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Religion was very much needed in earlier / primitive times. You know when people cudnt make sense of most things, and the tendency for idiocy to be believed by the masses wudve been even more back then. Many people cudnt really see the benefits behind altruism or dovish behaviour. Even as recently as the Great roman empire( the most civilised part of europe in the begining of AD) the average life time of men was only 28..people just fought ,raped and killed each other as they pleased. Also some of the philosophies and scientific practices which helped people with their health and well being all got embedded within the umbrella of religion. People also had plenty of time in their hands,  and just like how its good for the mass of today to see a Rajinikanth movie than have a devils workshop in their minds, religion also kept them occupied.Someone said that people dont really need freedom, but want to be told what to do by a good leader. Having to exercise their thought and discretion without any norms on manu issues  kinda causes an extended anxiety. This would be even more true back then. So Religion was definitely good in earlier times.

Even now science hasnt explained how existence came into existence, but neither does religion, coz who created god? u know…but everything else can be given a scientific explanation. Maybe the really intelligent ones in ancient times just personified concepts to explain it to the masses..i dont know. Like theres always double triple meaning in ancient siddhar poems and rituals right…you know when these siddhas wrote poems praising god, and talked about offering him milk,leaves and beetle nut..the milk actually represented ones pure heart(I mean when u mix water with milk, the milk does not rat out/betray the water in it..that kind of a no vengence, no betrayal heart), and the beelte nut and the vetrilai leaf also represented other things. The elephant shape of Ganesh is a symbol of the complex orientation of a particular force which they call as ganesh…that sorta symbolism were used in these rituals and spiritual works.

Maybe I should develop the Ether theory from explanation given by the guy below…im just kidding

So all that was sorta cool, but now , we should just insist people to be nice and abolish these rituals and religion which these people dont really understand the purpose behind. So today religion is not actually needed that much..only heavy investment in law enforcement is, to prevent people from being bad.


I hate all religions but I hate foreign religion even more.  This has got something to do with what I call-  ‘preserving oneself also means preserving ones creation/formulation’. If you are einstein you wud want STR to be popular and if ur Tesla u want Ether theory to be popular(i know he didnt propose ether, but he advocated and actively contributed to this theory). Its like if European and indians comapre themsleves or if Arabs and Indians compare themselves, The arabs are gonna say..the principles of Islam, formulated by an arab has the superior logic,righteousness, philosophy or watever and so The Arabs are better than Indians going by the adoption/success of islam even amongst India(though there mite be other reasons for succes, they will claim this from an overall standpoint). Similarly the christians will claim their intellectual superiority by claiming the bible to be right and the Hindu scriptures to be wrong/inferior….even though they did not create it, they will claim major responsibility for its propogation and hence they will fell good about themselves for controlling and contributing to its propogation in a major way, I mean this will be the case even if whole of europe turn atheists and still see the spread of christianity around other parts of the world as being thanks to them .  If I try to break it down a bit further, it will be just like rewriting my earlier blogs, so the point to be noted is that Religious supremacy is a proxy for racial superiority of the group associated with the religion.

This being the case Why would indian chistians and Muslims die defending something that elevated some other race/nationality in comparison to themselves(their ancestors being hindus)? The reasons will follow, but a lil something about the ancestry of muslims. Most would agree that even urudu speaking muslims only have majorly Indian genes. Kamal hassan once said ‘ why are we calling it a muslim Invasion and a british rule as the muslims mixed with the locals and governed India, while british plundered and took away all the wealth and didnt really mix with us’. People after this got excited and started praising him for being such a neutral tolerant person…this happened way before the vishwaroopam thing. But they failed to read between the lines which is ‘muslims mixed with the locals’. If you take his exact wording s it implied that all muslims are 50% Indian to begin with as the Mughals(who were chink/mongol invaders) did not bring their women, but married the locals here. And they further kept marrying into Indians and diluting their genetic percentage generations down the line. Plus they also converted a lot of Indians to Islam and mixed with 100% Indian gene Muslim..further diluting the Mongoloid genes in the muslim population. This is what many muslim intellectuals are trying to find an alternate to. I mean many muslims, especially in pakistan claim they have J2 haplogroup(renowned anthropologists rubbish this sorta haplogroup theories for cultural/ethnic continuity) and somehow the Lodis and ghoris gave them arab genes. Brothers who try to find seperate identity and difference amongst them ,tend to have the worst fights. Be it India vs pakistan or The 4 nations came from yugoslavia or the austro-hungarian seperation..etc The pakistanis are desperately trying to be arabs, and the arabs are taking advantage of them in a big way.

Similarly in the North Vs south divide has its roots in the Southies trying to find different identity viz a viz the Aryan-dravidian theory. This one is a courtesy of  the christian missionary and the guy call bishop mother fucking caldwell.

As part of the divide n rule thing..they formulated this and south indians according to this were a inferior primitve people who didnt have much culture/science or knowledge until the invading aryan gave vedas ,hindusim and all sorts of classical arts, medicine etc to them and ruled over them.  I mean the rest of the world hears this version where the Aryans were superior, but in south india..the dravidian nationlaists claim that aryans were barbarians and that south indians were the nice people. People readily accepted this theory becoz…the Britsh were the ruling class and it favoured to be associated with them. So the first people to accept this was the Tambrahmins and north indians(esp higher caste coz they say rest of northies are a mix of aryan and dravidian- half inferior) . So if you are a fair skinned caste you can associate urself with the ruling british and feel good about urself. This was also accepted a lot in bengal where the Half-mongoloids also readily accepted the half-aryan tag which was above the so called dravidians. Seeing the brahmins kiss upto the britsh , getting favoured and cocky, caused resntment amongst the rest and they started to say fuck brahmins. And again the british favoured people of the nationalistic movement who became hindu bashers and who were ready to favour cxtianity.  And now southies are having to live with an eternal inferiority complex that we are of a different/inferior stock who didt create much earlier and who were subjugated. And we still say this in our movies like vicky donor – punjabi punjabi, you belong to a pure aryan/greek race and so your stock and sperm are a superior one in India. No wonder the punjus are so confident/outgoing/aggressive in real life and the confidence level plummets as we move down south.


While some have this inferiority complex, cognitive dissonance has kicked in for many and they start claiming things like Dravidians are the superior ones, black is beautiful, saggy and mature features are more good looking than neotenous ones, etc. This cognitive dissonance is not just seperate dravidian identity but also behind religious radicalisation .

So back to the question of why cxtians and muslims are patronising and conceding the arab or white superiority. I mean Indians feel good about how we gave Buddhism, martial arts(bodhidharman) to the chinks and we feel that what we created is flourishing over there rite?

If you ask a muslim or a christian as to why their ancestors converted, what answer do you think they will give u?

a) They converted to escape persecution – also implying they were scared and a lil cowardly?

b) to avoid jizya or keep getting favours from the ruling class – meaning they were the ass-kissers who had little pride in themselves and willing to do anything to get to the top cunningly?

c) concede that they were backward varnas in the hindu set up..not attributing the backwardness of their varna to change in technology where their professions were not profitable anymore, but blaming it only on the religion?

Or will they just say that Hindus religion is backward and stupid and it had caste problems and islam or christianity is actually saying a lot of scientific , better things like..if someone slaps you – you show other cheek or something like that? Most efforts of religious heads today are in putting down the other religion.

This is one of the reasons why despite conceding a foreign superiority, muslims and christians patronise these religions to avoid any shame for themselves while dealing amongst indians — and which is the only thing that happens for most of them ( dealing with indians as opposed to foreigners)

other reason for their adherences would be like or from the motivation and reward given by forces aimed at Breaking India like the Joshu project or the afro-dalit movement or the mujahadeen etc. in some occassions it is also the case of emulating and trying to associate with the Successful, to get a positive perception. The same way people think it makes you higher in status to talk in english with a westernish accent, they think the name David is more high in class than dinakar or wearing a suit at your wedding is better than wearning a dhoti. Also, christians feel like they have more of a right/excuse to talk in english and act in a western way. A name like feroz also has more of a aggressive,playboy connotation to it as the muslims have been a dominating, ruling class for most of the recent millennium.

I hope that we can somehow communicate to the abrahams that the rest of india is not going to be judgemental about them choosing the foreign religion , and also the need to abolish all religions within india. Ridding religion will save a lot of time,resources and friction.

I mean I am a tamil guy and i can say that Tamils love their language more than how muslims love their religion or how europeans love their ‘race ‘(which is a fallacy because they are a fusion of so many different groups historically-refer other logs).  But if you read my other blogs related to cultural/linguistic imperialism…I mean they are quite lengthy blogs/vlogs..and in them I have made a case as to why we should accept the change – I have made the case because I have come to believe(It may also because ive realise that we were tuluva vellalars meaning we were originally tulu speakers who came down and settled in arcot sometime ago) that Your language is a very very minor part of who you are/your identity and what makes you you. I think religion is even less minor than your linguistic identity..after all every religion says be nice to your fellow with few variations which dont really affect the majority(please do not associate the caste/class system into religion to side track argument). Religion is even lower on the identity scale compared to ones upbringing/background/region as they shape you a lot more intellectually. The biggest part of your identity are your genes and lineage, and ancestry.when you have a child…it is purely your creation. The child might be affected intellectually by what it learns, but physically the organism is of your creation and in most cases nurturing.Like I said, i have established the why so in other lengthy blogs. So you can afford to be a bit loose with religion. i mean if your son of daughter marries someone of another/no faith i think you still havent lost much at all. Or if someone insults your religion or its history, just let go…do not take personal offence to it as it is not a big part of who you are. When some one insults islam, that someone is insulting the arabs who created it more than you or when they insult christianity they are insulting the europeans who believed and spread it, or when they insult hinduism – well they are insulting the Indian idiots of the past who created those illogical things and to a very very  mild extent the followers of it. Hopefully everyone can become atheists and scientific one day. Arguing with other groups over religion is as petty as the coconuts here in India quarrelling over ManU vs Arsenal…They think it makes them cool, but its very petty and does not form a big impact/part of their actual life at all. However the original people are able to generate revenue/popularity for themselves becoz of the patronisation by us here. So please dont care too much about ur religion and try to let go if possible. If you want just pray to god

The above points are with regards to radicalised religious people – and people who take sides. If you are a typical person who believes in god, i guess them you should be able to accept all the concepts of god and not discriminate from which religious text it is from, however still going to whichever place of worship you feel comfortable with. And with you the innocent secular believer, i can have a seperate argument about the concept of god.

I mean Im not just against patronising the foreign religion. I have also blogged about the need to safeguard ones own language, despite having to learn english.  I am totally against rock  music and many other western components which i think are absurd. I believe that many west aping coconuts do these things coz they believe acting like them would somehow make them better and get a higher status (like the great gatsby), and not because they genuinely appreciate it. I say this coz I was also a coconut for a long time and I tried to get into rock to make myself cool.

I mean rock fans think that the above way of acting is so cool.I think its stupid and I also understand your need to freak out with someting defying logic/surreal and just have fun. I can give you a number of there examples like judas priest or white snake or def lepard or anything..If you translate that into your own language u’ll know what im talking about – especially those sitcoms like friends or how i met ur mother which the coconuts here adore. Hope someone dubs them in hindi and tamil to makes these people realise. And coincidentally the people who consume these rock shit more are those groups whove kissed upto the british and try to find a more westernised identity to them like the badraloks or the syrian christians..and now many of the upper class urban crowds across the country as well. I mean Im not against every form of western art. I prefer rap to tamil movie songs anyday.  But if I feel like Indians are trying to consume some shit coz they have other reasons to patrnoise it, I will try to bring those things down. None of these western guys cared about India in their peak. but when just the one member of Pink floyd came down to India when he was like 60 or 70 or something, there was such a euphoria about it and it was so disgusting. Not just roger waters, Maradona came to india when no one anywhere else cared about him and most of calcutta didnt go to work but were on the streets to see him and paid him. This level of ass-kissing undermines us all and disgusts most of the others.

But In this day of Globalisation, I see the ass-kissers and foreign patronisers as useful idiots in immigration to other countries and the success of Indian genes worldwide. I just wanna see more instances of Indians who act like they are too cool for the westerners(which I believe truely that weare better than them -intelligence of hotness wise)to counter the ass-kissing and make the foreigners  realise that only idiots amongst indians are ass-kissers and the truly classy people are too good for them. what i want is to see a number of clubs or shops across india where indians can truely feel like they are better than the rest of the world and can show attitude to foreigners and basically make them jealous you know.