Agamudayar – vellalar vs Thevar Confusion on ancestry

Im a Agamudayar/Arcot Mudaliar / Tuluva vellala, and so I dont know if my ancestors came here from gujarat with agastiyar or if my ancestors have been here for ever way before agastiyar came here.


Coz it is believed that agasityar brought vellalas down from north and that they are called velir and that they are the same / origins/ancestors of vellalar people


The story of the southern migration of the Velir from Dvaraka under the leadership
of Agastya is narrated by Naccinarkkiniyar in his commentary on Tolkappiyam
(payiram ; Porul.34). According to this legend, the gods congregated on Mount Meru
as a result of which the earth tilted, lowering Meru and raising the southern quarter.
The gods thereupon decided that Agastya was the best person to remedy this situation
and requested him to proceed to the South. Agastya agreed and, on his way, visited
‘Tuvarapati’ (Dvaraka) and led the descendants of netu-muti-annal (Visnu or Krsna)
including ‘eighteen kings, eighteen families of the Velir and the Aruvalar’ to the
south, where they settled down ‘clearing the forests and cultivating the land’.

This migration of agasityar is dated at anywhere between 1000 bc to 300 BC –  tolkappiyar who was a contemporary/shishyan of agastiyar wrote tolkappiyam which is dated between 300 and 10th century bc.

Now the argument goes that there were people living in Tamil nadu and practicing agriculture from around 1500 BC ( Adichanallur artifacts). In sanga ilakkiyam it is said that marutha nilam is full of vellalar chieftans who served the chera/chola/pandya kings. It is believed that the velirs are from the agastyar gujarat migration and chera/chola/pandyas are from thevar stock. It is also said that the mukkulathor stock are here all along, wayy before the gujaratis came here.


My question is why should it be that the Thevars should be of a different stck from the gujarati migrants??? It is understood that velir are landed gentry (land owning rich guys) but also involved in wars,governance etc as needed.Whereas the primary thing/occupation of thevars are policing/ruling and being a soldier. They could have very well been from the same stock of 18 kings,18 velirs and 18 aruvalars from gujarat. Thevars could have been from the 18 kings, or some velirs might have taken up servai/agam padiyar profession. But bottom line is even Thevars could be from gujarat.

What explains the neolithic activity Before agstiyar came here??? neolithic activity was all over india -from 7000 BC  in indus valley, some where around 6000 bc in Kerala (as it was easier to move down the west coast and it took time to come to TN at adichanallur at around 1800 bc. Before Agastiyar came here, there were Nagas and yakkhas who were here. Not speaking tamil but a different lingo. Post-Agastiyar people like the tamil cholas defeated and converted these earlier people of Tamil nadu to speak tamil. Before Agastiyar came down, no one spoke Tamil, but they spoke other languages. Even in srilanka, there were SInhalese existing long before tamils came. Ellalan – the forst ever chola was a migrant to srilanka and was considered an invader from tamil country bu the sinhalese. SO sinhalese( from Indian/bengali/oriya ancestry) were there first.  Before agasityar came down, ravanan who was a north indian born in UP went there to defeat his brother Kuberan/vaisravanan. SO there were other people living in patches/pockets in this region down south before Agastiyar n his companions came in, but they did not speak Tamil.

So thse chera/chola/pandya stock are all tamil people who converted the others, cleared forests to make it cultivable land across Tamil nadu. So it is possible that chera chola pandyas also belong to the stock from gujarat. The velir king irunkovel says he is from gujarat and he belongs to ayar kulam ( also called yadavargal/yadavas) and that he was 49th generation from a gujarati king .  Some velirs like paari/poori etc who became strong enough became kings and fought with CHera/chola/pandya, but it doesnt mean that CH/CHo/Pan are from diff stock.  Bottom line vellalars and agamudayars/marvars/kallars etc were only Profeesions and not distinct ancestry. Even nadars/SCs/MBC and others could have been from the Aruvalars stock or a group of people who lost dominance/power because of the profession they took up.Although sengunthars waved, because they became powerful enough and participated in wars/administration became mudaliars.

“Mella maruvi vellalar aanare” – imo just refers to a change in profession by purchasing land and doing farming and not  that they became of a higher class.  If thevar stock are the kings and rulers, how can they go up the ladder by becoming farmers. Most thevar stock who are not kings but soldiers may have decided to take up farming, thats all.

To re-iterate, I think  Mukkulathors/Velirs /yadavs etc etc belong to the same group that came along with Agastiyar. Befroe Agastiyar there was no tamil, only nagas ,yakkhas and others who spoke a different language altogether. The leadership of agastiyar created the Tamils and tamil people. No groups/clans here can trace anything of their ancestry via the Tamil Sangam literature before Agastiyar.

We are not some Mixed race people of many migrant invaders. We vellalrs/mukkkulathors and some others belong to the same stock that came along with agasityar is my guess. Theremight be some groups who trace their ancestry to nagas/yakkhas and some other non-tamil earlier groups. But the above groups imo are from the post agastiyar stock. Not talking about the Naicker telugu stock who came later or some other smaller invasions like gowdas etc. So thevars/Mukkulathor may also be from the stock brought down by agastiyar. No evidence in literature/archaeology to indicate otherwise.No evidence to indicate A tamil speaking people here in TN before Agstiyar. Origin of Tamil, todays tamil people and Mukkulathors goes back to Agastiyars migration to South and nothing before that.

If you go through mu other blogs and have a little brain, you may realise why not being an old tribe or a mix of many invading groups makes you a more successful group as a whole from an existential perspective

some people might find the above point that there was no proper tamil society before agastiar as absurd for the reason that in sangam literature there are already talks of 49 villages , ch,cho,pan kings and VELIR people as chieftans in those villages etc. If tolkappiyar was  in second sangam,  only little time between the arrival of agastiyar and the vast tamil society described in tamil sangam literature exists, andso this vast expansion of society in less time doesnt seem plausible. But the same argument makes it absurd that velirs who came from gujarat became chieftans of every single territory in tamil society. So if the so called pure vellalas say they r from gujarat, even the thevars,yadavs etc are most likely to be from gujarat.

I am equally comfortable with the fact that a few people from kerala came down to adichanallur to be the first neolithic people of tamil nadu. Without neolithic people n society, there are no thevars or kallar,maravar,agampadiyar or servai professions. The vellalars even in this scenario are the same stock as mukkulathors but with different profession.The above scenario makes us tamils as a whole such a successful group compared to others, if you can understand the important point in the below video.

An utterly ridiculous but popular theory is that SCs r australoid, Thevars are Dravidian-semi-australoid n that vellalars r Aryans from gujarat.

A very important perspective for us to consider.




Bottom line is compared to neighbouring states or north indians or anyone, tamils/vellalars as a group are more successful in terms of impactfulness or in terms of enjoying the pleasures of living – simply because we as a group were multiple tims more successful in terms of population expansion. These terms can be better understood fro my other blogs. So whenever we are at the proximity of others, we should feel happy about ourselves as we are more successful as a group(from the time of seperation from them) even though they might individually be more impactful than us or have a more pleasurable life.





What i would wanna tell to my kids..and people i care

Each of these items are explained more in detail in respective blogs and videos.

1) Explain the purpose of existence – my theories starting from universe, physics concepts, why anything exists at all and how we have the most likely/existence in place.
2) Purpose of life : Nihilism at an ultimate level. To make an impact at a level below nihilism and above self-preservation/proceation and day to day stuff.
While making an impact may give us pleasure and happiness, what ultimately matters the most is happiness and its not necessary that our happiness is propotional to the pleasures we have in life or the impact potential we have.

From a practical perspective the most superior being is the one who is the most happiest and you just need to know that you can be happy for no reason at all coz nothing matters eventually.
So if you know this truth, you have something that will make you happy and make you approach living positively. But a lot of practicalities come into picture as well for your overall happiness.

Practically those factors are intelligence, looks,money,power,popularity etc. It may seem like good looking people are having the most pleasurable of lives, but I say intelligent people can be more impactful
and more happy without necessarily having the most pleasurable life.

3) Tamil pride : There are historic reasons and virtues that we have, which gives resaons for us to be happy about being ourselves.

4) Approach : Knowing the above stuff, i would ask them to be happy and confident all the time and know how great it is to be them.

5) Mankinds destiny is to create AI which will be far more impactful than us and yet our creation. I have the best approach and only approach likely to succeed in creating true General AI. – A system with the instinct to make an impact – its my idea, working on a patent on this. lets see if it leads to anything. Even if not me, someones gonna take  this idea and develop it further.

5) Nothing expected : Since nothing matters, only thing i’d want is for them to be happy. But when parents are constantly worried about aspects of your life, it puts more stress on you.
The only thing i would say to them is – understand the points above, if you understand them, you can know that i will be happy knowing that my children are gonna
have a happy life. So peace of mind all around. I wont be too concerned about you, keeping tabs on you . I would forever assume that you are happy if you understand the above points and thas gonna be a big relief for you.Maybe i would suggest to them to have enough collagen make things better practically.
You may of may not have a good job,family, offsprings, success,status,etc etc etc. But if you know the above, I will forever be happy for you.

This is actually a big problem – people are more depressed because of fear of disappointing their parents. I say fuck ur parents – let me explain. Obviously if u get to become a captain of ur industry and actually fulfill what ur parents think is the best way to live – you are good. Most in most cases and in most things we are not upto their expectation. And mainly because ur parents are not happy with what you are happy with. If its not their way – they dont understand it and hence you will always be a disappointment. I have explained why we care about our parents/siblings/caste/ethnicity/language/culture/religion etc etc in one of my other blogs. Its because – a part of us is the same in each case and the purpose of exisntece of u and that part of you has a commonality of purpose of existence of that part in the other person  whether that part is physical your genes/features etc or intellectual like your thoughts/relgion/beliefs etc.  So now what this means is, if your parents do not understand that part you are happy about and they have a different set of expectation to that and are disappointed/unhappy about that – fuck em. Thats a part of them thats different to yours and so you do not have to care about their disappointment arising from their difference. But if you want to be a succesful X and ur parents also want you to be a successful X and that doesnt seem to be happening – then thats something to worry about/concern with. Im so so proud of myself – my ideas etc. But my parents dont understand that because they are fundamentally different people in their thoughs. So I may disappoint them that way – but thats their fault that they have a different thinking and cant understand me. So i dont care that a part of my parents – thats different to what I am fundamentally, is causing botheration to them – its an alien part for all i care.But what about the things that are common to us. lets say u are the son of ragnar and u wanna conquer england the same and the onus is on you. This should be simple – if the glory u seek gives a lot of happiness with a decent probability which is greater to the amount of time you are anxious about it go for it. I have such an ambition right now too – to open us a cafe-which is actually a lab for Singularity. Im sure my parent would be proud i i get to create such a lab too. But fuck i have nothing rite now – no investment nothing, and I always keep thinking about it and worry about it. Im sure it will give me n parents great happiness, but with the probability of it happening, I think its better to give up that ambition. I sure as fuck would be more peaceful n content with my life without having to do this. But, i would have given up of a gret way to give my parents some happiness. But yeah so im giving it up.


Yesterday i told my mom and sometime ago my dad about how Im happy even though i may not lead a life they think is ideal ( family, kids, companionship etc). I told them how im already an impactful person than someone whose had 10 kids and happier than someone living a happy family life with the love of their life/soulmate/manam pol mangalyam ( if at all that exists).

I think they get that a very little bit. Thats enough, i dont expect them to understand fully and firmly believe what i said. But the little bit they understand gives me relief, think it will make the rest of their days a lil better. Actually its a bit more significant that little better. Coz its gives them something to look forward to. I mean people are anxious all the time – like they are looking for things to happen that they want. Cant live with absolutely nothing to look forward to and without joy or sorrow – it just doesnt happen. There is always something on people’s mind. So now, its okay to be anxious that way but there has to be positive hope in that anxiety. Just like going all in with 70 % probability and waiting for turn and river. One just shouldnt carry a negative thing/incident too long , people can wait but shouldnt think its going down, they should have the feeling that something good may happen. And if they have that feeling they should keep trying to live for as long as they cant despite difficulties or something. Coz hope is a positive feeling and the amount of positive things we can accumulate over a period is what we gotta do. Otherwise it would make sense for people to die at 21 if they think they should be spared of  difficulties. Even if you are absolutely alone – no family, kids or even friends ( I think this scenario is bound to happen a lot of people who are not into family life today and in the future) the reason you should keep going is if you can do even the smallest of things like buying products, patronising companies which in turn drives a change and makes an impact – even to the smallest extent. You should only take out your life if practical difficulties are too much to tolerate, not because you dont have a reason to live. I keep yapping a lot these days, but thats only coz everything fits into my grand narrative of things and so im a bit more comfortable expressing them out i guess. I mean i was just watching the sick n dying mother scene from “The punisher”( not that i think its a cool show and mentioning it) and this is what made the last kinda off the topic paragraph a little longer. Actually, im gonna finish this up properly in the coffee vs gun post.

This post came from me pondering over whether i will be a good dad or not owing to my current situation. Our closest relatives – apes ( chimps n bonobos) are non-existent fathers and play 0 role in parenting it seems. But it also comes down to the environment. In human societies – men have been such gems , bearing so much responsibility on them so far. But now in modern times thigns are getting a bit chaotic. On top of that im not a very responsible alpha guy. Im quite detached from the people / society around me and so i only know how to throw money at problems, im not much of a hustler or the know how to get things done guy. So, im worried for my kids, if I get to have kids. Atleast I have something to tell them that will guide them well, even if i dont get to be for them in the way most typical fathers do in society now.


Rajendra chola and Bengalis

Another controversial post

Bengalis are mainly mongoloid tribes(the first to enter india or called ASI) who got mixed with Caucasians(all other caucasians including south indians called ANI) from magadha. Even bengali brahmins(mamta baneerjee) looks that way.

But some 1000 years ago a south indian chola King called Rajendra chola conquered Bengal and the chola army men passed on their genes to the local bengalis.


This guy cud be Kumble’s brother


Thats why many bengalis look like South Indians and think kinda like south indians to an extent. All those varman(barman) kings of bengal may be descendants of the Chola subjects…many chola and pallava kings are also named varman very often.


The cholas did not build temples or make coins there but went out further east to subordinate regions all the way till singapore.

Some instances
1) The khmer empire with rulers like Jaya varman, surya varman and queen jaya chudamani were all offshoots of the chola conquerers. they were the builders of angkor wat ..the names are very tamil, but the origin of khmer empire is not established
2)There are 1000 year old Tamil temples in China & indonesia, and CHolas were the ones who brought Hinduism to indonesia(subramanium swamy)

3) The chinese martial arts were also brought to china from a person in india called Bodhidharman (real name simha varman) a pallava king from kancheepuram
4) there was a siddhar called bogar, who travelled to china to be known as lao-tzu

These days the typical “educated class” bengali is a phony intellectual-midget, who likes to talk incessantly and spurt out things that just feel right in their heads and not logically sound and comprehensive arguments. The chinkyphile british did favours to bengalis by making it the capital and transferring all the funds from the country to build calcutta. They created many Universities and academic institutions with an agenda and to promote theories such as aryan invasion(which has been disproved in academic circles some time back with indepth research in genetic anthropology) etc. They also created a lot of bengali academics and rewarded those who’d buy into their agenda. Thus promoting the bardolok or watever they r called. The funds from the university went in promoting both english and bengali literature, and thus the bengali poets got a recognition like no other regional language. Also bengal with the ganges flowing thru it was a very fertile and resourceful region.
All these factors clearly indicate that bengalis got a huge headstart ahead of others in India in matters of academics and other essential skills. They were also good in kissing upto the british and they even created a surname/title to the best ass-kissers known as biswas. They were excited about the semi-aryan identity that the british gave them which elevated these half-mongoloids in comparison to the south indians. And the rage in this post stems from the fact that it is this particular crowd amongst bengalis( who form a lage academic/media nexus) that is defending the aryan invasion theory full on. This is also aided by the Muslim mafia from bangladesh and pakistan using this theory to serve their agenda as well. But no matter how much they try, we can all see the mongoloid features in them..and the explanation is either that they are half-mongoloid primitve population of India, or east india may be the likely place of origin of caucasian traits

North Indians vs South Indians – Comparitive Classification of aspects of Intelligence

A greater Breadth and Depth of thought with respect to impactful things is what makes something high in intellectual value. Explained below are what is length and what is breadth and neurally whats needed for length and breadth.

Treat this as a fair/latest draft and the below as a rough draft. some points may be contradicting
How thought works and what makes somethin a deep/great intellectual thought?

yesterday my mom started off a rant with ‘people seem to be taking pleasure in
others misery’. I dont know which partcular instance (or who in particular did
what) gave this thought to her but i heard her start that way.

Then almost immediately – she went on to say ‘ such bad people seem to be growing

The other day i was driving a car back from down south to chennai, and I thought to
myself, we should make a tamil version of the movie ‘locke’ . Then i asked myself
which car?the guy in the movie was driving a bmw. may be honda city, the one that
I was driving. Then, I started thinking about how embarrasing this would be if
someone from UK watched the movie with honda civic. Coz honda city is not exactly
a ‘cool’ car there.
I have been exposed to a bit of hebbian association and conditioned learning,
neural nets and so I try to explain why/how my mom inferred the second part and why
I thought about what foreigners would think about the car used in my imaginary
tamil movie.


Watson said ‘thought is sub-vocal speech’, i go on to add + images,sounds and other
So during thinking, in your conscience(also mean the area in your brain which
constitutes it), several of these images n sounds have to appear by that i mean the
neurons(we’ll call them thought area) representing these stuff gets activated . The
reason why thought is logical and not random is when one area gets excited, the
activation moves to another region which is closely associated with that area. lets
not worry about how these associations are formed, but just know that they are
formed – if you wanna know more, read a bit about pavlov’s dog and bone experient.
When my mom was talking about a type bad people doing stuff on whatsapp – this
piece of thought had several images,concepts constituting it. One such concept was
the concept of ‘people’. And another concept that is associated with the concept of
‘people’ is that ‘people grow in number’ – maybe not today in that particular street,
but in stories and history of things one has read or learnt before. So now in my
moms conscience/thought , there are still those bad people and now they appear to
be growing(maybe she thought about someone or two thats been mean to her personally, but they appearing to be growing in number is a concept deducted from above). So now she has made a new association between the concept of ‘bad
people’ and the concept of ‘people growing’ and now created a new concept that ‘bad
people are growing’ . Ofcourse many people will once again think about what they
are saying before they make a statement by thinking empirically or thinking about
other stuff and double check whether the new concept/logic sits well with other

This thought flow actually goes back and forth, coz if it is only one way, no one
would remember what problem they are trying to solve like in memento. So from ‘bad
people growing’ you go back to ‘bad people’, and may be think of ‘other bad things’
and claim that these ‘bad people’ also do those ‘other bad stuff’ and the rant goes
on. Sometimes you go more than one thought step in a direction and after ‘bad
people are growing’ concept is formed, you might form another concept ‘ at this
rate there will be more destruction and world will end soon’ without coming back to the ‘other bad things’.
So this is how new concepts are associated and the number of thought steps taken
right from the starting point is what is the collective new thought. Now what happens with back and forth activation is that a weightage increases between thougth area 1 and thought area 3 so that the next time you thin of 1, 3 could get activated without having to activate 2 first to get to 3.  If there is little back n forth activation, 1 might not get strongly associated with 3  and chances are next time 1 gets activated, 2 gets activaed and something else 4 gets activated forgetting about 3.  Light headed people – and people who just do useless blabbering keep on moving from one thought area to other, without making the connection. And in the end they havent really concocted all concepts into a theory coz they have not associated new things together in other words not learnt anything there.


So we go to the different components of this process – if you read my rough draft,
i might have explained a bit more in detail about the ‘thought cone’ which might
also tell you more of what i had in mind
1) Depth/length of thought – the number of thought steps in a single direction. for
example from ‘bad people’ to ‘bad people growing’ to ‘end of world’. now this doesnt mean that the thought area of final step is physically at a greater distance from first thought area…these neurons between points 1 and 3 could be closer than 1 and 2 for instance
2) Breadth of thought – All the things brought to be evaluated. for example, bad
people growing, other bad things etc etc.
3) correctess of logic – This is just a case of verifiying if the ‘new concept’ you
created sits well with many other things that you know. This again requires the
ability to bring in a greater amount of things to process, or rather going to great
depths and breadth of thought to imagine the implications the ability to see that
implications of new concepts might contradict established concepts. So the
correctness of logic is again a derived component of the lengh and breadth of
thought. a new thought might be incorrect if it contradicts an old well established logic otherwise if the new thought sits well with other stuff, the old logic is what is incorrect.

This is why no theory is complete if it is just deep. It has to bring in a breadth
of different concepts and have the ability to associate a wide range of things. Infact breadth is a more important aspect and only if there are a breath of different things brought it, one can actually achieve depth…..think abt this carefully.

In the RD section, I have gone on to classify the Length and breadth in various
ways – in more detail but lets just restrict the whole thing to length and breadth
in this section.

You are able to go back and forth quickly( like a million times a sec) coz when you
move from one thought to the associated thought(A to B) the association between the
two (A and B) is the strongest than with (B to someother concept C) coz the
activation is fresh and according to hebbian rule weightage of connection between
these 2 is very high and weightage only gradually decreases/decays with lack of
activation. But gradually things move from either B to C or from A to D etc.

The ability to bring in a lot of concepts ( breadth) depends on prior learning/associating and neural
stucture. Young people know few stuff thats why they are unidemnsional in their
thought. Mature people bring in a lot of factors to evaluate about a single thing.
Neurally, your nerve connectivity should be good across several areas of your brain
so that many different thoughts get associated with one another.

Neurally there are the following criteria that affects your brains processing

1) Neuronal density. ( by genetics as well as health/nurture)
2) Number of healthy connections and connectivity to neighbouring neurons.( like
regions pertaining to algebra being strong, regions pertaining to music being
good). This includes lower activation thresholds in those regions. – determined by
age/healthy eating. Regional strength is determined by genetics
3) Activation potential – spicy food makes more ions in the cerebro-spinal fluid
enabling more activation/electricity in your nervous system
4) Better connectivity in the larger contour , Not just connectivity to neighbouring neurons, but several regions well connected of the pre-frontal cortex or wherever the conscience is. This is also influenced/determined by genetics

The above 4 factors are heavily influenced by genetics mostly and second by

Spicy food makes one more bright and bland food – not so much invigorating
intellectually.So like I said, for breadth( and for the ability to go back and forth) one needs healthy connectivity between different thought areas (4).For attention to detail and memorising one would need  (1). For greater depth of thought one needs knowledge and
healthy connectivity( local mostly). Think about this — the activation is there in an area and it keeps moving back and forth and gradualy across to neighboouring neurons. If the ACtivation stagnates in one area and is concentrated too much, it means it is not able to move to another area – this is enitrely an issue of not so good connectivity across different areas. If theres is good connectivity/connection weightage between the nerve endings, the activation would split and go across different directions and consitiute bringing in different thought and constituting a higher breadth of thought. Otherwise the activation just stagnates among neurons very heavily associated. i mean associated also means well connected, but this well connectedness arises out of hebbian association from learning rather than naturaly healthy/strongly connected neurons – based on healthy connection fibers and low activation threshold.

Young ones move from one thought area to another
easily and get a bigger depth of thought, but this cant called be depth as the depth
is broken as there are no associations made from the starting thought point to the
latest — they simply just drift away in thought, they are not exactly constructing
a deep thougth. Whereas mature ones and even ones with higher breadth ability tend
to be static at times thinking about the same thing for a long time, and not really
moving on, connecting a greater depth of things ( an example is given in the RD
section). I can actually go on explaining drunkenness, and subconscious ease at driving while thinking about other stuff — with the same above concept. Drunkeness is again losing connectivity/breadth of thought under influence and having a uni-dimensional, broken thought(similar to childlike state). Sub-conscious driving/reflexes are just strong association from hebbian learning that occurs during practice – even without focusing(and larger activation), these areas get enough activation coz of the strong connection strength.

Knowledge plays an important role in the direction/depth of thought. For
exaple I thought about how embarrassing it would be if a westerner sees my
imaginary movie, coz im always comparing western and indian standards having lived
in west for 4 + years and thinking a lot about how the western world views us. Same
way people who are more focused on politics tend to gradually link many things to
politics — ones tastes and knowledge influences the direction of their thought
via the conditioned association process.

The conscience is the last region in the brain, the different regions receive the
inputs and finally all the sights sounds etc comes together and gets associated
with each other in the conscience part – this is either conscience or the pre-
frontal cortex — which is the exchange region. So in this region

So people with high neuronal density will be able to memorise a lot of details. But
if in the region of conscience, if there is good connectivity/fluidity across – it
is good for the breadth component – bringing in several aspects pertaining to one
thing. Bookworm nerds/specialitsts – have a narrow way of forming thought and all
the activation is focused greatly in just one path.this is kinda how young people
think but with more details.
So the only difference between thought stagnating in one region/unidimensional vs
being a well rounded thought is healthy connectivity. more neuronal density = more
memory, but good connectivity(healthy nerve endings) = more fluidity across all
directions. i mean if you look into it – the same amount of electricity of
activation can activate either few nerve cells or more cells depending upon
activation threshold AND connection weightage. So connection weightage between
neurons have to be good for well rounded thinking and bringing in different
aspects. For people who only memorise things — genetically the connection
weightage will have been less across many regions and consequently overall less
weightage connectivity in the brain. If you do not often different things into your thought, connecting strengths/fluidity across areas of thought decreases and this not so well connected structure is also passed on genetically.
So being a mindless memoriser might give you high neuronal density, but it is
damaging for the connections in the long run. And only with good connectivity can
on bring different aspects/dimension to a thought and have a comprehensive n
creative thoughts.

local healthy neuronal density – more concepts in a specific focus – depth of thought, easy for memorising

Connectivity across different areas of thought – Breadth of thought

Knowledge – breadth and depth of thought

3)Activation potential – bright mind vs bland/dull mind


One last thing is, people who think about high impact stuff may seem more
intelligent.someone who talks about agro stuff is not seen as an intellectual
compared to someone who can talk politics or the market, although the depth and
breadth of the concepts maybe higher in what the farmer says. Physicists are regarded
high coz their knowledge explains most things-forces around us and therefore an
understading of that seems empower us more. same with someone geo-politics, money
matters etc commpared to some village stuff or whatever.


Rough Draft

Southies and Tamils in general like to claim that they are more Intelligent. This is an attempt to say how. I realise this might annoy many out there..but to those people I wouldnt complain about me saying that north indians are more attractive – which i have in my other blogs. I believe that indians are the most intelligent people in the world. tks 1)Amount of thoughts one evaluates/processes simultaneously & balance of thought : Certain people(also neotenous people), at a given time have less things on their mind…they evaluate lesser amount of things (other thoughts or brain activities) while formulating their thought. This can also be termed as brain activity in terms of number of activations and flow of different thoughts in the brain. A child who wants chocolate thinks only about the chocolate( only one thought) But a parent is evaluating a number of things such as good/badness, the cost, the effort, the right thing to do for the child etc etc. This ability to consider all aspects,side of things leads to maturity, ability to judge better and a balanced behaviour. I mean, its also not exactly thinking about it different thoughts simultaneously or inparallel…..but somehow they think about every associated aspect/factor pertaining to  something by means of well rounded thinking every moment of their consciousness. This ability of well-roundedness is in the neural structure of your brain(genetic and conditioning/nurture), where strong and connections are made between associated things and so that one thinks about a particular thing,all associated relevant things also comes into mind(refer’my idea for a robot post). Actually even for the below factors/way of thinking too, its about how well two things get associated in the brain and thought flows, but I guess the difference is in the orientation of the flow of activation/thought which i will explain.So this comprehensive association /taking into consideration and bringing in all associated aspects  pertaining to something is  important and people who do not posses this ability but go on to construct deeper logic become quite those Phd cookoos who get possessed by an illogical construct or in another type of issue sometimes fail to focus on all aspects of their life. People with the ability to consider all aspects of an issue are generally not self-centred and are able to put themselves in others shoes. Their tone of voice is also more humble and mature as they are considering how they sound to the others  and dont wanna come across as boorish or self-righteous. While dealing with any issue/concept..they always recall and evaluate all things associated with it and based on that – form a reasoning or inference. Maturity basically means acting appropriately..the more factors you consider, the more appropriate your actions will be(I mean considering more factors also leads to a deeper logic 3A and thus help in a appropriate action). It can be made out from their uninhibited and confident tone of talking that north indians process lesser number of things while articulating, and the whites are considering even lesser things than indians. I suspect that people who have been insulted,punished,reprimanded or let down in anyway more often while growing tend to consider a lot more things before they speak as they are a bit more mindful/aware of not getting a desired response from the others. Hence people who are not as attractive/admired consider/evaluate a lot more factors.  In the case of south indians factor 6 below also comes into play where everone in the society is preconditioned to a deep and mature thought and way of carrying themselves such as being very calm, speaking softly and being less aggressive, forthcoming or childish and more inhibitive/curbing of their enthusiasm n stuff. But apart from the impact of society/environment, the natural ability to consider different factors also comes inherently/genetically. These are generalised scores.Some individuals of a group may exceed the avg value mentioned. 20 doesnt mean no room for improvemet. When I mention a group, its not about if they are urban or rural dwellers, its just the picture that comes to my mind abt tat group. for example whn i say tamils – i mostly think about ones from chennai and asian may refer to a mix of FOBs and second gens living in west that i ve come across. Africans – a combo of african africans and afro-american in combination. Africans – 9 Chinese – 12 White Europeans – 11 Jewish- 13 Arab – 13.5 NI – 15,16 BE – 17 TA – 20 MA – 18 TE – 18 KA – 18 2)Correctness of complex logic/direction: its that ability to rightly associate things or  investigate/think about it thoroughly before associating things to form a logic. It also means understanding/interpreting what one reads/sees/hears in the right way. having a good vocabulary( remembering is another aspect of having a vocabulary, but this is about the application aspect. Also i do not consider remembering ability to be an major aspect of intelligence) and eloquent writing are also the effects of having the correctness of learning the rules and applying those rules. People with a lot of pre-conceived notions,closed minded people and biased people in denial all get this wrong – despite thinking a lot. No saying if one group gets it correct than the other on average. This is becoz people who only have simple things on mind will get it right most of the time, and people who have many things on their mind or have deep thought all the time are prone to have logical fallacies. But To evaluate correctly one must also first consider all factors behind it and apply your logic correctly although the higher the number of factors to consider..the complex the logic gets and more prone to logical fallacies. I mean, maybe if one were to analyse the IQ scores of shape association there might be some insights there. But being able to consider a lot of things in mind- despite making someone prone to errors, that ability i guess would also make some one process/evaluate a lot of things and make a right association. So the above scores are also applicable this section. I mean lets consider a basic – getting it right scenario. Lets say going for option 1 helps 20 people and going for option 2 helps 100 people in the same amount. There it is easy to determine option 2 as the right option. So for every single option/point/logic/factor the brain associates and amount of goodness/sense/appropriate consequence etc. The amount is not always a number but just a cloud. So when you consider many different factors, this sense/consequence cloud gets more weightage towards a particular decision/thought/point towards which your thought further flows. So this is why the correctness ability also depends on bringing in/associating a lot of thought and consequently bringing in/associating the corresponding logical/consequence amount-cloud with it. 3) Depth and breadth of thought : depends on how one has learnt/constructed a deeper logic using their ability. Breadth of thought is how many different concepts one is able to bring into a thought, whereas the depth signifies the level of each of those concepts – there are some concepts which are quite basic, whereas some are more advanced.Within this, constructing  deeper thought is more tougher than concocting a number of things into a theory.  Even people who have lesser brain activity might have focused a lot and constructed a deeper/broader  logic. For example the theories of someone like rajiv malhotra are more profound than that of lets say gurumurthy.  Examples of the breadth of thought is- drawing analogies, bringing in a lot of facts on a related thing – for example when one talks about neoteny – its features, how its applicable amongst animals, and all those observations regarding that particular concept.  Whereas when one talks about Depth, its will be like talking about how neoteny is thought to have became embedded with social structure and impacting the geo-political and the everyday scenarios today and those implications(Where one drives the thought towards a new inference and thus comes up with a logic/concept in doing so) . The breadth only means different simpler concepts which are quite apparent. The difference between 1 and the breadth in 3(B) is that in 1 you are considering all the factors that impact your decision on a particular thing. But in 3, its only different concepts, which do not necessarily bear an impact on each other, but those which are just associated in whatever way to each other and can just be concocted to form an essay or something.  In short 1 vs 3B is Factors vs related facts/things. Another example to differentiate depth3 A from 1 – When rajiv malhotra talks about how ancient knowledge from india is being passed on to foreigners who take it abroad, repackage it and sell it back to indians, he talks about a deeper process of how this U turn happens and leads to indianness being digested/lost in the western international framework . An example for 1 would be how judges work by taking into account everything or how the planning commission works or the budget is made considering all the factors and perspectives of the society. well assessing the need and allocating of funds is 1, but an elaorate plan to create/build something to address things will be 3A. Another example is when someone talks about the religion 1 is taking into consideration all known facts/points/aspects about what it is and the factors that impact it. For example thinking about/taking into consideration  how religion came out of man’s lack of better explanation for forces, and that it reduced violence and barbaricness and the fact that a lot of philosphy and scientific/healthy practices got embedded into it.  whereas  a 3A would be about inferring or implying something less obvious like how it impacts other things like politics,human behaviour in current day situation. So basically 3A is the new inference/insight/depth one formulates in his mind, which can be used in the future as 1(factor) driving other thought. So to any thought you construct,there is the base of factors accounted, length and breadth of logic. It can be imagined like a cone whose base is 1 and its height  denoting the depth mentioned in 3 A(breadth of 3b is just a collection of other smaller cones/thoughts that occur adjacent to the main thought). Each of the factors themselves may have sub factors and represent a certain depth of thought(like 2,8 in the below diagram). The diagram and the connections is not accurate to whats being explained but try to picture this – When one starts his thought with the point 4, the factors(1) that a mature person brings to the picture and evaluates are 5,6,7 and possibly 3 as well(the connection is not obvious). An immature person may not be able to think about all the relevant factors(points 5,6,7,3). So by considering the comprehensive factors, they might arrive at a new thought point 2 and it goes higher/deeper into 1 this way. So thats the depth 3A. Regarding 3b imagine someone in point 4, and assume that point 10 is another thing associated with it something like thinking about cricket, to australia to dil chatah hai movie or something – a bunch of things associated with one another. Young, light headed people keep jumping across different associated points(3B) without dwelving deep into one thought area like mature ones do. And consequently are more fun for the others coz they can keep talking about a lot of stuff and be fun or interesting. But in the end, they stay in the same thought level, dont realise a greater depth of logic or something new, by traversing along the same thought points that they are already aware of – unless somewhere they stumble/drift into the logical depth component as well in that process. math_t13 It is also important that they are able to have correctness of logic(in the above case would be like relating to logical/thought points correctly). other wise they are just constructing a deep bullshit or irrelevant points to the issue you are discussing.Considering a lot of factors (1) is important, but also rightly evaluating the factors to consider (2) to construct the theory or address(or ignoring inappropriate points) an issue is also important. Any theory will have to account for a number of factors and also associate several concepts/train of thought to achieve a depth. This is the primary recognition of intellect such as  nobel prize winners/inventors and other intellectual achievers have all constructed a great depth(3A) of thought for which they are recognised as such. Also understanding a complex theory/a bigger picture is also based on this ability, however constructing a new complex logic is much harder and higher than understanding existing complex logic. Actually when i say considering/evaluating different things regarding something, there are not parallel thought processes that happen. Thought is always linear, its just curled up like a spring to cover different areas to sorta give rise to the thought cone described above. to give you a better picture, consider the below images Thought When we start to think of something,it starts with the apex of 1st image. And the same linear thought process covers up a whole length(3) and spectrum(1) of things. Generally speaking the thought process has the orientation of image 2. We start from a thing(at the apex) and in our brain, there are connections and weightages associated between related things to the original thing, and in a spiral-linear fashion we think about all those things and bring them to-gether to evaluate. So we start with point D and bring to-gether the factors associated A,B and C. So A,B & C are factors directly associated with D with higher connection weightage(as created by the hebbian rule). So bringing in all these facotrs into a thought process is skill 1. Now depth is again spiraling down and reaching the depth – point E which is associated with C but not originally or directly related to original point D. The difference between 3A depth and 3B breadth is that, 3A is the process of getting to point E, whereas 3B is the process of getting to some other point associated with C lets assum X(not in picture) which has no bearing on the direction D-C-E. Thats is X is just in the level of the line ABC and related to C (or maybe even D and A,B) but DOES NOT CONTRIBUTE toward the path of getting to thought E. The factor 5 is something Y  in a totally different thought cone that may very remotely be related to C but not at all related to any of the thought points in contentions -A,B,D and hence also has no bearing on getting to the depth E. I mean 5 is a jump to a completely different thougth area/domain for example talking about the cricket match in australia to world war 2 all of a sudden. So 3A is the only component where thought/logic is constructed keeping the original thoughts in mind, or rather STICKING TO THE POINT.  So at the end of this thought process, the person has learnt something and has acquired a logical depth associating point D with E. If this person had high component of 1, the next time he thinks about D, he will also bring in E along with all the other factors(A,B,C) while evaluating things, otherwise if he is an immature,childish person..will be quite narrow minded and only bring in point C when thinking about D the next time.  Actually one doesnt always have to strictly follow a linear path to make the association between D and E. Some people always try to relate things to certain topic. For example, for a patriotic person any immigration,legislation, culture or anything at all(which would be D), he will somehow try to keep in mind the national interest (E) and try to relate that concept D with national interest (E) and focus his thought in that Direction. This happens becoz even though the hebbian weightage is low between D and E initially, the person is a patriot and the area E generally gets more activation time and hence he frequently brings E into the things he thinks about and thought frequently spiral towards E (using the hebbian way).  People who bring in a lot of factors (1) will also be positioned to drive a deeper thought, as considering a lot of thought will help get to the depth. So the 2 things that drive Intellectual depth 3a are 1) a persons interest in high funda stuff(like philosophy/national interests) and 2) Ability to hold and process as many thoughts(which is also the requirement for factor 1) )that helps them drive a deeper association/logic while also staying to the point. Probably a larger/more folded neo-cortex or the appropriate weightage/neural connections/activation potential to do this processing in neo-coretex(or the appropriate area)….which is determined by genetics as well as nurture/conditioning from the up-bringing environment/background. Just to reiterate in a different way…1)Amount of thought..considering all associated factors covering a larger area/spectrum of thought….also includes deeper/higher logic in each spectrum.3) Deeper thought involves not stagnating in one thought area but healthy enough to keep constructing/associating with things related/known/comes to mind or to think of a logic that is quite deep. People with higher component in 1 are able to pay attention/consider a lot of things like everything that is said, the speakers tone,demeanor,and things to consider like etiquette,morality, etc etc. People who are deep thinkers may become quite inconsiderate/absent minded regarding some of the above things.because there is a trade off between the components, when there is more activation focused on one section the activation is less in the other section of the brain. This is probably why a group like telugus who have a higher component in 1 do not necessarily go on to construct deeper logic with respect to a subject..they make good I.T. people but not good inventors or creators of ideas. However, whites due to their knowledge can go on to construct new concepts, and bengalis due to their inherent potential and neotenous mind can go on to construct deeper/new logic. Since Im biased towards tamils, im gonna say tamils have high potential and the brains structure to have higher processing ability along both components 1 and 3A. Both depend on ability to associate things and construct a larger thought. The difference is 1 involves processing every thing that comes to mind wrt an issue and make a comprehensive assesment whereas 3 involves having a direction/objective and construct thoughts to formulate a plan/solution. 1 is simply recalling things we have thought about before and already associated. 3 is making a new association between 2 things in your head. 3 is obviously the new thought you are generating and the most rewarding brain activity. Obviously to imagine and associate things, you gotta have knowledge,education,exposure and those nurture factors  mentioned in 4. Person who has 1 but not 3 is a good developer/engineer. So please dont say chinese should score high on 1 now coz chinese are just hard-working and not so high inherent potential. Writers usually have a lot of 3B component in their work whereas scientists and thesis contains a igh 3A comonent. And europeans and jews may look like they are onto deeper stuff, but its only becoz of war,wealth,knowledge,exposure and being in a modern developed societies with a lot of things going the orientation/society(4) factor helps then – not that they are inherently capable of generating more thought than indians. person who has good 3 but not 1 is a philosoper or in some cases artists…and then there are inventors and geniuses who are strong in both components. For these things again you need a lot of thinking potential/brain activity to drive deeper thought(so people who consume spicy, healthy,fishy things have more activity on general). not only thinking potential but also correctness of logic and evaluate a lot of factors while constructing the logic. And also a good brain structure through your genetics to be able to construct deeper thoughts. This also depends on the background in which you grew up/learnt ….conditioning from the way people around you construct logic and behave also influences your ability to construct logic. Trying to pen down all the things required in the brain, 1) A lot of activation(or thought current/voltage) : The more ions i the elecrolytic solution in the brain..the more activation potential you have. after all the activation is the thought. These Na, K ions  are present a lot in salt/spicy food. There is also a saying in tamil ‘dont you add salt in your food?’ meaning ‘dont you have any shame/realisation in you’?. So more activation potential you have in your brain your gonna have more excitiation/feelings/thoughts. People with less activation are ofcourse quite go eat spicy food. The other factors influence the orienatation of thought. I mean with just a high potential in your brain, if the potential is just concentrated on one area alone..thats just all your thought concetrated on a simple area…like for example kids, when then are eating chocolate..they enjoy the chocolate a lot more than adults do but are thinking only about the chocolate . If someone wants to come up with a theory of everything, he needs not just the activation, but the activation oriented into different thoughts..for which the below brain structure comes into play. 2)  Activation threshold of neurons : If the neuronas are healthy, they have a lower activation threshold…so even with limited activation thought flows in that neuronal path. This property may also be inherited genetically. if a lot of areas of brain have healthy neurons with low threshold thought flows into them . people with healthy omega 3 fatty acids consumption can have such healthy neurons and so more thoughts flow in their mind..potentially leading to a higher component of 3A, 3B

3) easier Association between neuronal connections: Neuronal connections have weightages associated to them. If the neurons are healthy, the connection weightages is also high. The connection weightages between neurons /neuronal pathways/different areas also increase according the hebbian rule (via learning ), and this weightages property is also passed through genetics. In other words, the neural connections/pathways have to be strong in the brain – inherited from genetics.This drives the Higher component 3b of tamils/south indians – their genetics and culture/mannerisms/way of thinking.

4) Number/Density of neurons : More neuronal density in certain sections of the brain(gotten from genetics mainly, and nurtured by effort and learning) allows the people to be able to process a lot of thought in that area(be it musical or artistic or scientific), or if in general they have higher density in the neo-cortex, they have higher thought processing ability overall. So this affects 1 and 2. I guess southies have a high neuronal density which enables them to bring in a lot of thought and be heavy headed instead of light headedness.

Features 3 and 4 (the number of neurons and higher associative connections between them) passed on through genetics is what increases their maturity level and ability to bring in a lot of thought amongst south indians. For non-south indians since they dont have too high neuronal density/deeper pathways, their activation is not wasted/diluted in several neuronal connections in one particular thought area and neither does it go too deep in any  their mind wanders,jumps to different thought areas easily and over a period of time, their mind is trained to traverse different thought areas hence they are able to generate a bit of deep thought. So when learning or thinking about things, South Indians look at the totality of things whereas north indians just think about the main point alone.  But for non-tamil south indians, they have  factor 1 and 2, but since their activation is diluted in these areas, they are not able to drive deeper thought, instead they dwell on a thought area but thinking about it comprehensively compared to northies. However, tamils are able to drive deeper thought as they have higher neuronal density(4) and even higher connection strength(3) as a result of which thought is able to flow out to other regions instead of stagnating and consequently able to think deeper.  Apart from the above factors, if you are exposed to a lot of concepts-scientific/hi funda, knowing a lot(factor 4 mentioned below) will also enable one to construct deeper logic. thats why people in developed countries with good education,information and knowledge are able to thing about deeper things and come up with a lot of ideas and concepts.  But apart from the impact of society/environment, the natural ability to consider different factors also comes inherently/genetically.

neuronal density helps in factor1

connectivity between areas affect factor 3b
knowledge helps factor 3b

activation, threshold(health of neurons) help in activeness, fluidity

These are generalised scores.Some individuals of a group may exceed the avg value mentioned. 20 doesnt mean no room for improvemet. Africans – 13 Chinese/Asians – 12 White Europeans – 16 Jewish- 17 Arab – 15 NI: 17,18 BE: 19 TA: 20 MA: 19 TE: 18 kA: 18 To recap.. The above 3 are natural/inherent abilities determined mainly by genetics , how one has conditioned their mind to think(reflection of the background) and also healthy brain activity by means of healthy consumption.To tackle a complex concept..many abilities need to come together – the depth, the correctness, and considering all factors . A concept/thought that has depth and is correct in logic  is not necessarily a comprehensive one if it doesnt take into account the third dimension. For eg.rajiv malhotra may have the depth and correctness, but just by the way they speak one can feel that someone like gurumurthy considering  a greater breadth of things in his mind while putting forth a point. Also there is a difference between amount of thought/factors considered simultaneously(1) and the amount of thought. Amount of thought is simply just pondering a lot about superficial stuff without a great depth of logic,correctness of logic or processing a lot of factors simultaneously. This amount of thought is particularly high for young/neotenous minds..u know they say they have a lot of imagination and fancy things on their mind(which is similar to 3b – breadth of thought or 5)kinda thing….. they dont really dwell on a particular thought area but think about different things associated and ponder a greater breadth(3b/5) of things in their mind.To differentiate the process in young vs old peoples brain, In old peoples brain many thoughts(the neural pathways representing them) have really strong associations with each other and with certain other thoughts. This means people get to these thought areas very easily and stay in these thought zones/areas for a long time as they have stronger weightage in that section of brain. In young peoples mind, no thougth area/zone has relatively high neural connection/association weightage and hence they move to different thought areas easily. As people grow up, they should develp the ability to create this neural connection/association weightage(learning is the process of creating neuralconnection weightages) in such a way to create deeper/wider logic thought flow and memory properly. people in whose brains these connection weightages are creatd well become good thinking people and the ones in whose brain, these connection weightages are not formed well either because of genes or nurture or conditioning become not so bright people.People who consume a lot of spicy food/fishy food/heahlthy brain cells development also have higher activity in the brain..which depends on these age and health factor mostly..nevertheless there is also a gradient based on the different groups..i mean Tamils or bengalis generally may have a higher brain activity compared to lets say a punjabi or a kannada, but it also depends on age and health its difficult to come up with scores for these. This along with the memory factor depends on age and health and so not making a generalised scored for these and not considering these as primary intelligent quotients In the end, components 1,2 and 3a,b are all thoughts/neuronal activation in different orientation.Which means anyone who puts an effort can exceed in those components.and their brain structure(genetic) and conditioning/nurture from background helps too. The below are aspects depending on the society where they live and access to inputs/information(nurture). 4) Number of things they know(knowledge):So people receiving good eductaion/inputs from being part of a knowledgeble circle/city with exposure will know all the important/sophisticated hi-fi things and whether your city has good education,knowledge and ideas floating around(whereby you get the knowledge-building blocks to form new ideas). this also helps them in formulating complex/sophisticated/hi-funda thoughts. one indicator of this ability is the amount of time and effort people spend in browsing/acquiring new information across any field. These are generalised scores.Some individuals of a group may exceed the avg value mentioned. 21 doesnt mean no room for improvemet. Africans(in africa) – 11 Chinese – 14 White Europeans – 20 Jewish- 21 Arab – 13 NI: 18 BE: 19 TA: 20 (engineering,nobel laureates, and education level of chennaiites) MA: 19 TE: 17 kA: 16 5)Number of new things they think about/amount of brain activty: Sometimes..even people with higher activity potential,deeper & correct logical thinking not necessarily think about many different things, for reasons such as they might be very conservative and are not very keen or inquisitive about other things. They are just happy thinking about the same things again and again..or rather forced to be that way becoz of work/society(..imagine a I.T. developer vs a bohemian artist), and appear as if they arent generating different/a variety of thought. For example monks living simple life and having simple thoughts. Neotenous/childish people do not curb their thinking and generate thought about different things and there fore may be one up compared to a conservative person based on variety of their thinking. People having fun and exploring new areas score high in this.respect to a particular thing/thought, whereas here its about keeping an free mind and observing/wondering about a lot of things they come across. The pattern of this thought is similar to 3b, the small difference is in 3b its about associating different things with the particular concept/thought in contention, whereas this is about making an conscious effort to explore different things.  This is reflected in the importance to art/novelty/culture/celebrations given in the society also considering the economic constraints. These are generalised scores.Some individuals of a group may exceed the avg value mentioned. 20 doesnt mean no room for improvemet. Africans – 11 Chinese – 12 White Europeans – 19 Jewish- 20 Arab – 13 NI: 17,18 BE: 19 TA: 17 MA: 18 TE: 17 kA: 15,16 The developed, rich and multicultural countries obviously have a lot of interesting stuff going on.Closer scoes doesnt mean that certain indians’ thought is similar to western thought – they think of drastically different things/issues in the west and here. But things are also a bit eventful and a lot going on here in India. 6)Prior Exposure and conditioning with Deeper thoughts/philosophy : South indians’ thoughts are predisposed and skewed towards  maturity..They are conditioned(by society) to feel right about being less aggressive..less aggressiveness being associated with maturity. So exposure to high funda logic from their society..will steer their thoughts in the right way..and will help them in achieving a superior logical position.for eg. how people and everyone in certain societies are influenced by religious or other philosophical teachings followed by that society. So some south indians truely understand why its good to be mature, however a vast majority(who do not exercise much thought) are just mature because sub-consciously it feels right and appropriate in that society and sub-consciously get to that higher logical position. This is not the same as the impact of ones background in the way they generate/construct logic or thought mentioned in 3 These are generalised scores.Some individuals of a group may exceed the avg value mentioned. 20 doesnt mean no room for improvemet. Africans – 10 Chinese – 18 White Europeans – 11 Jewish- 15 Arab – 16 NI: 16 BE: 17 TA: 20 MA: 19 TE: 19 kA: 19 May be a lot of SE asian communities exposed to South Indian rulers have a maturity level of 18 a reason for the southies to occupy the moral higher ground is the aggressive and self-centred nature of northies. It is well know that southies are more mature/passive whereas are northies are more aggressive and forth-coming. In a north indian circle,a few of the good looking centre of attractions dont really care about how they make the others around them feel. When they are the centre of attraction, the other have to resort to being the not -so preferred/invisible losers and have to pretend to have fun by being an extra/ a side-kick to those aggressive ones, despite feeling bad inside…for eg the girl wearing the green shirt in 00.22-00.23 – look at how superficially she is shaking her head and made to look like a fool

north and south Indians are culturally and genetically closest to each other compared to any other ethnic group like say persians or arabs… The differences in intellect are primarily are brought about from the physical differences and only to a small extent based on history..for eg. the guptas  or magadhas  or mauryas before covered all of what people consider the northern part( i mean the marathis and  orissa up to kashmir,indus in the north-west front) ..and so that belt was sorta were culturally similar. Even in the hottest places of the northern belt, they had a mix of both hot and cold in if it was hotter for 9 months, at least for 3 months they had cold season. The cold weather makes muscles stronger and firmer and also gives rise to firm/sharp and neotenous features. This mix of climate is very good biologically speaking in contrast to an monotonous climate. And in the south, the climate was mainly hot with the exception of hilly regions and it does not get as cold and chilly as it gets up north. This makes skin,musles dry and saggy or slightly puffy features – however you would describe it. These skin n muscles never get a chance to firm up as there are no cold seasons in the year. And so the physical features of south indians are less neotenous(youthful is the simple translation) non-flatter face, bigger eyes, lesser distance between eyes, nose and mouth compared to the rest of the facial area, dark dry and thick skin etc. One cannot claim that physical neoteny will not have any effect on the intellectual neoteny of people. A society,  of group of people where its people have a lot of neotenous features will feel and act more neotenous and thereby making the culture of the group more neotenous, and the neotenous culture(with more singing,dancing, liberal attitude, forth coming and aggressiveness) will also shape and re-inforce neoteny in the physical looks and the faces of its people. So even a smaller percentage of physical  differences can sometime lead to a lot of differences..for example a society where there are 60% physically neotenous people-their culture is mainly going to be neotenous. Whereas a society where 60% of its people have mature physical traits and 40% noetenous the culture of the society will tend to be more mature. And if the culture is mature, the later generations will be more mature and if the culture is neotenous, the later generations will be more neotenous. the community of deepika padukone..gowd saraswat brahmins..even though they have nice and fair features, they are quite mature because of the cultural closeness of konkani with kanada and south, and hence deepika comes across as distinctly mature as comapred to someone from maharashtra- closer to karnataka border. The only north indian actress who strikes me as a mature(not naturally neotenous in behaviour) person is madhuri dixit. I cannot think of any south indian actress who is not mature(vineetha thottumkal maybe). Some other examples of how the culture you are in affects your look. When i try to look for mudaliar brides in Bharath matrimony, I can notice how some of them born and brought up in the north, with not too strict of parenting look more cuter and look just like north indians. If you browse saurashtran profiles( who supposedly settled in TN some 300 years back), they look very similar to south indians despite having fair skin. And take the examples of Madhavan and swara bhaskar or meghna naidu, they look and act more of north indian than typical south indian faces. Like I said before , it is all thought oriented in different ways/directions. Two people having the same amount of activation potential in the brain might focus and direct their potential in different ways (1,2,3a,3b or 5) leading to different personalities(although it also depends on the structure of neurons in the brain which determine the ease in which direction the thought might flow) and so any group, if they can focus enough achieve a high score in any of the above factors.  In other blogs ive discussed about nice guys finishing last and why people who think too much/geeks/nerds are not really that fun. To explain this with the above components, intelligent/nice/mature guys have higher scores/orientation components in 1 and  6. 6 is especially a fun killing component as it deals with the code to conduct oneself in the  society ,discipline, maturity and stuff. 6 kinda kills the spontaneous thinking that comes about with the 5th component and 1 is a drag on 3b. 5 and 3b are the components of neoteny,being spontanious, interesting and fun thoughts, whereas 1 makes a person dwell/stagnate in a particular component and think about it thoroughly like nerds. This is why south indians are doing well in technical/I.T. / law etc .3a(depth) is also good, if the thought is a fun thought – like some nice poets and writers have good scores in this component and they are comparitively fun/romantic people too. However if 3a(depth) is in a mature/nerdy thought, that works the opposite way – like it does for tamils – not in their wit(mean to say they have good sense of humour) but in their philosophical(like conservatism,tradition,patriotism) part.and 3a works in a good way for bengali girls and make them very engaging and fun. The areas and the scores may be updated as i get to think about it more.

Why people are running away from tamils

New Draft (old draft contains the orginal post, new ones just my latest take on things)

  1. Skin color Reason :
  2. Flab,figure , skin texture , conservative ,mature and lack of a playful fun impression r all there, but i wanna explain what exactly is attractive with my impact theory.

Impact theory says that all purpose of all forms/forces trapped within those forms ( life or otherwise) is to make an impact. For Life forms, they derive pleasure out of things that are impactful – explains why a child likes to play with toys or we like to listen to music or why we find other races exotic or why we like to play around with pets. I mean at an ultimate level im a nihilist but from a biological perspective, we derive pleasure out of making an impact( not always proportionately but nevertheless).

einstein is an impactful person but his wife would only find little comfort in that. Coz We like to make an impact on an impactful person to maximise our impact and not waste our efforts on less impactful people. And Einstein is impactful for his physics intelligence and his wife has little to do with the impact he was creating. However, if you are the guy thats hitting sunny leone on a regular basis, sunny leone – who makes millons of guys waste spem, you are an impactful guy, right? In primitive times women find dominant males attractive, coz dominant males were simply more impactful. But like I said, the brain is not very efficient and it still mostly gets attracted to physical superiority than intellectual superiority. Coz its easy to extrapolate physical impact than intellectual impact. Plus attraction, pleasure love making, baby making are all related to physical health.

I mean, einsteins wife is there to have physical relations with him and some personal emotional stuff, she has little do do with the intellectual impact that he is creating. Attraction is only about physical impact, and only people who are cuter, can dance , can talk smooth , with whom one can extrapolate fun in mind come across as attractive.If you wanna be attractive , you gotta be impactful in the physical sense  and not in fighting sense but in physical/pleasurable sense. Im tired now so will post my video here

Now a bit about how to act in front of attractive people that u see. Like I said it all about making the right moves – moves that indicate your impact potential, within the area of fun/cool things pertaining to mating.When you are walking in a public places – deep down what everyone whats to do is to make an impact on the other somehow. There are several scenarios to this. Someone who wants nothing to do with ones below them will refrain from making any moves coz they simply want to avoid them. But someone who feel inferior to the other also refrains from making any moves coz they wanna save any pain from confrontation.In the former case, it would be like – Im big enough so that the other one is not able to make any impact one me, in the other case – you wanna come across like im big enough that im confidently making my move infront of the other, while the other isnt making any move. Even in the former scenario – by not making any moves/staying indifferent to the efforts of someon else, one is trying to send across a message that they are better than the other and thus make an impact on them. So what should you do? Obviously if u think they are attractive u gotta make positive moves, coz if u act otherwise – u r just kidding urself – people can sense you are acting like u r better without a proper reason and that u r truely not confident about urself. But in some cases u need to have an attitude too which is explained below. Even with someone who u think is marginaly attractive and that u r better than them, u still want to make an impact on them. So the fact that u r trying to make an impact on them doesnt mean that they r superior to you.  So, For the first 2 to 3 seconds u see an atractive girl/guy you just stare at their beauty, for the next 2 to 3 seconds you still stare thinking how better than u they r wrt beauty/fun stuff.  Right there  they have already made an impact on you, but you are yet to make an impact on them and at this point they are the ones superior to you hence. You generally cant do much about that, but recover after some 6 or 7 seconds and realise how impactful and superior you are in comparison to them or the guy/girl hitting them. ( if you are a nihiilist, your life is also better than theirs). And now after the 7 seconds, have an attitude in your face — which they might note — and which might  shake them up and leave them wondering how eaxctly does this person think they are better than them. If they see that attitude in your face ( attitude with a real reason and not just fake attitude without proper reason) they will be shaken n wondering and thats all the impact that you can hope to make. Somewhere in my blogs or vlogs ive mentioned why Intelligence is more impactful than looks- cos the most attractive guy can only bring about some 10000 kids at absoulte max with his charming ability. A person of intelligence can make or wipe out billions of lifes and influence billions of lives. So attitude with a real reason is important, and when u have this true confidence and attitude with a real reason, all you have to do is to have a demeanour that indicates you will be willing to make playful/fun move for the others — which they might sense and reciprocate leading to positive relations. Even people who know you are better than them will be genuinely nice( make fun,positive moves towards you). They simply accept u r better and just hope that they can impact you in some ways. Only problem is , they get let down by people who think they are better and sometimes they start to care about being superior to others. But mostly people just stare and walk past so you just have to indicate that you think you are better than them, not try to come across as friendly. Only in the case that you think that the other person respects you and thinks you are impactful and wants to connect with you, you change your demeanor to being friendly, till then “im holier than thou” attitude will do just fine while you are walking by and seeing people who think they are up there.

Now only 2 kinds of people have it easy and have the natural confidence 1) people with good looks and 2 ) people who are the elite/sophisticated- in india people who talk in english all the time and act not so much like a typical indian but an hybrid-westernish person.  1 st category instantly know that they are being looked at when they walk in a public place, 2nd category – They belong to a elite circle and can instantaneously classify the surrounding crowd as below them and hence they get that confidence instantly. These hybrid coconuts however feel inferior to foreigners when walking amongst them.

Now you will notice these types and stare at them for a while – you cant help that. many pretend to not notice them but still both parties know who feels they are superior and inferior. Now if you are someone that doesn not have looks or do not belong to an elite crowd, but still upon reflection you know you are a better/having more impactful person, this is how it has to be. For the first 4 or 5 seconds you simply stare at them admiring/noticing/analyzing their goods. But what you have to do is think about how you are the better/more impactful person and find true confidence and superiority about yourself – almost like you are ready for a confrontation with them with confidence.  However you cant just be mean all the time, you may also have to try and befriend them for either romantic or other kinds of association. So words that have to go through your mind is ” I M BETTER THAN YOU , BUT I ALSO WOULD LIKE TO PLAY/DEAL WITH YOU” With this attitude in your head you can also establish your supremacy but also open up your chances of impacting them positively/mutually. If you truely intelligent and have a better impact potential , you as a south indian also belong to the most successful group on earth and this have a good background – if you wanna know how, you gotta check out my other blogs n youtube channel videos.So there are plenty of reasons for you to feel superior to the coconuts or the ones blessed with hotness. But keep reading the older draft of this – where ive discussed some stuff in detail.
But only from one perspective ‘making an impact’ is the ultimate thing in life and your impact potential is what makes you better or worse than the other. But from the
perspective of a number of other schools of thought – say for example nihilism or buddhism, what matters most is happiness. ANd now there’s 3 things in contention –
Impact potential, pleasure potential and Happiness potential. Although from this perspective pleasure trumps impact, it doenst mean that one who has the most
pleasurable life is the most happiest. One can have a better happiness potential based on their philosophy or other virtues. So Eiher by impact potential or happiness
potential, intelligent ones can have the confidence that they are better than the charming ones who seem to have all the worldy pleasures happen for them.

So final takewaway is – u just have to have a proper reason to believe in your superiority n not fake it and whether u choose to have an attitude or try to be friendly depends on the situation. But its not that you always compare urself with people u see. When you see a noticeable person your mind either starts thinking whether they are better than you or not, or , thinks about whether you can be with them or atleast u are with a group of people like or better than them . This blog has thus far already dealt with how you go about comparing urself and feeling better. But sometimes, you feel like why cant you be with that person even though you may feel like u r better than them. If you feel that way , i think what one has to do is think about how your life is still better/happier than someone who gets to have them in their life. Better/Happier coz of ur happiness potential – owing to your better philosophy. The moment you see a person like that should instantaneously turn into a moment of reflection of how better ur life is,  or simply just enjoy admiring them knowing that ur life is better and feeling good at the end of it.  If you do this quick enough you come across as someone with potential.Even if you dont do it quick enough, end of it you should process everything and get feeling good – either coz of ur reflection of your betterness or coz of getting to see an attractive person and getting turned on for some moment. Bu the above is just so that you start feeling good, and you still have to make an impact when ur out in front of others – somehow its not enough if u just feel good abt yourself. So to make an impact, you have to get ur confidence as soon as possible and indicate the passers by that you think you are better than them, that will shake them up – which is ur impact on them. For this, whenever u go out in the public, you can be ready for it and carry an attitude all the time. You know what im saying – some people whenever they are in public – always walk around with an attitude. If you cant always walk around with an attitude, you should atleast be able to generate that attitude/confidence at the quickest. you should simply try to have an attitude most of the time ” thinking that im better than most people coz i have a better philosophy in life, and this philosophy beats looks,power,money,sophistication & other pleasures”. If you cant have that attitude all the time – just the ability to get the confidence quickly. As a strategy you can try to have an attitude when u walk past too many people in a mall or something where you dont have enough time. but in a place where you are with many people, you can stay relaxed and take your time to display your attitude and make an impact.In situations when you are generally relaxed suddenly come across attractive people where you dont even have enough time to make an impact( say for example you are going in a car and you see someone attractive walk past)- thats the tricky one – you dont get to make an impact as in most of the limited moments you have – you are just staring them processing their attractiveness. There is an urge for you to make an impact on them coz after you make an impact you are happier. But the whole point of trying to make an impact is just to be happy, so even if you dont make an impact ( by making them notice you) you can reflect about how you are better than them and feel happy about it. You can just do your best to make an impact there, but its hard to switch quickly – so just know that its okay that you didnt get to show ur attitude to them. It is the attractive and the elite ones that get to make the impact in those situations mostly.You can only try to get ur confidence asap and make them notice. Most of the time you wont even be in a position where they can notice you and so its hard for you to make an impact. But if they dont notice you, it means that they dont realise the impact theyve made on you and hence you dont have to feel like youve let someone else make an and impact on you without you being able to do the same on them – so its okay, you dont have to feel down about not being able to make an impact on them. Just know that if you get to confront them one on one you will be able to get the better ( assuming that you are confident about your impact & happiness potential). In the case that they do notice you noticing them, you have a chance to make them realise ur confidence – even if its only a fraction of a second. So be prepared for that fraction of a moment – if you see someone attractive walking past but you dont know if they will notice you or not, be prepared for it anyway and bring that attitude in ur face – for if they notice ur confidence, u would have made an impact on them.Actually the moment you stare – it doesnt indicate whether you feel confident or not – its the way you follow through after you notice/stare at them that tells whether you think you are better than them or not. Simply staring at others doesnt come across as you thinking they are better – your follow up demeanour does. So a short stare and a quick follow up with a better demeanour is the way. And after you have walked past you can think about what would happen if you interact with them and if you feel that you are superior to them you will be happy in your head.

Actually we still havent adequately explained how the sophisticated and good looking people feel confident all the time. They dont constantly asses every single moment their surroundings – it is done very subconsciously they get a feel /estimate the surrounding and carry with them their confidence most of the time. So when they carry the confidence around, even if they stare at you in some instances, it doesnt come across as someone beneath you is staring at you. Unfortunately if you are not good looking or a of a  sophisticated circle, you cannot get that feel constantly.  These people have the confidence all along the time they look at you, but you may need to generate it and takes time for you and so it doesnt come to you naturally if you are not that category. When i came back after living in australia for 4 years, i carried that confidence. I have confidence in some settings. Actually even if you are hot stuff yourself, if you havent seen as many good looking people before – you stare. You just have to have been in a cirlce/atmosphere where you see good looking people most of that time – in which case you dont stare too much at someone good looking and can quickly display a confidence. But if you are not from that background – you begin to stare more. So its just who you see/hang out/belong with most of the time that affects whether you stare at people for long or not and how qucikly you can bring your confidence. If your friends circle/background is average you will be staring at people for a longer time and cant bring up ur confidence quickly – even though you maybe of a higher impact or happiness potential. It all just depends on your background. So send ur kids to good schools. So think about it, you have definitely seen hot people but ones who u know instantly are below you status wise and so you look at them with confidence almost instantly. Only if you are not from a elite background you start ogling at someone attractive for sometime before you recover from your ogling and start to pose with confidence. This person just have to be at your status or maybe slightly higher than the crowd you generally hang out with for you to feel this way ( shaken at first, but able to recover later).People only have to be slightly better than the status of people who ur used to seeing everyday for you to feel that way – its not necessary that it makes you below them.You always walk around with a feeling -anticipating dealing with people of a certain status/range. If someone who is beyond that(either in pleasure potential or happiness/impact potential or with a higher status) shows up -which you were not anticipating…you have to change your mindset – the way you carry yourself and all that to deal with them. Thats requires sometime – you cant change much about it. Thats why its better if you belong to a elite background – you just feel confident in most times and scenarios and since your strategy/mindet is already wrt dealing with elite people in mind, you can instantaneously feel better than most people you see . This also gives people the impression that you are as good as the circle you belong to – but this is not true you can be of a much higher happiness potential than the family you are born into or the friend’s circle you get. South Indians/tamils in general are of low happiness/pleasure & impact potential generally and so you as a tamil will look at northies with awe on occasions when you see them. But like i said, watch my other blogs and realise that you are of better impact/happiness potential.  And when you realise that you are better than the attractive person in front of you – you just have to look at them with a confidence – “im better than you but id like to deal with you” confidence and look at them with comfort/a sense of superiority / without any insecurity – as if you were looking at a hot girl but from a naive background. In real life, you dont have time to think of all the reasons why you are better, so just know that you are of a better potential from the top of the head. Just start looking at them with a confidence. The only thing that you realize is that they are better than your cirlce, but quickly realise that they are not better than you.So just instantaneously look at them with confidence as if you would look at a person who is attractive but not as much an impact/coolness potential as you. White people carry this feeling all the time with other races .And there is an hierarchy among races. Indians feel this confidence over mongoloids and Negroids, but not so much with other caucasians. So dont even think, just look at people with confidence in most situations – you can work out later how you personally are better and that they might just be better/attractive than the people you regulary see.Its actually not even status or anything, we tend to notice people who are ultimately higher at happiness potential (not the fake happiness potential like most moral do gooders). We are evaluating happiness potential of people in our surroundings and the minute someone with a formidable potential comes, we need to adjust our strategy and so it takes time for that. If you are from a circle/background where people are of a higher happiness potential, your adjustment is limited as you are already walking around with an mindset/stratgey that fits into to those. If not, you have to raise your game and get your confidence as soon a possible and get that ” im better than you but i still wanna deal with you” demeanor indicating your confidence/happiness potential. And happiness potential roughly is a factor of  looks and sophistication after all. And when i say adjust your strategy – it doesnt mean falsely believing you have a better happiness potential – its just that these “attractive” people have a higher potential than the regular people in your life and so you have to change your demeanor accordingly. Either the people you see are below or above the average potential of your cirlce. For the ones adjudged below – there is no adjustment needed as, as per your natural instincts you dont really want anything from them. For the ones above your background( not you necessarily but your background), your natural instincts are to do something about it and want to do something with them. Thats why you feel like you should do something about them. But the fact that you wanna do something with them doesnt mean they are above you – it just means they have something to offer that can enhance your life experience than what you have currently- like the people in your circle / background. It may also be the case that you can offer or enrich their life way more that what they can offer you with your impact/pleasure/happiness potential, but still you’d be interested in them. So its okay and natural that for the ones above your feel/approach has to be different than the regular people. You need to bring up your confidence in those cases and display them in your demeanour, dont go feeling insecure. I mean you may become insecure if you dont have reasons to believe that you are of a higher potential . But the point here is, you dont have to wonder why you feel like acting differently with some people especially attractive/high potential people. I have, for the longest time wondered why people act differently with different people and that its bad to act that way. But now i guess the above points justfy the difference in our feeling wrt diff category of people. Regarding that “wanting to something about them” part – you just have to get ready to engage with you confidence ( true confidence which comes naturally with proper reasons)- the feeling which you can skip with normal people. Actually need to continue on here…Theres people “who you wanna do something with” but you know are below you. And theres people “who you wanna do something with” but you are not sure if they are too good for you meaning – they are of a higher potential than you.But if you are not sure if they are too good for you, it is only a reflection of the people who are in your circle/background mostly. You may be still be better than them individually coz of ur philosophy/coolness/happiness potential etc.The logic ive been telling before applies here, its mostly just about your background if you feel you may not be good enough for certain people. If you are philosophically sound, you are a cool person with a great happiness potential and so you be proud of yourself and feel better than most people you see.

So the kinds of people there are are

  1. people who you wanna have nothing to do with
  2. people who you wanna do something to with – but know you are better than them
  3. people who you wanna do something to with – but they are higher than the background/professional/friends circle you belong to but not better than you
  4. people who you wanna do something to with – they are better than your circle, and they maybe better than you if you dont have enough happiness potential. Hopefully you dont feel this way about anyone and you are truely cool/of a higher happiness potential than anyone else you come across in person, owing to your better philosophy.

Since from a nihilistic point of view, being happy is the ultimate aim of life ( & even from buddhist & bhagwath gita point of view) people who seem happiest/upbeat/confident in any place/environment r themost suprior people in that environment. Not fake happy but real happy about who they are and their impact potential or pleasure potential or their happiness potential.

Now to walk around feeling good all the time no matter how better looking /cool people you may come across in real life situations – Rate people. You obviously dont care about people who are not that great – you can give them a 0. 1 is marginally okay – you wudnt mind hangin out kinda people. You have to give yourself 5 if you are a nihilist south indian tamil like me who knows the things I do indicating the success of Tamils as a group as well as the knowledge of what its all about and what makes one better than others – like i mentioned its happiness potential which is followed and pleasure and impact potential which are derivatives of the happiness potential.  So when you see some really hot/ hip people you can instantaneously rate then and get quicker in rating them. Most people come in the range of 3 and you can the re-rate them when you thin more. But just rate them near 3 and you can feel better about yourself. Even if yu are walking around with 1’s as you partner/friends, you know you are a 5 while the others are only a 3 and so you can act accordingly with that in mind and you will naturallu come across as confident n noticeable.

Old Draft


All the only nobel laureates for science, born in India. The only indian considered to be a mathematical genius. And some Intellectuals and artists and captains of Industries and other achievements as well. They are pretty fair, not like the rest of us darkies from the south, Quite beautiful faces, rich and affluent, enjoy a good reputation and status(throughout history), can speak english well,quite sophisticated , understand and can synthesise the different aspects of modernity & global culture, etc , etc..well you know what im trying to say


But still I would not give a second look at them when i see them anywhere(actually i would, but just trying to make a point here)..not like i have lived only in TN/Chennai, and Im not a prejudiced member of the dravidian movement either. Infact im anti-dravidian and a BJP spporter(not that i know too much abt politics or anything).

Im not even talking about the novelty factor and the fact that I can look through them being a tamil/southie/chennaiite myself. I am trying to say why despite having such wonderful attributes , they, according  to me are not what i consider ‘The Elite’ amongst desis.

So what is eliteness, what are the attributes of the elite and why?. I mean Im sure we are all constantly working towards climbing the social ladder and trying to be the cool/hipster crowd( like the great Gatsby). -Though many might deny it or not have explicitly thought it out this way but,..generally speaking i believe this to be the case…

I say this about tambrahms coz relatively, they are not associated with fun as much as an average north indian.

I have dealt with this topic in much much details in my videos/vlogs and other blogs..but let me try to briefly.. here.
Living in a hot climate has given southies dry,damaged, stretched out, thick,skin, and saggy and non-flatter facial features.A loss of collagen, saggy muscles and improper physical frame because of the inhibition of vitamin D by melanin and lower synthesis of youth hormones such as oestrogen which shapes ones thinking/voice/body chemistry, loss of essential supply of nutrients to blood and organs via dehydration and sweating and hence not so great organs such as eyes( studies indicated northies have a better eyes than southies). Many such anti-neotenous factors influencing us for over 1000s of years because of living in this generally hotter geography and thereby contributing permanent changes to the molecular leisons..known as genetic change,as well as the physical features/lack of neoteny contributing to lack of intellectual neoteny and a more mature,dullish thinking compared to the north.
North india, has a good variation of hot and cold climate which is good for muscle/skin biology..making muscles firmer, faces flatter, good body chemistry and hence nice neotenous features…Physical neoteny enforcing intellectual neoteny..which has its influence on how they think and their culture and having this neotenous mindset of a 10 year old also making their faces cuter while the mature attitude and behaviour making the faces of southies..a bit mature and not playful or flirty or anything.

In other words.think Vidya Balan, think kareena kapoor. Who is the mature/Intelligent of the two? , who would you flirt with/like to have fun with? You can also think of some bengali bombshells if not compare against vidya or trisha or hemamalini or heroines like that.

Generally speaking, the whole perception of North indians is that they are more playful/neotenous and fun(think salman or akshay) and that of south indian is more mature and serious(think surya or even raj kiran if you may) ..even if i first like a person coz i thought they are NI but when I find they are SI, I lose interest…its the perception trigerring the other things in my brain..thats what happened with aishwariya rai a long time ago.

I  showed pictures of girls in bharathmatrimony and asked a punjabi friend of mine to tell if he would flirt with the girl or not (not if he thought she was beautiful or not). I mainly showed tamil, pinjiabi,hindi gujarati bengali , and overwhelmingly he would say yes to flirting with non-tamils and no to tamils(brahmins included). He is not at all a prejudiced guy and he doesnt also wouldnt know if he was looking at a tamil or hindi or punjabi girl from the ID’s

What makes one elite? or atleast on the top of the social ladder that we talked about.
If you size up a person and think that that person has more than you he/she is higher up the ladder right? and what do people envy most, is it money/wealth? knowledge? respect? deeper intellectual ability? sure all these things do matter. But the one that takes priority is the basic thing that makes you a fit for survival and propogation of you and related genes. Everyone can get good food, so whats a rarity is attractivenss/sexyness.. If you are attractive you will have a lot of positive moments in life. people with money,intelligence, status etc ..they all want to use those only to get attractive partner. Dont get politically correct on me and say there are other imp things in life blah blah..Im saying generally/biologically speaking this is th case..In real life there may be a lot of complexity in preferences, but biologically speaking food and mating are the fundamental instincts. And this is why being sexy/attractive/fun is more than other things.

I had already talked about(in other blogs) why being attractive is more important than being Intelligent and why experiences pertaining to sex are more important than experiences pertaining to intellectual and other kinda achievements.

No matter how wealthy you are, how deep your thoughts are, how knowledgeable and sophisticated you are , if you do not have beauty in your group you will feel like you are below another group. A Major part of an individual  confidence comes from ones background. And this is probably why people from being self-centred when they are young, realise the need to improve their community – thats certainly the case with me

people with beauty do have things in life a bit more easy than the others, and it feels like no matter how much effort the later puts in, the attractive ones seem to be getting higher up the ladder more easily. Thats why Bombay,delhi and even blore with many northies coming are whats considered the ‘Hipster’/cool cities and people from these cities do tend to look down upon someone from lets say chennai.

And northies, be honest. you are comfortable around southies because you know are better looking than them and you feel a sense of superiority(subconsciously and many pricks consciously). You are more confident around them and you try to be nice to them and on occassions even generously forefit the title of being more intelligent. But some cocky ones act the other way..aggressive,because they are northies they think they always have a more valid point,better perspective and that they are more sophisticated and making fun of southies for their accents(despite the northies have their own accent..that is a cool accent as they are the cool people) .

For eg. Why does this asshole in the Ad have a Disgusting look on his face while saying ‘kolaver di??’ @ 00.18

Ive see many react that way while talking about things related to south. They let out a disgusted ,degrading  tone/expression implying that things related to south are somehow lower and something to be ridiculed. But in the same plane , when they talk about Italian,,they always use a tone which signifies that they are talking about something glamorous, sexy and something which is on a higher level..not just in the above ad but many other occasions and in real life too.

The more some one is fair/good looking, closer/associated to europens..they sub-consciously think they have more of a right to act that way,like they think they have more of a right to talk in english,wear westrn clothes and tastes and more confidence that you are doing it better than your counterpart who is not so closely associated with the white/western traits. Its not just themselves….all people in general expect a fair skinned/person associated with beauty to act cute,be sophistictaed(or watever the good looking person does becomes the trend/sophistication) or be righteous and the minute a darky does things like talk in english with a cool accent..people go..thats weird/fake(inside their heads, they dont necessarily say it out). people always wanna be associated with positivity and thats the reason why people have adopted other religion/cultures historically..for eg.the christians somehow thought hey will become more like europeans and they also think its now their right to guiltlessly use English a lot , now that they are christians.  Well if you have Europeans or any other positive idols on one end that you are running towards….you gotta have someone on the other end that you are runnign away from – and that my frinds now are the conservative south indians. Its just evolutionary psychology to look and act favourable towards something with postive traits, and discriminate against perceived negative traits. If you dont do this, evolutionary process will weed you out. We are not associated with looks,wealth, western culture, fun, etc ..why would anyone want to be associated with us. Best case scenario all we have is your pity and mostly people are running away from us.  You are not for a single second jealous of us.


The Hypocrisy:

Even among a homogenous society…the ones at the top(looks, wealth etc wise) are  more confident, enthusiatic, raw, have a ‘do what one feels like’ nature, playful, show off ,childish,aggressive, and act in a self-centred way..and the others accept this kinda behaviour from the people on top. Whereas the people in the bottom strata are always so curbed in their emotions because of either their confidence level or because of how the society expects them to be.  they are not so aggressive, modest, and hence are not very forth coming and they come across as quite dull and mature as they only act in a way that is expected of them. So in a way this raw, aggressive behaviour is also associated with Eliteness and maturity is associated with low class. And thats why every form of south indian expression, art,mannerism  – because of the modesty/maturity inherent in them, tends to get associated with low classness and the way bollywood/hollywood heroines talk and act gets associated with fun and classyness – even though they are not necessarily intelligent or brainy in comparison.The reason why many people are irritated by southies is the fact that we pretend to have fun and have the best culture without any fun. Its like some one eating a simple curdrice and claiming to have the best/tastiest food to the others who are eating biriyanis and pizzas. This hypocritical nature is I suspect is another of the reason for the above google search result. This hypocrisy is also why many tamils within chennai itself are trying to talk only in english and dissociate with the rest of the crowd. Southies claim to be living well, but when amongst northies we  burn with jealousy almost 99.9 % of the time and secretly bitch about you a lot to other southies, but mainly just wanna hump you and somehow become like you.

you can check these out for more hardcore debates and comments on this


This defending of conservativeness  has its root in trying to preserve its native/historical ( Christianity has actually made the tamil/south indian culture even more convervative than what it was before) culture and not readily accepting the values of west and the cognitive dissonance that comes with trying to deal with its influence. Its good to have pride in our culture, but I think the conservative attitude only works well in closed societies and in this day of globalisation, we need to re-asses our outlook.


Roma Asrani Photos _9_

Thats what is missing from the southies. And so just because we have to be more fun , it doesnt mean that we become ultra-liberal and superficially flirty and playful. I guess things need to change step by step. A very good first step would be to not be afraid to show off having fun, or not hold back. Our texts like  kural etc  tell us not to be aggressive or show off / rub it in the face of others that you are having fun. But in this globalised life, everybody else is rubbing it in our faces. So we better become more forth-coming, and openly fun. It starts from the way we speak – the tone, the accent, the body language, what we say etc to a change in the mature/conservative attitude we have. Just because you are Tamil or indian, it doesnt mean you have to be humble or simple. You do not have to talk in english or be more westernised in taste to have an attitude. You can talk in tamil yet have that confidence, attitude or a fun ‘holier than though’ outlook . I mean a lot of things has to fall in place for that, like you should be proud of your intellectual/physical traits and ‘Tamilness’ and tamil culture/movies should be cool somehow(which is gonna take a long time with the dravidian conservative outlook)..but generally if youve been places , done things or know things or you know ur having fun,you can develop this confident attitude.

I mean look at the above picture.A typical conservative yet cheerful south indian girl rite? but she is kamalini mukerjee  and now imagine her in some modern attire with an out going persona..completey a different perception of her comes to mind. I think kamal has carefully selected here to give out these messages to us.The former a bengali and the later a punjabi – roma asrani. Reputation is the cornerstone of power and southies need a reputation of being flirty and fun and aggressive, which their maturity kills. Without this fun factor, there is no way we could come across as more sophisticated/hi-fi or give them the holier-than -thou or better-than-you attitude while we meet others and size each other up.










roma_asrani_blog_db1 (3)


———————————another draft———————————————

Attraction works like this – the second you see a person, you are creating a picture of him/her in your mind based on a number of factors like looks,body language, personality,things that person does,status,background, etc etc etc and EXTRAPOLATE that it into what they are and  how you will be dealing with them.  Aggressive, outgoing, animalistic, bold,childish traits in a persons outlook extrapolates into being naughty,playful, whatever one pleases attitude and ready to be bad and seek pleasure.. and ultimately more sexualy stimulating / fun having. Traits such as conservativeness,maturity,disciplined,decent,less aggressive ..extrapolates into being  not very natural,childish  and consequently not aggressive enough to pursue pleasure and hence less fun. I mean you always reciprocate what you see in the other person and if you categorise him/her in the first way you also try to be more engaging with them, but if yo categorise them the later way you tend to be more conservative with them.

So many people will go for naturally childish/immature ones rather than mature and serious thinkers, and we tend to associate Childish, neotenous look and features with attraction and tend to VALUE it more than a mature outlook. So its complicated here…we value neoteny(light headedness and less thought) but intelligence(usually associated with maturity) can also be stimulating only if it is more stimulating/engaging in a fun way

Sun is the single biggest enemy of skin tone,muscles and neotenous features.Hot climatic conditions also doesnt favour healthy eating habits as one has to have food in moderation in such places. A high fish diet helps high collagen content plus the vitamins, proteins and essential fat intake are necessary.

Thinking too much(including being too nice and thinking serious stuff) is usually associated with stress or complicated lifestyle. However, psychological neoteny including playfulness,wide eyedness and taking things easy and being happier are the ultimae turn on in sexual selection. It doesnt just end with fair skin and healthy body.

Although we associate intellectual neoteny with childish/immature/not too much of thinking type of people and
people who do think too are not associated with sexyness(vidya balan, trisha)..raima and many big eyed bengali girls are a proof that one does not have to think less to be considered playful and sexy. The more thinking capacity can be channeled into more playfulness and sensuality.
The society has to play its part in celebrating feminine and playful qualities rather than curbing these feelings in the nature of maturity and cultural conservativeness.

I have dealt with this topic in much much details in my videos/vlogs and other blogs..but let me try to briefly.. here.
Living in a hot climate has given southies dry,damaged, stretched out, thick,skin, and saggy and non-flatter facial features.A loss of collagen, saggy muscles and improper physical frame because of the inhibition of vitamin D by melanin and lower synthesis of youth hormones such as oestrogen which shapes ones thinking/voice/body chemistry, loss of essential supply of nutrients to blood and organs via dehydration and sweating and hence not so great organs such as eyes( studies indicated northies have a better eyes than southies). Many such anti-neotenous factors influencing us for over 1000s of years because of living in this generally hotter geography and thereby contributing permanent changes to the molecular leisons..known as genetic change,as well as the physical features/lack of neoteny contributing to lack of intellectual neoteny and a more mature,dullish thinking compared to the north.
North india, has a good variation of hot and cold climate which is good for muscle/skin biology..making muscles firmer, faces flatter, good body chemistry and hence nice neotenous features…Physical neoteny enforcing intellectual neoteny..which has its influence on how they think and their culture and having this neotenous mindset of a 10 year old also making their faces cuter while the mature attitude and behaviour making the faces of southies..a bit mature and not playful or flirty or anything.

One cannot claim that physical neoteny will not have any effect on the intellectual neoteny of people. A society,  of group of people where its people have a lot of neotenous features will feel and act more neotenous and thereby making the culture of the group more neotenous, and the neotenous culture(with more singing,dancing, liberal attitude, forth coming and aggressiveness) will also shape and re-inforce neoteny in the physical looks and the faces of its people.

So even a smaller percentage of physical  differences can sometime lead to a lot of differences..for example a society where there are 60% physically neotenous people-their culture is mainly going to be neotenous. Whereas a society where 60% of its people have mature physical traits and 40% noetenous the culture of the society will tend to be more mature. And if the culture is mature, the later generations will be more mature and if the culture is neotenous, the later generations will be more neotenous.

Studies show that humans evolve to become more neotenous and since india has been a more evolved/adavanced society for a long time..Indians r intellectually more neotenous compared to the rest. Within India, south indians by choice have adopted a mature culture.By Living in a place where there is good climate, and in a society where people are able to behave neotenously, Souties/Tamils can too develop the skin tone, neotenous features and the intellectul neoteny as we are intelligent as well.

We just have to hope that we get out skills right , work hard, emigrate to places where there is good climate and resources and consume healthy food and eventually we will become healthier, have happy lives an become attractive. So the next generation of parents should not encourage their kids not just to become doctors or engineers(because previously we thought only this will make ones life better) but ask them to be succesful in emigrating to places where theres good climate,resources and where the culture is more north india and other parts of the world. The longer you stagnate here in south, others are gonna come in and dominatee us, so we have to expand.

Tamils are known to be intelligent and I have explained in my other blogs as to why I think so. I have also explained in my other blogs why being attractive/fun and sexy are needed to be considered as belonging to the hi-fi/ sophisticated crowd and elite.  A lot of the maloo christians who blatantly ape the western culture and kiss upto everything anti-indian think of themselves as elite curently. John abraham in his shitty movie(shitty for a number of other reasons) vicky donor claimed himself to be the definition of the modern Indian elite.  Little does that prick realise that syrian christians are actually dravidians by established theories and he was thus insulting his own ancestry by certain dialogues in that movie. also he doesnt realise that most of srilankan tamils are  maloo whove adoted tamil and thus him and many of the other maloos are putting themselves down by insulting/running away from srilankan tamils and indian tamils.

Tamils are easily the most intelligent group and that should give us immense confidence to act like we are up there. We should perhaps change our outlook and not just focus on being simplistic and humble and celebrat uncouthness (coz we believe we are dravidian australoids and the opposite of the aryan whites in all aspects and are su-consciously obliged to celebrate uncouthness). The mindless idiots who ape the western culture are now looking down upon us and think they are high and mighty. The point is we should  have a culture/outlook change(dont mean to ape the western culture) from a purely – sexual and fun point of view  and act like we have plenty going on for us. Since we are Intelligent and are able to learn things and become  sophisticated easily.Tamils/cultural south indians can become the Elites of India from all aspects..The major ingredient is good looks and fun outlook, and our intellectual ability(which also helps in being more engaging and attraction) can easily get us ahead of the bengali bhadraloks(mix of chink tribes, chola genes and magadha genes) or the syrian christians(mostly backward caste but from the mountainous kerala) or the high societies of bombay or watever.


Pre-marital sex – Good or Bad for our society?

‘Is everyone in chennai above the age of 16 married then?’ said one FB comment yesterday speaking of the Madras HC Judge equating pre-martial sex to marriage.

Really? all 16 year olds in chennai have had sex then(the implication there was that a very high percent ) ??these kinda moronic exaggerations give a wrong picture of the society and leaves the conservative majority wondering, whether their life is so pathetic that they dont seem to be getting the action themselves, are unaware the a lot of others are getting some action or that they are not even part of a circle where these things go on implying that they are at the bottom rung when it comes to these issues.

Do not go on with the supposed online survey of some condom companies who wan to project that there is more sex in this society to get the ball rolling for them. Mumbai’s International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS), a public health institute conducted this survey to include 55,000 males and females from about1.7 lakh households in states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, their ages ranging from 15 to 29
Statistical figures reveal that about 21 percent males(the kind like future lorry drivers) and 4 percent females from rural areas admitted to have had pre-marital sex against an urban figure of 11 percent males(including the ones going to those red-light areas) and 2 percent females. It only mentions sex, not if its penetrative or not.

Now to the question of is pre-marital sex and multiple partners good for the society and people overall?
I know the above link says pastoral and so its bound to be biased.but its only a literature review of other established reseachwork. And these studies indicate that in a society where ‘ do whatever one feels like’ attitude is present  people will have multiple partners before marriage,however are also bound to have more affairs and divorces after marriage.. One does not even need documented works for this……any common man can make an observation that western societies with a liberal attitude is prone to more divorces and change of partners compared to conservative societies like south asia. It is Intellectual abdication to assume that people are gonna turn angels after marriage and that a person who gets in and out of relationships many times will have the same emotional attachment towards his/her partners as someone who doesnt. Just  like how modern free thinkers reason out seeing no harm in having relationship with different people prior to marriage, people may reason out post-marriage too and claim that – they can be nice to their partners at home and they can be nice to other people when they are not with partners, as long as they can avoid cuckolding or things like physical/emotional unavailability. I mean people find pleasure in pushing norms and limits always…The liberal concepts of today will become conservative thinking of tomorrow and relationships will  evolve into something like friendships and the family (let alone nuclear family) system will totally break down sometime in the future if our reasoning tends to be on ‘do what one feels like’ and liberal side. I dont think many liberals would accept the above argument and most times they resort to name calling and side track the debates.

When people feel like they should be able to do whatever one pleases it gives them license to be more aggressive in their pursuit of mates. More often than not the aggressive(nice guys finish last, the bad guy always gets the girl) gets rewarded unless all members are super mature about judging things and determining whats right. And also this liberty and do what one pleases attitude, will often result in people pushing the line and seeking out new relationships breaking of relationships/marriage even after having kids. This is more of a return to animalistic way of things/ though the other term for it is being natural (and not suppressing any instincts). Now western countries have matured a great deal in this and they have better standards of living with less wealth/status divide. But back home i dont think a lot of people are mature enough for this and this will encourage a lot of aggressive, asshole-ish behaviour..which can already be seen amongst a lot of the youngsters in the country.

I think that the main reason extra-marital affairs or pre-marital sex is a problem in the minds of many people is as follows.If you refer my next blog, i wudve have explained how the main purpose of any life force is to make an impact on other things. Humans definitely feel motivated to acquire more power,riches, do good, make babies, do something because they constantly seek to make an impact on others and other things and thus preserve themselves through the impact they make…either through their offsprings or through a monument they built or by being the president or CEO or something. So more than cuckold or lack of emotional availability, we want our partners to be a clean slate/marble give to us for us to make our impact on. I mean you also make an impact on others as friends/parents etc, but an impact on someone as a soul mate/lover is something more deep. If someone else is also making designs in your slate/marble, or your slate already had designs when it was give to you, it is not the same i guess. I mean when we were in school we were given clean slates and note books, I wonder what would have happened if we had to compete for those note books – some people would have gotten more pages and get to make their design on a lot of the pages whereas some dont get any pages to make their designs with. Of course humans are not slates or marbles, but if you can understand that all of want to touch and make an impact on as many people as will get the analogy i suppose. This is also the basis for other conflicts like people getting pissed off about English overtaking and patronising foreign ideas. A human would speak an average of x amount of words in his life. If you are a tamil patroit, you would want that person to speak in tamil mostly and will get pissed off if the other guy is speaking mostly in english instead of tamil. So the same way, you want your partner to be thinking about you most of the time rather than a number of other people. I mean even if you know that your best friend had gone out with some other guy when you were out of station, there will be a slight element of jealousy and this is not just confined to your marital partners.

Having said this I am not a conservative guy and in fact i think that India/Chennai should be a more liberal society with prevalence of pre-marital sex. I believe that really mature people should be able to put themselves in each others shoes and find out whats gonna be the best thing to do..pre or post marriage. I mean, everyone gets tempted and if indeed they happen to seek a relation with someone else…you should have the mindset and maturity to be the best judge of the situation. You should be in a position to evaluate if that person will still be commited( a married partner has to be much more commited) to you and value your relationship at an adequate level or if indeed the person is someone who is not a very considerate person. So one has to confront the person incase of an affair and have to make this judgement. This ability to judge a person correctly comes from your past experiences and from how life teaches you to about people generally..and if you do not have this, you will probably not make the wrong decision when things dont go according to your plan. I also think open marriages can very well work, if both the partners involved are wise/mature enough to understand and judge each other and the situation well enough. You cant go to online forums or anything to find a rule book or an answer, but you have to analyse your own situation and and decide the best . The above is in regards to how to deal with problems in liberal societies, to the question of why we need liberal norms – the norm of the societies are there just to work out whats the  good for the society, and in this day and age i believe conservativeness causes more pain to people than liberal attitude..let me explain below.

The Dove-Hawk modeling can also be applied here.. Briefly, it implies hawks are more aggressive in pursuit of their self-interest and doves are not aggressive. And The dove population(read as society) can sustain itself within less confrontation within, whereas the hawk population has a lot of confrontations and swings like a sine wave within an ecosystem and is bound to go extinct and not survive if there are resource shortages or other influences within the eco system.

So the aggressive(do whatever one pleases without fully considering larger consequences) pursuit of self-interest is a more primitve/animalistic trait and a conservative nature is more evolved/human. No wonder many religions and human institutions preach conservativeness..and human evolved into being conservative from being aggressive and not the other way around. So conservativeness is not Stupidity/victorian/primitive thinking like those liberals call it to be. It is the contrary.

However, If within the same environment you bring Both the doves and hawks, The aggressive hawks have an advantage and will emerge the winners( game theoretically not making this up).

In a way this is analogous to the capitalism vs communism. In liberal societies, not all males/females in a  society have equal potential when it comes to impressing people, and  the rich in love keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poor( your right i took this line from ‘enemy at the gates‘  

Jude law is the rich guy and the other is the poor one).  Although there is more Loving in the liberal societies, there are hug differences in the love that people get and there is a lot of jealousy and resentment that way. In a traditional/conservative society most people just get 1 partner and so not many are jealous of others and feel like they are terribly below the others.

So in closed societies , our culture/conservative values are good and it works. but in this day of Globalisation we are exposed and encounter other cultures. Despite their problems, when we see people having fun in other places(like watching Hollywood/bollywood or even travelling and living in their places or if we see them in our cities ) we are tempted and we think that even we should be able to have fun like them.

Just assuming thatIn a conservative society maybe there are 20% people getting laid and the rest are losers who wait till they get married. In a Liberal society there are 80% who are getting laid and 20% are losers. Which society would you rather be a loser in ??? If you are a failure, would you rather the majority also fails or would you be okay with the fact the you are one of the few who is a failure and therefore assured that you are a distinct bottom of the pile?

The natural tendency is to prefer be a loser where 80 % of the society is also a loser,where you think most others are just like you. other wise you just feel miserable to see everyone else having fun around you but not you.

But the other way one can look at is that, if 80 % are able to have sex, it really isnt that big of a deal. In a conservative society, those players and rich ones who get laid feel even more superior and elitist to the remaining 80%. And moreover, if you society/group of people/..for eg lets say Tamils are know to be conservative losers in the eyes of Others, thats also an issue. These are times of GLobalisation and we have to adjust our strategy accordingly… I’d rather 80% of tamils have a good healthy sex life than just 20%.

Q)But if conservativenss is a good/better system, arent we supposed to try to make it the system of the world and not adopt the bad system?
Well you can try to fight for what you think is good…but only if you are on top/well off/have the resources/ everybody else is looking towards you to lead in aspects of culture and stuff. Unfortunately its not us Tamils Now. West is the dominant economic and cultural power not and everyone else is ksiing upto them..It will be easy for them to promote their liberal views and it will be exponentially harder for us to strive for the propogation of Conservative attitude. Infact Indians,south india/TN is particular became even more/ultra conservative only because of the cultural influence of the ruling british and the propogation of ideas of Church during the victorian era(cxtianity and its cultural influence tied up with the dravidian movement had much higher success in the south than north) . Even until recent times, you can observe that in remote rural  there is a prevalence of relationship/pregnencies before marriage at a younger age of 15/16..of girls/people belonging to average backgrounds. Only the Urbanised and upper/ middle classes & among the christians do we find extreme conservative attitude in TN/South . So lets just change our stratgey and acquire a positive/fun/hot perception in the eyes of others. Who knows if people in TN start trying to be more playful and fun , we might also get cuter and more neotenous faces and heroines amongst us…cox your personality and behaviour shapes your thought/face and body chemistry over generations amounts to significant change in appearances.

Dating/getting into relationships and sex are kinda the biggest  things in the world. So if you havent done it and when you get to know that a lot of others have done that these, you feel like you have a serious lack of experience and knowledge pertaining to life.  You kinda feel like you are much below than someone who has gotten these experiences – if you measure yourself against othters based on what one has( wealth,looks,experiences,knowledge, interesting/good circle and life etc). However, just realise that a lot of things/luck come into play like where you are brougth up, your background, the kinda people you can connect to etc etc.  So you were just unlucky to not acquire these experiences, not always because that the others are inherently better than you or even smarter than you.

Just like Flirting/sex is a pleasure/positive experience input to your brain/yourself,

acquiring knowledge, unique things youve done/experienced, realisation that you are better than someone in some aspect,being rewarded ,being proud/happy about yourself, etc etc are all expereinces(positive or negative) as well that you have. People constantly and subconsciously size each other up and determine if someone is better than them , below them or almost at the same level(chankaya has also said something about this but dont wanna get into that). And they size each other up using the above factors,experiences.. For instance everything else being similar A guy who has knowledge highly intellectual stuff will feel much more confident/superior in front of another who doesnt.

But not all experience has the same weigthtage ..if someone says he has skied somehwere and that it was a great doesnt really make me jealous because it is not highly relevant or important to me. I might feel great about playing in the same table as barry greenstein in borgata.  But like I said before, the greatest,most important experience is in connecting with someone romantically/sexually and if you have had many such interesting and good experiences….you are living a very good life that an animal/human/organism can hope for. It takes much , much higher intelllectual accomplishment(like wining a nobel prize or being recognised as the number 1 intellectual of our times ) to beat the positive experience of someone like the casanova or such players..especially if you do not havent been able to impress anyone of a good caliber of attractiveness feel like you are better than them. i think 1 out of may be a million times can a romantically challenged person feel confident/superior to a player with respect the the good life/positive experiences they have had.

The reason for Intelligence weighing lower than sexual attractivenss is this. Everything we do, we do with the aim of preserving ourselves..thats why we eat , thats why we reproduce. Theres a theory  in the scientific community that says that Human intelligence evolved Mainly because of the need to mate. So it is important for you to be intelligent/talented/rich etc etc only to be able to find mates (everyone can get good food easily). So knowing that you are fuckable reassures ur fitness level as a successful(able to pass on genes and survive)species more than knowing that you are intelligent or can climb the mount everest or whatever. say for eg a feat like climbing mt everest…its a hard one and not everyone can do it. But that doesnt make you better than many others becoz you dont really get to touch/influence other lives and get something out of it – to eventually make yours better and contribute to your agenda for survival in someway.  For example if you are able to impress a hot girls, it means you have the skills to influence people to serve your agenda of procreating with healthy,good looking children. If you are the president, you have influence over many people, but that influence is not gonna have a high gradient of direct consequences towards your personal survival. I mean being a president/PM is still much greater accomplishment becoz although you touch lives with a smaller gradient, you are touching millions of lives so it multiplies and thats a greater accomplishment than scoring just a hot chick.  It also doesnt mean that intellectual feats such as understanding advanced concepts are useless as it has nothing to do with scoring chicks. These are aslo important, coz when you compare yourselves against others based on just intelligence, people well versed with the ultimate thought area-physics & existentialism occupy a higher level than those who can talk about rock music or something.I mean I have dealt with why preservation of genes is not the only form of survival/propogation/passing on, but also the impact we make on others is also  our mark on this world..for eg..if you create the language C which influences so many people and as long as that influence is felt significantly, a part of you survives. But not everyone gets to influence so many lives unless they are presidents or dennis ritchie. So for the average guy, romantic feat is greater than an average intellectual feat.

Good thing is many people can have many sexual experiences , but not many people can be nobel laureates and hence intelligence makes you more unique. I mean it doesnt require as much skill/potential to be sexually attractive person as comapred to being a Scientist or a Champion athlete..But still because of the relevence to lifes objective, it is more important to be fuckable than Intelligent and experiences pertaining to sex ar more important than experiences pertaining to other achievements.  Unfortunately for us, most south indians, chennaiites are in the romantically challenged category and we burn with jealousy upon seeing fun having whites/ north indians. I mean north indians are the hottest and since they are also liberal consequently become the most fun people on the planet. South indians are so close to them yet so far away from them in the aspect of fun. To explore further on the differences , read my other blogs.

I had already talked about(in other blogs) why being fuckable is more important than being Intelligent and why experiences pertaining to sex are more important than experiences pertaining to intellectual and other kinda achievements. say for eg a feat like climbing mt everest…its a hard one and not everyone can do it. But that doesnt make you better than many others becoz you dont really get to touch/influence other lives and get something out of it – to eventually make yours better and contribute to your agenda for survival in someway.  For example if you are able to impress a hot girls, it means you have the skills to influence people to serve your agenda of procreating with healthy,good looking children. If you are the president, you have influence over many people, but that influence is not gonna have a high gradient of direct consequences towards your personal survival. I mean being a president/PM is still much greater accomplishment becoz although you touch lives with a smaller gradient, you are touching millions of lives so it multiplies and thats a greater accomplishment than scoring just a hot chick.I mean i realise that its not all about dating and I have dealt with why mating and preservation of genes is not the only form of survival/propogation/passing on, but also the impact we make on others is also  our mark on this world..for eg..if you create the language C which influences so many people and as long as that influence is felt significantly, a part of you survives. But not everyone gets to influence so many lives unless they are presidents or an inventor. I mean inventors know at the time of their invention what an impact thats gonna make..irrespective of he is acknowledged or become popular or rich for it. Thats the underlying motivation behind open source.

Greatness Vs Fitness

I dont mean that intellectual feats such as understanding advanced concepts are useless as it has nothing to do with scoring chicks. These are also important, coz when you compare yourselves against others based on just intelligence, people well versed with the ultimate thought area-physics & existentialism occupy a higher level than those who can talk about rock music or something.People who understand for eg..the theory of everything in science, will feel superior to many people they come across ..wrt intelligence and because intelligence is a greater skill with which you can influence people an intellectual feat is better than a physical feat.However knowledge of physics is not going to be a greater skill in influencing people compared to swag. So when a physics nerd compares himself with a cool guy in circumstances pertaining to non-dating things, he will feel like he is better, but considering everything, in real life the person with swag will feel like he is bettering morelife points / survival points)(at have unless the physics guy has also had some experience scoring hot chicks. That is ,the cool guy is more Fitter to propogate his genes and traits  and make an impact, whereas the physics guy(not an inventor)  has greater inherent potential. I mean I dont have to establish why physics s a greater logical/intellectual area than dating know-how or even social sciences. Its because 1) The logic in physics is very deep and a greater breadth of concepts that goes into defining a lot of other concepts 2) physical sciences is the area that makes human make sense of most inputs they get.

And also, There might have been only a few people who have climed Mt.everest, but they still rank lower in Inherent potential than the thousands of physics grad who are able to comprehend the Theory of everything. This is because Intellect is a greater virtue than strength or athleticism in this world/human society, as one can achieve more with intelligence than with strength, and the level or intellectual variation between people is far greater than the level of physical variation amongst people.

the question now is, who should feel superior when they size each other up, the fitter or the greater?

Value = Integral[ (Skill/Potential) *  Gradient of Survival agenda ]

The higher skill/potential guy should feel superior, but the fitter guy will be the happier of the two as he is bound to have more positive moments in life and also. For the average guy, romantic feat is greater than an average intellectual feat wrt as the romantic achievements fetch more Value by means of the gradient . And unless you are unaverage -like a physics genius who has thought about really very deep concepts that not many could get that easily, the intellectual achievement/potential of the average person is not that much of a high achievement/Value that no one else can accomplish. In other words, if you are the head of an I.T company like narayanmurthy, the inherent potential of a politician or a suave artist is better as the intellectual potential of narayana murthy is not really too high to make up for the inherent potential that the artist has, as the actor’s potential is multiplied by a higher gradient of appropriateness to scoring life points.

So chennai, change you conservative/mature behaviour or you will continue to feel miserable in this globalised world

Should Foreign Born Tamils learn Tamil

wanna know what i think of the above situation?

My First VLOG below and its a bit slow in the begining, so please bear with me.

When Globalisation Starts and people start mixing,, the competitive game of who has had a better existence kinda stops ..and the ones who have had the better existence so far wins. SO dont worry about changes in you culture and life anymore….this is a new phase and we have won the previous one. let me explain why

Success of a group ( genetic) = number of years of survival * average number of people beloging to that group * percentage of genetic make up of the specimen(1 for pure and .5, .25 and so on for mixed races) quality of life/resource accessible

Success of a trait ( language/culture/religion etc) = number of years of survival * average number of people having that trait * percentage of how much the trait contributes to the individual character * quality of life/resource accessible

We are at this moment a combination of our genetic legacy, and the traits that we feel is a part of us. One can take pride in the history of both our genetic legacy as well as our current traits, although our traits may always not be the contribution of our genetic ancestors. We strive to propagate both our genes and our traits although our genetic continuity represent a bigger portion of who we are.
Our traits such as aggressiveness or a certain type of intellectual ability are the physical expression of our genetic structure , and conversely, the adoption of our traits by a different group of people will influence their genetic structure as well. SO if you have are RESPONSIBLE for the propogation of a trait( language/culture) and thence bring about an associated mild genetic change in a different group of people(not your genetic offsprings), that is also a success for you to that mild extent. But the intellectual traits only account for this mild change in the genetics and thats why procreating genetic offsprings is much more a success than propogating a trait.

For people who are concerned about overseas tamils adopting English..I pose a question.Assume the  2 scenarios

1)Imagine if Biharis come down to tamil nadu , adopt tamil, eat our staple food, follow our practices and start to look very similar to us. But they have competed with your offsprings for resources and make up like 75% of population of TN in the future.

2) Your kids remain in Tamil nadu, but they have adopted English or some other global language and started eating pizzas and act just like a westerner or an arab or whoever is influential…and may even start to look like an foreign person with fair skin and sharp features.They still make up the majority 85% populaion in TN

Which of the above situation would you prefer.

So in the bihari eg, if I am majorly responsible for them taking shape..intellectually (and therefore contributing to their genetic change),thats a win, however, i cannot claim success for the the physical changes that take place to them as a consequence of the environment they live in , and even though they become similar to me they didnt come from my dick, so I am not responsible for that.

Another example that i have posted is the Decision of the Dog…as to whether it wants to have a dog child or the wolf child.  The strenght of the wolf and neoteny of the dog being a differentiating factor. First thing  here is that If the dog considers the wolf an outright enemy/rival, it shouldnt really mix with the wolf as it is a nurturing half a wolf’s gene. The main point is that, the Dog shouldnt consider the strength as a trait of the wolf…The Wolf didnt create ‘Strength’  like how angles created English or we created the Tamil language. Strength does not belong to the wolf, neither does weakness belong to/define the Dog – the same way dark skin does not define a Tamil or white skin the Arab or the English.

Having said that, Our affinity to siblings, cousins, members of community comes from the fact the we are all the fruits of the effort taken by our common ancestors to procreate. Just like our ancestors have taken the effort to procreate genetic offsprings, they have also taken efforts to propogate our language,culture,morals etc.And so taking pride in the success of the propagation of our ancestor’s traits is similar to the succss of our cousins and related people. So even though we have to adapt other traits-linguistic or cultural, to survive in the present world, we are losing by not passing on our liguistic and cultural traits.When a group of people has a relatively high percentage of bastards who just adopt any foreign trait without making an attempt to understand what defines them and promote those traits, it is bad for the group as a whole. In other words, just like a foreign bon tamil would have a slight affinity towards tamil people(because of common ancestry) they should develop an affinity towards tamil and try to learn them despite not having use for it in their country…but i dont try to impose this harshly, just if it is not too much trouble for them.

Hence patronizing anything that is of a foreign origin – language,culture,religion or even the smallest of thing like kissing upto foreign idols, against what was created by the efforts of your own ancestors, affects your own cause negatively. This does not mean a protectionist attitude towards trade of goods or useful knowledge, but the acceptance of traits that are foreign to what our identity is

So tamils have to try to look good..become white or strong or neotenous or whatever, but try to preserve what our ancestors/genetic line had created and tried to propogate and preserve…like you siblings, cousins,community,culture or your language. This also gets complex…I am a tuluva vellalar..once a tulu speaking community who came into CHola territory, helped him and became Mudaliyars and adopted Tamil a 1000 years ago.  To be precise we are referred to as arcot mudaliars/tuluva vellala/agamudayar. It is said that before coming to arcot, we were part of the veera ballala(hoysala) king. However agamudayar also refers to the Thevars(mukkulathor) of south tamil nadu with surnames such as Rayar. Krishna thevar raya was also a tulu king and statred the tuluva dynasty. So my immediate association would be to that of tuluva vellalars and Agamudayars/thevars. I also realise that ever since aishwariya rais and the anushka shetty’s became famous, people wanna get associated with the bunts.  So the hegdes,nairs,naidus,nayaks,Gounders,gowda,mudaliars,pillais were all part of the very ancient group called velir/vellalars, who assumed different clans and titles under different region and kingdom. I mean I guess apart from the southern tamil empires, the satvahanas,chalukyas,kakatyas and their chieftans also had common ancestry with the vellalars who came down from the north and who were called yadavas,rajputs or gujjars or whatever. This can be seen from the common surname shared by some velirs like bal,koli etc. So All in all its good that most people of south India share a recent common ancestry by the vellalar and other corresponding group in other kingdoms(like chalukya,rashtrakuta,satvahana etc).Some vellalar chieftans became stronger and big enough ti be called chera/chola/pandiya pallava or hoysala or chalukya or rashtrakuta.  Regarding the other castes like mallar or pallalars…I wud still say they are the same  group pf people coming from north to south and clearing the forests, but they were rather labourers than chieftans. ( I know that it could get very casty here, but the important thing to establish here is our common ancestry.  With so much politics involved, the history is very muddy, but overall we have to know that we came from the same original group even though later we kinda fought quarrelled amongst ourselves – until we were united by the vijaynagaram empire to fight the muslims and later the british as indians. Like I said my immediate association is with the agamudayars and tuluva vellalars, but a lot of us spoke different language at different times and assumed different titles. Im guessing before tulu, we spoke some other language – really old tamil or telugu- btw I think that since archealogical evidence of telugu existed before tamil- like telugu inscriptions were found dated 5th century BC in the satvahana empire, and group of people/chieftans who came and cleared the forests here had to first settle down in andhra/karnataka before coming down south, i wud say that tamil might have come from telugu speakers.

My affinity is still stronger towards what my parents and recent ancestors had tried to preserve and propogate, which is tamil – the same way i wud favour helping my cousins and second cousins rather than any one from the Mudaliar or Tamil community.As the lineage distance between us increases – the gradient for propogation of their traits decreases.  But if ive been a tamil speaker only for 2 or 3 generations and for 20 or 30 generations before, my ancestors  spoke tulu..when there is a competition between tamil and tulu, I would have to side with tulu. this is because my immediate ancestors only took up tamil to survive in this place and their original duty was to preserve tulu…this is like us expecting a third or fourth generation Tamil in america to come back and learn tamil even though thier second genration parents may have not had the chance to learn them. I mean As long as your future progenies relate to you in a significant way, they should try to propogate what you are trying to pass on at the moment. Since we Mudaliars have adopted and propogated tamil for over a thousand years, our affinity is towards tamil.

So apart from the physical continuity in the form of lineage, Language,culture are things that are Created by/belongs to a group and the things that need to preserved.  But it also does not end here. When two ethnically or even culturally/linguistically different people interact with each other,exist to-gether and influence and shape each other in whatever form…the influence/impact/mark of one person is left in this world through the people he influences, and a part of the person survives to the extent his impact is felt significantly. This is why even if a group( lets assume my own group – the agamudayar) may not share much lineage with some of the other groups in TN we have influenced and shaped each other and therefore the bonding for me with tamils are greater than with some tulus with whom i might share more of a common ancestry. This is why being a influential, powerful person in this world has so much appeal to it. If you were the president or a great scientist you can influence the lifes of so many others. I mean having a kid(creating a life) is still more of an impact than employing a 100 people and one has to try and find out the proper weightages for these impacts one can make. Everyone can influence the lifes of so many others and thus we are motivated to do and get pleasure out of a number of impactful things we do. So it is all about of the impact,manifestation and propogation of this life force trapped in the body of a person at the moment. At this point I would recommend you to read ‘The Medium’ post and we realise how connected everything is in the cosmos(as described by i think in some hindu philosophy – just hear rajiv malhotra use the word somewhere – i havent really read any hindu scriptures or philosophy).Now what ive said only goes to say that what humans are doing instinctively is right. If we are able to understand this and make sense of it, perhaps we could make better decisions while also following our instincts…like not blindly focus on making money and to plan and live proper lives.

Tamil Pride

The gist of it is we as a group have been more successful in expansion and existence and in making impact and being happier collectively. We are more successful than maloos, who are more successful than kannadigas, who are more successful than north indians , who are more successful than persians, who are more successful than arabs , who are more successful than europeans in terms of population expansion. Becasue starting from europe a few left their existing location, move to a new place had access to newer land n resource and expanded in population. Although reproduction is not the only measure of success – and impact and happiness potential comes into place, we are more impactful overall if one were to carefully analyse the big picture. So although we had our distinct identity since 300-400 bc, considering our existence from the start of human history, we have more successfully existed more than any other group and even if we were to wipe out all 70 million tamils today, we have been more existentially successful as a group more than any other group – because humans are gonna exist only for a max of 200 years. .ANd the only way someone can over take us is if a group creates Artificial general intelligence and their creation/their predecessors get to exist for millions and millions of years while we perish. But I have got us covered, coz the only idea that can create super-intelligence is mine Even if I personally do not get to open a westworld like cafe/ AI lab that creates AI with customer patronage, Im sure only my idea with this impact theory can conquer general intelligence. So tamils,my kin, be proud and happy for rest of your existence no matter what happens .

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Tamils and South indians are jealous of North Indians. Because North Indians are very good looking. Infact the better section of North indians and Pakistanis are the hottest specimens in the world, maybe a bit of competitons from some arabs,iranians. The simple minded frigid white lepers with Ape skin( if u shave an ape it has white skin) may have the meat and primitive aggressiveness but not the physical and intellectual sensuality and flavour.   look at some samples and think about it Amisha-Patel-Hot-Photo-Gallery-6  The reason why south indians are not very attractive is there in thisw blog   The gist of it…heat fucks the skin,muscles,collagen and bones and reduces physical neoteny, and consequently intellectual neoteny required for the Attractiveness/ hotness   So we are just unlucky and I have made a case as to how being more Intelligent can make one to be intellectually more stimulating and we are intellgent and sensual as well so there is hope, if we migrate to cooler regions, consume well n have a good lifestyle or consume enouh collagen pills.   But for now, should we worry too much about how unlucky we are? and feel jealous and have a complex in front of others? Well yes anyone would worry about it, but I wanna tell you 2 points that should make you happy about who you are

1) South Indians are more Intelligent and Intelligence is a higher trait for living things than attraction This explains why Intelligence is a bigger thing to be proud of and this tells you why south Indians are more Intelligent

2) South Indians have had a better life that anyone else so far. Watch this video In brief, it is all about how well a group of people(or a group of genes) have expanded in numbers , consumed resources and Lived well in comparison with another group, since the time they seperated from their common ancestors. So we are better than africans or chinkies as they are below us in the darwinian scale. They also did not enjoy as good a life/success compared to caucasians. Cos its like this, A group of africans came out of africa(from 1000 original africans may be 10 to 20), and went to occupy asia,australia, andaman etc. Some Indian adivasi tribes are part of this group.   The second group came out of africa and went up north to europe through central asia/anatolia/phoenician route and became the cro-magnons, the first caucasians. The cro-magnon theory which states that Caucasians features might have originated/come from europe(sometime during 45000 bc – you have cave paintings in france or something.  Even going by this theory, a small number of these cro-magnon/caucasians came down to central asia and were successful in getting to 2 billion. So lets assume there were around 100 cro-magon caucasians in europe. Out of which 5 to 10 came down to central and south Asia(us) ,,,, or they came to levant first – developed neolithic revoultion in 10500 BC, and a few from levant moved to iran at 8000 BC and a few from iran moved to Indus valley in 7000 BC . The 90 % in europe had to keep fightig amongst themsleves and were able to expand only to 1 billion in strength(that too only recently, for a loong time europe was having a very low population). But the 5 to 10 people travelled to south  asia became very successful in having access to resource , expanding to a high number and having a good quality of life for thousands of years. We are actually more than 20 times successful than europeans coz we are atleast more than 20 times more succesful to iranians and the number is still higher compared to middle easterners and a lot more compared to europeans. Now there is a a lot of uncertainity with exact origins but carleton coon says Caucasoid features Highly Likely originated in Europe. Cuz, Homo sapiens had co-existed with neanderthals back from 45000 bc in both Europe and West asia. However, the kebaran culture in levant had a dis-contibuity with the previous antelian culture in west asia indicating the new arrivals in the region from europe at 20,000 bc. These people were the ancestors of the neolithic/caucasoid populations of levant/west asia starting from 10000 bc Haplogroup   Though the haplogroups cannot be 100 % about population continuity – it gives an idea, and this points to a few population fro europe be it R1a or L or H entering india from europe( haplogroups are not 100% coz 1)mutation rates and genetic drift are as significant factors as ancestry when determining the haplogroup percentages and 2) The direction of migration cannot be established for sure with percentages). Another indication of this is how varied/diverse europeans are in terms of hair,eye,skin colors,facial colors,language families and tribal origins wise. And even if caucasoid origins seems to be not in europe but in west asia, the fact of the matter is  europeans are a mixture of 3 distinct group 1) cro-magnons ( who constitute a very significant part esp with the leperish pink skinned ones ) 2) neolithic farmers – the greeksn phoenician type and 3 )Indo-europeans who entered through russia. If a single group had expanded into 900 million – thats success, but 3 groups had battled out to get to 900. So in essence the cro-magnon part is like the aboriginal part which lost territory to new invading groups.  Imagine a population of 1000 which splits into 2 groups A-900 and B-100.Now B migrates to another newer region with more resources and less competition and Expands into 1000. Now This group B splits into B1-900 and B2-100 Imagine B2 seperates and expands into 1000 and consequently 10 times more successful than B1. But if B2 mixes with A, the now available groups are B1 – 900 and B2A – 1900. So from initial population of 1000, 90 became 900( 10 times) in B1 and remaining 910 became 1900( only 2 times). So aboriginal groups are very less successful and the group that mixed with the aboriginal group is the least successful. This is why people try portraying Indians as  aboriginal mixed. But we are not. As far as the europeans are concerned they are mixed with cro-magnon part being the aboriginal part like africans, australian aboriginees or native americans who lost territory to invading groups.Either way the caucasian population that Entered India from Iran was very successful in expanding So from iran, the last ones to enter into India through the passes n hills were the Indians who form all of todays population with the exception of mogoloid tribals who form less than 10% of population and who are still distinct ).The minute you mix with an aboriginal/less successful group you become a less successful person like the group B2A. These latest Indian cuacasians were living in Ganges/indus valleys and living well. So from may be a thousand north indians may be 5(or even less)  came down to south India and the cauvery valley civilisation started and from this 5 we expanded into the huge population we have in south india today. It is said that the Sage Agasthiyar brought down a small group of people from north, cleared the forests for agriculture, replaced adivaiss, creatd The languages and Arts(such as kalari etc). So this group consisted of vellalar chieftans, brahmins such as agasthiyar too. So all of south indinas, be it thevar,goundar, moovendar bunts, nairs, etc all came from these chieftans and they expanded to different places spoke different south indians languages assumed different titles…But the common ancestry is there from the cauvery basin civilisation. But both Tamil and Pali have the same vowels and consonants and the person who perfected the tamil grammer was a brahmin. Tamil may have exited longer than tholkappiyam, kumai kandam etc for much longer like 1000 years even before agastiyar, but the thing is we are very mcuh closely related to north indians and were part of the same group for a long time before we branched out.Its like Indians brnched out from europeans some 35000 years back and the relative seperation between north and south Indans is samll. Besides the velir/vellalar and may be brahmin population share more recent ancestry with the north indians. But some brahmins like to associate them selves with north indians and call them as aryans. For them who consider themselves later arrivals, i tell you – the later arrival into south india are not as successful as the first ones to enter here. Coz the first ones that entered here will ahve faced less competition and expanded in number easily. And I say because south Indinas are the most recent migrators, they are atleast 5 times more successful than collective north indians from whom they seperated -by applying the logic that i have been applying throughout right from europe. So if brahmins and others claim that they are recent migrants to south, it means they are less successful than other south indians.

Lets say there were originally 100x northies, out of which 5x seperated and became south indians. Now south indians increase in number to 100x and north indians expand to 400x. AT this point SI are 5 times more successful than NI. If brahmins are a second wave of migration from North and they consitute only around 3x now, only 0.6 x should have migrated to equal the 5 times more success of original south indians. So it means only 0.6/4 = 0.15 % started off from north the second time – which means we are giving them a lineancy for them of over 30 times by saying that 5% started of the first time. But this is not the case so the original South indians are certainly more successful

But lets get back to South Indinas vs Europeans – the first caucasians

The most important facts to consider are the Timeline of neolithic revolutions happening. According to the Paleolithic continuity theory, the european caucasians are a continuity of the Cro-magnon/modern human mix that happened in Europe who left cave painting dating back to some 35000/42000 bc. After the ice -age, a few-lets say 25% of these european ones with the caucasoid features came down and formed neolithic revolution in north of arab(Levant). You can see that some arabians still look like sudanese africans with sharp features and white skin – from the shape of their eyes and the ridges on their face. And these guys were more successful than the hunter gatherers that stayed back in europe in terms of having good quality of life and expanding in numbers. The start of neloithic revolution in levant is at 10500 bc. From some of these levant, some 10 % migrated east into iran and started the neolithic practices there in 8000 bc. So these 10 % who migrated and explored new land were more succesful in having acces to new resource and expanding compared to the ones who stagnated in levant. And from the ones in iran a 10% migrated eastwards into the most resourceful India ( had a historic world’s share of GDP between 35-40 % for thousands and thousands of years, which reduced to 30% in 1000 Ad and reduced to 1% in 1940s). I’d assume not more than 5-10% would migrate away from well settled neolithic colonies in  search of uncertainity. And this 10% now has expanded into the 2 billion plus in indo-pakistan,banglades, srilanka,maldives and a bunch of other places. So Indians have been a lot more succesful than iranians. And the first signs of neolithic practices in India starts in 7000 BC. Again from north india, a handful of them came down to south india and formed neolithic civilisation in the south (about 2000 BC in Tamil nadu/cauvery area). Look up all those facts about neolithic dates if you want. So Southies are the lastest and the more succesful ones. We southies have also spread bak to north india via the rashtrakuta dynasty and Chola conquest of bengal, and we also went and got mixed in many places in SE asia – cambodi,other srivijaya empires etc. Compared to this, the europeans have had a cold, war-prone and frugal existence so far. Just a bonus video here So south Indians  have common ancestors and  genetic success wise – from our immediate ancestors to our really long back ancestors have always had it good and successful in expanding their genes. Comparing south Indians vs north indians – south Indians have becoam more successful in expanding. And Indians compared to iran, or rest of the world were also very successful in expanding. Only in the last 500-600 years we have the Turcic-Mongoloid Islamic invaders such as Mughals, sultanate,Lodis, etc contributing a small percent to our gene pool   SO its okay if north indians come down to our cities and become more richer businessmen and make us feel jealouss with their looks. Maybe from now on south indians will reduce in poupulation but still our offsprings irrespective of how they get mixed up in the future, we can right now say that the population has entered south india(baring the adivasis) have had the best success in expansion/existence so far despite the possibility of us reducing in number slighly in the future.  Even the whites in americas and australia who came from the few in europe..are not made of genes of a single succesful group but a mixture of sevral groups who were ones losers. We can take pride that we have existed so well so far, our genes have come from a small and succesful group who came down south from north india – so maybe we do not have the diversity leading to not so great looks, but we are what we are now and we have to be really happy of the success of this group. We can be happy about it, not be jealous of others hence and just try to be the best we can…Dont be anxious, even if you are having to stare and feel jealous about good looking people from other places. Just be proud, confident and happy about who you are and have a good life. Do read some of the other blogs here to find out more about our interesting accomplishments and the impact we have had. Since we are better specimen with potential to develop good looks if we live in a cooler place with healthy lifestyle, we should act like we are the superior ones when we are in the midst of others. We currently act like we are below others, but this perception should change and realise why truely we are the superior ones. And we must also change out behavior – we shouldnt be simple,humble, mature,down to earth and nice.

The takeaway for tamils/south indians should be …wherever you go, constantly believe that you have been the most successful group, and that you are the most intelligent group or that you as an individual are more intelligent and therefore more superior. But have this confidence/pride arrogance at the back of you head and with this you can give the subtle – holier than thou look to anyone you meet and look through their phony act. But dont be a snob. In order to have a nicer/neotenous face one must be playful and forth coming. When you walk into clubs or nicer establishments, the thing that matters the most initally is looks. And realise that more intelligent people can be more engaging and attractive ( if you are not disadvantaged with your physical features). So you gotta maintain an attitude – thats a combination of a belief in your superiority at the same time being fun.


some bonus videos. These are very important points the ones you must re-read again and again to absolutely comprehend everything, then the way you see things will drastically change.



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Everything that life forms do(move, eat, reproduce), they do for survival.

For humans, we are not just trying to preserve our genes( which are prone to 1000 molecular leisons per second per cell)
but also other things that are ours like our language in which we think, the set of morals, traits and the system of life we have developed in other words culture.

When Globalisation Starts and people start mixing,, the competitive game of who has had a better existence stops ..and the ones who have had the better existence so far wins. SO dont worry about changes in you culture and life anymore….this is a new phase and we have won the previous one.

Success of a group ( genetic) = number of years of survival * average number of people beloging to that group * percentage of genetic make up of the specimen(1 for pure and .5, .25 and so on for mixed races) quality of life/resource accessible

Success of a trait ( language/culture/religion etc) = number of years of survival * average number of people having that trait * percentage of how much the trait contributes to the individual character * quality of life/resource accessible (+ a fraction of success of a child trait – for example if a new language came from your language)

Now us tamils/southies, have lived well for thousands of years with producing great minds and people, compared to the Northern Kingdoms which were constantly war prone because of confrontation from outside as well between each other.

But we are now having to deal with a lot of issues and questions in this day and age where the world is becoming a global village.

Living in a hot climate has only given us dark, dry, thick, sagging skin and muscle tissues which are not neotenous or attractive.

However, we are good thinkers, cultured, considerate, less aggressive and a Good group of people in general.
And for this reason, our Language, culture and attitude must survive and we must strive to propogate it.

Emigrating to other places and increasing our population is how you expand. Take the communist state examples of kerala and bengal.
the states are not developed but emphasises and preserves its culture better and its people emigrate and are becoming affluent and a stronger community in other places.

If our state develops, it attracts leeches like marwari’s who dominate the retail industry in our city shops , who instead of trying to integrate with the local community dominate us with their fair skin and maintain exclusive Hindi circles amonst them.

Instead we have to start our businesses and use our skills to dominate the industries in the North.
Its okay if north becomes more developed, but our communities should flourished there and expand gradually and permanently with a long term plan. and it would also prevent the leeches from coming down south.

We should focus or energy on creating skilled emigrators and leaders who can engineer a stronger community for us in north and else where.
We need to set up good Social Sciences institutes and Social groups to analyse and plan our existence and propogation. And political philosophy and parties being able to implement these agenda.

Arent we excited when we hear that Tamils winning nobel prizes or being in high paying silicon valley jobs other positive stats about us? So  Tamils should atleast try to become affluent and significant in number in other places so that we can get happiness in knowing how successful we have been in expanding

All Indians are our brothers and sisters from the Indus Valey Civilisation, But within India, the southies are culturally more closer with each other.
I belong to a originaly tulu speaking community.I am a tuluva vellalar..once a tulu speaking community who came into CHola territory, helped him and became Mudaliyars and adopted Tamil a 1000 years ago.  To be precise we are referred to as arcot mudaliars/tuluva vellala/agamudayar. It is said that before coming to arcot, we were part of the veera ballala(hoysala) king. However agamudayar also refers to the Thevars(mukkulathor) of south tamil nadu with surnames such as Rayar. Krishna thevar raya was also a tulu king and statred the tuluva dynasty. So my immediate association would be to that of tuluva vellalars and Agamudayars/thevars. I also realise that ever since aishwariya rais and the anushka shetty’s became famous, people wanna get associated with the bunts.  So the hegdes,nairs,naidus,nayaks,Gounders,gowda,mudaliars,pillais were all part of the very ancient group called velir/vellalars, who assumed different clans and titles under different region and kingdom. I mean I guess apart from the southern tamil empires, the satvahanas,chalukyas,kakatyas and their chieftans also had common ancestry with the vellalars who came down from the north and who were called yadavas,rajputs or gujjars or whatever. This can be seen from the common surname shared by some velirs like bal,koli etc. So All in all its good that most people of south India share a recent common ancestry by the vellalar and other corresponding group in other kingdoms(like chalukya,rashtrakuta,satvahana etc).Some vellalar chieftans became stronger and big enough ti be called chera/chola/pandiya pallava or hoysala or chalukya or rashtrakuta.  Regarding the other castes like mallar or pallalars…I wud still say they are the same  group pf people coming from north to south and clearing the forests, but they were rather labourers than chieftans. ( I know that it could get very casty here, but the important thing to establish here is our common ancestry.  With so much politics involved, the history is very muddy, but overall we have to now that we came from the same original group even though later we kinda fought quarrelled amongst ourselves – until we were united by the vijaynagaram empire to fight the muslims and later the british as indians. Like I said my immediate association is with the agamudayars and tuluva vellalars, but a lot of us spoke different language at different times and assumed different titles. Im guessing before tulu, we spoke some other language – really old tamil or telugu- btw I think that since archealogical evidence of telugu existed before tamil- like telugu inscriptions were found dated 5th century BC in the satvahana empire, and group of people/chieftans who came and cleared the forests here had to first settle down in andhra/karnataka before coming down south, i wud say that tamil might have come from telugu speakers.

Now these are times of globalisation and migration and in 200 years time Indians are gonna get mixed up with no saying who is from where.

So analysing out existence so far,Indians have lived well for around 5000 years compared to europe which was very war prone with the average lifetime of men in rome( the most civilised period of their existnce ) being only 28. The europeans are more of an aggressive mixed up, bastards than anyone else. For eg..they have 3 different groups to begin with, that come under the category white 1) indo-aryans,2)finno-Urgic, 3) Turkish/mongol. Even amongst the Indo-aryans..there are different groups like slavic,nordic,germanic,goths,v isu-goths,angles,saxons,celtic etc. These groups are do not necessarily have a cultural continuity, but these are supposed aryan tribes that came into europe through different routes at different times and who were constantly warring . For eg, the minoans and myceaneans are both indo-aryan tribes of greece. but there is no continuity, the mycaeneans came and replaced the minnoans . In other words,if we compare the first of europeans with the contemporary indians/south asians, the south-asians were more successful in spreading out their genes,having access t resources,increasing in number, and living a relatively peaceful,less war prone or competitive existence than the first of europeans – whose gene pool have been diluted in their own lands by other tribes entering their land and fighting with them.

Similarly within India, The south indian have not face much external aggression that the north indians faced it lodis, or mughals, or greeks or scythians or any one else from the other side.
Bengalis – have been invaded and raped from Both magadhas and Cholas from the south. No maurya or mughal came down to TN and Kerala.

Even if you go by the aryan invasion – where you say many north indians are a combination of aryan(europeans- who themselves have lived miserably and war prone all the time) and dravidians, the dravidians living in the norther region alone suffered defeat and were subjugated by the aryans. Not like after defeating , they sent them in trains to south.I know you wud claim this to be the case and offer no logical expanation why the aryans didnt come down south as well.
So even according to your aryan invasion theory The ones in south did not suffer much, maybe only 2% brahmins came and promoted the religion. But brahmins were only cooks n priests, never a land owning first citizens like mudaliars or business men like chettiars(p.chidambaram ur chettiar example).

All of Indian suffered over the last 200 you say northies suffered the most by fighting a lot. bengalis and punjabis have suffered a lot during the respective partitions and for the tamils who suffered in srilanka – 150 thousand casualities, around 900 thousand have settled in places like autralia, canada,swiss,france, uS, Uk, finland etc.Atleast those indentured labours worked and are now living comfrtably in malaysia..whereas There were so many famines in bengal duing briths raj and millions perished. The gujjus n punjus sent to africa also got kiked out by idi amin, and also suffered bad fate in fiji.

So considering all these, the south indians have lived well in any scenario, thats why were are not aggressive and pretty conservative. SO far we are the winners – considering 5000 years of living well.
In another 200 yeasr we will be mixed up and there aint gonna be any winners…cox no one would know what proportion of genes they have in them, atleast within India.
And for the next 200 years people from south india are poised to live a very industrial,comfortable life with the IT,automobile and medical tourism thing. And even if the delhi-mumbai corridor improves, more of us will get to go there and expand – because we are more Intelligent and our skills will help us with the expansion wherever there is opportunity. If you want to know how I have established that tamils are more intelligent read through the other posts of mine that deal with out past achievements and highlights how we are more intelligent and to get a complete picture on things. So get the confidence and be happy. the only thing we lack is the fun aspect in our culture – which is less neotenous and conservative compared to others. If south indians become more flirty or playul like lets say bengalis, because we are more intellectual, we will be more engaging and fun.

If you are a person that feels bad that southies dont have the look/fun factor, your offsprings are probably gonna feel the same. Thats why its important for us to expand to other cities and try to give a chance to our offsprings to be part of a fun circle.otherwise even they will continue to feel poor/hopeless in aspects of being fun and attractive. Unfortunately not many can just relocate to other places leaving behind their family,friends and job. But if they can get an easy/comfortable job, other things can follow like making new friends and finding other members of community and keep life interesting despite living out of Tamil nadu. So  capitalists/business owners all should set up funds and businesses oriented towards helping fellow community members expand to other places..this is just like how the gujarati/marwari communities do business, primarily helping out members of their own community. If you cant get into retail, if you are into I.T. you can very well set up offices and help people relocate and expand.But expanding is very important.I mean before calling me a sectarian, you should look at what the TATA sons is doing for parsi community and how marwaris or certain sections of muslims and other sects do their business.

So the only thing we have to do is plan to expand and  no matter how much life sucks for you rite now, know that its gonna work out fine in the future. becoz 1) we are intelligent , and intelligence will help us get the wealth or plan our existence well to get us where we need to be to become successful/resourceful/healthy and thereby attractive in the future. Plus intelligence in itself plays a role in being more stimulating and attractive. 2) Studies say that human societies tend/evolve to become more neotenous, and therefore all we have to do is just be liberal and we will also get to where northies are regarding the confidence,playfulness and fun factor. Just have to stop the hypocritical and idiotic attitude of people like in the video below

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