior. It was a part of their ideology, and we bought into it. We still haven’t gotten out of it. Ergo, darker individuals are considered less attractive. This is true in several countries that were colonized and even in the US, black people are constantly trying to obtain lighter skin. It’s in the psyche, it’s unhealthy and it places people at a disadvantage for no fault of theirs.

    In India, there’s the additional power dynamic of the government and every source of power being centered in Delhi. There is significantly more access to power if you’re in the North, for sure. There’s also the added language power that Bollywood wields – more people speak Hindi (especially North Indian states) and that gives them revenues, which further makes them powerful. The industry will obviously try to push beauty norms that are the idealized Indian dream – fair skin. The industry is also driven by people who speak Hindi (which Tamils/other South Indians don’t) – and perpetuates hate and stereotypes about the people not in power(Tamils/other South Indians). Seen Chennai Express and the horrible Deepika accent? She freaking won awards for it.

    If you notice, the Tamil response to this was to cast dark men in lead roles and shifting the beauty norms with respect to men. We obviously haven’t done that for our women. They still, however, cast light skinned women in lead roles. Hansika Motwani anyone?

    Women and beauty: North India is significantly more patriarchal. By that I mean, society grants men far more power and agency & women with much lesser. In comparison, people in South India are perhaps more educated and that does, to a certain extent, change the power dynamic between the genders. In a strongly patriarchal society, women exist for male gaze. They are objectified and their value is limited to their appearance and home-labour. Therefore, they are conditioned to apply significantly MORE effort into looking “pretty” or girly. In societies that have overall better education, where women have more agency and power, earning capacity – appearance is not that big. However, all that is gradually changing with access to western media and companies which capitalize on making women feel shitty, to make them buy products, to make them conform to white beauty norms. Chennai girls are equally entrapped by this beauty myth. Hope village girls aren’t forced to feel that way.

    It’s sad that nobody realizes this. It’s not that South Indians are genetically unattractive. Beauty is a social construct. What was beautiful in 1750s, 1850s, 1950s is not beautiful now. What is beautiful in West Africa is not the same in South America. These are subjective norms created in a society and are often dictated by what the dominant group feels. Internationally, we’re all subject to the beauty norm of a tall, blonde, white man/woman with the right proportions. That’s not how black or asian or Indian people are. And pushing anyone to conform to those norms is just … impossible.

    There’s also a ton of history about we as Tamils stand out and defy mainstream Indian notions. To be honest, India was created by the British. It only existed as a set of principalities and kingdoms. They grouped them together, artificially. Post-independence, we did not favour Hindi imposition and did not appreciate how they tried to iron out a single image of India. We were the only folks who were openly vocal about it. Some of it was because of local politics that ran their campaigns based on Tamil pride. These parties had their origin in the Dravidian movement, which genuinely believed in their separate identity – however, it was **actually** a social response to brahmanism, oppression and the notion that “whiteness” is somehow superior.

    In conclusion, you cannot dissect social problems without looking at history, sociology and politics. It’s not science, it’s not genes, it’s a lot more than that. I would recommend reading up on Tamil Nadu history from a Marxist (not nationalist) perspective.

    1. Are you a guy?, if so do you know why you dont get turned on by other guys? or very old women? or by female gorillas? how come only a figure representative of a young human female alone turns you on?….See shapes,sizes,features matter. Its in our evoultionary biology to prefer ‘neotenous’ features. look up the term and you will know that features like flatter face, bigger head, smoother skin etc are considered ‘neotenous’ representing youth and vitality. Guess what is another very prominent neotenous trait – skin color and fair skin is associated with neoteny. I know that 1 in 7 people today are descendants of Ghengiz khan , but I dont particularly look up to the mongoloids even through they have been the ruling class in india for a long time. I think that its incorrect to say that if africans or australian aboriginals rule the world, people will start holding the african features as the standard of beauty.

      A vlog i made abt this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyVSpzLC2A0

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