Should I kill myself or have a cup of coffee



u should live as long as you have hopes of making an impact and deriving pleasure/happiness while doing so. despite the difficulties, if you have a hope of achieving something thats a bigger positive.

why cant u just be happy till you are 21 and then die?
you can die at 21 – as im a nihilist and I think happiness/positive frame of mind is what we should care about ( rather than making an impact/accomplishment or other stuff which are at lower levels),

the only reasons you shouldnt are
1) people who’d have wanted you to live may miss u and feel sad. This is an important thing because ur existence is not just tied to you and other people have a stake in ur existence too. This is explained in detail in other blogs but let me give u an example here. Lets say there is something that your parents want you to do eg getting married and having kids/family. That gives them a lot of pleasure and makes them feel good for 80% of the time for sometime intiailly and reduces gradually lets say. Even if that is something thats gonna be a slightly negative thing for you with all the burden /responsibilities/ adjustment etc and have a little bit positive thing as well such as companionship , kids etc and this comes to a negative 15 to 20% for you personally – changing of time, You will think about how its making ur parents happy for 80%  of their days  and hence collectively this is positive. Your parents are not 100 % you, they are only around 50% you.  I mean you are the same genes, personality, traits, purpose of existence – what impact you intend to make etc, but you also differ a lot in ur thoughts and what you intend to make.  To begin with you are 50% ur mom n 50% your dad so 50% of 50% is 25% – you are 25% max of ur individual parents. So your parents are just maybe max 25% of who you are and siblings and relatives even lesser. So its only 80% of 25% which is 20 * 2 = 40, but which is still better than – 20 which is your burden. So since the collective happiness is greater – you do it. Same with the negativity. Upon ur death collective death is greater and so you feel like you shouldnt do it.
2) physical pain :It may hurt a lil, but not if you are using heroin
3) its not even the physical pain – if you decide u want to end ur life – that thought is a sad thought for you and it makes you sad for the amount of time you are thinking about it.
As you can see the above 3 are not very solid reasons and so if you want to end it, you should. I mean if you are living a life of misery, you shouldnt. Its just that point 3 is so strong. Thinking about ending your life is a big negative depressing thought and once you’ve decided your gonna end your life, every moment from then to the end of ur life feels more if not superlative negative/depressing. You start thinking that you could rather walk away from the things giving you stress and live a simpler life and find a lil positivity than ending your life. Many other options seem appear sensible to you rather than this final/tragic option of ending your life. So more than physical – the emotional negativity comes into picture against suicidal thought in my school of philosophy. Thats why you dont do it. But if you expect a lot more shit in life with little chance and less potential to make an impact/accomplish stuff and derive positive moments, like if ur captured and tortured or stuck in a long term depressing messy situation with no getting out, – makes total sense to end urself. But yeah most people try to get out of a messy situation and think they can chill after that. People with a sound philosophy eg. nihilists who realise nothing matters and can just chill are going to have hopes of having more positive moments and hence are not gonna think about ending their life. As long as there is hope – the positive thought that you can dream about making an difference and deriving pleasure , one can live on. Living in a constant state of misery like not being free, being trapped in an undesirable relationship or situation – just end yourself.

One connected area to this is – is it okay to be single for a long time?. Is having a companion at middle and old age better. Well it may be slighlty better, but you are not gonna wake up miserable every single day if you are single. Just thing that you are gonna wake up and make a little impact by eating , consuming whatever and thats enough. DOnt have to think about all the things you dont  have – thats a negative thought and not needed. When you wake up you are going to do a lil impact and thats a positive. Thats all. So in 50 years the institutions of Religion and marriage wont exist anymore. Thave already created for the future coz of this. In 200 years, there wont be any more humans, Just AI Robots. Less than 200 if people sooner discover my idea(blog below) on how to solve the problem of Intelligence and create true AGI. My way is the only way that a machine that General Intelligence can be solved – not even kidding, read on to find out. Ive told this elsewhere – apes have fulfiled their destiny but mankind thinks its gonna keep on keeping on and its actually scared of its noble destiny/purpose – to create Manchine Intelligence. But , it will happen eventually and so  even procreating, caring about future generations wont make sense. Just have fun. In a way Tamils have already won – wrt being the most impactful coz of how relatively they as a group ahve had more success in expanding/pro-creation and hence having the most impactful/pleasurable/happiest existence thus far – my other blogs provide an explanation so try to read and understand. So yeah, you just live – dont worry about what if someone ( who you dont care) thinks and tells you you live a relatively sadder existence – you dont have a sadder existence if you are not sad and if you only see the positive side. Relationships however are there to cause you issues and worries on multiple level. So yeah you may be better off if you are alone.

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At an ultimate level, nothing matters. But It doesnt matter that at an ultimate level -nothing matters.

If you kill yourself theres 1) physical pain 2 ) Tragedy to your relatives  3) In ‘not the ultimate’ levels & reality , theres a loss – a loss of the impact you create 4)  If you are a nihilist, life should be easier – more positive than negative – no worries if you r solid with you nihilism but only experience worldly pleasures from time to time. Should a child play a sport which could bring him more pleasure despite the possibility of stressing out, instead of simply sitting? – it think he should.

It doesnt matter that at an ultimate level -nothing matters. At all other levels theres a loss.

Coffee or gun? – at an ultimate level either is the right answer. But thats not the only level and there are other level that come into the picture hence, and in those there is a loss in case of the gun. If you are a hostage and all you foresee is only torture/pain with little hope of making an impact – the logical thing is the Gun. Hence vice-versa, if theres hope for positive things, you should hold on.

The purpose of life at the penultimate levels is in the video below. Ultimate level – its nihilistic. Incase you decide to go with the coffee – the purpose of existence – at a level above self-preservation it is to make an impact, however at the most rudimentary level, it is to be happy – irrespective of how impactful u r or how many kids u have . Although practical success n pleasure helps with ur positive state of mind, if ur a nihilist you have to measure ur success by seeing how much of the time you can remain in a positive state of mind. I guess many other nihilists arrive at the same philosophy like the guy in the video above.



To me the next logical step for humans is to create AI which can travel beyond earth and make an impact. This obviously is at the level of impact. But if you are a nihilist and wants to do some sort of thing/impact with your everyday life – you can try to promote nihilism , without worrying about what if muslims or idiots take over the world or just go about having fun n try to o whatever u can. On a practical level ur nihistic philosphy will give u a peace of mind only for some time, most other times practical issues pop up and during those times u can be solid either by using this philosophy or by having answers to the other questions life throws at ya – like r u impatful or r u having a pleasurable life or etc etc. i u r a tamil, u should also read my other blog posts to know the reasons to feel good about yourself.But this post is about nihilism

Im a nihilist n im  alive because i forsee more positivity and impactfulness in my life.

Okay wait, i ve changed my mind….

what do you do when nothing matters? you can do whatever you want.

I can do whatever I want- thats my answer and it satisfies both the ends of the thought line – the ultimate level where nothing matters and the most practical level where I think its your positive frame of mind that matters. The thought that i can do anything no matter what is obviously a comforting thought, so.  I mean its easy to say that nothing matters and you can do whatever you want, all im hoping is that there is some depth in it when i have said that.

So,  Im a nihilist and I live coz i will do whatever i want

Now on a practical level, Mankind’s destiny is to create machine/artificial intelligence. From single celled organism to fish to a mammal to an ape to an human – whats important in evolution is the evolution of intelligence and the evolution of body/physical stuff isnt too important. Intelligence is what has a higher impact potential. Apes have fulfilled their destiny by creating humans but most human dont understand Our destiny and are only involved in other stuff. No govt or intellectual leaders believe that our destiny is to create AI. Must says we need to morph with Machines and are scared of AI.  Only very very few understand what is Mankind’s destiny and why it is so.


Purpose of life

Imagine there’s an amoeba made up of organic matter and we call it matter A. Now there’s a piece of organic matter B which turn out to be food for amoeba A. Our amoeba is now AB amoeba constituting both matter A and B.
So let’s assume this amoeba happens to split in such a way that all the original A matter goes into child 1 exactly and the organic matter B goes into child 2.


So why did the A amoeba go through the trouble of locating, consuming another food and then bothering to split and reproduce?
They say it’s all about self-preservation but Point 1) The matter A has not increased the chance of preserving itself by becoming something more. So it’s not self-preservation of matter that counts
2) If the argument is that a little genetic coding is passed onto the matter B, and so it is about preserving one’s genetic code.If this was the case any parent would only want an exact replica of him/her as a child and not in anyway an improvement in physical or intellectual features/abilities. This also mean they would start loving someone else’s child more than their own child if the other child happens to be more similar to them in features. So it’s not self-preservation of genetic code either.
At a level below nihilism and at a level above self-preservation, the purpose of life is to make an impact. According to either string theory or ether theory, the different particles constituting matter are just different manifestations of force is different dimensions( in an underlying medium). The purpose of a force is to cause a push or a pull – just to displace something in space and time -to make an impact.
Just like how the purpose of force is to make an impact, the purpose of force trapped in a life form is also to make an impact. and this is not just at the physical level, but it drives into an emotional and intellectual level with higher forms. It’s the labourers who build bridges and structures, but its the design of the engineer and the decision of a CEO but ultimately the demand created by consumers that lead to the creation of structures and activities in our cities. Also – a force manifested in the form of a higher order form such as a living human is more impactful than something thats non-living and in a basic form. For example – Force is in either static state (like static wave) – where it only impacts/affects a smaller region is space-time or it can be a travelling form where it displaces/disturbs several things along the way and cover a large region. The travelling force/wave is more impactful compared to the static one. Now imagine a piece of energy(the force constituting it) in the form light or other physical force travels for a short while and then its absorbed by another particle and remains static in the particle for an extended period until the other particle is disturbed/broken up. But if the same light is consumed by a leaf and enhances the energy of a living being and remains in it in the form of a living thing – it gets to be a bit more impactful for a bit more time frame as the living thing can do so much during its life time. Whe death comes to the living thing, the photon with it goes back to a non-living particle state where it doesnt do much impact and remains static.If you carefully think about it being a higher order living thing increases impact potential than for sometime till eventually all forms of force go to being in a static state for a long time. Most of the force in this universe remains in a static/relatively less impactful state( dark matter/energy or some static waves or particles thats confined to a limited area in space). Im not saying that the force/energy in the form of a EM radiation is less impactful than the energy making up the particles of a living human, Im saying that the EM wave will soon go to a static state by getting absorbed by something else, while the force/energy within a human gets to remain a human for sometime and then go on to become a EM wave when they burn the corpse and thus be more impactful over time and area.
The below video also says the same thing where I say Impact – they say entropy
We derive pleasure out of making an impact – either driving fast cars or emotionally bonding with fellow humans or whatever.
One of the biggest impact anyone can do is bring a life into this world. That’s why male-female interactions – love/relationship – etc are important.

But only from one perspective making an impact counts. But from a nihilist perspective or buddhist oreven bhagawat gita only the happiness matters. Im not buddhist or hindu, For me Logic leads to nihilsm after all the existential thinking one can do. So people who are the happiest(ccolest) are the most superior people, not necessarily the ones who are high in pleasure potential(sunny leone) or impact potential ( president of USA). One can be happy for no reason at all. You just have to be happy all the time to be the best person on earth ( simple conceptually but practically difficult), you dont have to seek or achieve anything. All the people who are seeking and achieving, dont even know what its all about. They think being fashonable, heathy, popular or even making a social impact is what matters. These IMO are only minor stuff. At the level of making an impact -The destiny of mankind would be to create proper Artifical General Intelligence. 99.99999% dont know this truth. Elon Musk, Larry page, hawkings are all scared of AI. Apes have already fulfilled their destiny by creating humans, not all apes contributed to it but just some. But humans are scared of their destiny. Instead of creating another child ( which every other human on this planet can do) the one who creates Artifical Inteligence(proper) are the ones who ate the fore-runners among humans in evolution. Our physical form doesnt matter (amoeba or fish or mammal or ape or human) we need to create / evolve into forms with more impact potential. Humans cant conquer space, but Machines can. Hence machines can be a lot more impactfl than carbon based life forms. Its not enough if you just bear a kid hoping that your kid would make an impact. If you dont understand the destiny of humans and dont teach it to your kid – and if your kid  learns it/gets the idea from someone else – they are the ones who have passed on this information and if the kid does something to advance AI, it is attributed to the one who implanted that idea in the kid, and the credit doesnt go to the parents who are just responsible for his physique/nature and not the idea.

———————————————–old draft —————————————————————————- Why people are happy to have been there and done that? Experiences give out many things that make people happy about it. Whether it gives them pure pleasure, or a sense of accomplishment or some memories of it which makes them relive that pleasure in their mind, or some experiences just give you a lot of knowledge and improves yourself. But lets try to figure out why exactly these things are good.

Fundamental purpose of Life :When a single celled amoeba consumes a piece of organic material around, and gets bigger in size and then reproduces/splits into two – the end result of the whole process a piece of organic thing being converted into the form of an amoeba. So the life force present in the original amoeba, has impacted surrounding matter. I mean you could argue that amoeba splits for reproduction and so that as 2 units,, it has more chances of survival/self preservation. But think about this scenario where an amoeba with X amount of plasma(at this point call it X amoeba) consumes a piece of organic material with Y amount of plasma and becomes XY amoeba. And now the amoeba divides into 2, and hypotetically the original X stays one 1 offspring and the original Y forms the other offspring. So what exactly has the original XAmoeba self-preserved(self preservation being the reason for reproduction/life)? It has not preserved the X plasma or increased the chance of Xplasma. The set of genes developed in Yamoeba is also developed from the protein/plasma that originally belongs to the organic material Y, so only the genetic code is preserved. So is only purpose of animals to preserve genetic code? iff thats the case you would fuck your sister instead of fucking someone from a different exotic ethnicity. Also if you are a skinny dark guy with a longer nose, you would also wish your child be a skinny dark guy with long nose and not like hrithik or salman or watever. And organisms would never go for sexual reproduction in the first place which introduces diversity. Orgnisms are neither looking to self-preserve their original matter that makes up or their genetic code – via all the things they do. I mean the purpose of reproduction in a specific context is self preservation, but in a larger context living things are not there to just self preserve. They are there to make an impact on surrounding matter. here the AmoebaX has made an impact on organic-matterY and converted that into and AmoebaY of a different shape and orientation/fucntionality. So thats the only objective behind every life/matter and the force that makes make an impact someway on the medium around(it wud be a good thing to refer to my ‘The medium’ post). The only bad thing for a force is not make its impact on anything…or do something that ultimately leads to ceasing of its existence as an organism/ unit and its impact on anything . When organic/living things turn to dust,the stationary forces within the matter of dust doesnt get to make a lot of impact on surrounding objects, only living things do in comparison. Thus the existence of force as an alive organism is better than being trapped in a dead/lifeless object – i mean you gotta imagine this from the level of a basic force not from the point of an advanced being. Why we seek what we seek: The motivations behind people wanting to acquire things, climb up the social ladder and wanting to be with hot/rich/powerful people is that when you are with them, you have both made an impact on them. Thats why its good. All those people at the top – rich,powerful,hot are all the ones that are making more of an impact in this world. people with power,money,creativity,kindness ..,whether you can accept and imagine it or not, will be able to make more of an impact. The same goes to hot people. Coz hot people somehow make heads turn, tend to get to preferred and get to the top and influence the other impactful people. Maybe you can appreciate someone who can feed a 100 poor for a day or a month, but the CEO of a large corp defintley makes a bigger impact in this world overall by influencing many people as possible. And thats why you are trying to maximise your impact by trying to being with those at the top and impacting them who inturn impact alot of others.With a hot partner , you think you can have a hot kid – your creation who will be more impactful. So I guess now you’ll be able to understand the totality of wanting to be with hot/successful/impactful people. Now the human/animal brain is not perfect..We are supposed to feel pleasure for the things that increases our survival and the above objective and feel pain for things that decreases our objective. However, take the case of drug addicts or people who eat too much food..or just the act of jacking off, people feel pleasure doing these but it does not necessarily mean that they have made a big impact or positively contributed to their objective through that particular act. The same pleasure is felt by someone who actually impregnates a partner,brings a kid into this world and makes a big impact that way, compared to someone who is just doing it wearing a condom or just wacking off to porno.Also consider leaders like Gandhi or MLK or any president important person, men of such calibre/ideals would have probably worried about a lot of things throughout their life to become what they are and eventually make an impact and only for that few years feel the pleasure from their accomplishment.  So more pleasurable existence doesnt mean a more impactful existence. Although good looking people (or rather people higher in component 1b below) will make heads turn and have more chance of influencing people, really intelligent people have a chance of affecting a lot of people/lives in a big way by means of inventing something or becoming a leader/ public intellectual etc – and thus people with higher score in component 1c has a higher chance of making a really big impact on the world. In order to make an impact , it doesnt mean one has to mingle and keep socialising all the time with all the people. People also are selective in choosing their friends and circle coz they dont wanna waste their effort on someone who is easily impressed – coz with those people the impact you made on them will be short lived. Or if some one was to hang out with dumb or classless people, what they are and their confidence level decreases and has a negative impact on themselves. So people do exercise discretion, but sub-consciously its all about maximising your objective function – which is to make an impact. Who has had the better life? and who should be more happy? So whose more awesome brad pitt type or eisnstein type or a world record setting mountaineer type? The factors by which you can evalutate yourself against other people follows…. I had already talked about(in other blogs) about why experiences pertaining to sex are more exciting than experiences pertaining to intellectual and other kinda achievements. say for eg a feat like climbing mt everest…its a hard one and not everyone can do it. But that doesnt make you better than many others becoz you dont really get to impact/influence other lives and get something out of it – to eventually make yours better and contribute to your agenda for survival in some way.  For example if you are able to impress a hot girls, it means you have the skills to influence/have influenced people to serve your agenda of procreating with healthy,good looking children. If you are the president, you have influence over many people, but that influence is not gonna have a high gradient of direct consequences towards your personal survival. I mean being a president/PM is still much greater accomplishment becoz although you touch lives with a smaller gradient, you are touching millions of lives so it multiplies and thats a greater accomplishment than scoring just a hot chick. the same goes with being a scientist and creating technology that touches lives. But lets now try and classify this properly 1) inherent potential – The mountaineer has worked hard trained hard put in a lot of work to build up this skill level. But this mountain climbing skill doesnt necessarily help him impact/influence people/society at large compared to a guy who devlops a little swag/class and impresses a lot of people. There are 3 aspects to ones Inherent potential ( who is greater/better than who) a) Pure potential level:  Based on the sheer effort (including all kinds of efforts taken historcally over generations , from the perspective of groups) required to achieve this. I mean Its not just you doing stuff to be physically/mentally healthy/fit in this lifetime, but also how the efforts of your ancestors got transferred to you – adds up by a gradient to the inherent potential stored up in you. The luck factor also comes into play as people from coldr/mountainous regions tend to have nicer physical features rather than a group of people who are  cooked in the sun for thousands of years A world record mountaineer/skill :  70(his personal effort 60 and 10 fro historic) brad pitt/appearance : 90 ( considering the fact that looks,class,confidence,background, the reputation of a group as a whole, etc takes generations to build up..and this also from a group perspective and not just a personal thing)( personal effort/luck 20 and 60 historic luck/effort) Einstein/intellect : 100 ( personal effort 80 and 20 historic) President/significance : 90 (personal effort 75 and historic 15) So the reason why Einstein’s potential is higher, or Intelligence being a higher potential skill according to me is as follows. Consider the amount of  evolutionary effort needed to get from a primitive simean to a einstein’s level of intellect , consider the amount of evolution required for the physical evolution between an ape and the physicality of a modern man like brad pitt. Somehow the intellectual evolution seems to be a greater effort/change. Also there is also an intellectual aspect for beauty/attraction and somehow the more intellectual races look more beautiful as well. Although the nerds lose their appeal because of their boring thought process, I believe that a more intelligent specimen can be more engaging/stimulating, if they channel their thought process in being more engaging and stimulating in a swaggy/attractive way. But intellect, depends more on the training an individual gets in his life time while also depending a bit on a healthy brain structure passed on genetically. Whereas, physical looks depend mostly on genetics and only a smaller extend on a personal effort…i mean if ur born with a not so attractive face, its kinda really hard becoming attractive, but a dumb guy can be educated. If you take the average white child, it it easy to make it into a personality/body like brad pitt rather than the mind of Einstein, same goes with an Indian child. But if you take an african child, it is easier to make it into a einsteins brain rather than the physicality of Brad pitt. This is because the physical changes  like skin color is based a lot on time and genetics. people  living in cooler climatic regions are lucky to have been living there for thousands of years where the sun doesnt damage and make you skin/muscles thick,saggy,with less collagen, not so fleshy etc , and with unnaturally high levels of melanin which is gonna reduce vitamin D synthesis, youth hormone synthesis and doesnt help with a proper bone structure and all that.   Its just that physical appearence(and the efforts taken in this) is passed on more from generations but the intellectual effort is not so much passed on, genetically.But despite this, the potential(luck/effort) that goes into physical appearence is lesser than the effort/potential that goes into becoming intelligent. I guess everyone has different levels in the different components. Einsteing probably scored 25 points from his looks component and 75 from intelligence. brad pitt may be had 40 points from his intelligence and 50 from his physicality, that makes his overall potential 90. Its just that different components have different gradients of passability and acquirability of the efforts/potential thats stored in that component. The above was just how much effort goes into getting a potential. The below is  how these potentials are gonna be useful. b) Ability to seek pleasure out of the skill: potential to get as many pleasurable moments in the future with their skills(and passon for their offsprings) Mountaineer : 30 Scientist : 40 President: 60 Brad pitt : 100 c) ability to influence and make an impact(in future) Mountaineer : 10 Einstein/Technology people : 100 President : 90 Brad pitt : 50 2a) Experienced positive moments – It is the actual positive moments one experiences. generally guys with the swag factor tend to have more positive moments in life. In the above factor 1b we say brad pitt has more chances of having a pleasurable life, but what if he is locked up somewhere? and it doesnt happen 2b) Future positive moments (projected through your fitness for Life) – This takes into combination all of a persons’ skill level/inherent potential multiplied by a factor of pleasure gradient. When one sees another person, we also think about how well this guys is gonna live it up or not in the future. its the same as Factor 1b 3a) Actual Impact made : the impact made by the life force that makes up your cells, on the other living/non-living things in this world and shapes future events and things. This is the ultimate purpose of the life force within you . I mean the higher scores in 2a, probably higher here as well but not always the case like explained above. even an average guy can get to save the lives of a lot of people and be impactful and a hero/villain in this world. 3b) Projected Impact Made : Its the same as 1c So some people might be very skillfull/talented. Some people might have a very pleasurable/positive life. But the main purpose of life is to be an impactful person. Just because you see  someone surrounded with good looking people and looks like he is having a pleasurable life, it doesnt mean that the person has had the better life. Maximising the impact rather than pleasure is the ultimate objective of life. pleasure is just a proxy objective.  Me personally and obviously would categorise myself as the intellectual type rather than from a attractive/fun background/circle. But thats okay..i get around 10-15 visitors to my blog a day, 1 or 2 i guess read em and ponder over what i write seriously. Atleast once a week people search ‘jayanpsk blog’ and things like that to come back and read abt various things i say here and my youtube videos(thousands of view in a week) and this is pretty good for me considering the profound nature of subjects i deal with(though not many people would concede any appreciable abstraction). So I consider myself making more of an impact that those  english speaking-wannabe coconuts and supposedly living it up , hi-fi crowd from bangalore or bombay or delhi or wherever.  In my other blogs I have dealt with how South Indians/Tamils are Intelligent but unlucky wrt looks. They do not have neotenous physical features and consequently their culture has evolved into some thing less neotenous/fun and more mature/conservtive and lacking playful/aggressive qualities. But to re-iterate, Intelligence can actually lead to the group being more engaging/stimulating and so if we are able to live in cooler/better climatic regions for sometime with liberal/neotenous lifestyle, we too can develop the neotenous physical/intellectual features. On Average South Indians have more inherent potential (1a factor) even and with the looks factor and 1c. Anxiety makes people ugly and relaxed people are good looking. Read my blog on why tamils are the most intelligent group, be proud of yourself and relax So what gives us happiness, peace of mind is when we are able to feel happy about our potential or pleasures we enjoy or the impact that we make. Although i have told you that impact is the ultimate purpose of an organisms life, it is also a matter of luck and because it is a matter of luck, so is the pleasure you enjoy despite your potential or even the potential you get to acquire has an element of luck/fate. And because all 3 – skill,pleasure and impact of a person depends on luck( as well as the effort you put in to acquire all 3 – majorly), you shouldnt stress/ be anxious about acquiring these 3. So you shouldnt be too worried or jealous of someone who scores better than you in an aspect you care about too much because although someone else may have put in a lot more effort, luck also comes into play. Its like playing a poker game – its 70 % about skill, but typically someone who as played poker in casinos for a period of 2 years – will have a skill level greater than 45%(out of the 70%). So even if you are the most skillful poker player with 70%, if on this day you have 0% luck and the other person has full (remaining 30%) luck you are gonna lose to him. So life is not like chess where if someone beats you- he is better for good, its like poker, you shouldnt feel too jealous of someone who has more in each of the components. Think about that and reduce the anxiety, pressure to perform/succeed and you life will be zen. I mean all of us are already like that – i mean no one is jealous of obama or modi because they are making more of an impact, but we are jealous of people whom we know of and meet and who we think is interfering in our space. if you are not the president or anything, the biggest impact you can make is bring another living thing in this world and any impact that child(including having children of its own) is partially credited to you. Thats why people care so much about lineage. I mean you are not the only one making an impact on your kids life, everyone from teacher, relation all make an impact. But you are the one with the biggest impact. And the significance of your impact reduces down the generations – like son > grandson> great grandson. But your impact per se stops when you die or when the inheritance/memories you give your son/grandsons depletes.I mean apart your offsprings, you have also made ur impact on other people who are gonna have ofsprings as well, so we cant really argue that everything that any of their offspring s does in the future is attributed to you – and with that argument our ancestor apes would have made more of an impact than us when end of homo sapiens come – simply by virtue of being our ancestors and taking credit for things we have done. So we just ave to consider in your lifetime alone – if you have acquired enough wealth, power, genetic positive traits that you are gonna pass on and the offsprings that you have. A questions comes here, would it make sense to bring kids into this world BUT give your money to other kids who have more of a chance of doing something big with your money? in some cases people do – hand over their legacy/institutions to someone who is not their offspring(like we ‘ve seen in some kung fu movies), But your kid is significantly more of your part/creation/impact than someone else’s kid and hence giving your wealth to your kid amplifies your own part/creation/impact. Dont let the foreign media brainwashing you into believing all you need to do is have a fun life and having kids is old fashioned thinking. If you dont have kids, you would have missed out on making a big impact…coz its gonna go on for as long as they keep having kids. Hopefully i have kids someday. But like i said, its not all over for people without kids. They would have made an impact of little significance in other peoples lifes who are gonna have kids and so on, and in this generation they can make an effort to touch and impact many peoples lives Intelligence, just like the genetic code/information is also a form of impact – not with physical dimensions but which can have consequnce on physical things. So if technology was to evolve and become more sophisticated and machines start to incorporate life into them, even that is an acceptable thing process where a force can manifest itself and become something that will make an impact. So there is nothing unnatural/ungodly about androids and thinking robots and AI – everything is a manifestation of force aimed at making an impact. So we all need to impact stuff, but for what impacts do you claim responsibility in your everyday life? i mean a boss tells a mason to construct a bridge, pays him, supervises/instructs him. So who gets the credit for the impact of ‘making the bridge’ . Or it could be a business analyst asking a developer to come up with piece of code that performs some function. Or think of it this way, you drive a car – you are making a large/impressive piece of stuff move – and thats a pretty cool impact that you are making, and thats why it feels pretty cool to drive a cool car. But you are not actually putting the physical effort yourself in making the car move, engine and petrol does. yours is mostly an intellectual effort. If its the intellectual effort that matters, is everything built/developed always attributed to the bosses and not the workers? well, yeah. But, the whole impact of things developed is not just attributed to the guy who asked for it to be done, but also the guy who has applied his own thinking in creating that. for example the developer used his knowledge of coding/logic to create the program, that particular way. So even he can claim a lil bit of credit for the impact that is the program. The work of a blue collared guy has less of his thoughts but it he is a skilled craftsmen making his own desings, he claims a lot of credit for it. If he is just a brick layer, still a bit of his decsicion/time management etc comes into picture in making that wall or whatever. So this is how for every day work stuff – the credit for the impact is shared by both the boss and the worker – its mostly got to do with what sort of intellectual effort each puts in and it is not at all about the physical work. But this does not mean that the workers are being used. they get currency in return with which they can buy and make impact on things and claim the credit fully. So with regards to what we should be focusing on – to make an impact , to develop skills or to have pleasure. I know i mentioned before that deriving worldy pleasures out of things like socialising, romance , snubbing someone, being wicked etc are only a proxy for impact right. But for us as humans – only thing that matters is happiness and sadness. I mean if yo are dumb, skillless and make no impact at all there will be bad consequences . like you might not make enough money, things needed  and this could affect your offsprings. If many individuals among your community/shared are dumb, the associated people are gonna feel bad. I mean it is not such a great thing to forget about your community, lineage,related groups etc and being very individualistic. If you are individualistic, you will only get pleasure about your own accomplishments and thats not much. But if you are a proud member of a community you will also be able to find pleasure/happiness with the accomplishments of your community. Thats why its better to be patriotic, nationalistic or whatever, however you might also end up thinking about more issues. But it certainly is better than being individualistic. So people often say how the innocent ones are ore happy, light headed ones are more happy etc. I say they will eventually pay for not putting in the effort. But coming back to the main point that is it happiness or impact? it is happiness coz thats the only thing that matters at a human level. We try to make an impact so that we feel happy at the end of the day. This Doesnt mean having pleasure is more important than having skills or making an impact. Ofcourse pleasure directly adds to happiness moments, but People with High skills and people who have made an impact need to Reflect on their skills, impact – whether at times of comparison or in just normal moments and derive happiness and feel good moments from those.

To give another example of why Reflection is important. Like I said the purpose of the life-force is to make an impact, but from the level of Human Mind, what matters is having peace of mind and happiness/feel good. Like from a higher level of why universe/the whole existence came into existence and above that, none of this impact  matters if you wanna explore more on that topic. But for us at the level of human societies and everyday life thinking – what matters is having a positive mind frame. Consider Ascetics / Monks who given upworldly things and seek only peace of mind – These guys are not making much impact at all. Not making money or babies  making any sort of impact on society via business or any job etc. They Just want peace of mind and dont care about the impact they make.  If they can have a peace of mind, we the people who are actually making an impact and a significant difference by doing the above things need to have happiness(on top of peace of mind) in knowing that we have done more. So in order for you to have more positive moments in your mind, you have to constantly think about how you are a better person than a ascetic who does nothing. I mean people need to reflect on their achievements and realise that if someone who does nothing can have peace of mind, we should have peace of mind and more(which is the pleasure/happiness from making an impact). So dont be too anxious about things, but reflect more on your accomplishments. Only comparing yourself against others puts you in a negative frame of mind and you dont need that coz from a human level , even if you have/done nothing you should be able to have a peace of mind.

It is tough in real life to have a zen state of mind all the time as there are a lot of expectations, comparisons to be made. So in real life you might wanna improve yourself on those 3 components (inherent potential, pleasure and Impact) to get more feel good moments. But also know that by realising a higher philosphy such as the content of this blog 😉 which not many people would have realised/pondered you would be knowing important stuff thats gonna put you in a positive frame of mind that the others may not have despite being rich/popular etc. The realisation that you have to have is that there is no negative. The ascetic who makes no impact has a calm mind. Anyone else who is doing anything else and making an impact is definelty in the positive compared to the ascetic, and hence his frame of mind should also be positive. no point comparing yourself with a higher achiever and going into a negative mind set – coz the achievements of the high achiever doesnt matter ultimately. The Brain just realises extra pleasure/positivity when someone makes an impact. So Its okay if you have to take orders from an asshole 40 hours a week and work to make his vision/impact come about. It doesnt matter ultimately. But you can just reflect on what you have realised and  be in a better frame of mind than people who havent introspected. But be prepared for the inevitable times when life/people may put you down in everyday reality by scoring well in those 3 components.

Actually this realisation can only keep you happy for a small time. Let me break down some of the things that could bother me / make me feel good at this point.

10 pts – philosophical reflection – the things I explained above. dont think people can feel depressed when they think about stuff thats not abt them. So this is only positive.

Comparison with others – (+/-) 60 points

(+/-)20 pts – Comparison of inherent potential , (+/-)20 pts – Comparison of Impact, (+/-) 20 pts – comparison of Pleasure experienced in real life situations ( both past and thinking abt future)

The above is both individually and group wise. Jay -z might score full 20 points wrt pleasure but when he thinks about african slave history he is gonna feel depressed. Different people might earn score more pts in each component than 20 or they can be less. 20 is pts simply the amount that I think about regrading this particular component. Its not exactly amount of time, but just amount of thought.that will have an impact on mood – either feeling good o bad abt it. I can feel good about indian history or be happy about my knowledge and stuff and score high in those components, but when I imagine myself in a club – how pathetic i would be, i score negative in that component ( also applicable for many desi fobs).

Thinking about real world stuff (+/-) 30 pts – thinking abt career, relationships , friends, family, local stuff, everyday stuff etc.

But Like I said the above is just a very rough score attributed to various aspects and depending on ones age, life situations etc these points could vary. The abve score was just to give a sense of currently what stuff i think about.

Stupid Feminist Women

Dear feminist nuisances,
If human males are so bad all over the world with patriarchy, lets go back to the way things are in nature.
No Dog or ape male provides resources,food,security,enmotional support or runs around doing anything at the command for the female.
Infact they just forcibly try to have sex with the female in many cases (look at dogs or squirrels or anything else you may observe) and the females have to defend themselves if they are not interested. In fact, in snakes the male kills a female if it senses that it is carriying the eggs of another male. Even if we go back to that state now, Human females will be at an advantage compared to females of other species.
How? – coz u kave the brain capacity to know that all it takes is one targeted blow to the males crotch and he is going to be permanently damaged for life.
If you had not let yourselves become weaker, you could have ruled us males. But as we got more intelligent since neolithic times, you shitty females tried
to use preganancy as a leverage to take advantage of males but ended up becoming weaker urself.
Even in nature it was the role of females to take care of the offsprings in most cases. But men have agreed to this concpet of marriage where they take up a lot more
responsibility and suppress their natural instincts. A female can have only 1 preganacy in 10 months, but a male can be a part of several pregnancies in that time.
Thats the natural design and the instinct is for males to seek out mates more than females. But we have suppressed that instinct while we agreed for marriage,
and so even if you are earning equal to us and you think you dont need a man to provide security, you owe us for agreeing to enter into the contract of marriage on which occasion you spend 5 lacs for flowers and claim that during divorce settlement.
And finally yet, we dont complain but you do.You know why? coz you know you are inferior physically and intellectually and cannot be as impactful as males
on a level playing field. Hence you bitch and moan and complain and blame like every other inferior groups do. So thats who you are.

Now i know you are going to say that all males – animals are bad – and nature is not fair and just your self-centered view is right. But it only means that you are retarded. Even if you destroy all the species in the world ans start evolution from the scratch ( sexual reproduction with its benefits over asexual species) things would end up just like this. Your retarded sense of a gender balance is only going to bring an end to our species – though we are so intelligent n evolved( compared to other species)making us fitter for survival.

The problem with feminists and most females is they say Men need to start sharing household work as the females themselves are earning these days. We know that we need to share household work if the wife shares the financial burden.The problem with that statement is how this statement is put forward.  They make it sound like for all these years – its the patriarchy that has created this unjust sharing of work load and that this is done by males to dominate and suppress females while the females have big-heartedly allowed them to do so. No idiots – men have protected and provided for you and have competed and fought and died for you doing those things in return that they give u a safe environment with comparatively not much to worry about and suffer. As pointed out above human males have been so noble and have sacrificed a lot for women taking a lot upon themselves. So maybe if you start every statement of yours being grateful…like for example – ” I know that men have provided and protected and sacrificed a lot for us since neolithic times, but..i think it would be better if they take a little bit more household while we work proportionately to what each one brings” , then things would be different – less argument. So its not the thoughtlessness of males but the ungratefulness of females thats the problems today. You deserved to walk behind us, fall in our feets etc in olden times coz we’ve done a lot more for you. Also we are better than you coz we are more impactful than you. We are better than apes coz of our intelligence and more specificaly the impact potential of our intelligence. But evolution of human intelligence is primarily due to the activities of males. females just had to have a healthy body that attracts males. Males had to run around, figuring out a way to be creative to impress and compete and conquer. So yeah we are better than you hormonal psychos.

—–On needyness and erectile dysfunction—————-

Unreasonably demanding something from others and threatening with consequences is the central aspect of various forms of shitty things people do.
Seriously – mankinds destiny is creating AI. At an ultimate level, nihilism prevails. If you are thinking about making it better for mankind – it has got to be in a
society with universal basic income. If you are not working towards either AI or UBI – you just need to chill the fuck up coz you are not really doing anything that is too
critical. I know what some of you idiots are thinking – what about food n energy?- well, israel said that it alone can feed the whole world and we’ve got plenty of sun, so most people in this world are just competing and their jobs are sooo easily disposable in a better society. Like so many other sensible people has said, life is not that important and for some reason or the other a lot of people choose to live.
What a decent human being can do is not keep expecting shit from other people too much. So dont be a jerk in any form – the spouse, the parent,the relatives, the boss,the friends, the government, the moral police….just be chill.
Some people call universal basic income as immoral – you go fuck yourself.

Especially feminist cunt wives of today– you all deserve to suffer miserably. Because you expect too much out of your husbands. Since guys try to woo girls before marriage and are extra nice to them prior to marriage – they expect the same behavior to continue after marriage but even more nicer. Pre-sales and post-sales attitude are always different people. Women act like they are the only ones offering stuff in a relationship. In most relationships today girls offer 10% or less and guys do 90% of the things for women.

Even if you are pregnant, we undergo more by taking up the family burden and by giving importance to the dumb things on your mind. so you women need to get a perspective and stop bothering men you entitled cunts.

Women arent more kind or big-hearted. They just are more emotional and guys are more logical. Dumb, young people are more emotional too – its just the lack of logical thinking bringin many concepts into the thought that makes you dwell on a particular thought alone and in turn become more emotional. So being emotional is an inferior trait you bitches and you dont need to be rewarded for that. You can keep yapping about a hundread different things, but still your thinking is not logical. And all those theories about how women always win the argument and men need to fear women – you win the argument not coz your a genius mastermind who know exactly how to bother people, its just being a bitch. Men always want to find a resolution to things – thats their objective in anything. But the weaklings always just wanna stir up problems( either females or minorities in some societies playing the victim) – and its easy to stir up problems. Especially in a relationship one cannot be happy if the other doesnt, so you just wont stop creating problems until we concede. Thats not really a victory with talent – its victory with bitchy lowest form of behavior. I have been an adamant trouble makes when i was a child, so I know. Especially when someone else organises such a good play, i always get jealous and try to play the role of a trouble makes to undermine what the other has created and try to seek attention. We men know this and you yourselves do, so dont think of yourselves as a clever beings – you are just nagging bitches. Even psychos are of this category – its not that they dont feel remorse or anything. they just want to make an impact – if they do0nt have the talend to make a positive impact, they go about causing shit for others. The really aggressive ones turn to be the serial killers and stuff – this is the psychology of serial killers – not what they show in mind hunters. So all you dumb fuck low life weak women and aggressive but no potential to make a positive impact people – you are not something special. You are the lowest of the low. This applies for atleast 70% of the women today. We need to identify and reward the remaining 30% of women and make them the majority.

Most people and generally simple-minded women claim to be the loving ones in a relationship and blame their partner for not reciprocating. Such women are just like nerds who chase hot women and expect them to love them in return. They dont exactly offer what the other wants/enjoys, but just because they want the other to do exciting things for them they think that they love the other truley and expect the other to love them back. Wanting others to enjoy being your company without you doing anything to amuse them is not love. Thatt is just your expectation. You are not a well-wisher of them.  Only wishing well for the other, genuinley empathising with the other, giving importance to the their ideas and stuff constitues as true love. Many psycho wives keep telling that their husbands dont love them enough and do enough for them. These are just the “expectation psychos”  and they dont have genuine affection for their spouses. Most wives are of this category now. They only genuinely like their children – to them husbands are there to fulfill their needs and expectations and they just offer csome chores in return and not genuine well wishing affection. If you are a well wisher, you will give them space and you wont even have any expectation from them. I mean most people dont really have genuine well-wishing feeling towards anyone else at the begining. Its just attraction and its really just the expectation and you do your best to offer attractive/appealing stuff themselves. But if you wanna get deep in a relationship you need to have this well -wishing feeling. I also think that the x genes dont have the instinct of proper co-operation, and hence altruism ans they havent done that properly in most societies for ages. Women just sat at home and became emotional.


Now for the erectile dysfuncions — not the physical but psychological and porn induced.

Marriage is just a commitment that you wont go spending your energy n resources with other people other than your spouse. But we cant shut ourselves from the media and information. So thats the thing right, we live in the porn age and we are exposed to hundreads of appealing girls per hour on TV and while browsing. This has an effect on us and things can never go back to the way it was 50 years back where married couples have sex a lot of times during the week. Despite all this, if we have a very hot partner, we can have sex as many times a day as the women want. Because the hot spouse will always be confident about her sexuality and what she offers. Even if the novelty factor wears out, she is always confident of what she can offer and this confident makes guys feel like they are getting a good thing there.  But if you are not quite up there, and you are just average – you only have to rely upon the novelty factor to give you confidence in the inital phase and after the novelty wear out, you are insecure and not really confident on what you are offering or bringing to the table. If a guy senses that he is not going to be turned on. Thats it. Psychological ED never occurs with a hot partner. But if it happens, it the womans fault for not bringing enough confidence and appeal to the table. If your parnter has psychological ED or sex life isnt that great, its your fault. I mean even if your a 8 or 8.5 after a 100 or 200 times of sex, things are gonna dull down rite. Only really hot people can bring the appeal even after a 100 times. I man you watch sunny leone’s video – all 100 times she is bringing that appeal in that video and so you are turned on. Its really the reduction in the confidence and appeal you offer thats causing this ladies.



Are females more loving and more good than men?

So when they say women are more loving – what exactly does it mean?
Will they give more of their possessions to the guy than the other way in a relationship?
is it more of their time? emotions? thoughts?more dreams? more passion? – The above comes down to how much time each one has for their own thoughts.
Is it that they move on less sooner after a break up because they love more? – Dont think this is the case
Less likely to break the commitment when something better turns up? – Its not the men vs women here, its the good people vs idiots thing here.
Is it that women would go hungry to feed their kids while men wont?
or will they empathise more of their kids’ suffering than fathers?
Is it that they dwell on or give more importance to someone’s feelings
more than logical things? – Maybe that part but hey its just logic vs emotions and it doensnt mean the father loves his kids less

In those days there were no courts with a constitution that would divide the wealth equally between sons and daughters. The way the wealth was divided was to give it in the form of gold and women oriented things to the daughter when she got married and to give the land to the sons who can manage it…guess what this was called?.  The bargaining/expectation bit was to ensure that the sharing was appropriate so that the parents wudnt keep most of their wealth for their sons and that they wud give sufficient amount to the daughters atleast for fear of shame. It is also superficial to prentend that life is easy for everyone and it is not manly for the guy do expect a little head start from the girls’s side.

For over thousands of years the men have looked to prevent this from happening to women

If you hadnt wached the above video fully it and get some perspective on things.Competition,Conflict and struggle for gathering resources was the responsibility of men. In return for protecting from hardships, the fathers prevented their daughters from going out and face the wrath of greedy aggressive people outside. It is simply unrealistic even today and even more so back in the days to ask a number men stand guard for the protection of a females that feel the need to to go out in the night.

Females who go out in unsafe places  in untime are bound to be attacked the same way a weak male is bound to be attacked/ robbed.

( I bet no white worshipping coconuts saw the above as an issue)

India being a not so rich country has limited resources for law enforcement. But the UN statistics in which India was ranked 131 in HDI revealed the number of rapes per 100000 in India as 1.9 while it was 90 in US and around 75 to 80 in countries like Australia, UK even wil an 85% of the cases unreported in these countries. If you were a women and were born in ancient greece/rome(the most civilised part of ancient west)there was a good chance you became a prostitute or a maid. Not a lot of emphasis on marriage or family there compared to the east.

Only in certain parts in India we have Matriarchy and the smritis begin with the premise that Women are to be protected and treated with respect and hence having to follow a number of norms.Those werent perfect, sometimes went over board in bein restrictive and they certainly donk make sense these days, but originally it was intended for the good and not a patriarchal plot to dominate women. Also, polyandry(women having many husbands ) was prevalent only in india whereas polygamy in middle east and in europe meant only males can have multiple wives.

Yet today we all know how bad and immoral Indian men are and how mightly and righteous the westerners are.

Women drool over guys like brad pitt and ryan gosling…the aggressive natured european type who had been war-mongerers and who raped and pillaged a lot of native population of the  world at a cancerous rate.

Generally speaking males can procreate more times than females (because unfortunately only the female has to bear the child), and the instituion of marriage is slightly not so favourable for the male nature. yet indian men have respected the institution of marriage more and longer than western civilisations. Indian culture is inherently feminine and it can be observed from the non-aggressive nature  of indian men. But in the name of feminism, free-thinking etc a lot amongst indians like to bash indians ness and indian culture. There are two kinds of people in these groups…one white worshipping coconuts who look upto all things white, evaluate India through the western lens, and try to gain popularity, and feel important by putting down everything indian/native and trying to imitate the west. And then theres the other kind who despite not having any bad intentions, are drawn towards these politically correct righteous concepts since they are not really that intelligent and lack critical thinking. Dowry, slavery, feudalism existed throughout the world and atleast in india literal slavery didnt exist for a long time and caste system was just a way of avoiding the concentration of power,wealth within one group. However these so called thinkers always attribute the evils to indian culture/way of thinking. Either way these people are short-sighted and are a huge burden to India as a whole.

The best society we can hope for..acc to me

Universal basic income. People should basically be nihilists. So that no one takes anything too seriously and theres no need to panic, live under the pressure of competition for resource/survival. Also, from the perspective of finding a purpose, something to do – we should realise that mankinds destiny is to create AI. I ve already mentioned this in my earlier blog – apes have fulfilled their destiny by creating something more impactful. Robots can conquer time & space far beyond any of our human offsprings can. And robots – just like our children will be a creation of ours and our progeny. Obviously not everyone can create robots – but we should atleast live to consume to patronise technology companies who can eventually get there.

On a humanitarian level –

Work hours should not be more than 4 hours a day – in any profession. This way we can find work for more people and less stress for everyone relating to their job performance and job safety. Currently we work for 8 hours a day for what? a huge percent of this collective work/effort just goes in competition. people are just competing, not creating. fuck competition – its stressful. Giving extra time for humans may help them create good things on their own – if you re worried about crimes with too much time in ones hand – we’ll surely handle that – putting more effort in security, better law enforcement. No fucking religion, Marriage – should only be done with a complete understanding of what both parties want from it in the long term and in different aspects, and not because its the norm.So in many cases it can be avoided. Even if one wants to raise children there should be different engagement option. Something can also be figured out for companionship etc while remaining very open and not tying each other up with too many expectations. In nature females dont need protection or resources from males, but still mating occurs and males contribute a lil toward upbringing of kids. But with our intelligence, and biological differences between females & males in human society it is a bit more riskier for women to be alone. So we need to create Govt jobs reserved for single/divorced women above 30. and we should need areas/housing for women where there is everything and theres a lot of security – any time of the night. So their safety n opportunity to earn more are also taken care. We need cameras in a lot of places, in our devices which are capable of recording audio/video at any instant – so that we have proof of what actually went down. But this has to be regulated for certain obvious private stuff. Everything should be allowed drinking,gambling, prostitution. People should be free to do whatever they want and we dont need any moral policing or rigid defining of societal norms. Minimal governance on products, people regulation but a socialist one to implement the universal basic income and privileges for women as discussed above. And thats it, we can all live free and create whatever we want to. But there might be assholes trying to create businesses that try to mess with peoples basic needs and create a monopoly – those things should be takne care of by the govt by identifying and subsidising basic needs. And hopefully before we vaporise each other with weapons – we can create true AI.

But I think there wont be any marriage and religion in 50 years and there wont be humans but only intelligent machines in another 200 years. So this blog doesnt even matter


Rajendra chola and Bengalis

Another controversial post

Bengalis are mainly mongoloid tribes(the first to enter india or called ASI) who got mixed with Caucasians(all other caucasians including south indians called ANI) from magadha. Even bengali brahmins(mamta baneerjee) looks that way.

But some 1000 years ago a south indian chola King called Rajendra chola conquered Bengal and the chola army men passed on their genes to the local bengalis.


This guy cud be Kumble’s brother


Thats why many bengalis look like South Indians and think kinda like south indians to an extent. All those varman(barman) kings of bengal may be descendants of the Chola subjects…many chola and pallava kings are also named varman very often.


The cholas did not build temples or make coins there but went out further east to subordinate regions all the way till singapore.

Some instances
1) The khmer empire with rulers like Jaya varman, surya varman and queen jaya chudamani were all offshoots of the chola conquerers. they were the builders of angkor wat ..the names are very tamil, but the origin of khmer empire is not established
2)There are 1000 year old Tamil temples in China & indonesia, and CHolas were the ones who brought Hinduism to indonesia(subramanium swamy)

3) The chinese martial arts were also brought to china from a person in india called Bodhidharman (real name simha varman) a pallava king from kancheepuram
4) there was a siddhar called bogar, who travelled to china to be known as lao-tzu

These days the typical “educated class” bengali is a phony intellectual-midget, who likes to talk incessantly and spurt out things that just feel right in their heads and not logically sound and comprehensive arguments. The chinkyphile british did favours to bengalis by making it the capital and transferring all the funds from the country to build calcutta. They created many Universities and academic institutions with an agenda and to promote theories such as aryan invasion(which has been disproved in academic circles some time back with indepth research in genetic anthropology) etc. They also created a lot of bengali academics and rewarded those who’d buy into their agenda. Thus promoting the bardolok or watever they r called. The funds from the university went in promoting both english and bengali literature, and thus the bengali poets got a recognition like no other regional language. Also bengal with the ganges flowing thru it was a very fertile and resourceful region.
All these factors clearly indicate that bengalis got a huge headstart ahead of others in India in matters of academics and other essential skills. They were also good in kissing upto the british and they even created a surname/title to the best ass-kissers known as biswas. They were excited about the semi-aryan identity that the british gave them which elevated these half-mongoloids in comparison to the south indians. And the rage in this post stems from the fact that it is this particular crowd amongst bengalis( who form a lage academic/media nexus) that is defending the aryan invasion theory full on. This is also aided by the Muslim mafia from bangladesh and pakistan using this theory to serve their agenda as well. But no matter how much they try, we can all see the mongoloid features in them..and the explanation is either that they are half-mongoloid primitve population of India, or east india may be the likely place of origin of caucasian traits

Enemy of the State..i mean the centre

This video is something to do about the below mentioned problem


Why Basic Income for tamils of tamil castes is a solution:

  1. people will be less anxious and that will bring about a lot of change in overall attitude, lifestyle, state of mind.
  2. women need not depend on men
  3. no one has to be exploited and fear starvation or poverty – and hence take up jobs they like
  4. No one is not going to work with just the basic income
  5. even so , tamils have been working so hard – only so that north indian idiots in central govt take up our tax revenue and make fools/slaves out of us.
  6. If industry/opportunity funds reduce as a consequence of this socialist policy taking up funds – its good. TN wont attract leeches from other states and north. Only Tamils in TN
  7. Ambitious tamils will emigrate if there r less opportunities here and they will spread tamil population in other states. This way we get the better of being under invasion from this north indian government.
  8. Generally speaking basic income is good
  9. basic icome reduces crime
  10. In healthy economy wealth/money is supposed to circulate in all sections. But this capitalist push down/trickle down from top is a bad idea. People in the top hold the wealth power and dont distribute it down. If the wealth is directly given down, it will eventually circulate up.
  11. With wealth improved in the bottom layer – the slums areas of the bottom layer and overall all the areas will improve in cleanliness and activity and beauty.
  12. No one will be at the mercy of their superior starting from the lower most layer – people will have more dignity,self-respect,confidence, character, personality etc

—————————–OLDER DRAFT——————————————————————–

People from some states have to slog it out to generate external revenue( i mean bring money from outside the country through skilled work, rather than selling/exporting indian resources to foreigners and claiming to bring revenue), whereas that (tax)revenue is taken away and handed out to bludgers in certain regions, and motivating them to selfishly replicate themselves without contributing productively to the nation and growing at the expense of others. This wouldnt be too much of a problem in a homogenous nation, but India is anything but a homogenous country and this translates a one group taking advantage of other. I cursed bill gates for trying to reduce the population in certain regions of the country, but now im thankful he is planning to sterlise people in certain regions.
Why not a more fair taxation system, where the state govt gets majority of the corporate and income taxes…thereby transferring funds,power and accountability locally..which is also much more easy to manage rather than a centralised control, which is the biggest problem with the current system – the fate and power to influence people in the hands of an unrelated very few in the centre. If the taxes/revenu is shared well…people will be motivated to make things better as the control/funds lies locally.

BTW the above is only 32 % of total revenue(states share), god knows how the rest is being appropriated by the people in Delhi.

Why cant there be limited governance, especially at the centre. Why cant states and the local municipalities be given enough control and power over the development. Why cant they properly privatize essential services rather than the govt having to reluctantly take up all the services. Even if I pay more for private companies, I will have a peace of mind in knowing that the idiots in centre are not mis-appropriating my revenue contribution and acting like they are the masters of me. Seriously the govt giving handouts to poor areas will work only if the country is culturally and demographically homogenous. Otherwise, it will not only appear like one group is taking advantage of the other but many people will actually try to secure more for their own community and take advantage of the others.  First fix the problem of national identity.we all came from Indus valley civilisation? good..but does everyone agree to that and can we expect no bias based on this – i dont think so. Will happily contribute to center handling defence, judiciary and interstate matters. But a centralised planning commission for the whole nations which decides most of who gets what is ridiculous for a non-homogenous country.

I can explain everything, without God

I thought god debate was over a thousand years back, apparently not, shit load of god people around me. They throw back one very big question back at atheists and think they win coz we dont have a good enough answer. Ima try to answer that.

Who created everything? – universe, existence, matter etc

  1. If you say god, who created god? ur answers to that are not so strong compared to my answer which i will give below. Your answers would probably be..god created himself and then everything else. That is 100 % ur assumption, no way proven or true. It could very well be someother god created this god and disappeared, whereas this god exists and controls everything. You could even say a second some other god created that first some other god and disappeared. All these have the same credibility as me saying there are a lot of invisible and dumb goats running around the sky. This sort of reasoning has absolutely no useful outcome.
  2. My answer : Why do you say nothing should be the default state of existence? Whose rule is it that nothing should exist? Whose rule is it that nothing should exist unless someone creates it? There can be a million possible existences eg1. Nothing exists, eg2. 1 thing exists, eg3. 2 things exist, eg 4 10 things exist, eg 5, a billion things exist. I think that maybe we are in the most simplest and probable existence. Nothing exists – is just 1 possibility. Something exists is 99.999999% possibility. Now even when nothing exists, time & space will exist by default and they are infinite dimensions. I dont buy into that relativity subversion. Im with tesla. Only thing that exists according to me is ether(consisting of sub-ethereal particles ( i have explained this in a bit more detail in an other blog but i will mention something briefly here). If ether exists in a certain region in space, for it to get to that position (any position) there must be an energy causing it to be displaced. And assuming that ether with ethereal particles exist like air/atmosphere in our earth – the foundation of all particles – leptons,quarks, baryons etc are all different manifestation/orientation of that energy/force leading to a host of particles and waves formed in the atmosphere of ether – just like how a whirlpool or wind  or drift etc is formed in air. Again. I have explained this in detail in some other blog.  Now most of the energy is locked up within the medium/atmosphere of ether as static energy – the minute one of these static energy wave points is released some sort of a radiation of these energy waves occur which travels and lead in the creation of a new particle elsewhere.So end of problem – just ether exists with energy and all these particles, atoms, trees, cars u see are higher up manifestations of the same. We are all just waves in the medium of ether ( or strings if u go with string theory but im with ether theory). every particle is a static wave of a complex orientation. Dark energy is the energy thats in a grid lock between seevral sub-ethereal particle that can be released when some other disturbance breaks this grid lock. A lot of physicists disagree on a lot of things, fundamental things. I am much more confident of my explanation than that of relativity, sme quantum theory implicatins, string theory implications etc.
  3. Recap Impact theory : Just like how the objective of a force/energy is to cause a disturbance/push or pull and increase entropy in a given region rather than being tied in a single point as stationary/static wave/energy, the inherent objective of every thing – plants, animals, he ones with brains and without brains are also to cause an impact – change in entropy, physical impact, emotional impact etc. And that is out purpose in life – to make an impact. Every other object is a derived objective of making an impact such as self-preservation, pro-creation, other unexplained motivations, getting mate, getting rich, getting strong, getting popular etc etc. evfen economy is all about generating activity.
  4. Now Ultimately nothing matters – whether earth exist, universe exists, whether existence exists….it doesnt matter. So it doesnt ultimately matter if you exist or if ur lineage exists or if ur race exists. This being the case the only thing that makes sense is to chill the fuck up. you can be happy and relaxed for no reason if you realise this.
  5. But practical situations, people come into your life and fuck things up. So if you foresee mostly shitty practical situations for you, you should just end ur life. Killing yourself is a very tragic thought thats gonna cause you sadness till you kill youself, thats why its a thought to be avoided. But if you have shitty practical life, you shud just end it.
  6. The future : no ones gonna believe in god or marriage in 50 years. Man’s destiny is to create AI which will be more impactful than us, just like how we were more impactful than monkeys. So help my AI initiative.

All the above points are explained in depth in various blogs so one should read them too for an indepth understanding


Intelligent and Arsehole – A bit about how to be attractive

I believe that selfishness forms the basis of altruism(dove-hawk theory) and so people are not either good or bad, but either Intelligent or dumb fuck pain in the ass.

Now good/nice/intelligent people are usually less aggressive because they have the brains to understand that too much aggressive behavior from all directions is overall a bad thing in any eco-system. Aggressive( either via their actions or through their opinions and thought) dumb fucks dont – but they are somehow appealing to the opposite sex because their personality satisfies the expectation that the opposite sex have in terms of being impactful in the fun/pleasure related areas. Simple minded people appear easy to get with and appear as if they dont have other things in their personality including insecurities and boring thoughts that dilute or get in the way of  the fun that could be had. Simple minded people simply dont bring negative thoughts/apprehensions etc while you are dealing with them and hence you dont have to deal with those conservativeness that dilutes the fun and makes the interaction harder/boring/lacking fun for you. I mean, just because you say the exact same thing as a simple-minded fun person would say, it doesnt mean it should come across as fun. You are just saying that hoping to elicit a reaction from the opposite sex and it comes across as you are trying to sell yourself to them. You at the core – naturally n a genuinely have to feel like you are a fun person(with maybe veryless apprehensions) and that feeling – the others can sense that they can have fun with you. If they can sense that genuine pleasure potential and happiness potential around you, you are attractive in their eyes irrespective of whether you are intelligent or dumb. To feel that genuine fun potential about yourself – it helps if you are good looking, have a history of positive fun interactions and other things that can bring abut your confidence. A person with attitude(not a fake attitude cos of insecurity but because of a true superiority complex) and fun is more appealing than a person who is just nice n fun. Generally North indians, hispanics come under the nice n fun category for example. And generally arabs/whites comes under the former – the good looking ones that is. But theres a mix of personalities everywhere. So it comes down to how genuinely confident you are regarding ur fun potential. There might also be practical stuff like ur background, lack of exposure/experience, feminism etc that maybe a hinderance to this confident approach by you but, if you are genuinely confident, no amount of rejections should reduce ur genuine confidence in ur fun potential.

Very few men who are intelligent are able to balance the aggressiveness vs humbleness aspects of their personality and most dicks dont. Below are the examples.


Amir Khan

Farhan Akhtar, his dad

Divyendu Sharma

Russell crowe

Rahul Gandhi

Karan Johar

Rahul Bose

Sashi tharoor

Arnab goswami

Naseerudin Shah

Abhay Deol

Ranvir Shorey

Rajdeep Sardesai

Vir Singhvi

Robert Downey junior

Denzel Washington

Brad pitt..oh yeah brad pitt

this is how other guys see it

Tom Cruise

Tom hanks

Vince Vaugh

David Blake (tennis layer)

Harrison Ford

Liam neeson

Bruce Willis

Mel Gibson

Sean Penn

Maroon 5

Paul mccartney

Roger Waters

David Bowie

Robert Pattinson

Matthew McConaughy


I just feel that when these guys open their mouths, there is never a hint of humility or an indication that they are truely willing to consider the perspective of others. Always talk with a self-righteous, over confident or a condescending tone. These guys have an undeserving sense of accomplishment and too much attitude to go with it.

I know that they appear as just confident to the girls. but trust me these guys are confident and stimulating to you, the same way kashmira shah and Malaika sherawat appear confident and stimulating to guys


Shahrukh Khan

Ranbir kapoor

Saif Ali Khan

ben Stiller

Dave Chapelle


Zach Braff

Mark Whalberg

David Spade

Daniel Craig

Ricky gervais

Sam Rockwell 

Here’s who shouldve been the hero in Iron Man

…To be Updated

Why people are running away from tamils

New Draft (old draft contains the orginal post, new ones just my latest take on things)

  1. Skin color Reason :
  2. Flab,figure , skin texture , conservative ,mature and lack of a playful fun impression r all there, but i wanna explain what exactly is attractive with my impact theory.

Impact theory says that all purpose of all forms/forces trapped within those forms ( life or otherwise) is to make an impact. For Life forms, they derive pleasure out of things that are impactful – explains why a child likes to play with toys or we like to listen to music or why we find other races exotic or why we like to play around with pets. I mean at an ultimate level im a nihilist but from a biological perspective, we derive pleasure out of making an impact( not always proportionately but nevertheless).

einstein is an impactful person but his wife would only find little comfort in that. Coz We like to make an impact on an impactful person to maximise our impact and not waste our efforts on less impactful people. And Einstein is impactful for his physics intelligence and his wife has little to do with the impact he was creating. However, if you are the guy thats hitting sunny leone on a regular basis, sunny leone – who makes millons of guys waste spem, you are an impactful guy, right? In primitive times women find dominant males attractive, coz dominant males were simply more impactful. But like I said, the brain is not very efficient and it still mostly gets attracted to physical superiority than intellectual superiority. Coz its easy to extrapolate physical impact than intellectual impact. Plus attraction, pleasure love making, baby making are all related to physical health.

I mean, einsteins wife is there to have physical relations with him and some personal emotional stuff, she has little do do with the intellectual impact that he is creating. Attraction is only about physical impact, and only people who are cuter, can dance , can talk smooth , with whom one can extrapolate fun in mind come across as attractive.If you wanna be attractive , you gotta be impactful in the physical sense  and not in fighting sense but in physical/pleasurable sense. Im tired now so will post my video here

Now a bit about how to act in front of attractive people that u see. Like I said it all about making the right moves – moves that indicate your impact potential, within the area of fun/cool things pertaining to mating.When you are walking in a public places – deep down what everyone whats to do is to make an impact on the other somehow. There are several scenarios to this. Someone who wants nothing to do with ones below them will refrain from making any moves coz they simply want to avoid them. But someone who feel inferior to the other also refrains from making any moves coz they wanna save any pain from confrontation.In the former case, it would be like – Im big enough so that the other one is not able to make any impact one me, in the other case – you wanna come across like im big enough that im confidently making my move infront of the other, while the other isnt making any move. Even in the former scenario – by not making any moves/staying indifferent to the efforts of someon else, one is trying to send across a message that they are better than the other and thus make an impact on them. So what should you do? Obviously if u think they are attractive u gotta make positive moves, coz if u act otherwise – u r just kidding urself – people can sense you are acting like u r better without a proper reason and that u r truely not confident about urself. But in some cases u need to have an attitude too which is explained below. Even with someone who u think is marginaly attractive and that u r better than them, u still want to make an impact on them. So the fact that u r trying to make an impact on them doesnt mean that they r superior to you.  So, For the first 2 to 3 seconds u see an atractive girl/guy you just stare at their beauty, for the next 2 to 3 seconds you still stare thinking how better than u they r wrt beauty/fun stuff.  Right there  they have already made an impact on you, but you are yet to make an impact on them and at this point they are the ones superior to you hence. You generally cant do much about that, but recover after some 6 or 7 seconds and realise how impactful and superior you are in comparison to them or the guy/girl hitting them. ( if you are a nihiilist, your life is also better than theirs). And now after the 7 seconds, have an attitude in your face — which they might note — and which might  shake them up and leave them wondering how eaxctly does this person think they are better than them. If they see that attitude in your face ( attitude with a real reason and not just fake attitude without proper reason) they will be shaken n wondering and thats all the impact that you can hope to make. Somewhere in my blogs or vlogs ive mentioned why Intelligence is more impactful than looks- cos the most attractive guy can only bring about some 10000 kids at absoulte max with his charming ability. A person of intelligence can make or wipe out billions of lifes and influence billions of lives. So attitude with a real reason is important, and when u have this true confidence and attitude with a real reason, all you have to do is to have a demeanour that indicates you will be willing to make playful/fun move for the others — which they might sense and reciprocate leading to positive relations. Even people who know you are better than them will be genuinely nice( make fun,positive moves towards you). They simply accept u r better and just hope that they can impact you in some ways. Only problem is , they get let down by people who think they are better and sometimes they start to care about being superior to others. But mostly people just stare and walk past so you just have to indicate that you think you are better than them, not try to come across as friendly. Only in the case that you think that the other person respects you and thinks you are impactful and wants to connect with you, you change your demeanor to being friendly, till then “im holier than thou” attitude will do just fine while you are walking by and seeing people who think they are up there.

Now only 2 kinds of people have it easy and have the natural confidence 1) people with good looks and 2 ) people who are the elite/sophisticated- in india people who talk in english all the time and act not so much like a typical indian but an hybrid-westernish person.  1 st category instantly know that they are being looked at when they walk in a public place, 2nd category – They belong to a elite circle and can instantaneously classify the surrounding crowd as below them and hence they get that confidence instantly. These hybrid coconuts however feel inferior to foreigners when walking amongst them.

Now you will notice these types and stare at them for a while – you cant help that. many pretend to not notice them but still both parties know who feels they are superior and inferior. Now if you are someone that doesn not have looks or do not belong to an elite crowd, but still upon reflection you know you are a better/having more impactful person, this is how it has to be. For the first 4 or 5 seconds you simply stare at them admiring/noticing/analyzing their goods. But what you have to do is think about how you are the better/more impactful person and find true confidence and superiority about yourself – almost like you are ready for a confrontation with them with confidence.  However you cant just be mean all the time, you may also have to try and befriend them for either romantic or other kinds of association. So words that have to go through your mind is ” I M BETTER THAN YOU , BUT I ALSO WOULD LIKE TO PLAY/DEAL WITH YOU” With this attitude in your head you can also establish your supremacy but also open up your chances of impacting them positively/mutually. If you truely intelligent and have a better impact potential , you as a south indian also belong to the most successful group on earth and this have a good background – if you wanna know how, you gotta check out my other blogs n youtube channel videos.So there are plenty of reasons for you to feel superior to the coconuts or the ones blessed with hotness. But keep reading the older draft of this – where ive discussed some stuff in detail.
But only from one perspective ‘making an impact’ is the ultimate thing in life and your impact potential is what makes you better or worse than the other. But from the
perspective of a number of other schools of thought – say for example nihilism or buddhism, what matters most is happiness. ANd now there’s 3 things in contention –
Impact potential, pleasure potential and Happiness potential. Although from this perspective pleasure trumps impact, it doenst mean that one who has the most
pleasurable life is the most happiest. One can have a better happiness potential based on their philosophy or other virtues. So Eiher by impact potential or happiness
potential, intelligent ones can have the confidence that they are better than the charming ones who seem to have all the worldy pleasures happen for them.

So final takewaway is – u just have to have a proper reason to believe in your superiority n not fake it and whether u choose to have an attitude or try to be friendly depends on the situation. But its not that you always compare urself with people u see. When you see a noticeable person your mind either starts thinking whether they are better than you or not, or , thinks about whether you can be with them or atleast u are with a group of people like or better than them . This blog has thus far already dealt with how you go about comparing urself and feeling better. But sometimes, you feel like why cant you be with that person even though you may feel like u r better than them. If you feel that way , i think what one has to do is think about how your life is still better/happier than someone who gets to have them in their life. Better/Happier coz of ur happiness potential – owing to your better philosophy. The moment you see a person like that should instantaneously turn into a moment of reflection of how better ur life is,  or simply just enjoy admiring them knowing that ur life is better and feeling good at the end of it.  If you do this quick enough you come across as someone with potential.Even if you dont do it quick enough, end of it you should process everything and get feeling good – either coz of ur reflection of your betterness or coz of getting to see an attractive person and getting turned on for some moment. Bu the above is just so that you start feeling good, and you still have to make an impact when ur out in front of others – somehow its not enough if u just feel good abt yourself. So to make an impact, you have to get ur confidence as soon as possible and indicate the passers by that you think you are better than them, that will shake them up – which is ur impact on them. For this, whenever u go out in the public, you can be ready for it and carry an attitude all the time. You know what im saying – some people whenever they are in public – always walk around with an attitude. If you cant always walk around with an attitude, you should atleast be able to generate that attitude/confidence at the quickest. you should simply try to have an attitude most of the time ” thinking that im better than most people coz i have a better philosophy in life, and this philosophy beats looks,power,money,sophistication & other pleasures”. If you cant have that attitude all the time – just the ability to get the confidence quickly. As a strategy you can try to have an attitude when u walk past too many people in a mall or something where you dont have enough time. but in a place where you are with many people, you can stay relaxed and take your time to display your attitude and make an impact.In situations when you are generally relaxed suddenly come across attractive people where you dont even have enough time to make an impact( say for example you are going in a car and you see someone attractive walk past)- thats the tricky one – you dont get to make an impact as in most of the limited moments you have – you are just staring them processing their attractiveness. There is an urge for you to make an impact on them coz after you make an impact you are happier. But the whole point of trying to make an impact is just to be happy, so even if you dont make an impact ( by making them notice you) you can reflect about how you are better than them and feel happy about it. You can just do your best to make an impact there, but its hard to switch quickly – so just know that its okay that you didnt get to show ur attitude to them. It is the attractive and the elite ones that get to make the impact in those situations mostly.You can only try to get ur confidence asap and make them notice. Most of the time you wont even be in a position where they can notice you and so its hard for you to make an impact. But if they dont notice you, it means that they dont realise the impact theyve made on you and hence you dont have to feel like youve let someone else make an and impact on you without you being able to do the same on them – so its okay, you dont have to feel down about not being able to make an impact on them. Just know that if you get to confront them one on one you will be able to get the better ( assuming that you are confident about your impact & happiness potential). In the case that they do notice you noticing them, you have a chance to make them realise ur confidence – even if its only a fraction of a second. So be prepared for that fraction of a moment – if you see someone attractive walking past but you dont know if they will notice you or not, be prepared for it anyway and bring that attitude in ur face – for if they notice ur confidence, u would have made an impact on them.Actually the moment you stare – it doesnt indicate whether you feel confident or not – its the way you follow through after you notice/stare at them that tells whether you think you are better than them or not. Simply staring at others doesnt come across as you thinking they are better – your follow up demeanour does. So a short stare and a quick follow up with a better demeanour is the way. And after you have walked past you can think about what would happen if you interact with them and if you feel that you are superior to them you will be happy in your head.

Actually we still havent adequately explained how the sophisticated and good looking people feel confident all the time. They dont constantly asses every single moment their surroundings – it is done very subconsciously they get a feel /estimate the surrounding and carry with them their confidence most of the time. So when they carry the confidence around, even if they stare at you in some instances, it doesnt come across as someone beneath you is staring at you. Unfortunately if you are not good looking or a of a  sophisticated circle, you cannot get that feel constantly.  These people have the confidence all along the time they look at you, but you may need to generate it and takes time for you and so it doesnt come to you naturally if you are not that category. When i came back after living in australia for 4 years, i carried that confidence. I have confidence in some settings. Actually even if you are hot stuff yourself, if you havent seen as many good looking people before – you stare. You just have to have been in a cirlce/atmosphere where you see good looking people most of that time – in which case you dont stare too much at someone good looking and can quickly display a confidence. But if you are not from that background – you begin to stare more. So its just who you see/hang out/belong with most of the time that affects whether you stare at people for long or not and how qucikly you can bring your confidence. If your friends circle/background is average you will be staring at people for a longer time and cant bring up ur confidence quickly – even though you maybe of a higher impact or happiness potential. It all just depends on your background. So send ur kids to good schools. So think about it, you have definitely seen hot people but ones who u know instantly are below you status wise and so you look at them with confidence almost instantly. Only if you are not from a elite background you start ogling at someone attractive for sometime before you recover from your ogling and start to pose with confidence. This person just have to be at your status or maybe slightly higher than the crowd you generally hang out with for you to feel this way ( shaken at first, but able to recover later).People only have to be slightly better than the status of people who ur used to seeing everyday for you to feel that way – its not necessary that it makes you below them.You always walk around with a feeling -anticipating dealing with people of a certain status/range. If someone who is beyond that(either in pleasure potential or happiness/impact potential or with a higher status) shows up -which you were not anticipating…you have to change your mindset – the way you carry yourself and all that to deal with them. Thats requires sometime – you cant change much about it. Thats why its better if you belong to a elite background – you just feel confident in most times and scenarios and since your strategy/mindet is already wrt dealing with elite people in mind, you can instantaneously feel better than most people you see . This also gives people the impression that you are as good as the circle you belong to – but this is not true you can be of a much higher happiness potential than the family you are born into or the friend’s circle you get. South Indians/tamils in general are of low happiness/pleasure & impact potential generally and so you as a tamil will look at northies with awe on occasions when you see them. But like i said, watch my other blogs and realise that you are of better impact/happiness potential.  And when you realise that you are better than the attractive person in front of you – you just have to look at them with a confidence – “im better than you but id like to deal with you” confidence and look at them with comfort/a sense of superiority / without any insecurity – as if you were looking at a hot girl but from a naive background. In real life, you dont have time to think of all the reasons why you are better, so just know that you are of a better potential from the top of the head. Just start looking at them with a confidence. The only thing that you realize is that they are better than your cirlce, but quickly realise that they are not better than you.So just instantaneously look at them with confidence as if you would look at a person who is attractive but not as much an impact/coolness potential as you. White people carry this feeling all the time with other races .And there is an hierarchy among races. Indians feel this confidence over mongoloids and Negroids, but not so much with other caucasians. So dont even think, just look at people with confidence in most situations – you can work out later how you personally are better and that they might just be better/attractive than the people you regulary see.Its actually not even status or anything, we tend to notice people who are ultimately higher at happiness potential (not the fake happiness potential like most moral do gooders). We are evaluating happiness potential of people in our surroundings and the minute someone with a formidable potential comes, we need to adjust our strategy and so it takes time for that. If you are from a circle/background where people are of a higher happiness potential, your adjustment is limited as you are already walking around with an mindset/stratgey that fits into to those. If not, you have to raise your game and get your confidence as soon a possible and get that ” im better than you but i still wanna deal with you” demeanor indicating your confidence/happiness potential. And happiness potential roughly is a factor of  looks and sophistication after all. And when i say adjust your strategy – it doesnt mean falsely believing you have a better happiness potential – its just that these “attractive” people have a higher potential than the regular people in your life and so you have to change your demeanor accordingly. Either the people you see are below or above the average potential of your cirlce. For the ones adjudged below – there is no adjustment needed as, as per your natural instincts you dont really want anything from them. For the ones above your background( not you necessarily but your background), your natural instincts are to do something about it and want to do something with them. Thats why you feel like you should do something about them. But the fact that you wanna do something with them doesnt mean they are above you – it just means they have something to offer that can enhance your life experience than what you have currently- like the people in your circle / background. It may also be the case that you can offer or enrich their life way more that what they can offer you with your impact/pleasure/happiness potential, but still you’d be interested in them. So its okay and natural that for the ones above your feel/approach has to be different than the regular people. You need to bring up your confidence in those cases and display them in your demeanour, dont go feeling insecure. I mean you may become insecure if you dont have reasons to believe that you are of a higher potential . But the point here is, you dont have to wonder why you feel like acting differently with some people especially attractive/high potential people. I have, for the longest time wondered why people act differently with different people and that its bad to act that way. But now i guess the above points justfy the difference in our feeling wrt diff category of people. Regarding that “wanting to something about them” part – you just have to get ready to engage with you confidence ( true confidence which comes naturally with proper reasons)- the feeling which you can skip with normal people. Actually need to continue on here…Theres people “who you wanna do something with” but you know are below you. And theres people “who you wanna do something with” but you are not sure if they are too good for you meaning – they are of a higher potential than you.But if you are not sure if they are too good for you, it is only a reflection of the people who are in your circle/background mostly. You may be still be better than them individually coz of ur philosophy/coolness/happiness potential etc.The logic ive been telling before applies here, its mostly just about your background if you feel you may not be good enough for certain people. If you are philosophically sound, you are a cool person with a great happiness potential and so you be proud of yourself and feel better than most people you see.

So the kinds of people there are are

  1. people who you wanna have nothing to do with
  2. people who you wanna do something to with – but know you are better than them
  3. people who you wanna do something to with – but they are higher than the background/professional/friends circle you belong to but not better than you
  4. people who you wanna do something to with – they are better than your circle, and they maybe better than you if you dont have enough happiness potential. Hopefully you dont feel this way about anyone and you are truely cool/of a higher happiness potential than anyone else you come across in person, owing to your better philosophy.

Since from a nihilistic point of view, being happy is the ultimate aim of life ( & even from buddhist & bhagwath gita point of view) people who seem happiest/upbeat/confident in any place/environment r themost suprior people in that environment. Not fake happy but real happy about who they are and their impact potential or pleasure potential or their happiness potential.

Now to walk around feeling good all the time no matter how better looking /cool people you may come across in real life situations – Rate people. You obviously dont care about people who are not that great – you can give them a 0. 1 is marginally okay – you wudnt mind hangin out kinda people. You have to give yourself 5 if you are a nihilist south indian tamil like me who knows the things I do indicating the success of Tamils as a group as well as the knowledge of what its all about and what makes one better than others – like i mentioned its happiness potential which is followed and pleasure and impact potential which are derivatives of the happiness potential.  So when you see some really hot/ hip people you can instantaneously rate then and get quicker in rating them. Most people come in the range of 3 and you can the re-rate them when you thin more. But just rate them near 3 and you can feel better about yourself. Even if yu are walking around with 1’s as you partner/friends, you know you are a 5 while the others are only a 3 and so you can act accordingly with that in mind and you will naturallu come across as confident n noticeable.

Old Draft


All the only nobel laureates for science, born in India. The only indian considered to be a mathematical genius. And some Intellectuals and artists and captains of Industries and other achievements as well. They are pretty fair, not like the rest of us darkies from the south, Quite beautiful faces, rich and affluent, enjoy a good reputation and status(throughout history), can speak english well,quite sophisticated , understand and can synthesise the different aspects of modernity & global culture, etc , etc..well you know what im trying to say


But still I would not give a second look at them when i see them anywhere(actually i would, but just trying to make a point here)..not like i have lived only in TN/Chennai, and Im not a prejudiced member of the dravidian movement either. Infact im anti-dravidian and a BJP spporter(not that i know too much abt politics or anything).

Im not even talking about the novelty factor and the fact that I can look through them being a tamil/southie/chennaiite myself. I am trying to say why despite having such wonderful attributes , they, according  to me are not what i consider ‘The Elite’ amongst desis.

So what is eliteness, what are the attributes of the elite and why?. I mean Im sure we are all constantly working towards climbing the social ladder and trying to be the cool/hipster crowd( like the great Gatsby). -Though many might deny it or not have explicitly thought it out this way but,..generally speaking i believe this to be the case…

I say this about tambrahms coz relatively, they are not associated with fun as much as an average north indian.

I have dealt with this topic in much much details in my videos/vlogs and other blogs..but let me try to briefly.. here.
Living in a hot climate has given southies dry,damaged, stretched out, thick,skin, and saggy and non-flatter facial features.A loss of collagen, saggy muscles and improper physical frame because of the inhibition of vitamin D by melanin and lower synthesis of youth hormones such as oestrogen which shapes ones thinking/voice/body chemistry, loss of essential supply of nutrients to blood and organs via dehydration and sweating and hence not so great organs such as eyes( studies indicated northies have a better eyes than southies). Many such anti-neotenous factors influencing us for over 1000s of years because of living in this generally hotter geography and thereby contributing permanent changes to the molecular leisons..known as genetic change,as well as the physical features/lack of neoteny contributing to lack of intellectual neoteny and a more mature,dullish thinking compared to the north.
North india, has a good variation of hot and cold climate which is good for muscle/skin biology..making muscles firmer, faces flatter, good body chemistry and hence nice neotenous features…Physical neoteny enforcing intellectual neoteny..which has its influence on how they think and their culture and having this neotenous mindset of a 10 year old also making their faces cuter while the mature attitude and behaviour making the faces of southies..a bit mature and not playful or flirty or anything.

In other words.think Vidya Balan, think kareena kapoor. Who is the mature/Intelligent of the two? , who would you flirt with/like to have fun with? You can also think of some bengali bombshells if not compare against vidya or trisha or hemamalini or heroines like that.

Generally speaking, the whole perception of North indians is that they are more playful/neotenous and fun(think salman or akshay) and that of south indian is more mature and serious(think surya or even raj kiran if you may) ..even if i first like a person coz i thought they are NI but when I find they are SI, I lose interest…its the perception trigerring the other things in my brain..thats what happened with aishwariya rai a long time ago.

I  showed pictures of girls in bharathmatrimony and asked a punjabi friend of mine to tell if he would flirt with the girl or not (not if he thought she was beautiful or not). I mainly showed tamil, pinjiabi,hindi gujarati bengali , and overwhelmingly he would say yes to flirting with non-tamils and no to tamils(brahmins included). He is not at all a prejudiced guy and he doesnt also wouldnt know if he was looking at a tamil or hindi or punjabi girl from the ID’s

What makes one elite? or atleast on the top of the social ladder that we talked about.
If you size up a person and think that that person has more than you he/she is higher up the ladder right? and what do people envy most, is it money/wealth? knowledge? respect? deeper intellectual ability? sure all these things do matter. But the one that takes priority is the basic thing that makes you a fit for survival and propogation of you and related genes. Everyone can get good food, so whats a rarity is attractivenss/sexyness.. If you are attractive you will have a lot of positive moments in life. people with money,intelligence, status etc ..they all want to use those only to get attractive partner. Dont get politically correct on me and say there are other imp things in life blah blah..Im saying generally/biologically speaking this is th case..In real life there may be a lot of complexity in preferences, but biologically speaking food and mating are the fundamental instincts. And this is why being sexy/attractive/fun is more than other things.

I had already talked about(in other blogs) why being attractive is more important than being Intelligent and why experiences pertaining to sex are more important than experiences pertaining to intellectual and other kinda achievements.

No matter how wealthy you are, how deep your thoughts are, how knowledgeable and sophisticated you are , if you do not have beauty in your group you will feel like you are below another group. A Major part of an individual  confidence comes from ones background. And this is probably why people from being self-centred when they are young, realise the need to improve their community – thats certainly the case with me

people with beauty do have things in life a bit more easy than the others, and it feels like no matter how much effort the later puts in, the attractive ones seem to be getting higher up the ladder more easily. Thats why Bombay,delhi and even blore with many northies coming are whats considered the ‘Hipster’/cool cities and people from these cities do tend to look down upon someone from lets say chennai.

And northies, be honest. you are comfortable around southies because you know are better looking than them and you feel a sense of superiority(subconsciously and many pricks consciously). You are more confident around them and you try to be nice to them and on occassions even generously forefit the title of being more intelligent. But some cocky ones act the other way..aggressive,because they are northies they think they always have a more valid point,better perspective and that they are more sophisticated and making fun of southies for their accents(despite the northies have their own accent..that is a cool accent as they are the cool people) .

For eg. Why does this asshole in the Ad have a Disgusting look on his face while saying ‘kolaver di??’ @ 00.18

Ive see many react that way while talking about things related to south. They let out a disgusted ,degrading  tone/expression implying that things related to south are somehow lower and something to be ridiculed. But in the same plane , when they talk about Italian,,they always use a tone which signifies that they are talking about something glamorous, sexy and something which is on a higher level..not just in the above ad but many other occasions and in real life too.

The more some one is fair/good looking, closer/associated to europens..they sub-consciously think they have more of a right to act that way,like they think they have more of a right to talk in english,wear westrn clothes and tastes and more confidence that you are doing it better than your counterpart who is not so closely associated with the white/western traits. Its not just themselves….all people in general expect a fair skinned/person associated with beauty to act cute,be sophistictaed(or watever the good looking person does becomes the trend/sophistication) or be righteous and the minute a darky does things like talk in english with a cool accent..people go..thats weird/fake(inside their heads, they dont necessarily say it out). people always wanna be associated with positivity and thats the reason why people have adopted other religion/cultures historically..for eg.the christians somehow thought hey will become more like europeans and they also think its now their right to guiltlessly use English a lot , now that they are christians.  Well if you have Europeans or any other positive idols on one end that you are running towards….you gotta have someone on the other end that you are runnign away from – and that my frinds now are the conservative south indians. Its just evolutionary psychology to look and act favourable towards something with postive traits, and discriminate against perceived negative traits. If you dont do this, evolutionary process will weed you out. We are not associated with looks,wealth, western culture, fun, etc ..why would anyone want to be associated with us. Best case scenario all we have is your pity and mostly people are running away from us.  You are not for a single second jealous of us.


The Hypocrisy:

Even among a homogenous society…the ones at the top(looks, wealth etc wise) are  more confident, enthusiatic, raw, have a ‘do what one feels like’ nature, playful, show off ,childish,aggressive, and act in a self-centred way..and the others accept this kinda behaviour from the people on top. Whereas the people in the bottom strata are always so curbed in their emotions because of either their confidence level or because of how the society expects them to be.  they are not so aggressive, modest, and hence are not very forth coming and they come across as quite dull and mature as they only act in a way that is expected of them. So in a way this raw, aggressive behaviour is also associated with Eliteness and maturity is associated with low class. And thats why every form of south indian expression, art,mannerism  – because of the modesty/maturity inherent in them, tends to get associated with low classness and the way bollywood/hollywood heroines talk and act gets associated with fun and classyness – even though they are not necessarily intelligent or brainy in comparison.The reason why many people are irritated by southies is the fact that we pretend to have fun and have the best culture without any fun. Its like some one eating a simple curdrice and claiming to have the best/tastiest food to the others who are eating biriyanis and pizzas. This hypocritical nature is I suspect is another of the reason for the above google search result. This hypocrisy is also why many tamils within chennai itself are trying to talk only in english and dissociate with the rest of the crowd. Southies claim to be living well, but when amongst northies we  burn with jealousy almost 99.9 % of the time and secretly bitch about you a lot to other southies, but mainly just wanna hump you and somehow become like you.

you can check these out for more hardcore debates and comments on this


This defending of conservativeness  has its root in trying to preserve its native/historical ( Christianity has actually made the tamil/south indian culture even more convervative than what it was before) culture and not readily accepting the values of west and the cognitive dissonance that comes with trying to deal with its influence. Its good to have pride in our culture, but I think the conservative attitude only works well in closed societies and in this day of globalisation, we need to re-asses our outlook.


Roma Asrani Photos _9_

Thats what is missing from the southies. And so just because we have to be more fun , it doesnt mean that we become ultra-liberal and superficially flirty and playful. I guess things need to change step by step. A very good first step would be to not be afraid to show off having fun, or not hold back. Our texts like  kural etc  tell us not to be aggressive or show off / rub it in the face of others that you are having fun. But in this globalised life, everybody else is rubbing it in our faces. So we better become more forth-coming, and openly fun. It starts from the way we speak – the tone, the accent, the body language, what we say etc to a change in the mature/conservative attitude we have. Just because you are Tamil or indian, it doesnt mean you have to be humble or simple. You do not have to talk in english or be more westernised in taste to have an attitude. You can talk in tamil yet have that confidence, attitude or a fun ‘holier than though’ outlook . I mean a lot of things has to fall in place for that, like you should be proud of your intellectual/physical traits and ‘Tamilness’ and tamil culture/movies should be cool somehow(which is gonna take a long time with the dravidian conservative outlook)..but generally if youve been places , done things or know things or you know ur having fun,you can develop this confident attitude.

I mean look at the above picture.A typical conservative yet cheerful south indian girl rite? but she is kamalini mukerjee  and now imagine her in some modern attire with an out going persona..completey a different perception of her comes to mind. I think kamal has carefully selected here to give out these messages to us.The former a bengali and the later a punjabi – roma asrani. Reputation is the cornerstone of power and southies need a reputation of being flirty and fun and aggressive, which their maturity kills. Without this fun factor, there is no way we could come across as more sophisticated/hi-fi or give them the holier-than -thou or better-than-you attitude while we meet others and size each other up.










roma_asrani_blog_db1 (3)


———————————another draft———————————————

Attraction works like this – the second you see a person, you are creating a picture of him/her in your mind based on a number of factors like looks,body language, personality,things that person does,status,background, etc etc etc and EXTRAPOLATE that it into what they are and  how you will be dealing with them.  Aggressive, outgoing, animalistic, bold,childish traits in a persons outlook extrapolates into being naughty,playful, whatever one pleases attitude and ready to be bad and seek pleasure.. and ultimately more sexualy stimulating / fun having. Traits such as conservativeness,maturity,disciplined,decent,less aggressive ..extrapolates into being  not very natural,childish  and consequently not aggressive enough to pursue pleasure and hence less fun. I mean you always reciprocate what you see in the other person and if you categorise him/her in the first way you also try to be more engaging with them, but if yo categorise them the later way you tend to be more conservative with them.

So many people will go for naturally childish/immature ones rather than mature and serious thinkers, and we tend to associate Childish, neotenous look and features with attraction and tend to VALUE it more than a mature outlook. So its complicated here…we value neoteny(light headedness and less thought) but intelligence(usually associated with maturity) can also be stimulating only if it is more stimulating/engaging in a fun way

Sun is the single biggest enemy of skin tone,muscles and neotenous features.Hot climatic conditions also doesnt favour healthy eating habits as one has to have food in moderation in such places. A high fish diet helps high collagen content plus the vitamins, proteins and essential fat intake are necessary.

Thinking too much(including being too nice and thinking serious stuff) is usually associated with stress or complicated lifestyle. However, psychological neoteny including playfulness,wide eyedness and taking things easy and being happier are the ultimae turn on in sexual selection. It doesnt just end with fair skin and healthy body.

Although we associate intellectual neoteny with childish/immature/not too much of thinking type of people and
people who do think too are not associated with sexyness(vidya balan, trisha)..raima and many big eyed bengali girls are a proof that one does not have to think less to be considered playful and sexy. The more thinking capacity can be channeled into more playfulness and sensuality.
The society has to play its part in celebrating feminine and playful qualities rather than curbing these feelings in the nature of maturity and cultural conservativeness.

I have dealt with this topic in much much details in my videos/vlogs and other blogs..but let me try to briefly.. here.
Living in a hot climate has given southies dry,damaged, stretched out, thick,skin, and saggy and non-flatter facial features.A loss of collagen, saggy muscles and improper physical frame because of the inhibition of vitamin D by melanin and lower synthesis of youth hormones such as oestrogen which shapes ones thinking/voice/body chemistry, loss of essential supply of nutrients to blood and organs via dehydration and sweating and hence not so great organs such as eyes( studies indicated northies have a better eyes than southies). Many such anti-neotenous factors influencing us for over 1000s of years because of living in this generally hotter geography and thereby contributing permanent changes to the molecular leisons..known as genetic change,as well as the physical features/lack of neoteny contributing to lack of intellectual neoteny and a more mature,dullish thinking compared to the north.
North india, has a good variation of hot and cold climate which is good for muscle/skin biology..making muscles firmer, faces flatter, good body chemistry and hence nice neotenous features…Physical neoteny enforcing intellectual neoteny..which has its influence on how they think and their culture and having this neotenous mindset of a 10 year old also making their faces cuter while the mature attitude and behaviour making the faces of southies..a bit mature and not playful or flirty or anything.

One cannot claim that physical neoteny will not have any effect on the intellectual neoteny of people. A society,  of group of people where its people have a lot of neotenous features will feel and act more neotenous and thereby making the culture of the group more neotenous, and the neotenous culture(with more singing,dancing, liberal attitude, forth coming and aggressiveness) will also shape and re-inforce neoteny in the physical looks and the faces of its people.

So even a smaller percentage of physical  differences can sometime lead to a lot of differences..for example a society where there are 60% physically neotenous people-their culture is mainly going to be neotenous. Whereas a society where 60% of its people have mature physical traits and 40% noetenous the culture of the society will tend to be more mature. And if the culture is mature, the later generations will be more mature and if the culture is neotenous, the later generations will be more neotenous.

Studies show that humans evolve to become more neotenous and since india has been a more evolved/adavanced society for a long time..Indians r intellectually more neotenous compared to the rest. Within India, south indians by choice have adopted a mature culture.By Living in a place where there is good climate, and in a society where people are able to behave neotenously, Souties/Tamils can too develop the skin tone, neotenous features and the intellectul neoteny as we are intelligent as well.

We just have to hope that we get out skills right , work hard, emigrate to places where there is good climate and resources and consume healthy food and eventually we will become healthier, have happy lives an become attractive. So the next generation of parents should not encourage their kids not just to become doctors or engineers(because previously we thought only this will make ones life better) but ask them to be succesful in emigrating to places where theres good climate,resources and where the culture is more north india and other parts of the world. The longer you stagnate here in south, others are gonna come in and dominatee us, so we have to expand.

Tamils are known to be intelligent and I have explained in my other blogs as to why I think so. I have also explained in my other blogs why being attractive/fun and sexy are needed to be considered as belonging to the hi-fi/ sophisticated crowd and elite.  A lot of the maloo christians who blatantly ape the western culture and kiss upto everything anti-indian think of themselves as elite curently. John abraham in his shitty movie(shitty for a number of other reasons) vicky donor claimed himself to be the definition of the modern Indian elite.  Little does that prick realise that syrian christians are actually dravidians by established theories and he was thus insulting his own ancestry by certain dialogues in that movie. also he doesnt realise that most of srilankan tamils are  maloo whove adoted tamil and thus him and many of the other maloos are putting themselves down by insulting/running away from srilankan tamils and indian tamils.

Tamils are easily the most intelligent group and that should give us immense confidence to act like we are up there. We should perhaps change our outlook and not just focus on being simplistic and humble and celebrat uncouthness (coz we believe we are dravidian australoids and the opposite of the aryan whites in all aspects and are su-consciously obliged to celebrate uncouthness). The mindless idiots who ape the western culture are now looking down upon us and think they are high and mighty. The point is we should  have a culture/outlook change(dont mean to ape the western culture) from a purely – sexual and fun point of view  and act like we have plenty going on for us. Since we are Intelligent and are able to learn things and become  sophisticated easily.Tamils/cultural south indians can become the Elites of India from all aspects..The major ingredient is good looks and fun outlook, and our intellectual ability(which also helps in being more engaging and attraction) can easily get us ahead of the bengali bhadraloks(mix of chink tribes, chola genes and magadha genes) or the syrian christians(mostly backward caste but from the mountainous kerala) or the high societies of bombay or watever.


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