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Tamils and South indians are jealous of North Indians. Because North Indians are very good looking. Infact the better section ofNorth indians and Pakistanis are the hottest specimens in the world, maybe a bit of competitons from some arabs,iranians. The simple minded frigid white lepers with Ape skin( if u shave an ape it has white skin) may have the meat and primitive aggressiveness but not the physical and intellectual sensuality and flavour.   look at some samples and think about it Amisha-Patel-Hot-Photo-Gallery-6  The reason why south indians are not very attractive is there in thisw blog   The gist of it…heat fucks the skin,muscles,collagen and bones and reduces physical neoteny, and consequently intellectual neoteny required for the Attractiveness/ hotness   So we are just unlucky and I have made a case as to how being more Intelligent can make one to be intellectually more stimulating and we are intellgent and sensual as well so there is hope, if we migrate to cooler regions, consume well n have a good lifestyle or consume enouh collagen pills.   But for now, should we worry too much about how unlucky we are? and feel jealous and have a complex in front of others? Well yes anyone would worry about it, but I wanna tell you 2 points that should make you happy about who you are

1) South Indians are more Intelligent and Intelligence is a higher trait for living things than attraction This explains why Intelligence is a bigger thing to be proud of and this tells you why south Indians are more Intelligent

2) South Indians have had a better life that anyone else so far. Watch this video In brief, it is all about how well a group of people(or a group of genes) have expanded in numbers , consumed resources and Lived well in comparison with another group, since the time they seperated from their common ancestors. So we are better than africans or chinkies as they are below us in the darwinian scale. They also did not enjoy as good a life/success compared to caucasians. Cos its like this, A group of africans came out of africa(from 1000 original africans may be 10 to 20), and went to occupy asia,australia, andaman etc. Some Indian adivasi tribes are part of this group.   The second group came out of africa and went up north to europe through central asia/anatolia/phoenician route and became the cro-magnons, the first caucasians. The cro-magnon theory which states that Caucasians features might have originated/come from europe(sometime during 45000 bc – you have cave paintings in france or something.  Even going by this theory, a small number of these cro-magnon/caucasians came down to central asia and were successful in getting to 2 billion. So lets assume there were around 100 cro-magon caucasians in europe. Out of which 5 to 10 came down to central and south Asia(us) ,,,, or they came to levant first – developed neolithic revoultion in 10500 BC, and a few from levant moved to iran at 8000 BC and a few from iran moved to Indus valley in 7000 BC . The 90 % in europe had to keep fightig amongst themsleves and were able to expand only to 1 billion in strength(that too only recently, for a loong time europe was having a very low population). But the 5 to 10 people travelled to south  asia became very successful in having access to resource , expanding to a high number and having a good quality of life for thousands of years. We are actually more than 20 times successful than europeans coz we are atleast more than 20 times more succesful to iranians and the number is still higher compared to middle easterners and a lot more compared to europeans. Now there is a a lot of uncertainity with exact origins but carleton coon says Caucasoid features Highly Likely originated in Europe. Cuz, Homo sapiens had co-existed with neanderthals back from 45000 bc in both Europe and West asia. However, the kebaran culture in levant had a dis-contibuity with the previous antelian culture in west asia indicating the new arrivals in the region from europe at 20,000 bc. These people were the ancestors of the neolithic/caucasoid populations of levant/west asia starting from 10000 bc Haplogroup   Though the haplogroups cannot be 100 % about population continuity – it gives an idea, and this points to a few population fro europe be it R1a or L or H entering india from europe( haplogroups are not 100% coz 1)mutation rates and genetic drift are as significant factors as ancestry when determining the haplogroup percentages and 2) The direction of migration cannot be established for sure with percentages). Another indication of this is how varied/diverse europeans are in terms of hair,eye,skin colors,facial colors,language families and tribal origins wise. And even if caucasoid origins seems to be not in europe but in west asia, the fact of the matter is  europeans are a mixture of 3 distinct group 1) cro-magnons ( who constitute a very significant part esp with the leperish pink skinned ones ) 2) neolithic farmers – the greeksn phoenician type and 3 )Indo-europeans who entered through russia. If a single group had expanded into 900 million – thats success, but 3 groups had battled out to get to 900. So in essence the cro-magnon part is like the aboriginal part which lost territory to new invading groups.  Imagine a population of 1000 which splits into 2 groups A-900 and B-100.Now B migrates to another newer region with more resources and less competition and Expands into 1000. Now This group B splits into B1-900 and B2-100 Imagine B2 seperates and expands into 1000 and consequently 10 times more successful than B1. But if B2 mixes with A, the now available groups are B1 – 900 and B2A – 1900. So from initial population of 1000, 90 became 900( 10 times) in B1 and remaining 910 became 1900( only 2 times). So aboriginal groups are very less successful and the group that mixed with the aboriginal group is the least successful. This is why people try portraying Indians as  aboriginal mixed. But we are not. As far as the europeans are concerned they are mixed with cro-magnon part being the aboriginal part like africans, australian aboriginees or native americans who lost territory to invading groups.Either way the caucasian population that Entered India from Iran was very successful in expanding So from iran, the last ones to enter into India through the passes n hills were the Indians who form all of todays population with the exception of mogoloid tribals who form less than 10% of population and who are still distinct ).The minute you mix with an aboriginal/less successful group you become a less successful person like the group B2A. These latest Indian cuacasians were living in Ganges/indus valleys and living well. So from may be a thousand north indians may be 5(or even less)  came down to south India and the cauvery valley civilisation started and from this 5 we expanded into the huge population we have in south india today. It is said that the Sage Agasthiyar brought down a small group of people from north, cleared the forests for agriculture, replaced adivaiss, creatd The languages and Arts(such as kalari etc). So this group consisted of vellalar chieftans, brahmins such as agasthiyar too. So all of south indinas, be it thevar,goundar, moovendar bunts, nairs, etc all came from these chieftans and they expanded to different places spoke different south indians languages assumed different titles…But the common ancestry is there from the cauvery basin civilisation. But both Tamil and Pali have the same vowels and consonants and the person who perfected the tamil grammer was a brahmin. Tamil may have exited longer than tholkappiyam, kumai kandam etc for much longer like 1000 years even before agastiyar, but the thing is we are very mcuh closely related to north indians and were part of the same group for a long time before we branched out.Its like Indians brnched out from europeans some 35000 years back and the relative seperation between north and south Indans is samll. Besides the velir/vellalar and may be brahmin population share more recent ancestry with the north indians. But some brahmins like to associate them selves with north indians and call them as aryans. For them who consider themselves later arrivals, i tell you – the later arrival into south india are not as successful as the first ones to enter here. Coz the first ones that entered here will ahve faced less competition and expanded in number easily. And I say because south Indinas are the most recent migrators, they are atleast 5 times more successful than collective north indians from whom they seperated -by applying the logic that i have been applying throughout right from europe. So if brahmins and others claim that they are recent migrants to south, it means they are less successful than other south indians.

Lets say there were originally 100x northies, out of which 5x seperated and became south indians. Now south indians increase in number to 100x and north indians expand to 400x. AT this point SI are 5 times more successful than NI. If brahmins are a second wave of migration from North and they consitute only around 3x now, only 0.6 x should have migrated to equal the 5 times more success of original south indians. So it means only 0.6/4 = 0.15 % started off from north the second time – which means we are giving them a lineancy for them of over 30 times by saying that 5% started of the first time. But this is not the case so the original South indians are certainly more successful

But lets get back to South Indinas vs Europeans – the first caucasians

The most important facts to consider are the Timeline of neolithic revolutions happening. According to the Paleolithic continuity theory, the european caucasians are a continuity of the Cro-magnon/modern human mix that happened in Europe who left cave painting dating back to some 35000/42000 bc. After the ice -age, a few-lets say 25% of these european ones with the caucasoid features came down and formed neolithic revolution in north of arab(Levant). You can see that some arabians still look like sudanese africans with sharp features and white skin – from the shape of their eyes and the ridges on their face. And these guys were more successful than the hunter gatherers that stayed back in europe in terms of having good quality of life and expanding in numbers. The start of neloithic revolution in levant is at 10500 bc. From some of these levant, some 10 % migrated east into iran and started the neolithic practices there in 8000 bc. So these 10 % who migrated and explored new land were more succesful in having acces to new resource and expanding compared to the ones who stagnated in levant. And from the ones in iran a 10% migrated eastwards into the most resourceful India ( had a historic world’s share of GDP between 35-40 % for thousands and thousands of years, which reduced to 30% in 1000 Ad and reduced to 1% in 1940s). I’d assume not more than 5-10% would migrate away from well settled neolithic colonies in  search of uncertainity. And this 10% now has expanded into the 2 billion plus in indo-pakistan,banglades, srilanka,maldives and a bunch of other places. So Indians have been a lot more succesful than iranians. And the first signs of neolithic practices in India starts in 7000 BC. Again from north india, a handful of them came down to south india and formed neolithic civilisation in the south (about 2000 BC in Tamil nadu/cauvery area). Look up all those facts about neolithic dates if you want. So Southies are the lastest and the more succesful ones. We southies have also spread bak to north india via the rashtrakuta dynasty and Chola conquest of bengal, and we also went and got mixed in many places in SE asia – cambodi,other srivijaya empires etc. Compared to this, the europeans have had a cold, war-prone and frugal existence so far. Just a bonus video here So south Indians  have common ancestors and  genetic success wise – from our immediate ancestors to our really long back ancestors have always had it good and successful in expanding their genes. Comparing south Indians vs north indians – south Indians have becoam more successful in expanding. And Indians compared to iran, or rest of the world were also very successful in expanding. Only in the last 500-600 years we have the Turcic-Mongoloid Islamic invaders such as Mughals, sultanate,Lodis, etc contributing a small percent to our gene pool   SO its okay if north indians come down to our cities and become more richer businessmen and make us feel jealouss with their looks. Maybe from now on south indians will reduce in poupulation but still our offsprings irrespective of how they get mixed up in the future, we can right now say that the population has entered south india(baring the adivasis) have had the best success in expansion/existence so far despite the possibility of us reducing in number slighly in the future.  Even the whites in americas and australia who came from the few in europe..are not made of genes of a single succesful group but a mixture of sevral groups who were ones losers. We can take pride that we have existed so well so far, our genes have come from a small and succesful group who came down south from north india – so maybe we do not have the diversity leading to not so great looks, but we are what we are now and we have to be really happy of the success of this group. We can be happy about it, not be jealous of others hence and just try to be the best we can…Dont be anxious, even if you are having to stare and feel jealous about good looking people from other places. Just be proud, confident and happy about who you are and have a good life. Do read some of the other blogs here to find out more about our interesting accomplishments and the impact we have had. Since we are better specimen with potential to develop good looks if we live in a cooler place with healthy lifestyle, we should act like we are the superior ones when we are in the midst of others. We currently act like we are below others, but this perception should change and realise why truely we are the superior ones. And we must also change out behavior – we shouldnt be simple,humble, mature,down to earth and nice.

The takeaway for tamils/south indians should be …wherever you go, constantly believe that you have been the most successful group, and that you are the most intelligent group or that you as an individual are more intelligent and therefore more superior. But have this confidence/pride arrogance at the back of you head and with this you can give the subtle – holier than thou look to anyone you meet and look through their phony act. But dont be a snob. In order to have a nicer/neotenous face one must be playful and forth coming. When you walk into clubs or nicer establishments, the thing that matters the most initally is looks. And realise that more intelligent people can be more engaging and attractive ( if you are not disadvantaged with your physical features). So you gotta maintain an attitude – thats a combination of a belief in your superiority at the same time being fun.


some bonus videos. These are very important points the ones you must re-read again and again to absolutely comprehend everything, then the way you see things will drastically change.




Universal basic income. People should basically be nihilists. So that no one takes anything too seriously and theres no need to panic, live under the pressure of competition for resource/survival. Also, from the perspective of finding a purpose, something to do – we should realise that mankinds destiny is to create AI. I ve already mentioned this in my earlier blog – apes have fulfilled their destiny by creating something more impactful. Robots can conquer time & space far beyond any of our human offsprings can. And robots – just like our children will be a creation of ours and our progeny. Obviously not everyone can create robots – but we should atleast live to consume to patronise technology companies who can eventually get there.

On a humanitarian level –

Work hours should not be more than 4 hours a day – in any profession. This way we can find work for more people and less stress for everyone relating to their job performance and job safety. Currently we work for 8 hours a day for what? a huge percent of this collective work/effort just goes in competition. people are just competing, not creating. fuck competition – its stressful. Giving extra time for humans may help them create good things on their own – if you re worried about crimes with too much time in ones hand – we’ll surely handle that – putting more effort in security, better law enforcement. No fucking religion, Marriage – should only be done with a complete understanding of what both parties want from it in the long term and in different aspects, and not because its the norm.So in many cases it can be avoided. Even if one wants to raise children there should be different engagement option. Something can also be figured out for companionship etc while remaining very open and not tying each other up with too many expectations. In nature females dont need protection or resources from males, but still mating occurs and males contribute a lil toward upbringing of kids. But with our intelligence, and biological differences between females & males in human society it is a bit more riskier for women to be alone. So we need to create Govt jobs reserved for single/divorced women above 30. and we should need areas/housing for women where there is everything and theres a lot of security – any time of the night. So their safety n opportunity to earn more are also taken care. We need cameras in a lot of places, in our devices which are capable of recording audio/video at any instant – so that we have proof of what actually went down. But this has to be regulated for certain obvious private stuff. Everything should be allowed drinking,gambling, prostitution. People should be free to do whatever they want and we dont need any moral policing or rigid defining of societal norms. Minimal governance on products, people regulation but a socialist one to implement the universal basic income and privileges for women as discussed above. And thats it, we can all live free and create whatever we want to. But there might be assholes trying to create businesses that try to mess with peoples basic needs and create a monopoly – those things should be takne care of by the govt by identifying and subsidising basic needs. And hopefully before we vaporise each other with weapons – we can create true AI.


Highly scientific practices from a continual civilisation for over 10000 years has given South asians good physical and intellectual traits.

The use of many spices and herbs in food which are especially rich in vitamins c and E has given them a great skin and other benefits

The indian culture is inherent with a lot of feminity and neoteny because of a very good existence comparitively since neolithic times.
This makes Desis are more intelligent, enaging, sensual and stimulating with attractive facial features.
The euopean mannerisms and behaviour are primitive and are either aggressive or too disciplined
The indian arts and dances are more natural whereas the european ones are more of an intensive drill with sleaze.

Europeans have white skin and firmer/intact muscles and organs from a colder climate.
These features are currencies of neoteny through which they have enjoyed a perception of beauty and associated positive traits.

But Cold climate also makes skin dry and muscles stiffer and even the latin ones are just plastic and less sensual.
Most of the indian sub-continent has got hot and cold seasons and the variety is great for a healthy,shiny skin and muscles.

The intellectual abilities of europeans are not as deep as that of South Asians. Since they have barbarically invaded and dominate world affairs, they enjoy a positive perception through propaganda and everyone else is trying to imitate them for success.

The ass kissers amongst desis are just useful idiots in the propogation of South Asian genes world wide. The top class indians know they are better than ohers and do not kiss upto the others.

Every one else is realising that South Asians are the most hottest and intelligent group of people ..especially the ones who have been brough up in good conditions and are confident and sophisticated.
Only at times of war do barbarians and aggressors have an advantage.As more regions of the world become globalised, the south asian genes are going to prove to be the most successful ones and expand

‘Is everyone in chennai above the age of 16 married then?’ said one FB comment yesterday speaking of the Madras HC Judge equating pre-martial sex to marriage.

Really? all 16 year olds in chennai have had sex then(the implication there was that a very high percent ) ??these kinda moronic exaggerations give a wrong picture of the society and leaves the conservative majority wondering, whether their life is so pathetic that they dont seem to be getting the action themselves, are unaware the a lot of others are getting some action or that they are not even part of a circle where these things go on implying that they are at the bottom rung when it comes to these issues.

Do not go on with the supposed online survey of some condom companies who wan to project that there is more sex in this society to get the ball rolling for them. Mumbai’s International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS), a public health institute conducted this survey to include 55,000 males and females from about1.7 lakh households in states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, their ages ranging from 15 to 29
Statistical figures reveal that about 21 percent males(the kind like future lorry drivers) and 4 percent females from rural areas admitted to have had pre-marital sex against an urban figure of 11 percent males(including the ones going to those red-light areas) and 2 percent females. It only mentions sex, not if its penetrative or not.

Now to the question of is pre-marital sex and multiple partners good for the society and people overall?
I know the above link says pastoral and so its bound to be biased.but its only a literature review of other established reseachwork. And these studies indicate that in a society where ‘ do whatever one feels like’ attitude is present  people will have multiple partners before marriage,however are also bound to have more affairs and divorces after marriage.. One does not even need documented works for this……any common man can make an observation that western societies with a liberal attitude is prone to more divorces and change of partners compared to conservative societies like south asia. It is Intellectual abdication to assume that people are gonna turn angels after marriage and that a person who gets in and out of relationships many times will have the same emotional attachment towards his/her partners as someone who doesnt. Just  like how modern free thinkers reason out seeing no harm in having relationship with different people prior to marriage, people may reason out post-marriage too and claim that – they can be nice to their partners at home and they can be nice to other people when they are not with partners, as long as they can avoid cuckolding or things like physical/emotional unavailability. I mean people find pleasure in pushing norms and limits always…The liberal concepts of today will become conservative thinking of tomorrow and relationships will  evolve into something like friendships and the family (let alone nuclear family) system will totally break down sometime in the future if our reasoning tends to be on ‘do what one feels like’ and liberal side. I dont think many liberals would accept the above argument and most times they resort to name calling and side track the debates.

When people feel like they should be able to do whatever one pleases it gives them license to be more aggressive in their pursuit of mates. More often than not the aggressive(nice guys finish last, the bad guy always gets the girl) gets rewarded unless all members are super mature about judging things and determining whats right. And also this liberty and do what one pleases attitude, will often result in people pushing the line and seeking out new relationships breaking of relationships/marriage even after having kids. This is more of a return to animalistic way of things/ though the other term for it is being natural (and not suppressing any instincts). Now western countries have matured a great deal in this and they have better standards of living with less wealth/status divide. But back home i dont think a lot of people are mature enough for this and this will encourage a lot of aggressive, asshole-ish behaviour..which can already be seen amongst a lot of the youngsters in the country.

I think that the main reason extra-marital affairs or pre-marital sex is a problem in the minds of many people is as follows.If you refer my next blog, i wudve have explained how the main purpose of any life force is to make an impact on other things. Humans definitely feel motivated to acquire more power,riches, do good, make babies, do something because they constantly seek to make an impact on others and other things and thus preserve themselves through the impact they make…either through their offsprings or through a monument they built or by being the president or CEO or something. So more than cuckold or lack of emotional availability, we want our partners to be a clean slate/marble give to us for us to make our impact on. I mean you also make an impact on others as friends/parents etc, but an impact on someone as a soul mate/lover is something more deep. If someone else is also making designs in your slate/marble, or your slate already had designs when it was give to you, it is not the same i guess. I mean when we were in school we were given clean slates and note books, I wonder what would have happened if we had to compete for those note books – some people would have gotten more pages and get to make their design on a lot of the pages whereas some dont get any pages to make their designs with. Of course humans are not slates or marbles, but if you can understand that all of want to touch and make an impact on as many people as will get the analogy i suppose. This is also the basis for other conflicts like people getting pissed off about English overtaking and patronising foreign ideas. A human would speak an average of x amount of words in his life. If you are a tamil patroit, you would want that person to speak in tamil mostly and will get pissed off if the other guy is speaking mostly in english instead of tamil. So the same way, you want your partner to be thinking about you most of the time rather than a number of other people. I mean even if you know that your best friend had gone out with some other guy when you were out of station, there will be a slight element of jealousy and this is not just confined to your marital partners.

Having said this I am not a conservative guy and in fact i think that India/Chennai should be a more liberal society with prevalence of pre-marital sex. I believe that really mature people should be able to put themselves in each others shoes and find out whats gonna be the best thing to do..pre or post marriage. I mean, everyone gets tempted and if indeed they happen to seek a relation with someone else…you should have the mindset and maturity to be the best judge of the situation. You should be in a position to evaluate if that person will still be commited( a married partner has to be much more commited) to you and value your relationship at an adequate level or if indeed the person is someone who is not a very considerate person. So one has to confront the person incase of an affair and have to make this judgement. This ability to judge a person correctly comes from your past experiences and from how life teaches you to about people generally..and if you do not have this, you will probably not make the wrong decision when things dont go according to your plan. I also think open marriages can very well work, if both the partners involved are wise/mature enough to understand and judge each other and the situation well enough. You cant go to online forums or anything to find a rule book or an answer, but you have to analyse your own situation and and decide the best . The above is in regards to how to deal with problems in liberal societies, to the question of why we need liberal norms – the norm of the societies are there just to work out whats the  good for the society, and in this day and age i believe conservativeness causes more pain to people than liberal attitude..let me explain below.

The Dove-Hawk modeling can also be applied here.. Briefly, it implies hawks are more aggressive in pursuit of their self-interest and doves are not aggressive. And The dove population(read as society) can sustain itself within less confrontation within, whereas the hawk population has a lot of confrontations and swings like a sine wave within an ecosystem and is bound to go extinct and not survive if there are resource shortages or other influences within the eco system.

So the aggressive(do whatever one pleases without fully considering larger consequences) pursuit of self-interest is a more primitve/animalistic trait and a conservative nature is more evolved/human. No wonder many religions and human institutions preach conservativeness..and human evolved into being conservative from being aggressive and not the other way around. So conservativeness is not Stupidity/victorian/primitive thinking like those liberals call it to be. It is the contrary.

However, If within the same environment you bring Both the doves and hawks, The aggressive hawks have an advantage and will emerge the winners( game theoretically not making this up).

In a way this is analogous to the capitalism vs communism. In liberal societies, not all males/females in a  society have equal potential when it comes to impressing people, and  the rich in love keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poor( your right i took this line from ‘enemy at the gates‘  Jude law is the rich guy and the other is the poor one).  Although there is more Loving in the liberal societies, there are hug differences in the love that people get and there is a lot of jealousy and resentment that way. In a traditional/conservative society most people just get 1 partner and so not many are jealous of others and feel like they are terribly below the others.

So in closed societies , our culture/conservative values are good and it works. but in this day of Globalisation we are exposed and encounter other cultures. Despite their problems, when we see people having fun in other places(like watching Hollywood/bollywood or even travelling and living in their places or if we see them in our cities ) we are tempted and we think that even we should be able to have fun like them.

Just assuming thatIn a conservative society maybe there are 20% people getting laid and the rest are losers who wait till they get married. In a Liberal society there are 80% who are getting laid and 20% are losers. Which society would you rather be a loser in ??? If you are a failure, would you rather the majority also fails or would you be okay with the fact the you are one of the few who is a failure and therefore assured that you are a distinct bottom of the pile?

The natural tendency is to prefer be a loser where 80 % of the society is also a loser,where you think most others are just like you. other wise you just feel miserable to see everyone else having fun around you but not you.

But the other way one can look at is that, if 80 % are able to have sex, it really isnt that big of a deal. In a conservative society, those players and rich ones who get laid feel even more superior and elitist to the remaining 80%. And moreover, if you society/group of people/..for eg lets say Tamils are know to be conservative losers in the eyes of Others, thats also an issue. These are times of GLobalisation and we have to adjust our strategy accordingly… I’d rather 80% of tamils have a good healthy sex life than just 20%.

Q)But if conservativenss is a good/better system, arent we supposed to try to make it the system of the world and not adopt the bad system?
Well you can try to fight for what you think is good…but only if you are on top/well off/have the resources/ everybody else is looking towards you to lead in aspects of culture and stuff. Unfortunately its not us Tamils Now. West is the dominant economic and cultural power not and everyone else is ksiing upto them..It will be easy for them to promote their liberal views and it will be exponentially harder for us to strive for the propogation of Conservative attitude. Infact Indians,south india/TN is particular became even more/ultra conservative only because of the cultural influence of the ruling british and the propogation of ideas of Church during the victorian era(cxtianity and its cultural influence tied up with the dravidian movement had much higher success in the south than north) . Even until recent times, you can observe that in remote rural  there is a prevalence of relationship/pregnencies before marriage at a younger age of 15/16..of girls/people belonging to average backgrounds. Only the Urbanised and upper/ middle classes & among the christians do we find extreme conservative attitude in TN/South . So lets just change our stratgey and acquire a positive/fun/hot perception in the eyes of others. Who knows if people in TN start trying to be more playful and fun , we might also get cuter and more neotenous faces and heroines amongst us…cox your personality and behaviour shapes your thought/face and body chemistry over generations amounts to significant change in appearances.

Dating/getting into relationships and sex are kinda the biggest  things in the world. So if you havent done it and when you get to know that a lot of others have done that these, you feel like you have a serious lack of experience and knowledge pertaining to life.  You kinda feel like you are much below than someone who has gotten these experiences – if you measure yourself against othters based on what one has( wealth,looks,experiences,knowledge, interesting/good circle and life etc). However, just realise that a lot of things/luck come into play like where you are brougth up, your background, the kinda people you can connect to etc etc.  So you were just unlucky to not acquire these experiences, not always because that the others are inherently better than you or even smarter than you.

Just like Flirting/sex is a pleasure/positive experience input to your brain/yourself,

acquiring knowledge, unique things youve done/experienced, realisation that you are better than someone in some aspect,being rewarded ,being proud/happy about yourself, etc etc are all expereinces(positive or negative) as well that you have. People constantly and subconsciously size each other up and determine if someone is better than them , below them or almost at the same level(chankaya has also said something about this but dont wanna get into that). And they size each other up using the above factors,experiences.. For instance everything else being similar A guy who has knowledge highly intellectual stuff will feel much more confident/superior in front of another who doesnt.

But not all experience has the same weigthtage ..if someone says he has skied somehwere and that it was a great doesnt really make me jealous because it is not highly relevant or important to me. I might feel great about playing in the same table as barry greenstein in borgata.  But like I said before, the greatest,most important experience is in connecting with someone romantically/sexually and if you have had many such interesting and good experiences….you are living a very good life that an animal/human/organism can hope for. It takes much , much higher intelllectual accomplishment(like wining a nobel prize or being recognised as the number 1 intellectual of our times ) to beat the positive experience of someone like the casanova or such players..especially if you do not havent been able to impress anyone of a good caliber of attractiveness feel like you are better than them. i think 1 out of may be a million times can a romantically challenged person feel confident/superior to a player with respect the the good life/positive experiences they have had.

The reason for Intelligence weighing lower than sexual attractivenss is this. Everything we do, we do with the aim of preserving ourselves..thats why we eat , thats why we reproduce. Theres a theory  in the scientific community that says that Human intelligence evolved Mainly because of the need to mate. So it is important for you to be intelligent/talented/rich etc etc only to be able to find mates (everyone can get good food easily). So knowing that you are fuckable reassures ur fitness level as a successful(able to pass on genes and survive)species more than knowing that you are intelligent or can climb the mount everest or whatever. say for eg a feat like climbing mt everest…its a hard one and not everyone can do it. But that doesnt make you better than many others becoz you dont really get to touch/influence other lives and get something out of it – to eventually make yours better and contribute to your agenda for survival in someway.  For example if you are able to impress a hot girls, it means you have the skills to influence people to serve your agenda of procreating with healthy,good looking children. If you are the president, you have influence over many people, but that influence is not gonna have a high gradient of direct consequences towards your personal survival. I mean being a president/PM is still much greater accomplishment becoz although you touch lives with a smaller gradient, you are touching millions of lives so it multiplies and thats a greater accomplishment than scoring just a hot chick.  It also doesnt mean that intellectual feats such as understanding advanced concepts are useless as it has nothing to do with scoring chicks. These are aslo important, coz when you compare yourselves against others based on just intelligence, people well versed with the ultimate thought area-physics & existentialism occupy a higher level than those who can talk about rock music or something.I mean I have dealt with why preservation of genes is not the only form of survival/propogation/passing on, but also the impact we make on others is also  our mark on this world..for eg..if you create the language C which influences so many people and as long as that influence is felt significantly, a part of you survives. But not everyone gets to influence so many lives unless they are presidents or dennis ritchie. So for the average guy, romantic feat is greater than an average intellectual feat.

Good thing is many people can have many sexual experiences , but not many people can be nobel laureates and hence intelligence makes you more unique. I mean it doesnt require as much skill/potential to be sexually attractive person as comapred to being a Scientist or a Champion athlete..But still because of the relevence to lifes objective, it is more important to be fuckable than Intelligent and experiences pertaining to sex ar more important than experiences pertaining to other achievements.  Unfortunately for us, most south indians, chennaiites are in the romantically challenged category and we burn with jealousy upon seeing fun having whites/ north indians. I mean north indians are the hottest and since they are also liberal consequently become the most fun people on the planet. South indians are so close to them yet so far away from them in the aspect of fun. To explore further on the differences , read my other blogs.

I had already talked about(in other blogs) why being fuckable is more important than being Intelligent and why experiences pertaining to sex are more important than experiences pertaining to intellectual and other kinda achievements. say for eg a feat like climbing mt everest…its a hard one and not everyone can do it. But that doesnt make you better than many others becoz you dont really get to touch/influence other lives and get something out of it – to eventually make yours better and contribute to your agenda for survival in someway.  For example if you are able to impress a hot girls, it means you have the skills to influence people to serve your agenda of procreating with healthy,good looking children. If you are the president, you have influence over many people, but that influence is not gonna have a high gradient of direct consequences towards your personal survival. I mean being a president/PM is still much greater accomplishment becoz although you touch lives with a smaller gradient, you are touching millions of lives so it multiplies and thats a greater accomplishment than scoring just a hot chick.I mean i realise that its not all about dating and I have dealt with why mating and preservation of genes is not the only form of survival/propogation/passing on, but also the impact we make on others is also  our mark on this world..for eg..if you create the language C which influences so many people and as long as that influence is felt significantly, a part of you survives. But not everyone gets to influence so many lives unless they are presidents or an inventor. I mean inventors know at the time of their invention what an impact thats gonna make..irrespective of he is acknowledged or become popular or rich for it. Thats the underlying motivation behind open source.

Greatness Vs Fitness

I dont mean that intellectual feats such as understanding advanced concepts are useless as it has nothing to do with scoring chicks. These are also important, coz when you compare yourselves against others based on just intelligence, people well versed with the ultimate thought area-physics & existentialism occupy a higher level than those who can talk about rock music or something.People who understand for eg..the theory of everything in science, will feel superior to many people they come across ..wrt intelligence and because intelligence is a greater skill with which you can influence people an intellectual feat is better than a physical feat.However knowledge of physics is not going to be a greater skill in influencing people compared to swag. So when a physics nerd compares himself with a cool guy in circumstances pertaining to non-dating things, he will feel like he is better, but considering everything, in real life the person with swag will feel like he is bettering morelife points / survival points)(at have unless the physics guy has also had some experience scoring hot chicks. That is ,the cool guy is more Fitter to propogate his genes and traits  and make an impact, whereas the physics guy(not an inventor)  has greater inherent potential. I mean I dont have to establish why physics s a greater logical/intellectual area than dating know-how or even social sciences. Its because 1) The logic in physics is very deep and a greater breadth of concepts that goes into defining a lot of other concepts 2) physical sciences is the area that makes human make sense of most inputs they get.

And also, There might have been only a few people who have climed Mt.everest, but they still rank lower in Inherent potential than the thousands of physics grad who are able to comprehend the Theory of everything. This is because Intellect is a greater virtue than strength or athleticism in this world/human society, as one can achieve more with intelligence than with strength, and the level or intellectual variation between people is far greater than the level of physical variation amongst people.

the question now is, who should feel superior when they size each other up, the fitter or the greater?

Value = Integral[ (Skill/Potential) *  Gradient of Survival agenda ]

The higher skill/potential guy should feel superior, but the fitter guy will be the happier of the two as he is bound to have more positive moments in life and also. For the average guy, romantic feat is greater than an average intellectual feat wrt as the romantic achievements fetch more Value by means of the gradient . And unless you are unaverage -like a physics genius who has thought about really very deep concepts that not many could get that easily, the intellectual achievement/potential of the average person is not that much of a high achievement/Value that no one else can accomplish. In other words, if you are the head of an I.T company like narayanmurthy, the inherent potential of a politician or a suave artist is better as the intellectual potential of narayana murthy is not really too high to make up for the inherent potential that the artist has, as the actor’s potential is multiplied by a higher gradient of appropriateness to scoring life points.

So chennai, change you conservative/mature behaviour or you will continue to feel miserable in this globalised world

Happiness is in knowing you are capable or have achieved what you want.. anything ranging from being the most intelligent,richest,powerful,strongest, good looking, healthier,popular,powerful, righteous or anything you seek to enhance survival of your and related genes.
Although India currently ranks 125 in the human development index and has got a spate of problems associated with lack of wealth and resources, here are some points which should put you in a frame of mind of constant happiness and true pride.
India’s most glorious days were in the B.C’s stretching far beyond the tentative dates of 2500 bc of the origins of Vedas. Indians were living in civilized societies generating advanced thoughts and principles.
According to stephen oppenheimer, the Indus valley is the most probable region for the origin of Caucasoid genes and features.
Even in our days of moderate prosperity ie in AD’s, india was referred to as the golden bird by the Greeks and romans. India’s GDP from the 1st century AD to the 17th century AD constituted roughly about 30% of the worlds GDP while it was less than 1% in the 1940’s when british left india(Angus Maddison).
Even in the most civilized part of the west(Rome) – the average life span of men was just 28(steven pinker). In 1700 s 85% of children < 5 yrs died in london because of poverty(Ayn Rand). Europe was very war prone throughout history with weird kings who’d dig out the dead bodies of their grandpa’s to hang them in public for their past crime( A brief History of England). Cold climate is a biological cause of depression and the lack of resources was a recepie for constant warring and survival of only the very toughest.
This in contrast with Indus people who had common origins in the indus saraswathi basin and we were a number of diverse kingdoms with one unifying set of morals,culture and a way of life with comparatively less aggression between . The climate is is better here and living is easier, not just because of resources, but also because of the attitudes of people and the architects of the society and the culture(caste system need to be understood more and it existed everywhere else too. But its much better than slavery).
Thence there was not much necessity (mother of invention) for invention here compared to europe where the harshness of geography demanded better ways of generating and harnessing energy.
Fact – The renaissance was transfer of knowledge from the orient to the occident. There is a connection with india about the knowledge in the orient(be it Buddhism, nalanda university, kalri,other forms of martial arts propagated by the chola conquerors of S.E. asia, etc etc).
The Europeans came to india with the vasco d agama discover and they studied the Indian peole and way of life for centuries to device a way to exploit. Fact – Industrial revolution was started and fuelled only by the money sent from the East India Company. This is what has eventually led to the west becoming technologically advanced now. But Indian science and philosophy still has a lot to offer the world currently and is on par with the findings in west.
Thought is subvocal speech – Watson.
Implication are that to construct logic – you need to be able to construct sentences fluently in your mind. Now if the whole educational system , and standard of research are set in your own language it is much easier for you. We Indians not only have studied concepts in another language(which is a huge disadvantage for being innovative and creative) but have also outshined technologists from the world in some areas .
I know that 1/3 rd of Indians **** on the roads but, who says equality is a law of nature?
Maybe in a tougher geography, the species are less in number but most are physically fitter. And may be in a easier tropical and resourceful environment, there are bound to be differences in what the nature and consumption of individual specimen . Colder climate also produces fairer, stronger specimen compared to the tropics, and that’s bad luck for us coz we love fair skin – no denying it as it is in human biology to prefer light skin and stronger physique. Even if only the top 3% of indans matter(intelligent, powerful, healthy, richer and getting laid) there are more Indians in this category per unit area compared to the rest of the nations/ethnicities.
So , look up the facts and try to put everything in perspective. If life is a game of poker and if survival and average resource stack size are the criteria, Indians are the best players. Our culture, tradition has survived long enough because it was a better system. And we have had a peaceful and resourceful..lets say at least 10000 years except for the last 1000 years.
Now life like poker is a game of skill and LUCK. Meaning its not always fair. Barbarians who are hungry and depressed will cause trouble and will try to plunder the moral and civilized ones. To rephrase will Durant, we have been plundered by more than one group of barbarians, and now we find ourselves in this situation.
So its okay if Indians are working for, kissing upto the other races, its okay if Indian culture and language are not getting enough respect even in our own cities, we have already had a very good existence and everything is bound to come to an end. Be cool about it.But its important for you to know this and also help the future generations be cool by spreading these points.
Imagine 200 years from now, the future generations of Indians read in their history books about how english has replaced their language and culture with the course of 500 yrs, owing to the achievements of the brits in terms of military, technological and cultural superiority. That is similar to what many of are reading today and which destroys our pride.
There are other ways of still competing with the rest of the newly formed cultural empires. You are not helping the cause by sitting back home, consuming western products and shipping Indian money abroad which makes them suck our resources which we need ourselves. Also don’t be looking upto the western idols be it in art, music(rock music lyrics are so stupid), culture, religion, intellect, unless they genuinely are something that we should look to……but most of us wudnt know what we truly need.
So you need to emigrate, compete with them in their country for jobs, and REMIT the money so that the money supply in india increases. Those days soldiers came here sacrificing their lives to take back the wealth… we have to do the same. The other thing also is to settle there, but instead of adopting a new culture , do more to help promote yours that way you don’t become a pawn of the opposite side.